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Pet Astrology – Feline – Capricorn

Pet Astrology - Feline - CapricornStarting from impoverished beginnings, Capricorn is now the top feline in the household and will not fail to let you know that in no uncertain terms.

Slowly he worked his way into your heart and home. Now he sleeps on your bed and expects to be told how proud you are of him. Saving many things you’ve given him throughout the years, Capricorn feline is a bit of a packrat.

Often bringing you the latest conquest for viewing before devouring, Capricorn wants to be sure you know how hard he worked for his capture before it’s gone.

Capricorn feels that you judge him on this and he wouldn’t want to disappoint you. This cat is a wild spirit hard to tame and you may want to include Capricorn in walks through the woods.

His desire is to be a part of the wild again and he resorts to instinct to survive naturally. This need may prevent him from ever being a complete house cat.

Travel is most important on Capricorn’s agenda – you may want to include many friends that he can visit on his route. The neighbour’s goat or horse can all be included in Capricorn’s daily visits. Known for being the diplomat amongst animals, Capricorn may see to it that all get along and know their pecking order.


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