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Ninth House

Philosophy and Travel (Sagittarius is the natural ruler)

Ninth HouseThe Ninth house allows for us to broaden our philosophical horizons and to realise and come to terms with our highest potentials. The influence of Sagittarius sees a strong interest in travel, other cultures and learning. The Ninth house is where we search for truth through experiences that form our philosophy of life and extend our spiritual thoughts to a place they have never been before.

The Ninth house governs education, religion, spiritual visions and the higher courts. Planets in the Ninth house indicate an unwillingness to accept the conventional barriers and restrictions we are faced with. It is through the Ninth house that we are able to grasp and understand larger concepts, and use these concepts to overcome bigger issues within our life.

This house is most commonly associated with the higher mind, travel, religion, philosophy, adventures, freedom, expansion of knowledge and a desire to discover “higher answers” that provide peace of mind.

Planets in the Ninth House

The house of consciousness in the widest sense of the word, gives broad views, high ideals, and noble ambitions and also a great desire to solve the riddle of life. As a matter of course we shall find an inclination to the study of comparative religions and jurisprudence. Many and various reflections as to the how and why of things occupy the mind; in every direction intellectual satisfaction is sought after and intolerance of other ideas is very rarely met with. Great reverence of truth exists and consequently an abhorrence of lies; from childhood an untrue saying will be keenly felt and condemned.

Plans of going to live abroad will be considered, business with foreign relations are very attractive, and so is aviation.

An afflicted Sun in 9th house makes for fanatics, enthusiasts, people with a confused mind, in which one thought almost unconsciously dominates.


Makes the mind extremely receptive and gives much imagination. Through its changeability the Moon enables the native by means of reflection and contemplation to study various subjects of a religious, ethical or artistic nature. Such study is based not so much upon actual research as upon an astral sensing of the deeper significance of things. Although personally very free ideas are cherished, simple orthodox ideas and unreasoned devotion are always much appreciated provided these feelings are sincere.

Moon in 9th house presupposes a great liking for travelling, preferably in a quite extraordinary way to very peculiar regions, a tendency which will probably manifest early in life as a great admiration for books like those of Jules Verne.

Gives much penetration and the faculty of speedily finding the connection between various subjects which is so useful in abstract study.

There is a danger that an excessively adaptable mind may get to know too many contradictory ideas, resulting in doubt and indecision. Much trouble and unpleasantness may be caused by promises being made too readily, which are not easily fulfilled. The first necessity for the nature is to acquire concentration and system in thought. His intuition should not be allowed to degenerate into a vague impartiality concerning divergent ideas. The “mobility” of Mercury must never turn into “restlessness”, unable to find contentment and tending to make him go from one place to another and not find rest anywhere. St. Augustine probably meant this type when he wrote “Our soul is restless till it finds its rest in thee, o God.”


Gives a clear imagination. Combinations and conclusions are also easily made. This position of Venus makes the native sympathetic, ready to help, very much esteemed for philanthropic and religious work.

Travelling gives great pleasure.

When afflicted excessive demands will be made with regard to social success, so that often dissatisfaction, disappointment and isolation or intractability result, according to the nature of the afflicting planet.

Symbolizes desire for many sided action, for continual instruction and precept. Mars in this place makes the native enthusiastic for everything affecting head and heart especially for discussion and propaganda along religious occult lines.

If inharmoniously aspected this position often gives a feeling of being bound, of being unable to reach as much as is wished; the consequence is a certain whimsical attitude and dissatisfaction with oneself. The native often supposes that he will be able to act more freely abroad, away from home, but once there, he finds the opposition is greater than ever.

It is difficult for him to keep a tolerant attitude towards the opinions of those who differ from him and he has a great desire to interfere immediately where injustice is done. This may occasion a somewhat nervous, fanatical state of mind. All this brings about a very pronounced attitude to life which shows itself in many ways – theoretically as well as practically and attracts much attention. Great intellectuality and philosophical insight may be found here and many radical improvements may be brought about in many regions of life, if the mind can manage to keep free of all exaggeration, self-interest and similar ignoble influences. It will be best not to have too many irons in the fire, but quietly to do the nearest duty with the conviction that indirectly this will contribute to the attainment of the desired aim.

Has an exceptionally favorable influence on the entire horoscope. The 9th house is most congenial to Jupiter which in this position renders the native extraordinarily fitted for religious and philosophical contemplation, jurisprudence and pedagogy. A trine aspect gives him great interest in each new point arising from the study of these subjects, and screens him from narrow-minded self-conceit; also makes him studious, and gives a liking for teaching.

