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First House

The Meaning and Use of Astrological Houses

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Self and Body (Aries is the natural ruler)

1st House of the ZodiacThe first house of the zodiac or the horoscope is the foundation of the personality. It represents the self, the mask, the way we are viewed in the world. The ruling planet reflects our basic drive and is as important if not more important than the Sun sign itself.

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To determine the rising sign a correct horoscope needs to be mapped and this is based upon such things as your date, time and location of birth. The rising sign or ascendant as it is alternatively referred to determines the condition of your body, how you look, your complexion and general personality.

Planets in the First House


Sun in 1st House. When well aspected: good health in general full of vitality, great recuperative power. This position of the Sun is favourable to the native’s sense of worth, renders him optimistic, courageous, confident of success and of his ability constantly to master the difficulties of life. This position inclines to take the lead in everything –in as far as others do not oppose this openly. His manner is dictatorial and demands respect.

Affliction weakens the vitality, the native is apt to try to support himself on externals and to do things from lack of assurance, of which later on he repents.

Moon in 1st House. The Moon rising makes the native very sensitive and gives much imagination. We see here a restless nature, always longing for change of surroundings and field of activity, driven forward by a hankering alter new emotions, liking to move in congenial society.

When afflicted many indispositions occur which are more or less of a psychical nature.

Mercury in 1st House. The planet of intellect and discrimination in the 1st house increases the restlessness, changeability and critical spirit, especially pronounced in a characteristic of youth. This type is eloquent, often quick at repartee and humorous, a jolly fellow amusing others.

When favourably aspected the mind is more accepted to the charm and wisdom of myths, sagas, legends and fairy tales – the deeper and occult meaning of which is very purely sensed than to exact scientific study. Memory is upon the whole fairly strong.

When afflicted the native is not always reliable. Remember, Mercury is the God of merchants and thieves. A person with an afflicted Mercury in the 1st house likes to make others ridiculous and to laugh at them.

Venus in 1st House. Generally speaking, this position is favourable to the acquisition of friendship and affection, to the development of musical and artistic talents and gives a personal charm that strikes many. Very probably love will play a great part in life. Though really deep feelings of the kind are present, there is a great tendency to flirt especially when afflicted – which entails consequences that were not really intended. And this may give rise to trouble and disappointment. It is advisable for the native to act more thoughtfully, consciously and with greater reserve in these matters, to try to get at other people’s feelings and not put his own self so much in the foreground. Love is not a matter of honour, it is a matter of feeling, in which the partner’s happiness is of the greatest importance.

Mars in 1st House. Gives a fiery, energetic manner, self-conscious love of enterprise and tireless activity. The native has a deep abhorrence of all that is not frank, fair and honest. Strict justice is the highest ideal which he strives for as much as possible and endeavours to practice. He should cultivate self-control because it is the factor most needed for success.

Jupiter in 1st House gives a certain optimism in all enterprise. When everything has been done according to the native’s perception and capacity, with confidence and faith the decision will be left to a higher power.

If, when afflicted – expectations are frustrated or if others try to lay too much stress on the possibility of disappointment, a sharp outburst is apt to follow suddenly or a quasi-indifferent silence sometimes completely disconcerts the outsider. In that case, health is not so good as it should be.

Saturn in 1st House lays his oppressive hand especially upon outer appearance and manner; if however is harmoniously posited the native’s will be serious and will not degenerate into pessimism. This position of Saturn gives the native something ‘oldies’ in appearance and demeanour and little inclination to form quick attachments. Everything that he takes in hand requires a good deal of patience and perseverance and if no assistance comes through Mars, things will often be given up through lack of these qualities. The result is that only the unpleasantness of work and not its satisfaction will be experienced, which in other respects also affects the native’s love of work unfavourably. He should endeavour to do work for its own sake, rather than for any profit which may accrue.

The native works much and strenuously; holidays for which others may perhaps occasionally be envied, would indeed soon lose their attraction. Even in childhood work will occupy an important place in his life, owing to unfavorable circumstances, and later on he is apt to exact much in this respect from others also, which often causes conflicts. He is not usually in the mood for careless, light-hearted merriment; “work and be watchful” is his maxim.

The native only works willingly for others, if through his own greater capacities come to light – hence also his love of teaching. Upon the whole his attitude towards strangers is cool, reserved or somewhat forcedly kind; his attitude towards life seems to say “we are not going to expect much, then it is likely to give us more than we anticipate”.

