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The Issue of Karma by Dadhichi Toth

On the issue of Karma. We look at the suffering of the world but we always forget first and foremost that we are part of the world, and we are subject to Universal laws – the laws of action and reaction, cause, and effect, Karma and transmigration. However, there is a higher principle and that is the awareness of one’s own self as Presence of awareness. In that position of awareness, nothing at all is happening. It appears to be happening just as a dream at night happens, and while the dream is happening it appears that all sorts of characters, events and experiences are taking place and they appear to be real but only at the time that they are occurring. The dream state really is an emulation of the divine state. The Divine is simply asleep dreaming. That is why the original text of the Christian doctrine, the Old Testament says that “God created man in His image”.

So what is an image? If you look in the mirror and you see the image, what’s real? The image or the thing that is reflected. The image is never real. It is completely unreal. So one has to assert this. The only practice is the practice of being awareness, being the mirror rather than the reflected images. So yes in the dream, in this so-called world of time and space we perceive a lot of suffering. We perceive life and death and all that goes on between the two extremities. But actually, these are all phantasmagorial appearances in the dream. So who in this instance is the dreamer? The dreamer is God, the highest Self is God and we emulate this natural process.

Astrology helps but only in as much as it is associated with time and space. The planets are simply objects moving around the Sun at a certain frequency in a particular time from a specific distance – distance, space, time. So astrology is still limited to the dimension of space-time and what’s going on in the dream. However, the higher form of astrology does teach us that the centre of the horoscope like the centre of the wheel doesn’t move. It’s only the peripheral of the wheel that moves. The planets are moving but the centre of that which is one’s highest Self is never moving. WE are the centre of the Universe and from us, our awareness and knowingness all this appears including the planets! Still, in the dream we want to know what’s happening, we want to know what the outcome is. There are certain repercussions to the actions that are performed, the thoughts we thinks and to the words we say. All of these things have a consequence. And astrology helps to understand firstly what the precedent causes were for the experiences we are having right now.

The horoscope also reveals when the person will wake up. That’s called enlightenment. Enlightenment is simply awakening from the dream. And sometimes we emulate that as well when we are asleep dreaming. Some of us have the feeling ‘hang on, am I dreaming this, I think I am asleep dreaming this dream’. This emulates precisely what happens in real life when you say to yourself  ‘hang on, what, this is a dream, this is not real, all of these images are figments of my imagination, I am simply the dreamer and now I am awakening!!’. How can I give any substantial sort of merit to something which is not. In fact, the word ‘Maya’ in the Hindu Vedic tradition, literally translated, means that which is not. Every image here in the dream has its nature – ‘you’, ‘me’ and ‘everyone else’. Astrology depicts their nature, personality, genetic predispositions, yes……but in truth that’s not who you are. That’s what you appear to be. What is it an appearance of, what is it a reflection of? All of the appearances occur in something just like images in the mirror. The images seem to be real, you can even see huge distance within a one-inch mirror. Hang on, let me look at this mirror, not the ten-mile beach reflected IN  one inch of mirror. See how space and even time can be created out of nothing.  It just isn’t so even though it appears to be so. And life, the Universe, this dream in Awareness is no different.

So space and time are also projected from within this dream. Just as in a dream you may meet an old man of 80 years old. He will start telling you his history. Within 20 seconds of the dream, an entire 80 year story timeline has been created! Magic? In three seconds – 80 years voila! Space and time are not basolute, they are relative. That’s what Einstein’s theory was about. But we have to apply that to our personal experience and truly understand this principle as the actual reality of experience. And what about transitioning, change development, self-improvement? You have got to understand that any form of transition is in time, and if you appreciate clearly who you are in truth, there is no transition, ever at any time in timeless Awareness. It is eternal. By its very definition what is eternal has no transition, has no change, has no becoming. Therefore what is transitioning is not you. You are in no transition whatsoever. You cannot transition. You were never born. You will never die. You, the ‘me’ is simply an appearance in time and space – a temporary appearance, it comes and goes. But that’s not who you are. Who are you? Not me, but I and there’s a difference. First person, singular pronoun. What? I will clarify it astrologically. The Moon appears to be giving off light. Moon is called manas or mind. This is the me, but actually that me, the Moon is only giving off light because it reflects a greater light. Which light? The Sun. So me is the Moon, therefore I is what? What is the Sun in terms of one’s Beingness? The mind is where all the thoughts arise. But that’s a reflection of what? Where is that awareness coming from? Just as we ask where is the light from the Moon coming from? The Moon appears to be self-sufficient in its own light but it’s not, it’s only borrowed light. Likewise, the sense of me is also borrowed. From what? Trace that, you have to trace it to the source. You have got to go back. Where is this awareness arising within oneself? From whence?

The mind is something you can perceive like an object, correct? Therefore there is something perceiving that there is something perceiving your dreams at night. There is something also perceiving your dreamless deep sleep at night. What is that? It never sleeps. It is persistently awake, aware, observant. What is that? What is that pure subjective state? There’s a sense of beingness and awareness. Nothing you are going to do, no guru you are going to visit, all of the reading is meaningless unless it brings you to this point. Why is it that any guru will say to you? ‘God, Guru and Self are one’. How do you practice that? What about when you don’t meditate? Why do you have to practice that? Do you need to practice that you are a woman or a man? Why only when you are not meditating? What is meditation? You don’t need to sit to do that, you don’t need to do anything to do? that. You are already that. It’s not even doing. There’s a distinction where people think that the meditation of being has to be done. Doing versus being. But the wonderful news is there’s nothing to do. You can’t do it.

If you study the Bhagavad Gita it’s very clear there are four different specific instructions on spiritual discipline by Lord Krishna. The reason for that is that there are four distinct grades of people and that is a genetic predisposition. The doers are what we call the mesomorphous and ligamentous types. The ectomorph is the intellectual type. The endomorph is the feeling type. So there are different temperaments. If you are a doer then Krishna is very clear. He says, and I will quote him, “whereupon the mind of a being finds satisfaction, thereupon let it rest”. In other words, if you like doing music then do music. You will forget time and space, you will forget yourself. You will simply be the channel through which music is being done, but through which there is no sense of doership and that’s called Karma Yoga. If you are a pure doer then there’s no sense that you are doing anything whatsoever. There’s no sense, and that is where Krishna says ‘the ego is ephemeral, the ego is only there when you have the sense, ‘I am doing this, I am great, what time is it?’. Love has to be there. So when you are performing a function if there’s no love then you are bound by space and time in the sense of ‘well I don’t like doing this, I hate this’. You have the sense of being the doer rather than the action simply happening in a loving thought free state.













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Dadhichi Toth, is one of Australia’s most respected astrologers and face readers and is also the founder and CEO of Having 32 years practical experience in the field  with  more than 10,000 personal consultations to his credit — including celebrity, corporate and political clientele — Dadhichi is also an author having written the annual best-selling Astrology Forecast series for Harlequin Mills and Boon for nine years. Dadhichi can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. and as Christ said. "I do no thing of my own initiative, but through him, the one that sent me I do these things".

  2. help. I do dream a lot in the night but when i woke up the dream disappear and i cannot remember it again. is anything wrong with me and what can i do to remember my dreams

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