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Pet Astrology – Feline – Libra

Pet Astrology - Feline - LibraIf you’re not there to provide companionship 24 hours a day for Libra feline, you must provide him with his own partner.

Make sure you and your current partner are also getting along because  Libra doesn’t tolerate arguments well and may cower in the corner unless given his own say.

Any show of indifference is sure to make him act out in some way to get your attention. It could be accidental clumsiness causing your best vase to fall, or worse.

Libra just wants everyone to relate well or he may decide to use your personal property as a litter box. He is submissive only to for the sake of peace.

Friendly with all and ready to converse on your level, Libra feline takes the time to caress you and give you a friendly purr. “Pet me and look into my eyes so you can understand more,” he seems to say.

They find it difficult that you’re sometimes unable to understand him. Also, Libra feels that you should spend more time conversing with him. Equal time is all he wants.


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