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Sixth House

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Health, enemies and work activities (Virgo is the natural ruler)

6th House of the ZodiacThe sixth house represents our ability to deal with change and adjustment, challenging us to seek competence and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Virgo’s influence sees the house positioned around duties and health, with Planets placed here compelling us to perform tasks and deal with health issues in a particular way. The sixth house represents the last stage in our personal development, and for that reason is particularly important.

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The way we develop and adjust under the sixth house determines our ability to communicate with and relate to those around us, with it’s success or failure either uniting or separating us from others. It is the house of work, health, hygiene, nutrition and nutrition. The sixth house controls work done out of necessity and in support of others, with the issue emerging of what is the purpose of our work? Where is it’s joy?

The house influences our attitude towards the improvement of both objects and our own life. The sixth house is traditionally associated with work, personal projects, routine, tasks, pets, diets, and the desire to construct and follow a plan that creates both orderly and tangible results.


Planets in the Sixth House


Sun in 6th House. A certain fastidious pride a proverb says: pigs should not be too dainty if they are to be fattened – hangs like a cloud over the Sun and diminishes its vital force. This renders the native subject to disease and as his recuperative power is small, chronic disorders will often result. Be more cheerful is good advice! In that case joy of life and power may be given to those who are really ill; then the Sun will begin to shine in the “House of the Sick”.

Sun in 6th house afflicted denotes continual opposition and jealousy of superiors whenever financial matters are thriving, and a disparaging doubt on their part whether lasting prosperity may be expected. Inferiors also do not cooperate, think too much of themselves and of their own advantage.

As a rule Moon in 6th house has a less favorable effect on the state of health. As this position renders extremely susceptible to psychic and magnetic influences, it is most desirable to keep the native’s surroundings and sphere of thought “healthy”, to see that “spiritual ventilation” is maintained. Cheering natural philosophical literature will doubtless have a favorable influence. Development of inner power is essential to the reasonable application of physical capacities.

Diet plays a large part in preventing or curing illnesses; much fluid is taken.

When afflicted dependents will be too critically examined; too many unreasonable admonitions are given and too much is demanded of others, which one cannot achieve oneself. So as a rule the domestic staff does not stay long. All this has an unfavorable influence on the nervous system, and on the state of health in general.

Mercury in 6th House gives a logical clear mind, especially capable of making mechanical calculations, accurate application of formula and drawing up balance sheets. Conversation is subtle, entertaining and pleasant, but when afflicted this position makes for conceit and the native is apt to allow many a white lie to slip into his stories. This constellation also indicates that liver and intestines generally are sensitive to infection and to over-spiced food.

Venus in 6th House denotes good health in so far as no excessive demands are made on the body, but it also presupposes that when once illness masters it, it will probably be of long duration or return repeatedly. In that case sunshine, air, and light are the best remedies. The throat (Venus is the ruler of Taurus, the throat) is the weak point of the constitution.

Favorably aspected the relations between employer and employed will be pleasant, irrespective whether the native belongs to the former class or to the latter.

Mars in 6th House has an unfavorable influence upon health. Cuts, attacks of fever, inflammations occur fairly frequently, especially with inharmonious (progressive) directions.

The principal causes of illness are impurity of the blood and irregular action of the heart. When diseases occur the safest and best means of recovery will be by electric treatment, massage, light treatment and similar methods. Specifics and medicines are unnecessary and not effective. Work in the open air, pure non-stimulating food, regular, simple life are the best remedies. As every physical indisposition has its mental counterpart or cause it is desirable for the native as much as possible to create a pure, humane, calm, appreciative atmosphere, to think less of himself and to keep his eyes open to the merits of others, especially of interiors; not to jeer at them, but to try to understand them. In general intercourse with domestics will not be pleasant especially if one has to contend with unwillingness or impudence. On the other hand nowhere do modest people meet with greater appreciation and sincere sympathy than here.

Jupiter in 6th House. This position makes it likely that the native will be richly endowed with Jupiter’s gifts of cheerfulness, popularity, health etc. but his watchword should be help! Even a strongly harmonious aspect is unable to manifest fully, unless the native does what he can to help. All good impulses, kindheartedness, sympathy, charity, unselfishness, and love of work must be utilized and strengthened, so that they may take the place of less favorable tendencies. His deep confidence in God’s goodness should grow, the thoughts being always permeated with that idea, then the words illness and weakness will disappear of their own accord and the inner joy will overcome the desire for lower, unreal pleasures. Good consequences will soon follow if this lesson is learned willingly; if however the helping hand is scorned, the native has no alternative but to learn the lesson in the hard school of experience. This position makes him open to new ideas and tolerant of ancient wisdom, but at the same time gives a propensity towards self-conceit.

