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Tenth House

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Social Status and Career (Capricorn is the natural ruler)

10th House of the ZodiacThe Tenth house challenges us to earn respect and recognition in the world at large, making it known as the house of social status and success. Capricorn is strongly influential in its personification of the ever climbing goat. The house represents our motivation and capacity to make vast contributions to the outside world, establishing our social image.

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Those ruled by a strong Tenth house are likely to find themselves in a career of authority, disliking bosses and employers pursuing greater power over us. Different planets in the tenth house indicate a different reputation or professional role for the fulfillment of our needs, with the 10th house marking how we project ourselves in the world and what we enjoy within our career.

The Tenth house is linked with social status, ambition, reputation, public image, authority, maturity and the desire for strong success within our professional life.


The Midheaven


The Midheaven or Medium Coeli is the position in space where the ecliptic passes the Meridian the north in the southern hemisphere (and the point in the south in northern hemisphere). It marks the 10th house cusp in most house systems. Astrologically, it represents career, status, reputation, life goals and aspirations. Its position in our birth chart is elevated, reflecting our social standing and reputation as well as our vocational purpose in life. The particular combination of planets within our 9th and 10th house will indicate our choice of career and level of success.

The Midheaven is not only confined to indication our vocational goals, and can also influence our spiritual or personal goals, and the way we respond to stressful situations. The Midheaven represents a parent, usually the mother, with the other parents reflected by the angle at the opposite end (the Immum Coeli). The Midheaven has a significant effect on the way that others perceive us, particularly our social qualities and trustworthiness.

The Midheaven influences the different zodiac signs in different ways, explained below.

Midheaven in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

Fire signs are generally instinctive, active and passionate seeing them looking for a spiritual passion that explodes beyond all barriers.

Midheaven in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

Earth signs are practical, rational and grounded seeing them infuse idealism into themselves, allowing for them to aspire to spiritual as well as mundane goals.

Midheaven in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

Air signs are logical, methodical, and levelheaded seeing their desire to expand perception beyond all narrow opinions and limited understanding.

Midheaven in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):

Water signs are imaginative, perceptive, and sensitive seeing them seek to enjoy life with unity, dissolving the parts back into a whole. This means surrendering to the divine as part of life’s journey.

The Midheaven’s relationship to the planets in a chart is also particularly important, with this being called aspects to the planets. When the Midheaven and a planet fall into a conjuction, this indicates a change or the start of something new. The Midheavens relationship with the planets is listed below:

Midheaven/Sun: Clarity of consciousness and aspirations

Midheaven/Moon: Inner spiritual clarity

Midheaven/Mercury: Clarity of thinking

Midheaven/Venus: Clarity of love and creative expression

Midheaven/Mars: Clarity of action

Midheaven/Jupiter: Clarity of expanded purpose

Midheaven/Saturn: limitations of the physical environment, self-criticism

Midheaven/Uranus: originality, career dance with, sudden change

Midheaven/Neptune: uncertainty, dreaminess, strange ideas, deception

Midheaven/Pluto: power, authority, fame, recognition

Planets in the Tenth House

Sun in 10th House. This is a token of success and of gaining an honorable, independent position in society. The mind tends to clear, logical trends of thought; peaceful constructive philosophy, based on sell-observed facts.

There is much talent for occupying a leading position, the more so, because the individuality, great ability, willpower and passionate love for work (when the aspects of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are good) are an example to dependents or pupils, compelling them to imitate.

An affliction of Jupiter will at times reduce the strong, self-conscious manner to a certain arrogant pride, less favorable to gaining the affections of those lower in rank.

On the other hand a trine aspect with Uranus opens the possibility of great popularity when one is on more brotherly, equal footing with them. One will truly gain far more love and confidence by sincere pleasant cooperation than by behaving in a self-sufficient, commanding manner.

