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Pet Astrology – Feline – Aries

Pet Astrology - Feline - AriesPet Astrology – Feline – Aries! A fierce hunter by nature, so Aries Solar needs to chase prey for the conquest and the game of it all.

The idea of hunting for food is negligible, but Aries will be first to demonstrate it’s his prey only.

Having a “me first” attitude in all he does makes it important that you feed him first. Allow this cat to exercise with climbing poles or in a large deck so that he can watch the birds from.

Feline Aries has been known to cover a large territory because they are looking for prey.

Active and aggressive, this cat must be allowed to forage on his own with free reign of the area even if it just includes your family room. Keep a handful of catnip mice so that he can tear apart for treats.


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