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December 15 - 28
Moola Nakshatra


The Root, Left, Innermost Core

Birth Rashi is Sagittarius and the lord of the Rashi is Jupiter.

Your birth name should start with the letter "Bhee".

Hindu Vedic Interpretations for those who were born in the Ashwini Nakshatra are as follows --

According to Shastras

A person born in the Moola nakshatra may be wealthy, egoistic, happy, possessing a vehicle, non violent, firm hearted, a clever speaker, a scholar, engaged in the work of a permanent nature and victorious over enemies. According to another viewpoint, he may be fraud, ungrateful, violent and pleasure loving.


According to the Modern viewpoint

A person born in the Moola nakshatra may be affectionate, friendly, large hearted, honest, pleasant natured, forgiving, good at giving advise, prone to respecting others, capable of leadership qualities, disciplined, law abiding, devoted to the traditional and ancient, engaged in social service and social work, determined, trustworthy and incurring expenditure on religious work.

Such a person may work according to his own wishes, may not listen to others, may oppose the old generation, may suffer from stomach ailments, be fond of a wandering life, have faith in magic, be victorious over enemies and be fond of fresh and beautiful clothes and ornaments.



Presiding Deity: Nirriti

Constellation: The Archer

Range: 00°00' - 13°20' Sagittarius

Symbol : Tied Bunch of Roots, The Tail of the Lion

Nature : Rakshasa ( demon)

Primary Motivation: Kama

Direction: North

  • Sagittarius ♐ Zodiac Ruler
  • Ketu ☋ Ruling Planet
  • Jupiter ♃ Related Planet

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