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Eighth House

Reincarnation, Transformation, Shared resources and Business (Scorpio is the natural ruler)

8th House of the ZodiacThe Eighth House influences our sense of purpose and levelheadedness, challenging us to break down our reality structure into smaller pieces and then reassemble it into a greater whole. The house represents where all the greater “taboos” of society exist and how we can transform our internal garbage into hidden treasures that allow us to further develop and grow. The house is also representative of our sexual desires, how our body and mind are regenerated and the way in which we handle our financial resources.

It governs our personal growth, transformation, evolution, death, and rebirth. Any planet found in the Eighth house indicate a personal facet of ourselves working more cooperatively with others in order to achieve greater personal success. It influences the way we share and bond with others, deciding whether or not we can make commitments, or even stick by those that we do make.

Traditionally the Eighth House is connected with resources, psychological awareness, business investments, contracts, personal change and transformation, death and regeneration and secrets. Inventions and revelations are encompassed by the eighth house and those possessing a strong house such as this are likely to be innovative.

Planets in the Eighth House

Indicates that the native manages or possesses the life interest of somebody’s money or goods to which he adds by his own personal endeavor. Similarly a material or spiritual inheritance will make it easy to obtain a position in the world. This position inclines to trust a higher power. Great expectations are cherished of hitherto uncertain sources of income, which sometimes are lived on too soon. When harmoniously aspected the future of which one dreams and the capital one counts on, are of a solid nature.

On the other hand, when afflicted death will prevent their receipt. Often the promising life-work of a gifted child will be nipped in the bud; the possessions of the partner are squandered and run through.

Gives a quiet, resigned attitude with regard to death and life beyond. The problem of Reincarnation will probably be answered in the affirmative and this causes a clear and conscious trust in the necessity and purpose of death. When harmoniously aspected to Neptune or Jupiter, personal contact with the spirit-world can also be obtained, especially if watery signs are represented.

Literature and knowledge about these subjects will prove attractive and strengthening, but are seldom accepted by the native’s friends.

This position denotes also a strong belief in the psychic value of art and music and their effect on those who come into contact with them. The world of dreams will also provide a favorite region of research. Occasional hallucinations which occur are not conducive to real and regular spiritual activity, consequently they should as much as possible be balanced by practical healthy thoughts and occupations.

When afflicted this position causes the loss of female companions in life; but a ‘harmonious aspect, especially to Venus, renders possible a love surpassing earthly love, which will also manifest favorably when physical separation occurs.

Well aspected this position promises gain from partnership and testators, when afflicted the reverse.


Makes the light of practical mind and reason shine on what is unknown, intellect striving to penetrate the secrets of invisible worlds. Problems regarding reincarnation, psycho-analysis etc. are always studied industriously and with much interest. Details about death and the life beyond are very absorbing and in them a correct intuition is often shown.

When afflicted insight will be marred by rashness or self-will. This position of Mercury makes the native very keen to have the last word in disputes or debates in which he usually succeeds. In leisure hours hunting for old books and for sagas, fairy tales, old stories, and also for scientific and philosophical disquisitions is much enjoyed.

Great likelihood of a rich wife or husband or partner. Speculation with, or insecure investment of, this money should however be avoided, since as a rule these end in disappointment and consequently do not improve the relations involved.

This position denotes feelings of love of a more universal than personal character and renders the native receptive for deep pure affections. It requires however much inner moral strength to keep the feelings pure and natural and excessive analysis and experiment with them should be avoided. Friendship and love will very likely require more of the partner than is given in exchange and more desirable or possible for the person concerned. Great interest is taken in physical research, symbolism, and esoteric conceptions of religion, theosophy and occultism, enlightened by which search will be made for the great unity underlying all things the relation existing between all creatures. For the same reason a favorable attitude obtains towards experiment in spiritualism and telepathy.