The disorders which arise when Jupiter in 6th house is afflicted will be psychic rather than organic and this not so much owing to organic weakness as to the reaction of nervous strain. The native should above all acquire peace and inner harmony – for without these, recovery is impossible. Difficulties with inferiors or pupils will also occur through the native being exacting – sometimes unfair.

Saturn in 6th House. A serious, business-like, accurate manner will demand respect and obedience from inferiors, without need of much talk. Saturn afflicted however makes the native fearful, melancholy, listless, not very popular with employers and clients. Such a person has a hard life.

Health is poor and most of his diseases are chronic. Much trouble is caused by cold feet, rheumatism and costiveness. Diseases of the heart occur through overexertion. If an illness is epidemic, it will soon attack the native and last longer than with others; and an affliction from the 12th house makes deafness probable.

All this arises principally from the afore-mentioned feelings of fear and distrust which, as it were, attract all ailments. The native should endeavor to attain and so far as possible to keep in a cheerful and contented frame of mind, also take fewer drugs etc. His diet should be pure and simple, the blood-circulation increased through much physical exercise (a sedentary life should be avoided) and his mind strengthened by beneficent New Thought literature. A healthy spirit creates a healthy body!

Uranus in 6th House gives to the native’s way of working and living a great measure of originality and inventiveness, an intense abhorrence of banality and convention and strong craving to be able to live his own life in accordance with his own views and habits.

This position gives the admiration and friendship of people who are the exact contrary and who hope to gain in wit by this connection. This involves of course a possibility of the native’s being spoiled especially by those who are lower in evolution. If however he is able to retain his innate ingenuousness and honesty, a cheering, inspiring influence will emanate from this character.

Uranus in 6th House afflicted makes the native unreasonable, nervous, at times vehemently passionate. Sudden fancies of fear or delusive ideas rob him of both his courage and love of work. Afflictions may lead to very eccentric ideas and actions. Such person has great difficulty in keeping to the work that ought to be done and again and again is quite unexpectedly diverted so that his subordinates receive all kinds of confusing injunctions. If the person concerned is a subordinate himself, nothing will ever be delivered in time or rightly.

Uranus indicates here peculiar ailments, difficult to cure and of a mental nature; so it will be much the best for the native to keep at rest as much as possible and allow his mind to expand until possessed by purity, peace and freedom from care and anxiety. This will by no means be easy to this passionate and hasty temperament, but spiritual welfare is too important to physical health for this advice to be incontinently rejected. Regular work, a simple way of living, avoidance of all stimulants and above all fixed times of rest may prevent or compensate very much of the bad influence of Uranus. In an advanced stage of disease much help maybe derived from massage, electric treatment, radiation and similar methods.

Neptune in 6th House favors the development of latent psychic faculties. Towards illness and sick people an attitude of will (imagination-Coue) may be adopted which is the starting point of recovery. Intercourse with inferiors is made easy-by this position; it renders the native kind-hearted to simple or less developed people – which particularly in those circles may do so much good.

Sharp and exacting as a person with this Neptune-position may be to his equals, he is patient to his inferiors and devoted to his betters – these gradations being always directed by his own feelings and not by social relations.

Neptune afflicted in 6th house warns the native against excessive exertion spiritual or physical; his nerves are not over strong and cannot stand as much as he desires and expects. Trifles may be very irritating to him and sometimes lead to violent nervous outbursts which usually are not understood by his environment.

The honesty of his staff should be tested. And it is also very advisable for the native to control himself continually in thoughts, feelings, emotions and to keep to his own line in everything; business first and pleasure afterwards should be his rule and he should avoid going into detail again and again. It is advisable for him not to occupy himself too much with occult phenomena and not to dwell too long on inexplicable things. He should keep his mind clear and pure and rather turn his attention to art than to mystical or magic subjects.

