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Twelfth House

Guilt, Selfishness and Self-undoing (Pisces is the natural ruler)

12th House of the ZodiacThe Twelfth house represents the way we explore and deal with our inner depths in solitude and silence, marking a difference between spiritual growth and escapism. It is through this house that we transcend through the definitions of reality that confine us, creating a desire to move through and beyond what may be causing pain within our lives. Planets in the Twelfth house have a subtle, rather than a strong, influence, with the house working on a subconscious level of our mind.

The Twelfth house represents how we build our own inner strength to overcome limitations, fears and sorrows – allowing for individuals to adapt to the collective. Within this house we are able to come to terms with self-undoing by working out why we are not completely free, where we stand in our own way and who we desire to become. Karma, betrayal, sacrifice, secrets and limitations play a strong role in the Twelfth house. It reflects our subconscious and emotionally based feelings of responsibility, describing the extent we feel guilt for problems within the larger world. The house is most commonly associated with psychic sensitivity, spirituality, hidden understandings and awareness, omens, the need for time alone, the subconscious, karma and traits existent but unknown to one’s self.

Planets in the Twelfth House

Gives an interest in occultism and mysticism in opposition to the religious convictions learned in childhood and therefore easily leads to alienation from the family. The latter will constantly disapprove of them and oppose them strongly especially during minority. But as these peculiar feelings are such an integral part of the character, that opposition is apt to bring about the contrary of the result aimed at.

Sun in 12th house makes it difficult for the native to be understood and appreciated; lack of concentration and real insight hinders the harmonious development of talent, so that a great deal of confusion arises. Instead of being a radiating vital force, ambitious for good, and with a self-conscious feeling of superiority, the Sun’s influence manifests here simply as a great desire for self-preservation, both spiritual and physical.

A 12th house type should try to become inwardly more self-confident and train himself in wider loving trust in his fellow-men; by unfolding the good in oneself, the good in others can always be reached. The way of development is: there is no teacher like experience. Many a time the native opposes in vain and then he is inclined to give in altogether and to serious about whether life will ever bring him satisfaction. The less these moods are indulged in the better.

This position further indicates independence of earthly wealth and luxury; the native prefers to work in solitude leaving the material side to others. Much help may be derived from calm, regular meditation on health and strength, unimpeachable purity of thought, and the power to regulate these non-material circumstances according to his own higher conceptions.

The study of astrology especially, will give much satisfaction, because it is able to reveal something of the connection between the individual and the universe.


Makes the native very sensitive to people’s opinion and easily hurt by an unkind and unappreciative word. At times this may turn into a certain unsociability, never however of long duration, because his love of life and desire for harmonious society is too strong to allow him to seclude himself entirely. The feelings have always a flavor of “having been kept in the background” and therefore a somewhat self-pitying attitude results. By practicing contentment inner powers latent faculty will best be able to develop harmoniously. This makes it also possible to apply practically in daily life what has been learned in solitude or through suffering.

Good aspects give a great inclination to psychic, occult and theological studies and towards the search for synthesis.

Inharmonious aspects however make the native changeable, restless, just like the sea, which exercises a particularly strong charm over him.

Mercury in the house of self-communion and seclusion points to the fact that the circumstances do not help in a social sense; when well aspected however, much will be reached in the higher development of the Ego. In the spiritual “struggle for life”, the native should count only on his own strength, guided by super physical inspiration. As this is the house of self-examination and self-understanding, a more contemplative aspect of Mercury is here seen. A trine aspect acts very favorably, giving a fine intuition, and a special aptitude for synthesis. After some practice meditation will come easily and is an excellent means of progress.

Work will be best done in solitude, concentration of the thought not being possible in a busy or hurried atmosphere. Here intuition must guide intellect and when the former is sufficiently valued with a sincere desire to reach truth, without hurrying or forcing the process, then much which is dark will be made clear.

Retrograde position and afflictions arouse an attitude of doubt, which shrinks from every decision on the mental plane. It is only with difficulty that logical reasoning finds solutions to the riddles set by the afflicting planet. One of the senses is often defective.

A harmonious environment, regular occupation, in short as little excitement as possible are advisable.


