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Venus is the second closest planet to the sun, and the brightest natural object in the night sky (after the moon). Venus has dual rulership over Libra and Taurus, representing two significant areas of our life – money and love. Through the zodiac sign of Libra, Venus is able to influence relationships and harmony, and through Taurus is able to effect security and material pleasures. Venus is also exalted in Pisces, representing sensitivity and self sacrifice.

Venus is considered a personal planet, a faster-moving planet that represents “ordinary” states of awareness or everyday workings of the mind. In a man’s chart, Venus reflects the woman that he instinctively desires – however in a woman’s chart indicates the way she attempts to present herself in order to attract romance.

While Venus is similar to Mercury, in that their cycles both take up to five months, its energy is significantly more balanced than Mercury. Venus projects gradual, lingering and harmonious waves, generally seen to rule over our sense of beauty, love and peace. Venus particularly affects our social attitudes, behavior and aesthetic tastes and inclinations – dominating relationships at every level. Venus strongly reflects our core morals and values, as well as signifying modesty, virtue, sincerity, beauty, happiness and well-being.

Venus has a strong connection to romance due to its rulership over estrogen. A strongly independent Venus reflects trouble in finding and maintaining a significant other, signifying a strong emphasis on the importance of bonding.

Venus is seen as the basic building block of society, encouraging people to socialize, cooperate and work together. This reliance is both a strength and a weakness, possibly weakening people to become much more sensitive to others – softening the personality.

Venus has a b rule over desire, with the word “venereal” referring to diseases of Venus. Venus is strongly focused on sexual interactions, but also the flow of money and financial situations within our lives.

Venus in the Twelve Signs

Gives the native warm sympathy and makes him fond of articles of peculiar beauty. This position gives a great taste for modern art and interest for new connections though never going beyond certain limits, for by nature Venus is averse to all exaggeration and extremes.

Affliction makes the native impulsive, hasty, and easily falling in love at first sight, passionate, prodigal, whimsical. He has a great desire for change and craves things adventurous and romantic.

Catching cold, catarrh in the head with a formation of mucus, disease of the lachrymal glands, eczema. The use of cosmetic should be avoided.

Gives a very strong love nature makes the native steadfast in attachment, kind and pleasant in intercourse, faithful in marriage, which brings financial improvement, fond of good manners, etiquette and respectability.

This position of Venus makes it difficult for the person to break free of relationships and although they have great love for their partners, they may also find themselves subject to bouts of jealousy and possessiveness which can bring about problems in their relationships. They need to give more freedom to their partners and develop an element of trust.

Affliction makes him a spendthrift, sometimes lazy, dull.

A weak throat, slavering, thrush, inflammation of the throat, tumors in the neck, inclined to have mumps, pain in the back part of the head, goiter. The throat should be protected from cold and humidity’

Gives a happy combination of feeling for beauty and capacity for self-expression; makes the native highly respected by his intimates, and gives many acquaintances among artists, intellectuals and much travelled people. All this has a favorable influence on the “making of name” in the world.

Venus in Gemini however makes the native’s affections somewhat changeable which may sometimes lead to more than one connection. Further, does this position give a liking for pleasant social outings, and also encounters a melodious voice and a refined mind.

Affliction makes him changeable, superficial, fickle; and leads to difficulties in correspondence and in matters of love (“je prends mon bien ou je le trouve”) often two loves at the same time. The interference of relatives in personal matters may be expected because they are apt to regard the native as somewhat irresponsible.

Bad respiration owing to unsuitable clothing impure blood, dropsy, warts’ bedsore” The blood should be kept pure and too thin clothing should be avoided.

This nature is very clinging and needs affection. Venus makes the receptivity to moods and impressions, characteristic of Cancer, manifest chiefly in intercourse with those who are favourable disposed, moods of loved people are particularly clearly sensed and their characters understood.

This position of Venus ensures strong feeling of love, for children or for those who are looked upon as such. Then the cherishing, nurturing, motherly nature becomes prominent; time and money being willingly spent to give them pleasure. But the native should be warned not to wish for gratitude or attachment in return; for children often regard what is given to them as their right, and not as a particularly great kindness or favour. And ill-humor because of this easily spoils the joy giving. True love is a bad bookkeeper; it gives without counting how much it may receive in exchange.

These people are very able home-maker who takes pride in domestic affairs and cooking. Affliction gives changeable feelings. More steadiness and self-reliance should be striven for, otherwise, disappointment will be frequent. Affliction gives changeable feelings. More steadiness and self-reliance should be striven for, otherwise, disappointment will be frequent.

Stomach catarrh, enlargement of the stomach, relaxed muscles of the stomach, stomach tumours, indigestion, nausea, sickness, vomiting, enlargement of the breast, irregularity in the periods. Sugar should be very sparingly taken.

Gives warm love aspirations, makes the native tender-hearted, faithful in attachment, loyal, and promises a happy married life. His love nature is magnanimous and noble, more or less inclined to idealize, averse to mean thoughts. Full confidence is given and when abused, generous forgiveness follows upon honest repentance.

When afflicted the native is inclined to speculate, fond of pleasures and of going out.

Palpitations of the heart, enlargement of the heart, illnesses of the arteries, swoons, tendency to affections of the spinal cord, backache. The native should beware of wearing scanty clothing, of sacrificing health to fashion.

