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Seventh House

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Partnership (Libra is the natural ruler)

7th House of the ZodiacThe Seventh House has a particularly strong emphasis on our social side, focusing on putting the energies we put into the first house back into ourselves. The seventh house aims to bring about greater self awareness of our personal identity, seeing us seek projected parts of ourselves in our most intimate relationships.

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It is through this that we are challenged to develop deep, committed relationships with others – with Libra most strongly influencing this. Planets located in this house determine our dealings with other people, influencing how we relate to others, what we value in relationships and what we expect from others.

The house is associated with intimate relationships, dealings with the public, cooperation, equality, awareness of our own identity, agreements and a desire to share close one-on-one interactions.


Planets in the Seventh House


Sun in 7th House. Marriage will add to the financial prosperity but the household will need much through its desire for luxury, comfort and pleasure. When afflicted rivals, both male and female, will cause domestic trouble, and jealousy will create a danger of rupture and separation.

Sun in 7th House also points to a somewhat selfish, authoritative attitude in marriage; if this does not entail domestic quarrels it will be owing to the cheery, pleasant character of the partner who will try to make the house sunny in every respect. To outsiders the couple with this position hide their feelings under a certain formal courtesy which might be taken for indifference.

If there is a Sun-affliction and one partner will not give in to the other, if there is no compromise, the sun will leave married life and partnerships will fail through egoism of the partners.

Moon in 7th House makes the native particularly fit to move in society of very opposite kinds, at one time formal and aristocratic, at another artistically and bohemian.

This position renders somewhat fastidious and undecided in the choice of a partner in life. When well aspected, in many respects the marriage will be happy, but the partner will in spite of his (her) great charm think much of having his (her) personal notions and feelings shared and will therefore cause many changing moods.

When afflicted especially by Mars or Uranus much tact will be wanted to prevent rash separations and alienations.

Mercury in 7th House makes one suppose that relations with intelligent people are most sought; the help meet will also be intelligent. In marriage a cheerful spirit usually prevails, more spiritual than sensual.

When afflicted differences of opinion will occur in ethical, religious or social matters, which will be much discussed; education and morals are also favorite topics. “La critique est aisee” is true here, but it would be a pity for the attacker himself, as well as his object, if his criticism were to overlook things which are really beautiful and instructive. That is why it is well for the native to accustom himself more to listen and appreciate than to attack and demolish. And especially when subjects are concerned for a skirmish of personal judgment.

  Venus in 7th House points to the fact that love, affection, partnership will influence lite very greatly.

The native’s feelings are strong and faithful, sincere and devoted; meanness is much despised. The object of affection is made much of, the partner admired and respected.

If Venus is afflicted there will be difficulties and disappointments in the above-mentioned matters, resulting in a withdrawal of feeling. This is however not the way to enrich and intensify one’s inner life; for that purpose our love has to increase, to grow wider and more pure from selfish motives. As a rule whatever is hardest for us is precisely that which is best for us. Thus in this case when the native draws back too soon having experienced disappointment, the lesson of life will be: to give oneself for the weal of others, to open oneself to their sorrows, to give generously and plentifully, without caring for gratitude, or enquiring whether the others are sufficiently pleased with what we have done or said. If we can do that, sacrifice ourselves in love for others not only for another who is especially dear to us then this will enrich us inwardly to such an extent that the unkindness or ingratitude of others cannot in the least affect our feeling.

Mars in 7th house is a token of much passionate affection but at the same time of much strife and opposition, particularly with those for whom the most affection is cherished. The feelings are extremely vulnerable and when once though it may be only in imagination and not in reality the feelings are hurt, the attitude becomes combative, irritable, sarcastic and quasi-indifferent, which usually makes matters worse.

If well aspected everything will soon be smoothed over again, but if afflicted the breach which, was at first imaginary becomes real to the grief of both parties concerned. It is therefore advisable to think as little as possible of oneself and to try and imagine the other’s feelings. This is of course a difficult lesson for passionate Mars, the more so as the native’s choleric character may result in some degree of rancor and revengefulness. Much love, real self-less love will be necessary to mollify the influence of Mars. And not until then will the “fire” no longer scorch, but warm beneficently.

Jupiter in 7th House. Religious, social and moral ideas are very pure, and prominent. Thus placed Jupiter usually is a sign of pleasant reciprocity between the native and the world; and especially of a happy marriage. This will probably rise to a higher level than is the case with most marriages, husband (wife) will be inspired with the same ideals as the native, so that both inwardly and outwardly much happiness may result.

Many pleasant, intimate connections, which, although not always visible to others, are lasting, will have a very helpful influence on the native’s spiritual life.

