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Second House

The Meaning and Use of Astrological Houses

Value and Possessions (Taurus is the natural ruler)

2nd House of the ZodiacThe second house points to the purpose and stabilising forces, representing challenges to define and refine our sense of value. This house is associated with material possessions, finances, talents and qualities that we treasure and enjoy. You can expect to be particularly emotional about finances and sentimental about possessions if the emotional moon is placed in this house.

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The second house reflects both our inner and outer resources and the way in which we use these resources to deal with life's ups and downs. It is through this that our sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and resilience is developed. The second house also has a considerable influence on our values, ethics, and standards. While some of us may identify with what we own and others with what we are, we are always attracted to what we value – seeing the second house emerge as having a strong role in how our values are shaped. The house is most commonly associated with both inner and outer talents, money, personal values, the desire to establish self-worth and our assets.

Planets in the Second House


Sun in 2nd House. This position of the Sun, strengthened by good aspects denotes favourable material prospects, and the financial situation, in general, does not cause anxiety. The native seems to have a particular talent for acquiring and making the use of money both for himself and for those in his care. Money is spent fairly freely, preferably on amusement and comfort and in the society of friends.

An affliction of Jupiter warns the native not to start financial transactions before he has made thorough inquiries. He should endeavour to obtain a clearer insight into this matter so that he should not be dazzled and deceived by fancied prospects of financial prosperity.

An affliction of Mars render him impudent, impatient and pushing, and causes unexpected losses, and failure of speculations.

Moon in 2nd House indicates that the finances are as changeable as the nature of the Moon itself. The earning of money will be most successful in business with the general public, but carelessness and inconstancy cause unexpected disappointments. Usually, however, friends will be found who in the case of need lend a helping hand.

Moon in 2nd house afflicted is not a sign of favourable financial circumstances. Excessive liberality and confidence in unworthy people are the cause of loss and ill-luck. Standing surely, inheritances, in short, all financial connections with other people will bring disadvantage rather than the advantage.

Mercury in 2nd House promises much profit through administrative, commercial or organising work. The intellect is versatile, the way of thinking logical, the love of exact knowledge very great. When well aspected the Mercury's virtues such as intelligence, observation, inventiveness and adaptability will best be developed in a sphere of commerce and industry.

When afflicted superficiality arises, unreliability, opinionatedness, which require much patience from superiors or educators.

Venus in 2nd House indicates favourable financial circumstances through social activities and contact with others. Well aspected this position gives a greatly devoted love for the profession which gives satisfaction both spiritually and materially. When entering into a legal union material interests will be ignored, while fairly high demands are made on the outer and inner makeup of the future partner whether of business or marriage.

Mars in 2nd House warns the native against haste, partiality or excessive love of speculation in business and actions. Not enough benefit is derived from favourable circumstances owing to premature interference.

When inharmoniously aspected money will be lost by investing it in good faith in attractive enterprises or by spending it recklessly in other ways.

A great energy and untiring love of work enable the native to overcome failure and loss so splendidly that in the end, his development shows constant progress.

Jupiter in 2nd House gives great confidence in financial prosperity and indicates a peaceful existence so far as concerns pecuniary matters, in as much as there will not be any speculations in big companies or untrustworthy institutions (Monte Carlo), things to which this position tends, Jupiter being fond of luxury and comfort, society and recreation. In intercourse with others, a light jocular and jovial manner often manifests, a comrade like frankness which – when afflicted - is apt to be taken wrongly and misunderstood. This may lead to situations which although not originally intended, in the end, cannot easily be avoided; in the end, much may be reached by showing less indulgence to others and doing more to encourage one's own pure ideas. This is the feeling, the wish to remain as much as possible on good terms with everyone which is a hindrance and prevents the worthier friendship of better situated or nobler people.



Saturn in 2nd House. Financially much anxiety and difficulty will often be met which the world remains ignorant. But much may be changed for the better by dint of great diligence, insight, and reflection. When afflicted by Mars the financial situation will not improve until the distrustful economy of Saturn is transmuted into a sensible and energetic manner towards things connected with money. An affliction of Mercury requires great care in the choice of servants (dependents). If the affliction is caused by Jupiter or Neptune, almost worthless articles will be bought fairly frequently in the belief that the native has made a real bargain; it is a case of "economy deceiving wisdom", and who acts thus is compelled to a large expenditure when even small expenses were grudged.

Uranus in 2nd House indicates sudden, unforeseen circumstances in monetary matters, varying income, many ups and downs. This position gives a little probability of a regular fixed income, but when very well aspected or with good progressive directions, some “windfalls” may be expected, especially through marriage, partnership, good employees who are well and sensibly managed. Further good money may be earned by work which is not really in harmony of with the ideals cherished; work of a more practical-businesslike nature which suits the taste of the public. But the native's innate originality will usually add something special to this.

Warning should be given to speculation, for any small gain is apt to be followed by the much larger loss. Antique, curiosa or similar uncommon things will play a part in financial affairs.

This position gives the character a great desire for independence and great obstinacy which will be very difficult to overcome. Once an idea has got a firm hold of the man it will be maintained with calm assurance and imperturbable perseverance. This leads to enterprises the result of which cannot be clearly foreseen since they are founded on some invention.

