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Pet Astrology – Feline – Virgo

Pet Astrology - Feline - VirgoVirgo Feline loves to care for you and other animals around your house. He will let others eat first but waiting patiently for a second help.

Giving baths to other animals is a favourite habit of his. He feels it’s necessary to watch over everyone, including you. Fussy to an extreme over what he eats because he may try your patience more than once. Having a large pot of cat grass available will help with digestion problems. Possessing a busy mind indeed so Virgo feline will soon demonstrate a method to his madness.

Determined to succeed, Virgo continues his efforts endlessly until every kitten is fed. Saving many less fortunate animals but Virgo feline will lead them to your home. Occasionally a present may be deposited at your feet. Remember that he only wants to make sure you’re fed, too.


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