Afflictions render marriage troubled through callousness, pride, self-will, wastefulness, in fact conflict between the higher and lower nature according to the planet aspecting inharmoniously. The date for the wedding is often postponed, possibly even put off altogether, owing to doubt as to the partner’s trustworthiness. When and if in the end the couple are married, much trouble will be caused by the partner’s laziness and egoism.

We starve each other for love’s caress;

We take, but we do not give;

It seems so easy some soul to bless,

But we dole the love grudgingly, less and less

Till ’t is bitter and hard to live.

Saturn in 7th House. An indication of many hindrances and troubles in intercourse with intimate acquaintances. An opposition aspect presupposes that again and again a pleasant understanding will come to a sudden end, while no possibility seems to exist of later conciliation or renewal. Disappointment in an ideal causes a lasting feeling of distrust and suspicion through which many possible openings for valuable relations of friendship pass by unnoticed and unused.

Saturn here somewhat hinders married life. For various reasons the wedding will more than once be postponed. Affliction renders it very difficult for the native to find the right person or to enter into a close relationship with him. If, however, love of another enables the native to conquer the egoism natural to Saturn by the magnanimity of soul also characteristic of Saturn, the tie will be more pure and strong and able to render others happier than might at first be expected. Saturn is excited in Libra, and this is Libra’s house. With favorable directions an older partner who is practically inclined will be the one chosen.

For a person with a similar Saturn position nothing is so bad as to sit idle and talk about himself and his own feelings, emotions and thoughts. We, humans, must act, act according to the best of our knowledge, and if we are not willing to do so, others will do it for us and by means of us – which puts us years back. We can always do more than we think we can, if only we try honestly!

Uranus in 7th House gives platonic ideas regarding marriage. The native wishes marriage relations to be more idealistic than the reality usually is or than the social relations of the day allow. A person who has this position of Uranus is not easily understood by a partner. This position often causes jealousy and slander or pharisaical criticism of the ordinary commonplace man who cannot follow a Uranus type with his crazes. A divorce followed by a continuance of comrade like intercourse is beyond the comprehension of the “sensuous” man. When there is a difference of opinion or something for which they have gone to law Uranus will lose his case before the earthly judge, but feel fully justified before the Heavenly Judge. But as so little reliance can be placed on Uranus’ impulses, it is advisable for the native to keep as much as possible current ideas rather than to walk on thin ice.

Uranus presupposes a very large circle of acquaintances. The intimates however will often vary, since great estrangement may arise from trifles and yet again and again comrades are wished for. The native’s own irritability is usually the cause of difference unless it be a kind of fear that he may not receive as much affection as he is conscious of giving. In this way sometime friends may turn into enemies, an end which might have been avoided. Here the best advice is ‘Do well and never mind the consequences’.

Marriage is often looked upon as too great a limitation and therefore banished from thought.

Neptune in 7th House indicates very lofty, ideal connections of soul, affections of a platonic nature, friendly relations with artists, mystics etc. things which might affect much that is good and noble, but that – when afflicted easily turn into a less desirable direction.

The native should demand more of his “intimate” friends. He must not be too indigent towards them, nor too ready to “sacrifice” himself, since there by he might do violence to his own inner nature. Neptune in 7th house inclines him to sacrifice himself, even for those who are not altogether “worthy”, so that it will be well for him to cultivate independence of character and ambition in order to be able to control this tendency and to remain himself. Pity or unbounded admiration usually form the basis of love, and the person for whom that love is felt, is probably someone who is physically not quite normal or healthy, or lower in rank or standing or one who possesses very strange talents.

When afflicted this position makes indeed high demands on the native’s morality. His soul will only be free, when it has strength enough to limit itself where necessary. In other words the constraining power of an inner sincerity should conquer instinctive tendencies.

Neptune and Uranus are planets to whose vibrations this earth finds it hard to respond – even when they form good aspects. – A crystal bowl is beautiful and precious, but it a child handles it there may be serious results.

In order to really profit by their influence, the native’s inner nature should be brought into complete concordance with it (the child should learn to realize the value of the bowl), the mind be opened to it; the lower self will then withdraw to the background or disappear altogether. Not until then can these planets exercise their full power and bring utter harmony also into earthly circumstances.

As the Seventh House rules movements and travels, its ruler’s placement in the Ascendant makes one prone to much moving about and could even result in the proverbial “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. Some Vedic authorities say that the person may eventually marry someone who had resided in their house earlier in life, but in any case, because of the sexual nature of the seventh house, the individual is partial to constantly being surrounded by members of the opposite sex. This influence is somewhat nullified if the planets involved are malefic or receive difficult aspects.