Venus in 8th House inharmoniously aspected gives difficulties with regard to legacies etc.; hallucinations, a very deceptive kind of phantasms, which arise from a supposed communion with one or more persons in the spirit world. It is better for the native not to concern himself too much with these questions in order to prevent excessive strain of the nervous system. Moreover it is desirable to be careful of the blood circulation and -regular functioning of the kidneys.


Points to increase of property through the partner or through legacies and inheritance. This Mars-position also symbolizes strong feelings and a great deal of vitality in the senses. When harmoniously aspected, especially by Venus or Jupiter the love ideal will prove to be too pure to be spoiled by martial desires, and satisfaction on a lower plane will not easily be sought, when higher regions have not been attained.

This position gives enthusiasm for spiritual research. But, it is well to remember that in this department scientific study and reflection are essential in order that the native may gain reasonable insight into the possibility of appearances from the unseen worlds, and thus prevent harmful consequences resulting from psychic experiences.

Gives a hopeful confidence in the path of life including the beyond, inclines to believe in Providence, in a great, good Power guiding and regulating everything purposefully and bringing everything to a good end, if only we listen to the voice of our conscience and act accordingly. But is should never be forgotten that earthly daily life and ordinary things all have a claim on us which cannot with impunity be neglected. This position indicates clear dreams, a lively imagination and an interest in occult teachings.

Afflictions make the native skeptical about these things – he can only believe what he himself has experienced.

Jupiter in 8th House gives a possibly of inheritance, legacies, money through insurance etc., but an inharmonious aspect causes much trouble, mainly legal difficulties in really getting them into one’s possession. Relations will probably try to interfere through jealousy or selfishness. Too good a trust is not advisable in suchlike questions.

Makes the native prudent with the partner’s capital. If Saturn is afflicted, it makes him listless, indifferent and this will also mean the loss of the money which has been put in by the partner.

Saturn here inclines to melancholy, which although perhaps not strong enough to prevail in a horoscope otherwise harmonious, nevertheless causes many an unpleasant mood. These gloomy fits usually arise from financial anxieties which frustrate many grand plans. The best thing to do is not to allow oneself to become dejected by circumstances, but without grumbling to do what can be done.

If you cannot do what you wish to do

You should be willing to do cheerfully and

Faithfully what you can do.

For this only can make up for what has already been spoilt, and helps to improve future conditions.

Thoughts about the Beyond will crowd in at definite times and remain with the native for some time. The end of life will not come until after much reflection and opportunity to prepare for it.

Harmoniously placed, this position of Uranus indicates great interest in the problem of heredity, sin, death and penitence. And connected with this also psycho-analysis. There is a likelihood of strange dreams, also of so-called day dreams. Things will often happen of which he has already dreamt. Occult faculties are present, but as soon as they are *toyed” with they disappear or revenge themselves in some other way.

The power of suggestion to cure illnesses can also be applied to others but only if there be no attempt to derive personal profit.

The 8th house (Scorpio) symbolizes the raising of mind above purified matter – generation and regeneration – and Uranus here is strongly posited. Matter must be overcome before the mind can find happiness in the 9th house (the house of philosophy, consciousness and knowledge); for which many voluntary sacrifices or many bitter experiences will be necessary.

Death comes unexpectedly, usually through an accident. It will be well at all times to be prepared for the transition.

When afflicted this position leads to sudden, unaccountable difficulties as regards the partner’s possessions.

Much unpleasant Karma must be worked off here but there is also great likelihood that when rightly solved important progress in evolution may be made. Higher insight is therefore very needful in all occurrences and circumstances.

Every action should be directed by a desire for what is good and great confidence in its power. Apparently the most impossible and unexpected situations will occur in this life and cause much amazement and alarm; they dissolve however in as peculiar a manner as that by which they arose, and sometimes prove clearly to have been brought about by the native’s own wrong thought images, which purer, clearer conceptions enable him to dispel.