Jupiter deepens and ennobles the mind and gives zeal for logical argument. That is why this position of Jupiter enables a speaker to contact and charm his audience; thus a missionary can make his ideas acceptable to an undeveloped population, or an educator, will improve and strengthen his pupils’ characters. This kind of work always gives satisfaction and has a beneficent effect on the whole nature. The native’s faith is not of a common kind and does not fall into grooves, but is based on a fervent and somewhat mystical conviction. His religious beliefs, of whatever kind they may be, are always founded on Christianity, the idea of Providence and the Redeemer.

Upon the whole the native’s mode of thought is broad, peaceful, tolerant, manifesting chiefly when opinions and ideas are expounded. Here Jupiter gives a strong feeling of justice and fairness; and when a legal career is chosen, it is chiefly the desire to help the weak and outcast that prompts the native. His maxim is rather to educate for good action than to punish for evil done.

A journey will give great pleasure and contribute to the expansion of consciousness.

‘Beyond the meadows the hills I see,

Where the noises of traffic cease,

And I follow a voice that cullet to me

From the hilltop regions of peace”‘

Afflicted Jupiter here makes the native arrogant and inclined to live above his station; there is even a possibility that he may lose his credit. When travelling he will fairly often make mistakes, such as using a timetable that is out of date or getting into a wrong train etc.

This indicates the native’s wish to rule with the understandings however, that he will constantly strive for the benefit of those ruled if need be sacrificing his own happiness. This is the type of the father of whom it is said that he chastise with tears in his eyes.

Experience has taught us that people with Saturn in the 9th house are usually restrained in the first stage of their self-governing development by their father whose views on finances are not in harmony with the direction adopted.

Therefore Saturn in 9th house symbolizes opposition, continuous impediments and distrustful pessimism, manifesting at each new enterprise. All this originates chiefly with the father who, though well-meaning and without personal prejudice, cannot sympathize with modern theories and tries again and again to deny or condemn them. In this way conflicts continually arise which, though sometimes secret, make themselves deeply felt.

In the long run however – when favorably aspected – the native’s own will, although possibly in a circuitous way, will conquer and good results will be obtained through his purified and tested tendencies. The father’s interest and confidence will however not be won easily. Owing to the lack of encouragement from this quarter, much energy will be applied although to the onlooker the result will usually appear to be less than could have been achieved with the same amount of zeal and expenditure of energy had the cooperation of the environment been available. This position of Saturn teaches the native to stand on his own feet, in his own way transmuting his capabilities into deeds.

The native has a great disposition to travel, especially abroad, when he prefers to visit the most inhospitable and remote regions, difficult of access. This holds good also in spiritual affairs: the most difficult problems attracting him most.

Saturn in 9th house requires especially a good use of time so that the native’s many aspirations do not come to grief through the dissipation of interest, since he is always in danger of being greatly interested in so many things that in the end he achieves nothing.

This “progressive minded” planet is thus placed in the horoscope of a man who makes extensive plans to work in and seeks for an increasingly wider sphere of activity. It is a position for an inventor, a big manufacturer, a resourceful man. We find this position in the case of air-men, successful publishers, and the manager of a factory with a worldwide sale.

This position however usually makes people superstitious, they are addicted to the carrying of talismans when travelling (cf. the many mascot for luck on motorcar, flying machines, and motor cycles, all of them Uranus vehicles!).

When afflicted travelling accidents or the collapse of lofty enterprises are very probable. Great care must be taken of the nerves.

Gives the native a great desire to get to know the world outside his own self, both spiritually and materially. Long and distant journeys are taken, preferably with a view to serious research which may be generally useful. This position makes the philosophical mind somewhat dreamy and vague and inclines the native to meditate on super sensuous and psychic problems. Mystical and occult teachings will give him the greatest satisfaction.

When afflicted there is a danger of nervous overstrain at repeated experiments in things spiritualistic; sensitiveness for finer vibrations makes itself too much felt; therefore prudence, and in particular moderation in these things are strongly recommended.

If Neptune is retrograde (apparently moving backward) or afflicted in this house the finer mental operations will manfiest little to the physical consciousness. Then there will only be an unaccountable fear of accidents which might happen when travelling.

Ruler of the Ninth House in the Twelfth Houses

This particular placement is considered one of the more fortunate ones in a horoscope as the ninth ruler regulates one’s good fortune and the Ascendant or first house indicates one’s own self. Generally speaking, the person is lucky, endowed with good fortune, wealth and many favorable opportunities in life. If the rulers of the tenth house, second, fifth and eleventh houses are also strong, well dignified with good aspects, the combination will result in a person ascending the “throne”. In other words, the individual acquires an incredibly powerful position, either in the corporate world or politics. As the ninth sector indicates one’s father, the link between the individual and his paternal lineage is strongly focused. If the planet is a benefic, with good aspects, the person is not only a self-made individual but spiritual and compassionate in nature. Check to see whether or not the second lord and its house is well dignified as this will indicate the strength of one’s financial position.