Feelings of morality, love and beauty will be of rather a classical kind, quiet and well-balanced. It remains however uncertain whether they are able to lead to the personal sacrifices which will undoubtedly be required. This will depend on the degree of self-abnegation already reached (Opposition Pisces). Venus in Virgo makes the native cool, often averse to marriage or this position may lead to platonic love. Chemistry, hygiene and the science of nutrition are favorite fields of study.

When afflicted there is a tendency to lavish affection on inferiors, either physical or psychical.

Weak bowels, peristaltic, diarrhea, tapeworm, in childhood worms. Wrong nutrition e.g. much eating of sweets, immoderate use of potatoes and farinaceous food should be avoided; the diet should be carefully composed.

Gives a love of art which may be greatly developed. There is a great tendency to collect articles of art, usually more than towards actual creation. The emotions are peaceful, harmonious. This position is favorable to friendship and cooperation, propitiates a rise in social position and makes the native idealistic, popular. Venus in Libra denotes a happy marriage, social success gives taste and liking for music.

Affliction causes competition, disappointment in marriage.

Diabetes, poisoning through absorption into the blood of urine-ingredients, uremic, eczema, a dry skin often covered with sores, thirst, brick-red precipitation in the urine, urates, uric acid salts, polyuria (secretion abnormally increased). Too much sugar and other dainties should be avoided.

Makes for much self-control and gives helpfulness, practicality, idealism, an inclination to go through lire and water for beloved people. It however the affection is not mutual or even rendered ridiculous, then the native soon retires and does not show outwardly what is in his mind, though his feelings remain the same.

Afflictions make him sensual, rash, imprudent, passionate in sexual desire, intriguing, jealous, and fond of luxury. There is great danger of seduction and likelihood of being cheated. Especially in youth there is a tendency to an extravagant way of living, so he will be well-advised to be careful in his choice of friends, to avoid undesirable connections, and also any sensation of jealousy and curiosity. Restraint of passion through sublimation of the sexual force is desirable. Breathing gymnastics and similar exercises – done moderately – may be suitable.

A propensity to venereal diseases, women’s complaints, hernia, throat illnesses (Opposition Taurus) Intemperance in food and sex-life, and all other excesses should be avoided.

Makes the native sensitive to transitory feelings, but at the same time also to high ideals of humanity and justice. Short-lived attachments, mostly idealized or unreasonable, keep the spirit charmed, although at the same time a very strong desire for lasting, harmonious love is present. Much good taste and “savoir vivre” is found, also much active optimism and liberal sympathy.

Further Venus in Sagittarius makes the native generous, pious, philanthropic, gives love of music and other arts, makes him fond of nature and of out-door life, also of travelling. His marriage will probably be financially favorable.

Affliction renders him romantic, superficial, given to flirting.

Sciatica, tumors in hips and thighs, bronchial and pulmonary affections (Opposition Gemini). Too much sport will do harm in the long run.

Venus is not favorably posited in Capricorn, especially if no helpful aspects are indicated. In matters of love there is much faithfulness, great earnestness and steadfastness, but there is usually something (difference of age, insight or something similar) that gradually, almost imperceptibly causes estrangement and this will be very much hindering expression in the world. The affections will however, be of a more harmonious and lasting nature, in proportion as the feelings are less concentrated and jealousy and mistrust are avoided.

The relation to interiors is usually very good, but sometimes they withdraw in the midst of their task to go somewhere else where they have pleasanter or easier work, Venus in Capricorn makes the native prudent, faithful, and chaste and is conducive to social prosperity. Marriage is regarded in a matter-of-fact way and rather often postponed; there is much attraction for older people.

Affliction makes the native gloomy, changeable, and jealous of honor and respect.

Affections of the knees, propensity to gout in the limbs, – bursitis praepatellaris (Inflammation of a mucous membrane), stomach disturbances (Opposition Cancer), sickness, vomiting (Opposition Cancer). Skin diseases. The native should be on his guard against skin specifics and hair washes.

Makes the feelings theoretically more universal than personal. The love nature inclines more to romanticism, to the ideal; platonic attachments are however less the ideal than marriage, provided a special conception of it obtains. Where these ideas clash with current notions and the public opinion, the native’s own opinion is not modified.

Generally, this position indicates extraordinarily strong convictions which enable to deity many conventional ideas and to strive after a love which is on a higher plane than ordinary. Venus in Aquarius renders popular, faithful, chaste, and friendly in love relations. Independent, fond of freedom. Intuitively truth will be rightly distinguished from appearances.

When afflicted there is a danger of false friends, slander.

Anemia, diseases of the blood, hysteria, heart affections, swollen veins, varicose veins, swollen ankles.

This is the sign of sacrifice, of penitence, and therefore feelings of love here reach their highest expression. The flesh must be crucified before the Spirit of Wisdom and Love can be lifted up to heaven. This accounts for his great attraction to those who are weaker than he, to the poor and, needy; also for his warm feelings of humanity, although this sympathy or affection will often be abused.

Venus in Pisces makes the native pitiful, loving, and ready to help, gives love for social work, for example, rescue work and the raising of the lower classes. This position of Venus makes the native fond of music, of ritual and ceremonies.

Affliction makes him emotional, whimsical and inclines to intemperance.

Sensitive feet, corns, callosities, chilblains, gout, gonorrhea, tumors, abdominal swellings (Opposition Virgo).


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