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Pet Astrology – Feline – Pisces

Pet Astrology - Feline - PiscesA bit shy and unsure of himself, Pisces Feline may have to first develop a trusting relationship with just one owner. He will need to feel a part of you at all times.

Pisces can be the first one there to comfort you in times of need. Expressive eyes and a look of understanding can give you comfort if not a surprise or two. It will seem as if you’re telling your best friend secrets.

Avoid loud noises and talk in very soothing tones to Pisces. He absorbs things so readily that loudness can be very irritating to his senses. Pisces feline can be your true companion for life, bonding immediately with you on a very close level.

Try not to leave home without leaving something of yours with Pisces at all times. He will miss you less if a reminder of your essence is left behind. Just think about Pisces and he appears. An uncanny ability to read your mind and thoughts.


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