This position often causes fits of despondency and distrust. When harmoniously aspected much help may come from a pure, strong, sincere friendship with an eminent man or woman, when the better saturnine qualities, such as sense of duty, reliability, perseverance and self-control become more evident and pronounced. Then, too more rigorous and lucid self-examination will lead to an increase of love, compassion and forgiveness and thought be less exclusively fixed on his own self.



The tendency to pay more attention to bad than to good luck should be resisted so far as possible since this prevents the native from beginning a plan or attaching a new task and thus makes a happy solution altogether impossible. Saturn in the ascendant does not make him sanguine; renders him distrustful regarding the possibility of reaching a position, renders him at war with himself and causes him to feel that he is misunderstood and too little appreciated.

Opinions and feelings about people and things are pronouncedly “pro” or “con”, although as much as possible this will be hidden.

Domestic circumstances – especially in childhood – are by no means rosy; the native should also be careful of health.

Uranus in 1st House. The planet of new ideas makes the native’s appearance and manner original, bright and lively and gives a special liking for abstract study, occultism and modern lines in science and art. Little store is set on convention and the usual ideas of the surroundings.

Placed here Uranus strengthens what is the peculiar and particularly characteristic side of the native and indicates very original theories and methods of working which he applies successfully. He is especially interested in education in the widest sense of the word, the formation development of strong characters. Also philosophy and religion, physics and metaphysics, electro-technics and mechanics. His mind is always seeking to extend the field of its activity and does not shrink from difficult problems especially if he is able to suppose that really valuable results will accrue. The chief difficulty is the gift of the absolute surrender of – himself, through which the link is made between the single individual and the world around him. So long as this has not been reached a certain isolation and unrest will always be felt, in spite of great inner spiritual wealth.

When afflicted this position often causes a sudden disturbance in the contact with others (especially with more eminent people), a misunderstanding of the native’s attempts and desires for progress, an intense and vehement craving for something that cannot be reached and so forth.

Feeling needs to be better controlled and guided by the true self in order to prevent troubles, sudden separations and alienations.

This position indicates occasional blunt behavior, sudden impulses, short-lived exaggerated dread of illness, induced by insignificant occurrences or symptoms.

Neptune in 1st House gives a kind nature, although often dreamy and absent-minded and therefore liable to be rude. This position hinders the development of intellect, but furthers that of the sensitive side. Especially in childhood the native’s tendency to wander from a subject will get the better of him, so that he will allow many an opportunity to pass by unused.

He is inclined to float on moods, to be influenced by prejudices and sometimes to wish to do too many things at a time. Putting on one side the thoughts of self will improve his temper as well as health. He should not permit himself too much dreaming about remote ideals, or grumbling at the difficulty of attaining them or wasting of time with less important matters, but cheerfully and firmly aim at being of service to others in this way the less pleasant side of Neptune may be overcome by strengthening which is good.

This position gives mediumistic and clairvoyant faculties, but at the same time warns the native against their imprudent use. It will be advisable for him to take his bearings in this field beforehand, and not to risk experiments before this astral and mental bodies are sufficiently strong. No spirits nor narcotics should ever be taken. Good recreation and help in gloomy moments may be found in music. Neptune rising always makes the native musical – and though he may lack ability to perform, he is always able to enjoy other people’s playing.

When well aspected Neptune in 1st house strengthens the native’s love of nature and attracts him especially to the sea. This position gives the demeanor something inspired; life will probably be characterized by peculiar, circumstances and extraordinary experiences. It is an open question whether the lesson is learned for which they are intended, or whether only a vague submission results. This will depend on the aspects of Neptune. The native should as much as possible maintain his confidence that all things work altogether for good as well as the assurance that he himself can contribute to that end.

The Ruler of the Ascendant being in the first house endows the person with a powerful sense of self. Generally if this ruler is strongly placed here and in a friendly sign or exaltation, health will be robust and this will endow them with good longevity. If the ruler is weak this can make them egotistical and also present health challenges and a reduced longevity factor.

When the first house ruler is located in the second house of a person it indicates a keen interest in earning money and them using their best resources to gain financial freedom. They work hard and are self-made individuals, but if the Ascendant ruler is weak, their efforts may prove futile. This second house also indicates family and as a result, all matters in that connection will be important to them.

Those with this placement have a very quick mind and interest in all aspects of learning and expanding their consciousness. If the ruler of the first house is strong they will travel and achieve success. They have a strong interest in environmental matters and people in general. A weak Ascendant ruler in the third house indicates trouble through siblings and the locality in which they move. This may also produce a troubled mind.