Forms a “difficult point” in a horoscope; as Venus symbolizes feeling for art and love, it may be expected that in the 12th house, the house of limitation, this will be very strange and disproportioned. The native’s personal self with its less good qualities is too much involved for it to obtain really harmonious expression.

Extraordinary and mysterious cases captivate the mind; the more unusual and sensational the more they are studied and cultivated with the consequence, that they influence the whole nature. Only when very favorably aspected, Venus in 12th house may be an indication of one who does good in silence.

The native should endeavor to purify his feelings from selfishness, jealousy and blind desire (when afflicted by Mars); to control and guide them by a sense of responsibility and serious work (when afflicted by Saturn) and to sublimate them to the level of a pure and lofty humanity (when afflicted by Uranus)’

Is a very precarious position which especially in childhood may cause a great deal of trouble. The feelings are vehement and intense and as they usually are long repressed they are apt upon occasion to burst out all the stronger. From a child the native likes to lord it over others; lack of appreciation wounds him deeply and he reacts to it by falling into capricious silence. His feelings are apt to predominate over his mind and this may greatly injure his “capital”, that which is within, as well as outward.

It will, however, be possible for the native with relatively little difficulty to form such a noble and strong ideal of love that it completely dominates physical emotions. Thus in every region to which his enthusiasm is drawn, equilibrium of feeling and reason must be sought. “There can be no enthusiasm where there is less spirit than passion” is a saying which is very apposite here which should be taken especially to heart. By means of frank and impartial discussion and philosophic calm many a bad mood may be transmuted into cheerful diligence.

When Jupiter in the 12th house is harmoniously aspected at birth confidence that everything will come right will enable the native to surmount the troubles which may arise. This position promises much from social work connected with hospitals and institutions for nervous disorders. He should be warned not to be upset by possible lack of cooperation and appreciation. Fortunately, Jupiter’s confidence helps him greatly, but it would be more of a support if the native were to reason logically about it, because Jupiter’s ideas are not always founded on practical insight.

Once he truly realizes that a good action must always have a good effect, visible or invisible, he will continue to work in that direction with more constant devotion and when discouragement comes, it will perforce give way to an indomitable, and purposeful strength of mind which nothing can destroy or daunt.

Affliction leads to enemies and opposition physical as well as moral, attacks by orthodox theologians but also opposition from the native’s own self! He has indeed some difficulty in living according to his own higher sensed ideals and in defending them against others. This position renders somewhat indolent, careless, counting on support from other people.

Gives a difficulty in distinguishing friends from foes, because the latter usually keep in the background and do not let much escape them. This position makes the native’s manner somewhat reserved, especially in the society of strangers. In the midst of the greatest sociability a sense of isolation and misunderstanding sometimes manifests, overshadowing all others impressions.

This position symbolizes lack of confidence, the thought of fear which causes many enterprises to fail and spoils many beautiful moods for feelings. It is, therefore, desirable for him always to cultivate thoughts of hope and trust, to strive along the line of religion and philosophy to attain that inner peace which leaves no room for disturbing or evil thoughts.

This position brings the native into contact with work in hospitals and, prisons

The house of self-communion and isolation, symbolizes very clearly all the hidden sorrow, all the sudden and acute distress of disappointment, and the continual, unaccountable fear of accidents which make life so hard for people with this position. If Uranus is retrograde (i.e. apparently going backwards) it indicates that all this exists in thought rather than in reality and that all these symptoms will disappear of their own accord if the native always keeps pure his thoughts.

Well aspected Uranus strengthens intuition in a high degree and adds a great mechanical capability to much originality. He will be interested in the fate of prisoners, and the possible improvement of prisons, also in law and the protection of minors and the lower classes. The native has a great desire to aid and help on his fellowmen, especially those who are weaker and less developed both spiritually and materially; to bring loftier truth, more intense consciousness and greater joy of life to all in need of these things.

It goes without saying that to this end the native’s own self must be completely under control and therefore sell-control will have to be cultivated as the foremost necessity.

