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Pet Astrology – Feline – Cancer

Pet Astrology - Feline - CancerCancer Feline couldn’t be any closer to you if you had actually given birth to him. Never leave your side because Cancer feline will follow you to every room or scratching down the door to gain access should you accidentally leave him out.

Cancer sleeps with you, eats with you and is attuned to your every emotion. They become sad when you are gone, or often not eating until you return. He seems genuinely upset and will be sure to let you know in no uncertain terms.

His favourite room is the kitchen but Cancer feline can also enjoy your bed for the long catnaps he requires after dining on a fish buffet.

Don’t leave Cancer alone for long without providing a piece of your clothing for him to lie on. This will help Cancer to adjust while you’re gone so he can continue to feel close to you while you’re away.

Provide Cancer with someone he can nurture – other species accepted. Cancer will take them all under his care and keep a watchful eye.

You may need to provide an unusual water source for Cancer feline, who often requests that you run the faucet or bath so that he can drink and play.

Cancer thinks nothing of jumping into the birdbath for water because bathing is not entirely enjoyable to him. The bond you share with Cancer is one that is never broken. This feline will find its way home no matter how long or far. He is always tied to the mother, whether that be you or his own feline mother.


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