Having the ruler of the sixth house in the first indicates a direct link between the house of disease, debts and disputes with the self of the person. In its strongest and best aspected condition, this ruler endows the person with a commanding or even majestic appearance along with a love of dispute and a strongly competitive nature. Professionally, the person may choose a path in the armed forces and if this planet is extremely well dignified may achieve outstanding successes as a result. Generally however, it’s best to have no link between the sixth and first house as this suggests ongoing health problems, even from an early age. If this planet is badly placed or afflicted this health complications may become chronic and long term. This affliction, on a professional level, turns the individual to the path of criminal activity.

The sixth ruler in the second creates many health problems and also incredible difficulties in family life. The second house has governance over the face and in particular the teeth and eyes and will therefore forewarn of difficulties in these areas. The person may have continuing disputes or troubles emotionally and financially in married life and depending on the strength of Venus could choose not to marry at all. As the sixth house rules debts and the second, income, the person may not be able to save money and in the extreme case may rely on others in a subsistent type of life.

Enmity may arise between siblings and neighbors as a result of the placement of the sixth ruler in the third. This endows the person with tremendous courage and if these planets, such as the sixth eighth and twelfth rulers combine in an afflicted way, the results may well be positive as this constitutes a Vipareet Yoga. This is a Raja Yoga( Kingly configuration) that involves a negation of the negative planets. The single placement of the sixth ruler here however damages the communication and also the relationship with some family members.

One spends excessive amounts of money on the residence and may overcapitalize, particularly if this sixth ruler is afflicted. The mother of the individual becomes his enemy and doesn’t support him even from the outset of life. As the fourth house also rules vehicles, it’s an unsavory position indicating troubles and breakdowns through mechanical devices such as cars. The connection to the sixth ruler with the fourth house damages ones contentment and this makes it difficult for the person to find any sweetness in life.

The mind of the person is badly afflicted by the sixth ruler in the fifth and the extent of this will be found through the dignity or otherwise of the sixth ruler and its aspects. Generally this is troublesome for the children and causes diseases and disputes with them, as well as bringing mental instability for the individual themselves. Vedic astrology stipulates that the properties of the person will be old and dilapidated. The individual should seek expert advice before investing in land and houses with this placement.

The powerful Trik ( 3rd, 6th and 8th houses ) ruler in its own sector ensures considerable power and competitiveness on the part of the person, however this planet is not a good indicator for health and creates chronic, long term and even incurable diseases during its periods. There may be a close affinity with the uncles or cousins and other members of the extended family.

This placement of the ruler of enemies in the seventh house creates untold difficulties for the marital relationship and if this ruler is badly afflicted, the relationship may not endure. The partner may be of a devious and calculative nature and will be continually in dispute with the individual. Finances are also adversely affected as the partner may have a taste for high expenditure and luxury goods, due to the sixth ruler being the twelfth from the seventh.

The ruler of the sixth house here in the worst of houses, the eighth, indicates many problematic diseases some of which are incurable. The individual may work in some research center or have interest in healing and medicine but may not be altogether faithful in relationships, in particular marriage. Many debts are to be expected as a result of this placement especially if the aspects are negative.

Whether the person lives a righteous or unrighteous life can be seen by the dignity of the sixth ruler here in the ninth. A well placed sixth ruler indicates success in work and spiritual life which takes some time to mature. If this planet is afflicted, the person lives an unruly life taking advantage of others and disregarding the instructions of his well wishers. With the ninth house, a house of journeys and change, the workplace or the professional activities may involve travel or foreign affairs. The uncle of the individual may rise to a high position in a court of law and be respected for his judgments.

Even if the ruler of the sixth is well dignified in the tenth house, the Veda’s are clear – the person may indeed be an impostor and not at all trustworthy in the position he or she has assumed. This produces problems and struggles in their professional life and even brings the person to his knees after a period of success. The affliction of this sixth ruler creates obstacles in the life path and indicates loss of profession, prestige and gives many enemies.

This produces legal difficulties for the person caused by his own hand. The fruits of his labor may not be lasting and enmity between the individual and his friends, brothers and sisters may arise on account of the energy of this sixth ruler. The lifelong desires of the person are not acquired easily.

This sixth ruler in the twelfth is not particularly favorable, even if well dignified. Its combination with rulers of the third, eighth and twelfth rulers may bring some benefits due to the Vipareet Raja Yoga (Negation of negative rulers in conjunction). However, this can cause debts on account of illness, troubles with relatives and confrontation and obstacles in foreign lands where the person may at some time choose to work. Karmically this is not considered a great placement for life generally.

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