Indicates great sensitivity to peculiar dreams of a somewhat prophetic nature, inspirations. The conditions in the Beyond forcibly arouse the native’s interest, so that this Neptune-position strongly inclines him to spiritualism. There is every likelihood of a conscious double life and distinct experiences on the astral plane may be expected. When favorable aspects guard the native against excessive discursiveness he may be able to profit in daily life by the knowledge gained in other worlds.

Yet moderation and carefulness are advisable, because the influence of Neptune always is more or less unreliable. This constellation denotes further a faculty of preventing or curing much suffering, through the diversion of thought from physical to psychic subjects. Music also will have a very beneficent effect on the general disposition.

When afflicted the native should be seriously warned against exaggeration in spiritualistic or other research; it will be sensible to adopt a somewhat critical expectant attitude in these matters, seeing that the fantastical side of this Neptune position tends to go further than is either necessary or useful.

Affliction indicates financial disappointment through a false representation or understanding of the partner’s financial situation. From the mother’s or the wife’s side some financial advantage may come, but this will come to naught through fraud or deceit, if the aspects are inharmonious.

It is very probably that death is caused by an accident, poisoning, suffocation or drowning.

Ruler of the Eighth House in the Twelfth Houses

The placement of the unfavorable eighth ruler in the first house brings with it many difficulties for the individual. As a sector of loss, deprivation, disease and misfortune, the placement in the first house produces many obstacles for the life of the individual in that it causes bodily complaints and serious disease in its ruling cycle. The positive aspect or placement by sign, for example, in friendly signs or exaltation can mitigate these influences, and even at times gives some measure of luck to them.

Being a sector of family and even marriage, the connection of the eighth lord to the second house is an disagreeable one for matters relating to family or spouse. There can be a distinct rift between the person and the marital partner as the psychological connection between them may result in misunderstanding and estrangement. As a finance sector, both marriage and income may be disastrously linked and the person’s fortunes may constantly fluctuate.

If there are diseases and physical problems for the individual, a hint as to the cause may be related to the fact that this second sector rules such things as eating and things connected with the mouth eg teeth, tongue and throat. This part of the body will be a source of problem, either physically or dietetically at some point. Unfortunately, even good aspects to this eighth lord may simply prolong the life of the individual but not provide any real relief.

If the ruler of the eighth house is placed in the third problems and even bitter disputes may occur with siblings, in particular the younger co-born. According to Vedic astrology the third sector relates to one’s right ear and this, due to the placement of the eighth lord, being a malefic influence can result in tone deafness and other ear troubles. Courage is adversely affected particularly if Mars and Mercury combine – producing a daredevil spirit, who tempts fate and is prone to accidents. When the combination of the third lord, sixth lord, eighth lord and twelfth lord occurs in any combination in this sector a Vipareet Raja Yoga (Negation of negative rulers in conjunction) takes place. Not only are the negative influences curbed but positive results ensue.

One’s inner happiness is dependant on good placements of the fourth lord and beneficial planets and aspects to this fourth sector. As a result of the eight lord, one’s peace of mind is severely afflicted. This results in continually seeking happiness but never finding it. Such things as education, vehicles and other fixed assets like property may be subjected to ongoing troubles, litigation and loss. As the fourth house is one of the rudimentary angles and pillars of the horoscope, also relating to the mother, one’s early life and maternal relationship is less than satisfactory. Naturally, benefic planets can neutralize some of these negative influences but again, the eighth ruler having influence here is undesirable. One wanders and can’t find a satisfactory place to live and could even end up in exile.

The fifth house should be free of affliction for relationships with one’s children to be positive and enduring. Not so with the ruler of the eighth house placed here. This is both adverse for one’s relationship with one’s children and in particular a negative influence for the mentality and general fortunes of the eldest child. This child may turn to crime or have psychological problems that create obstacles for the parent–child relationship.

