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Pet Astrology – Feline – Scorpio

Pet Astrology - Feline - ScorpioFeline Scorpio owns you and will go to lengths to show you this but sometimes spraying your clothing with his own personal scent. You would not want any old tomcat to think it could take his place.

Scorpio may be the one that you can never find in the house. “Secret passages everywhere, bet you can’t find me,” is what you can hear Scorpio saying while you search frantically throughout the house. Why did you have to yell at him last night?

Sensitive Scorpio’s pride hurts easily so you can expect a no show for at least 24 hours. This is a common punishment he gives you. Be true to Scorpio feline always, and use caution if bringing a new animal into the house.

Never like to share you with others, Scorpio may show you just how dissatisfied he is. He is inflexible and stubborn so don’t try to change his private areas. The feline Scorpio will not take too kindly to this, making it difficult to break him of bad habits.

Check out Scorpio’s private stash sometime, if you can find it. Always ready to investigate for mice under the porch, Scorpio waits endlessly to make his catch.


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