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Fifth House

The Meaning and Use of Astrological Houses

Creativity and Pleasure (Leo is the natural ruler)

5th House of the ZodiacThe fifth house represents creativity and self esteem, allowing for us to find a greater joy in living. Leo's influence covets expression of all types, challenging us to chase after all kinds of pleasure with a strong vigour. It represents our desires in love and the way we extend and release our energies and emotions, forming our path of self expression. The fifth house influences our inner child, love affairs, play and amusement and any kind of drama within our life.

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The more planets that are existent in our fifth house point to more energy to release inside ourselves and less interest in others own energies. The house has a strong connection with karma and our past lives, most particularly in regards to romance. It defines the way we express ourselves – personally, creatively and romantically.

The house is most commonly associated with enthusiasm, motivation, romance, personal pleasure, our inner child and a desire for happiness.


Planets in the Fifth House

Sun in 5th House. Speculation to which this position inclines is only partially advisable, because as a rule the native cannot await the right moment for it. Risky enterprises are best undertaken in company with others reliable people, the initiative being taken by the person who has Sun in 5th house in his nativity. Further this position denotes a particularly great inclination for social life and more or less luxurious pleasures; but also for an intensified inner life.

The Sun in the "house of the children" often causes the fire (Leo) of passion to scorch fruit before it is fully grown; likewise this position of the Sun in 5th house usually leads to childless marriage, or a child will not be born until after many years of married life.

Moon in 5th House denotes occupations which bring into contact with the public and gives the necessary talent for them without entailing any loss of personal originality. The life will probably be connected in some respect with the needs or education of children; at any rate others will be urged to interest in this department and to assist in molding a new generation more healthy and better developed.

When afflicted a person with this Moon position should in order to avoid disappointment, consider well before giving his affection to people.

Mercury in 5th House makes the native fond of agreeable, intimate, but merely friendly, intercourse with the other sex and gives much love for and interest in the education of children. Much sought after as a witty talker.

When afflicted this position renders superficial, rambling from one subject to another, inconstant in love affairs and subject to alienation from the children owing to lack of interest. Thoughtlessness and recklessness may lead to loss through speculation. Greater seriousness, deliberation and penetration should be cultivated. The world is sometimes looked upon as a hurly-burly.

Venus in 5th House inclines the native to be somewhat self-indulgent, and to act on impulse. Most attention is preferably given to what is agreeable, charming, artistic and mysterious (speculative). There is a lack of true love of work, of tackling things, although much time and trouble are given to, let us say fancy work e.g. organizing 'sales of work', making artistic articles for sale with a charitable purpose, Christmas distributions to the children of the poor etc. It should always be borne in mind that from all those occupations the person concerned ought himself to learn and the mind should gain by them, otherwise they are sure to bring disappointment at some time notwithstanding the good intentions with which things were begun.

Relations of love and friendship rest upon a more or less earnest idealistic basis. When well-aspected this position denotes a marriage blessed with many and dear children.

When afflicted this position renders the native naturally amorous, reckless, speculative.

Mars in 5th House indicates great "pluck" in starting enterprises and carrying out plans, and gives quick insight into new possibilities; a good understanding may however be seriously threatened by an excessively rash, uncontrolled and masterful manner in word and action. If the native acts tactfully and with insight, a profitable career may be made, especially in industrial matters with big companies or public works.

As this house also gives indications with regard to children we may conclude from this position of Mars especially if afflicted that grief and trouble will probably be caused directly or indirectly by one of the children. Finally this position warns the native against excessive impulsiveness and changeability in feelings of love and in the use of sexual force.



Jupiter in 5th House denotes much sociability and satisfaction through children. The native likes to associate with children in a large family. This position makes him fond of physical pleasures and indicates a knack of speculating.

When afflicted, there is a tendency to go in for gambling and lotteries, also a dislike of work and no heart for the care demanded by children. Through recklessness and ignorance his best chances will pass unused; trusting to his knowledge and the necessary good luck he will fail to notice opportunities for development and progress until too late or not at all.

Saturn in 5th House is favorable to the investment of money and careful speculation in trustworthy concerns, mortgages, the conclusion of a reliable life insurance through "care" for the children etc. We find here a serious educator of a limited number of children who will probably be neither very healthy nor strong.

When afflicted adversity in enterprises may be expected, the fruit of labor will be shriveling before it is ripe; with women miscarriages occur.

Uranus in 5th House warns the native against extravagances in love affairs; against too free an intercourse with the other sex, and all sorts of reckless enterprises are excessive dissipation. Uranus’ sudden uncommon impulses should not be thoughtlessly carried out; they require self-restraint and self-knowledge to bring about the good results which they of course intend. This position gives clear intuition, so that with a certain amount of concentration important spiritual discoveries may be expected. Uranus is here favorably posited for various enterprises in which new inventions are implied and applied, especially in the fields of physics and chemistry, probably also in occultism and metaphysics. The native’s mind is very active, and fertile in this direction and at times shows genius; nor does he lack the strength of will and perseverance to reach his aim. He likes to acquaint other people with his own often very utopian social views. Although a harmoniously aspected Uranus may for himself have reached clear and true vision, a practical ordinary man will regard his views as “music of the future” never to be realized.

When afflicted all kinds of unexpected hindrances arise, so that plans cannot be carried out; with women miscarriage occur, and the children themselves will often meet with accidents or suffer from rare diseases.