Neptune in 2nd House, the house of finances by its metaphysical character causes a more certain indifference as to these things; an instinctive confidence that they will look after themselves. And indeed, money comes in sometimes in the most unexpected way, through strange people or unusual occupations, without the native having exerted himself for it. But there exist also a danger of sudden losses; prudence is recommended in business matters. Here a good aspect to Mercury is very useful because of this planet, though it gives way to its surroundings possesses too much business capacity for it to remain unexpressed. A strong Cancer influence will also prevent the native from being “done in" by others.

When afflicted not too much should be expected from financial good fortune, legacies etc.; they may suddenly prove to be insignificant, or the native may lose his claim to them through some circumstance or other. Little value is set on money as such; but consideration and care in this matter are advisable, for obligations towards others must be fulfilled at some time or other.

If the ruler of the Second House is found in the first house, the person is primarily concerned with earning money and creating financial security for themselves. They are intelligent and capable of using that acumen to get ahead materially and may even gain considerably from inheritance. Unfortunately, there's a problem with family relationships and the person may not see eye to eye with their nearest and dearest. If there's an affliction to this planet the accumulation of money is not an easy path and the person may work hard with little gain.

With the Ruler of the second house in the second, the person is inventive and smart in the way they earn money. The second house refers to subsequent marriages and depending on the strength of the planets involved, can hint at a second marriage after either a divorce or death of the first partner. Good strength and aspect to the ruler of the second house fortifies that planet and assures success financially ( in particular if watery or earthy signs are in the second house, increased opportunities will be evident ). An unfavorable second ruler will give the reverse results and may designate heavy financial losses during the cycle of that planet.

The third house is one of valor and bravery. The individual is confident and interested in earning money but may be an unsavory character. Vedic scholars have hinted at an atheistic tendency and someone who is more interested in gross materialism than any kind of spiritual conduct or charitable and philanthropic use of their money. In fact, they classify this placement as one belonging to that of a miser. There can be otherwise educational and publishing interests that can produce good financial returns for the person if these planets are well placed and favorably aspected. There's loss or great struggle in achieving success should the second ruler be badly placed.

This is a great placement for those involved in sales work and a career that requires payment by commission. The individual can gain through real estate and has the opportunities to act as a custodian or even inherit maternal ancestral property. If there's affliction to the second ruler, troubles on account of these matters will ensue. Money may be accumulated and the latter part of life is materially comfortable as a result.

As the second ruler rules money and the fifth house speculation, the fortification of this ruler will certainly yield good results in matters of gambling and financial investments, but may create problems with the family as the individual may lack social skills, patience and the tolerance to afford others enough time. This in itself, irrespective of the strength of the ruler, acts unfavorably for the person. In any case, the person also loves sport, games of chance and will either win or lose depending on the strength of the planet and its aspects.

As the second ruler relates to ones earning capacity and the sixth is a sector of debt, the person may incur considerable expenditure and losses by this placement, particularly if the second ruler is in a position of weakness or badly aspected. The sixth house, being one of competitiveness and enemies, creates obstacles and possible financial loss as a result of court cases or disputes and debates. Wealth may also be gained through untoward or illegal means above all, if planets like Mars, Rahu ( North Node ) and Saturn are involved. Health matters may also be affected as second ruler affects diet and this can consequently indicate poor dietary habits leading to digestive weakness.

This is not a particularly good placement for fidelity in relationships and can show multiple partners and/or second and subsequent marriages. Look to the aspects forming to the ruler of the second to gain a greater insight into this matter. Income can be substantial from foreign countries and business affiliations with foreigners, but again, if this planet is weak and unfavorably aspected, financial losses may ensue.

Family life is marred by the second ruler in the eighth and gives considerable misunderstanding with relatives. Even if the planet is strong there are abundant gains as well as losses on account of the eighth being a house of failure. No doubt, money will be bequeathed to the person but they may fritter it away. Caution is advised with any sort of financial investments due to this placement.

There can be a shaky start to life for a person with the second ruler in the ninth, but life grows stronger with age and the person gains through higher education and foreign connections as the ninth house has jurisdiction over these matters. There's also a positive indication for financial gains all round, either through one's own self exertion or through inheritance. Debilitation, poor placement and association or aspect will cause difficulty in these matters providing real happiness.

If this planet is well aspected and fortified in the tenth it's an excellent sign for success in one's profession, particularly financially and the person gains much reputation through their profession. Large financial losses may be incurred through adverse aspects and poor placement by sign or constellation. The person nevertheless, has many diverse talents.

As with the second ruler in the ninth, its placement in the eleventh hampers the health of their children but the person is capable of earning well, especially later in life. Some Vedic authorities consider this placement too strong an influence on the material appetites which cause one to be less than noble in their dealings. The person may run a pawn shop or act in the capacity of a lender or finance broker. Adversely affected, there can be losses on a count of misplaced trust, chiefly through friends and siblings.

The spiritual, twelfth house covers such things as compassionate work or hospital and healing services. Therefore, the person may spend much of their own resources in community projects or social work. Money may slip through the individual's fingers, particularly if the placement and aspect of this planet are not strong enough. There's a spiritual quality to the person and they may have interest in investigating the occult and other foreign philosophies.

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