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Pet Astrology – Feline – Leo

Pet Astrology - Feline - LeoShow this lovely feline off at all costs because  Leo feline loves to be fussed over and made to feel special. A real natural in the cat shows because Leo feline loves the admiration it takes to win.

A bit arrogant and smug but Leo often expects you to make the first approach. His coat may be what you first notice, but it’s his big heart that gets the winning result.

Leo was born to be a winner and shines under any attention you display. Keep praising Leo every day and you will have a loyal pet for life. A Leo’s heart is yours and no one can take that away.

They enjoy your family as well as his own brood of kittens. He is a good parent and will help in caring for others as well. Leo gets the respect he deserves and will make you a proud parent. Do an extra stash of combs so that you can use them on the beautiful fur.


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