Neptune in 5th House gives peculiar thoughts about love; these run in an idealistic direction and the native has even a liking for platonic ideas. In business, enterprises, personal intimate intercourse there is a singular element of vague speculation and good faith. Wide-spread connections not always well-known, but reliable, as also unexpected changes may be expected here. The children of a person with this position are usually of a dreamy disposition.

An affliction especially with Mars or Venus, indicates a conflict between the higher and lower nature and points to strange experiences in this respect.

When afflicted there is a possibility of loss through deception.

The fifth ruler governs one's future Karma, spiritual practices and progeny. That's why it's important for this planet to be well fortified in the first house (Vedic astrology gives mixed results to its placement here incidentally). If the planet is strong and well dignified good results can be predicted and the person does certainly have knowledge of spiritual matters, unless of course this affliction is strong, in which case he could conjure the lower spirits and take interest in black magic. This affliction also denies children or may cause illness to children. Some propitiatory measures may be required to alleviate these difficulties. Some authorities are of the opinion that a well dignified fifth ruler here gives many servants or employees and can even bring about interest in a judicial, diplomatic or political career.

The combination or link between the ruler of the fifth and second houses is an indicator of powerful speech or even prophecy. The person having the fifth ruler here in the second can indeed become a fine astrologer or possess a natural psychic gift for visionary insight. This is superior if there's dignity and favorable aspects to this planet. Children and the family and the government or other large business concerns will be a source of financial gain for them, unless of course bad placement here begets speculative losses, government confiscation or tax liabilities. Generally this planetary configuration is fortunate for ones financial prospects.

The ruler of the fifth house regulates the mind and the ruler of the third controls communication. A person having the fifth house in the third becomes an influential communicator but if the fifth ruler is afflicted or unfavorably placed in any way this can distort speech and the intentions of the character. He may speak poorly of others and spread rumors. The fifth ruler governing children indicates several children, unless afflicted, and this also shows some misunderstanding with siblings.

If this fifth ruler is afflicted in the fourth it may well cause health difficulties to the children. The trinal ruler in an angle is excellent for political and professional success as the fifth ruler aspects the tenth house. If this planet is advantageous, the person will mete out his judgement fairly and impartially. A malefic here will point towards a cruel mind. The mother will have a long life and according to Vedic conventions if this ruler is strong the person is likely to have a predominance of female progeny.

This excellent placement is karmically beneficial for the individual, above all if well placed and promises children, particularly sons. Considerable mental strength and spiritual power to attract the right sort of people into their lives is shown and this assures success. Some expert mathematicians are found to have a well dignified fifth ruler in the fifth. The affliction of this planet will cause troubles to the health and longevity of their children as well as mental instability due to the fifth house which also rules the mind.

As the sixth house relates to enemies and disputes, this does not auger well for the relationship between the individual and his children. Indeed the children become the person's enemies and much time will be spent on disputes and reconciliation. This is especially so if the fifth ruler is very afflicted. The person's uncle is well to do and/or a person of knowledge. Some fame is evident and in unusual cases there's a direct link between the uncle and the children eg the adoption or caretaking role being shared.

This is an excellent placement and indicates that kids may eventually lead and reside in a foreign land and therefore attain distinction in their lives. This of course is dependant on the dignity of the fifth ruler and the aspects that are formed to that planet, but usually this is a encouraging placement. This brings a spiritual energy to the marriage and a lucky period from that time on and also endows the person's partner a spiritual inclination. If this fifth ruler is afflicted the person may seek satisfaction in extramarital affairs.

In traditional Indian astrology, the continuation of the family lineage is an important component of life, yet with the fifth ruler in the eighth of death and destruction, this continuation cannot be vouchsafed. Naturally, if the fifth ruler is badly afflicted this will be almost certain, however a dignified placement with good aspects indicate a research orientated mind and one given to the practice of Tantra and deep meditative practices. On a health note, the fifth ruler in the eighth can causes lung or stomach complaints.

These are the two most powerful trines of the horoscope and therefore the fifth ruler finding its position in the ninth is a dominant testimony of fortunate karma for the individual. The placement of the fifth ruler here presages strong spiritual motivations in everything the individual attempts and produces a teacher or Guru. Great respect and honour is given to him but if the ruler is afflicted this brings scandal and loss of fortune due to not only legal measures but by divine intervention as well. The children of the person also attain.

Here we find the potential for great fame and honor as the Karma ruler goes to the tenth house, the strongest Kendra (angle) in the horoscope. The person may have a dramatic rise in life and will stand out amongst his family and peers as a notable human being. If this planet combines with other trinal or angular rulers and is well dignified as well as powerfully aspected, the person achieves undying fame, even beyond death. The affliction of the fifth ruler in the tenth causes troubles in career and could herald an untimely fall.

The planet ruling children in the eleventh house of gain and profit indicates work and profit through the association of children. This also ensures many friends who are capable of helping the person achieve their goals in life. Vedic authorities declare great authorship occurs as a result of this placement, particularly if the planet is well placed. The hard aspects or ill placement of this planet could produce treachery through friends and loss of money through speculation.

The spiritual fifth ruler in a Moksha (spiritual emancipation) house indicates a strong karmic leaning towards understanding of Truth and transcendental Reality. If other factors in the horoscope lend support to this placement, the person chooses the life of a monastic or wanderer. Unfortunately the affliction of this planet causes diseases of the mind and emotions and would even produce delusions of grandeur in the worst case scenario.

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