When the ruler of the first house is located in the fourth house the person can expect considerable gains through such things as property, real estate and other domestic affairs. This indicates happy interaction with parents, and in particular the mother, yet this is pronounced if the planet concerned is in dignity and well aspected. The fourth sector indicates personal contentment, so naturally a favorable placement of the ruler of indicates general happiness and well being. If the ruler of the first house is indisposed by being poorly placed by sign or aspect, there may be losses through property investments and problems with the family generally.

The fifth house rules children, amusements and other speculative ventures and is not considered altogether favorable for the survival of the first-born child. If however the planet is strong and well fortified, being in good aspect to other planets, it can provide success through political affiliations and diplomatic activities. The fifth house is called Mantrasthana ( sector of spiritual initiation ) and is a spiritual house in Vedic astrology thereby endowing the individual with opportunities for initiation into occult and philosophical disciplines. If the ruler of the first house is ill placed here, problems with children and speculation the stock market and other gambling activities may cause losses. The planet ruling the fifth house will give a hint as to the spiritual guides or deities to which you may be attracted.

As the sixth house rules competitions, sickness, disease and debt, the Ascendant ruler here is not ordinarily considered favorable unless strong by sign or aspect. There may be interest in military matters, legal or judicial careers or health and medical services. This indicates a natural healing tendency and also a love of animals. If the ruler is badly affected here, physical illness and a reduced life span is revealed. Surgical operations can be seen by planets such as Mars occupying this sector and the sign of the zodiac will indicate the portion of the body which may be afflicted.

With the ruling planet of the horoscope in the seventh house, there’s a natural affinity for members of the opposite sex and in fact, domination by one’s romantic partners. Depending on the strength of the seventh ruler, the first wife may not survive and two marriages may be indicated. Interestingly, a more spiritual attitude develops in the latter part of life but if this planet is badly affected then the person acts against their own best interests and this also hints at legal troubles as well as marital discord.

The seventh house also relates to travelling and therefore the ruler of the first house here does indicate much movement physically, particularly if the seventh houses is possessed by cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

The eighth house is probably the most misunderstood, therefore the ruler of the first house here creates various anomalies in the horoscope. Though ruling the affairs of the dead and to some extent death itself, this is also an occult and spiritual house and indicates a powerful spiritual or psychic tendency. This is highlighted if the planet is well placed and favorably aspected. This also shows a peaceful and sudden end to one’s life. Should the planet befeebly placed, badly afflicted or with a malefic, health suffers and troubles through wills and legacies and to be predicted. The person’s last days may not be happy ones and death also may be an unpleasant one.

The ninth house is the most favorable spiritual house in Vedic astrology, therefore the horoscope and general fortunes of the person are greatly enhanced by the ruler of the horoscope in this sector. The person has strong religious inclinations as well as a compassionate nature. This is not simply a positive spiritual space but also offers general luck and fortune all round. Higher learning, long journeys and any matter associated with philosophy and religion is strongly enhanced through this placement. If the ruler of the tenth house is associated in this sector, a powerful person is born. The affliction by other planets causes delays or trouble through journeys where those experiences may be less than favorable. This also predisposes one to difficulties with religious mentors.

The placement of the Ascendant Ruler in the tenth house is one of the better situations for professional success as the tenth rules one’s career. Honor and success and a powerful and dignified professional position are assured and particularly if this ruler is well placed. Placement in exaltation either in the chart or in the Navamsa (9th harmonic chart) can lead to fame and great fortune. The affliction and poor placement of the Ascendant Ruler here can give a meteoric rise with an inevitable fall from great heights with the person even being subjected to slander and dishonor through professional rivalry.

The eleventh house is a sector of profit, and in particular, business profits and therefore the assurance of continual income is to be predicted. Friends and siblings will be instrumental in the achievement of financial stability. If the planet is challenged by adverse aspects or a negative placement, friends and siblings may act in the reverse and cause trouble and obstruction to one’s security.

The twelfth house, like the eighth, is one which offers both positive and negative results. Spiritually if the Ascendant ruler is well placed this indicates a compassionate nature – the person is charitable and generous. There can however be problems with money if the ruler is afflicted as the twelfth house relates to expenditure and indicates losses through secret enemies who undermine the person. In extreme cases imprisonment or exile are shown but in a modern context this may simply refer to immigration and residence in foreign lands.

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