This combination is one indicating great wealth particularly if there’s dignity to the planets involved and they are benefics ie Jupiter, Venus, bright Moon or well associated Mercury. This is also lucky for other family members, the second house reflecting that fact. Though this combination is normally fortunate for material circumstances, the second house is also a death inflicting area and may cause the death of the individual during its cycle, particularly if negative aspects prevail.

This combination is perfect for someone expanding their mind, literary and communicative talents as the third house is the house of communication and education. The person born with the ninth lord in the third sector has a natural talent for languages and even music and will be able to skillfully express himself through the power of the word. Whether or not the publications or discourses created by them will be successful or not is dependant upon the good aspects to the rulers of the ninth and third sectors. Affliction to these rulers creates scandalous and litigious outcomes for them. Well aspected planets here indicate good results for the siblings, especially if the ninth lord in the Navamsa (9th harmonic chart) is not placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth divisions.

Here we see a combination of the fortunate ninth ruler with the fourth sector of property. If Mars as well is endowed with strength the individual can acquire fortune through real estate. Because the ninth house involves travels, the person finds it hard to settle unless of course the fourth house is a fixed sign. Many journeys and cultural variety is indicated in their living conditions. The philosophies of the individual are also rooted in his childhood and have a strong impact upon his life. Unless badly afflicted, this combination is a lucky one for the individual.

This is a most fortunate combination as a trinal ruler has also gone to a trinal house. The ninth house is considered to be one’s past karma and the fifth house, one’s future karma which therefore links two important houses in the horoscope. By and large, if this ruler of the ninth is a positive planet with good aspects, the future karma of the individual is bright ( due to his past good actions) and can endow him with much luck and fortune. The children born to the individual will also be lucky and some Vedic authorities also stipulate that the ninth lord (father) is also gifted with a fine destiny. On the whole, a very good placement.

This doesn’t favor the relationship of the individual with his/her father. This can in fact produce considerable disagreement between the parties and is also a negative indicator for wealth and general fortunes. If Rahu (North node) have an influence on this sector, the person’s ideologies may he at odds with the current trends.

This placement of the ninth lord in the seventh sector is extremely lucky for the partner and also indicates marriage to a person of high spiritual values. The general tenor of the horoscope is strengthened with a triangular ruler associated with an angle, therefore bringing much luck to the person, especially in foreign countries and the public as well.

On one level this combination may be unfortunate for one’s general luck and the longevity of the father. It’s important to look at the overall evolutionary level of the individual to gauge how this combination will work for them. If the individual is sufficiently developed, the spiritual ruler of the horoscope, i.e. the ninth lord in the occult or mysterious eighth house endows them with deep esoteric knowledge. The person pursues a philosophy that is quite different, individualistic and certainly at times at odds with his peers or family background.

They are advised to think twice before travelling and doing business there as this side of the horoscope may be troubled with bad luck. Depending on the beneficial strengths of the planets involved, inheritances can be quite substantial or subjected to loss.

This ninth house rules the higher mind and indicates a broad, often vast, panoramic view of life. In any case, the individual’s spiritual philosophy will be far reaching and have a marked impact on everything he or she does. This is one of the best and luckiest placements for an individual and gives all the usual Vedic pronouncements of good health, long life, prosperity of the father and religious and charitable inclinations. Of course the ninth house ruling long journeys provides the person with ample opportunity to be successful in those areas and to ultimately reach a high spiritual stage of evolution coupled with plenty of material wealth.

The association and linkage between the ruler of the ninth and the superior angular tenth house is indicative of great success and fame for the individual. There’s no doubt, especially if the planets in question are favorable and well dignified, the individual will rise well beyond his/her original station in life and become well known. If other angular and trinal planets are involved the person could have long lasting fame and will be a respectable person in society. Many thriving people in their respective fields have this combination whether it be philosophical or secular.

Because the luck planet ruling the ninth house associates with the eleventh house of profit, this is perfect for the individual’s acquisition of money and the expansion of profitable businesses. There’s an intimate link between the earnings of the person and the person’s father who may assist the person in their business or may even become a business partner. The person may also lavish wealth and gifts on friends but if these planets should be ill afflicted then reverse results can be expected.

Though this combination augers well for a successful spiritual path, compassionate gestures and philanthropic motivations, the practical affairs of the individual may not be quite so successful and they don’t prosper all that well in life. Perhaps the father of the individual suffers ongoing illness and must be looked after by them or in some extreme cases there may be separation between them or the father may even be incarcerated due to other unfortunate incidents. If the planet Ketu ( Moon’s South Node) or Jupiter are involved, the individual seeks spiritual emancipation.




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