Astrological authorities, strangely, make reference to difficult relationships with the father as well and this is due to the trinal position of the fifth and ninth house which rules the father. Often it will be seen that this fifth house has more relevance to children in the horoscopes of females, and reflects the prevalence of abortion or miscarriage these days. Under severe affliction a living child may become very ill or even die. Look carefully at the other planets affecting this eighth lord as the psychological balance of the individual could also be called into question e.g. schizophrenia, depression and such things as Alzheimer’s disease or vertigo.

Most Vedic scholars predict good results for the eighth lord placed in the sixth house as the malefic influences are nullified by being rendered helpless via another malefic house, the sixth. Notwithstanding the probable material benefits that can occur due to this eighth ruler, in practice it will be found that this gives bodily issues, sickness and a debilitation of the life force. As the sixth house also relates to theft and enemies, difficulties during these cycles also occurs with respect to lost goods or property and problems with employees or co-workers. Usually it is predicted that enemies will not be successful, as in court cases etc.

This is most unfortunate with respect to the partner of the individual who may suffer ongoing health troubles. The person themselves may be experiencing some disease that will ultimately cause their death. The seventh and eighth houses both rule the sexuality and the sexual organs, so it’s to be predicted that urinary tract, reproductive and genital disorders may arise during the cycles of these planets.

As long as the ruler of the eighth house is not stronger than the ruler of the Ascendant, this can prove to be a beneficial placement for the individual. As the eighth house rules longevity this ensures a good, long, strong life with the prospect of gains of wealth and other material benefits, especially during the cycle of the eighth ruler. It’s much better for this eighth lord to be free of any malefic influences or association as this can give the reverse results of mentioned above. This is a dangerous planet for the father during the cycle of this eighth lord as it rules the second house from the ninth.

Whilst checking the combination of the ruler of the eighth house in the ninth also see whether or not the significator of the father i.e. the Sun is weak. If both of these factors combine in the horoscope, the father’s life is endangered during the cycles of these planets and he may pass away. The general observations of this eighth lord placement are that the paternal relationship isn’t altogether good. It’s noteworthy that the ninth sector regulates one’s general fortune in life and with the eighth lord posited there, the the person is not lucky and misses valuable opportunities. All of these influences are regulated by the association of other planets and if benefic planet aspect or connect with this eighth lord, the effects are softened considerably.

The tenth house is the most important angle of the horoscope and is called the Karmasthana or sector of deeds. One’s overall karmic path is shown by this zone and the eighth ruler there damages the signification considerably. The person may follow a profession in which his integrity is called into question. This is more likely if the ruler of the tenth house is also weak, which could mean public disgrace or periods of poverty throughout life. Even if the person is likely to do somewhat well in life, the results take a long time to fully mature. There are many challenges to be found on their path.

Check to see whether the lords of the second, fourth and ninth are also afflicted or associated with this eighth lord and under negative aspects this could involve litigation, fines or public humiliation and losses during the ruling period. If this eighth ruler is located in the sixth, eighth or twelfth then the results may not be quite as catastrophic.

The eleventh house rules ones profitability, friendships, elder siblings and also one’s life desires. All of these facets of life may be damaged by the association of the ruler of the eighth. In particular one must be careful of friends they may take advantage of him. His relationships with siblings may be persistently troubling and so look to the relieving influence of positive planets for improvement in these matters.

A Raja Yoga (superb combination) is produced by the eighth ruler in the twelfth. There can be unexpected deterioration in one’s financial interests during this period, but only if the planet isn’t badly associated or afflicted. In some cases it’s far better for this eighth lord to be badly afflicted as this then destroys the destructive tendencies of this planet. It is found however that these placements often yield mixed results with the twelfth house signifying secret enemies.

Relationships with others may be a focus during the ruling periods where deception and fraud may be part of the planetary karma. Look carefully to other factors in the horoscope, such as the fourth and fifth houses and Ascendant to see whether the person possesses criminal tendencies as this eighth ruler in the twelfth house may also confirm other unlawful behavioral patterns.




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