Moon in 10th House through the changing nature of the Moon, indicates many changes in the profession and outward life. Further many connections with the public and with women. On the whole, the profession will not be taken very seriously, the private life being of far greater concern. Yet this position gives more success and appreciation than might be expected. The consequence is apt to be that, considering the effect of relatively slight exertion, the native feels less and less incentive to really serious and devoted work. And this is of course a great pity for all that might have been reached with a little more trouble.

Mercury in 10th House gives ability to do unexpected jobs: practical organizing of work and a talent for putting into practice a great deal of acquired knowledge. Too much repetition should however be avoided, and compulsion from outside weakens both energy and zeal. This position inclines the native to have more than one profession at a time, to enter into relations with many people and to deal” in various things.

When Gemini or Sagittarius is in M.C. a journalistic career is most probable.

When afflicted, especially by Mars or Uranus, there will be likelihood of many rash and unfortunate changes of profession: a jack of all trades and master of none.

Venus in 10th House. The profession will in some way be connected with things which embellish life or make it more pleasant and will on the whole be lucrative. Only strength to persevere, to finish what has been begun, will sometimes be lacking when no aspects are formed.

This position further denotes a great desire for contact with others, connections with cultured or artistic circles. And the career will be favorably influenced by these.

When inharmoniously aspected it will not be easy to find the exact direction in life and various disappointments will precede lasting happiness. When, however, at last the right choice has been made (e.g. during a fortunate direction or transit) it will cause much progress both, spiritually and socially.

Mars in 10th House. Great energy for progress, love of enterprise and also much love of work, which always be based on strong and lofty ideals, sustained by a firm belief in the possibility of reaching them and their helpful influence on society. And it is this sense of Truth, this faith, this love of work which embody the greatest possibilities of development. The calling chosen will be one in which a resolute manner is desirable and where ability to use sharp-edged tools is needed e.g. that of a surgeon’ medical man, officer. This position gives love of fame and honor.

When Mars makes few aspects it is wise to strengthen its influence consciously by guarding against pessimistic or weakening feelings and by opening oneself wide to new thoughts, the healthy joy of life and love of action.

When afflicted a revolutionary nature manifests, which opposes all restraint, hot-headed. If the native succeeds in guiding the unbalanced energy of Mars into good directions – e.g. by work that is largely constructive – sorrow, trouble, anxiety and disappointment will in the long run result in such good things that could perhaps never have been obtained had the course of life been easy.

Jupiter in 10th House. There is every likelihood that the native’s occupations or situations will harmonize with his inclinations and temperament, and therefore give him every satisfaction. And if perhaps in the horoscope an afflicted Saturn makes him disposed to worry about material things, the presence of Jupiter will remind him that ideal victories have also value which may be greater.

Here Jupiter gives great ease in intercourse with other people and a keen sense of humor. The native has a great sense of responsibility and justice but also a certain partiality for outward show, as well as for public recognition and esteem.

Further this position strengthens vitality, especially when there is sufficient movement in the open air, sun-baths etc. Listening to good music may also have a physically helpful influence. This position makes the native very fit to be a calm, benevolent guide of younger people, not excessively strict, but clinging to definite principles “suaviter in modo, fortiter in re”.

His love and attachment are very great especially to his own children, and also relatives, although an affliction is sure to cause a passing conflict. He should ever bear in mind that though his own ideas may be excellent, as a rule youth has other views. And our task is to seek to understand these and to guide them aright. His inner feelings of religious brotherhood and humanity are stronger than they appear on the surface to be. He likes to help with advice and action, but the latter only when it has been proved that assistance will be really useful and is really necessary.

When afflicted Jupiter does not point to a strong position in social life. There is a possibility of slander which might harm the native’s good character. This position therefore requires great prudence in all personal matters, actions and sayings. Reckless action may have fatal consequence, with regard both to health and finances. Intercourse with relatives will probably cause much unpleasantness through mutual misunderstanding. With regard to subordinates trouble may also be expected and this gives a possibility of a change of fortune and loss of credit.