Hindu astrology is clear on the influence of the second and seventh lords on the longevity of an individual. For this reason the association of the seventh ruler with the second house, the timing of one’s longevity can be ascertained and can quite likely be pinpointed to the cycle of this ruler of the seventh house. Malefic yogas (configurations) will affect this planet leading to the conclusion that death is quite likely during this planet’s period. There’s a good chance that money and marriage will be linked and income can increase after the marriage period begins. The second house also relates to subsequent marriages and an afflicted Seventh ruler here may indicate the death of the first wife leading to a second marriage for the person.

The siblings of the individual may depart at some stage when the seventh lord is located in the third house. Plenty of travel is indicated for them and they may consequently end up living in distant countries, or at least a long way away from the person. Naturally, the more malefic the influences, the greater the trouble for the siblings. Positive planets in lieu of these malefics will give the reverse results.

This combination of the marital planet in the fourth house ensures domestic happiness and a happy marital partner, particularly if the planets are positive ones and well aspected. The positive influences here also ensure a good number of children as well as many fortuitous journeys for the individuals. As the fourth house rules education, the Seventh ruler here may, in some cases, have a bearing on the locality of the education and can sometimes hint at study in foreign places.

The fifth house rules youth and children and the combination of this Seventh ruler here can in some cases indicate a marriage to either a younger partner or show an early marriage. Irrespective of the age or timing, the fifth house being a trine is very auspicious and offers blessings for married life, coupled with good cultural and genetic heritage from both parties. The ruler of the Seventh house should ideally be well placed to promise offspring and if the reverse is true, a delay in childbirth or denial of children is likely.

This placement of the ruler of the Seventh in the sixth is an unfortunate one, generally speaking, for the marital life of the person. This 6th house has a bearing on one’s enemies and in practice will be found to influence the ruler of the Seventh in a similar manner i.e. the wife or husband ultimately become inimical and create many troubles. The heavier the affliction to this seventh ruler, the more likelihood of a second marriage.

Certain traditional astrologers note the link between the Seventh house of marriage and the 6th house of maternal uncles and therefore stipulate that the marriage partner may hail from within the immediate family. Though this may have been fashionable in earlier times, the practice is now of course no longer in vogue.

Both Vedic and Western astrologers agree that the seventh house rules one’s public interactions and also closest relationships with spouse etc., Due to the commanding placement of this seventh ruler in his own sector, the person exhibits a very powerful influence on others and is quite charismatic. There will be ample opportunity for this person to attract numerous interesting people and could even have multiple partners in life. Should the person marry, under the auspicious influences of the Seventh ruler, then the partner will be of a noble and spiritual disposition. Strong planets in this angle in their own houses and signs confer royal prestige.

Here we see the ruler of marriage associated with the house of death, which is not considered a safe position for one’s marriage partner. Under heavy affliction, this combination can indicate curtailed longevity of the partner, or death in a foreign land for the person.

Notwithstanding these negative connotations, the eighth house being the second to the seventh, can and usually does indicate a partner who has considerable interest in finance and earnings and may themselves be a self made person. The eighth house being the house of disease can cause sickness and disease to the partner and/or the marriage itself, depending on how afflicted the seventh ruler is in this house.

The association with an angular lord in a trinal sector is highly auspicious and promises much luck for the destiny of the person concerned, especially where the planets are positive ones. The person may make a name for themselves at a distant place and enjoy travelling the world and meeting many new people in associating with many different cultures. If afflictions to this ruler exist, the person should be warned to play it safe financially, especially where foreign connections are concerned.

The person’s work and marriage may be linked, as in the case of husband and wife teams in business. This could be either positive or negative depending upon the planetary placement and relationships to this planet. This business either individually, or with the partner may be strongly linked to foreign affairs and travel. If there are negative afflictions to this planet there may be problems associated with business and foreign partners or clients.

To contact between the Seventh and the eleventh house is one in which many partners may be experienced and depending on how heavily afflicted the Seventh ruler is, the partner may predecease them. They may then re-marry. This shows the person works extremely hard to prove his or her worth and often has to exert a lot more effort than his peers to achieve the same results. Depending on the other rulers of wealth and business, there’s good opportunity for this person to amass a fortune, especially if the ruler of the eleventh is associated with the second or ninth houses or their rulers.

There are mixed results with the ruler of the Seventh in the twelfth and this could indicate that ultimately the person remains unmarried, although the desire may be there. Occasionally bigamists are born with this planetary array and secretly marry a second or even third time. The Seventh lord rules the death of the individual and being associated with the twelfth house indicates the final resting place could be a land other than one’s birth place. The person is also quite miserly with his money.

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