Saturn in 10th House gives opposition and perseverance in the profession as well as ambition which aims very high. Affliction seriously demands great self-control and tact in all connections with the outer world, because otherwise a public collapse may occur at the moment of the greatest fame (Napoleon I). Notwithstanding all the native’s good qualities, perseverance, love of work and self-confidence, the feelings of modesty and responsibility should always be prominent and he should never undertake any enterprise which is beyond his control.

In affliction discontent, dissatisfaction with the native’s own being and position arise.

In general, even when this constellation is not unfavorably aspected, it is apt to cause great whimsicality and bad temper. The native should fight the inclination to concentrate, when opposed, wholly upon himself – for this is sure at some time or other to manifest physically as some Saturn-disease.

Further this position indicates a great love for public, responsible offices, preferably abroad, and makes the native very sensitive to signs of reverence or respect from outsiders. Saturn afflicted hinders its fulfilment.

Uranus in 10th House indicates somewhat peculiar occupations in a social-ethical direction. Uranus is the planet of altruism and inspiration, and posited in the house of calling indicates a field of activity whereby the weaker people of the world art protected, educated, and generally supported. Nursing, morally as well is physically, emancipation of women, the relief of the outcasts of society – all these will have his active approval – and in these fields he will meet with success.

It goes without saying that when afflicted, this cannot be done without incurring resistance or even ridicule. Sedate respectability and selfish calculating reason will be unable to join in the aim of this life and again and again resistance will be felt.

When well aspected the ideals may be expected to be.strong enough to hold their own in the midst of much opposition and disapprobation, and in the end the fruits of this difficult but courageous work may be gathered. Uranus placed here gives something original, at times even genius. A lively imagination and peculiar and rather special ideas render the personality very attractive even to those who understand but little of this character. But this fact does not prevent the native from being a “black sheep” for his family and the more old-fashioned of his acquaintances, a being whom in all possible ways they will try to convert. This however will only increase the alienation.

Upon the whole this position is an indication of a life full of vicissitudes, which cannot be disregarded. It points to the fact that only after many and various disappointments will people recognize that here is an original talent. Uranus rendered intuitive, resourceful, gives magnetic healing power.

Neptune in 10th House. As Neptune by its position in this house exercises an influence on the calling and position in the world it will bring peculiar changes and occurrences in these. Romantic situations, strange intricacies which, after all, are solved quite simply will again and again occur in life. This position gives also the faculty to reproduce one’s experiences in some form of art and to extract teaching from it in order to be able to help another with its result. The native’s occupations can certainly not be called common.

The native has gifts, which however are not developed with sufficient assiduity or devotion; he has not enough system, not enough organizing talent with which to make his own gifts productive. This will cause the outer world to receive an impression of a chaotic indefinite mind without any solid foundation.

There is great sensitivity psychically and astrally and experiences and ideas in this direction can always be traced in the work and behavior.

When afflicted this position may prove dangerous for demonstrating occult powers publicly and even for their excessive cultivation. Great care should always be taken, because otherwise nervous disorders may result.

The condition of the ruler of the tenth house placed in the first house is extremely auspicious as the tenth angle being the finest in the horoscope has association with the personal sector. As a result, the person’s fortunes will be constantly increasing with age and if the planets are dignified fame of a reasonably high order will be achieved by the person. If other factors in the horoscope agree, political power may also be part and parcel of the combination. If however there’s association of the rulers of the sixth, eighth or twelfth or the tenth ruler is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth Navamsa houses, the effects will not be so pronounced or may in fact be nil. This could also be unpromising inasmuch as the person’s reputation may be sullied.

This is an excellent placement for wealth and finance as the second house indicates the acquisition of money. Because the tenth house regulates one’s career the person will also choose a professional line associated with banking, finance and other trading spheres, particularly if the earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn are involved. If the rulers of the eleventh house and ninth house also combine with dignity, the person can become a very wealth man.

This can give dramatic and valorous activities in the area of profession as the third house rules one’s bravery. The individual has no fear in attempting bold and ambitious enterprises. It’s better for the tenth lord to be un-associated with the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses rulers or to be not placed harmonically in those sectors. If so, he may experience great difficulties in achieving the successes he aspires to. The individual has good writing and linguistic skills and can pursue a career in journalism or other literary areas. Music and dance are also hinted at by the third house and many successful artists are born with this combination. Look to the fifth house and also planets Venus, Mercury and Neptune to see which areas this artistic element may flourish. Siblings may also achieve great success as a result of the tenth ruler here.

Whenever the rulers of angles combine or posit each others houses it’s considered a good omen in Vedic astrology. Having the tenth ruler in the fourth assures one of success and a love of knowledge and learning. Great respect accompanies this combination but if the aspects to this planet are very strong, the person is also fortunate in not only acquiring worldly success but inner spiritual happiness as well.

The combination of the tenth house in the fifth is an excellent omen for the children of the person. His offspring attain a great height professionally and this even points to some link between the individual’s career and his children’s. The fifth house is the sector of speculation and if the planets are well placed with good aspect this can herald great fortune in such things as stock market or gambling. The fifth house is the house of future karma and having the most powerful angular lord in this position ensures very strong and robust karma with many successes to be predicted for the future.

There’s an opportunity for the individual to pursue a career in law and possibly even the judiciary, depending on the strength of the tenth and sixth rulers. If the planets are not quite strong, the sixth house may give work in a more menial role and causes obstacles to the achievement of success. The negative influence of planets such as Saturn, Mars and Rahu here causes disputes and litigation or even some sort of professional collapse. Generally as the sixth house is a growing house, success in most circumstances will come later in life.

With favorable influences on this planet the partners of the individual will shine and in fact success can be achieved after marriage. The professional life is linked to travels and this could indicate life in the diplomatic corps. This normally offers a tremendous opportunity for the person in both business and personal relationships.

Unfortunately, the individual born with the tenth ruler in the eight house is not destined to have an easy run where profession is concerned. There’ll be many obstacles in the performance of work and even if the aspects are reasonably auspicious, the employment itself may still only be temporary. If heavy aspects and malefics influence this combination the results can be disastrous. This may indicate the person has a natural tendency towards criminal activities and litigious problems as well. Because the eighth house is the house of Tantric or spiritual knowledge, the favorable influence of benefics like Jupiter or rulers of the ninth and fifth house may mitigate these influences and cause the person to pursue a more spiritual path in life.

Good results are to be expected with the ruler of the tenth house here. It’s noteworthy to see how many spiritually enlightened masters and religious leaders have this combination. Therefore, there’s a direct link between work and the spiritual motivations of the individual which make him a preacher or someone attempting to enlighten the world generally. This is also a strong and positive placement for the father and promises tremendous success and wealth to them.

High status in life and fame are to be expected for the tenth ruler in its own sector. The person’s name will shine brightly, particularly if lords of the other angles or trines partake of the combination. It’s important for this ruler to be strong however, as the reverse results are to be expected if it’s posited in its house of debilitation. More often than not great results are to be expected during the cycle of the planet ruling the tenth or planets found in the Nakshatras (stars) of this particular ruler.

This is a very strong financial placement and gives immense wealth with many powerful and influential friendships along business and career lines. Unless there’s an affliction to the ruler of the eleventh or tenth rulers, the person is likely to have great support from people both in his employ and socially. Alternatively, under negative aspects, these friends may turn on him. This placement also indicates strength in the relationship and professional status of the siblings.

There’s a strong connection between foreign countries and the profession of the individual and they may spend time overseas, living there for a considerable time, particularly if the signs on the twelfth house are fixed. Along with this seeking of material success in faraway places, there’s a tinge of spirituality about the person yet if negative planets such as Rahu, Mars or Saturn aspect negatively, they may turn to a life of crime.

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