He is greatly attracted to spiritualism; but he should be warned against thoughtless experiments in this direction, when Uranus in the 12th house is afflicted and therefore renders a less favorable effect upon the mind possible. He should then avoid any spiritualist s6ances, but attribute great value to the sudden suggestions of his Higher Self.

This position gives a love of freedom which often causes more distress than sensible self-restraint. It is advisable for the native to keep himself on a high spiritual level by means of goo d books and music in order to control the lower emotions and impulses, so that his entire mental attitude will become balanced, and a purer and more stable joy of life brighten his path.

Points to a great deal of serious contemplation in solitude and silence, about all kinds of occult sciences, psychical phenomena etc., in these many new points of view are discovered with which the native likes to acquaint others. This should however be done with great tact, since otherwise unpleasantness may be expected and quite the contrary result achieved to that which was intended. This position presupposes that a tie exists with someone of the world of spirits which is favorable to both parties, and much stronger than an ordinary physical friendship. This will probably be a super sensual contact with some beloved dead person who already in this life did much for the native.

A favorable aspect denotes that in the field of religious, occult study and various directions of social work much good may be experienced from this influence of Neptune. If the native listens to the Voice of the Silence, good inspirations will come that ennoble action and enhance the happiness of life.

Ruler of the Twelfth House in the Twelfth Houses

The ruler of the twelfth house here gives mixed results depending on the other planets and signs involved in the combination. In the main, this can somewhat weaken the physical constitution of the individual by its presence in the rising sign. There may be a charitable and spiritual disposition to the individual and this is enhanced if beneficial planets favorably aspect the ruler of the twelfth. The exchange of the rulers of the twelfth and first house actually indicate a period of time in exile or incarceration, especially if the lords of the sixth and eighth are also involved.

Financial and material losses are to be expected and predicted due to the placement of the ruler of the twelfth in the second. Because the second house also has relevance to one’s speech, the manner in which the person communicates or the integrity of the words uttered may be called into question. They are argumentative or out and out liers and this needs to be studied with respect to other planets influencing the second house, as well as the second lord itself. Generally the family situation is troubled and arguments may exist due to the negative presence of this planet.

This is a most unfortunate placement for the siblings as it designates they will meet with financial losses and difficulties in their lives. Of course if the planets are beneficial or neutral this can lessen the impact but it must be remembered that the twelfth house is a house of expenditure and loss and will therefore afflict these people. There may be some problems in the person’s ear as this third sector has jurisdiction over this part of the body. The person is also modest.

If positive planets associate with the ruler of the twelfth the person will be quite happy in life and can actually gain some property as a result, however it’s not particularly auspicious for the mother who may die early or may not see eye to eye with the individual himself. Usually the person will take up residence in a away from the place of birth.

As the fifth house has relevance to spiritual matters and the twelfth house signifies one’s salvation, this combination can be exceedingly fortunate for the spiritually aspiring individual. Unfortunately it may not be so lucky regarding children who may have a difficult life and be wasteful with their own resources. If negative planets are involved in the combination the person suffers some psychological or emotional aberrations.

The combination of sixth, eighth and twelfth rulers in either the sixth, eighth or twelfth house particularly if conjoined, constitutes a Vipareet Raja Yoga (Negation of negative rulers in conjunction). Even singly, the twelfth ruler in the sixth may give good results with respect to material benefits throughout life, giving a strong and vigorous body. Their temperament can overcome many obstructions and enemies in life. The difficulty here however is that the sixth house will still embroil the individual in litigation or disputes. Check the benefit aspects of the planets to determine how severe these negative results will be.

This is not particularly favorable for the life span of the wife as the twelfth house is the sixth from the seventh and the wife may suffer ongoing diseases or have a shortened longevity. She may even reside for some time in a foreign land. Notwithstanding the effects on the wife and her body, this combination also diminishes the marital felicity and happiness as a result.

A highly auspicious combination occurs when the ruler of the twelfth house is located in the eighth house. This gives tremendous gains financially and produces a luxurious existence. The individual has spiritual merit from his past life and exhibits a considerable interest in occult matters due to the spiritual twelfth lord in the eighth house of investigation. The more worldly type of individual may channel that into scientific inventions and discoveries.

A fascination with foreign places and residence in faraway lands will take place as a result of the twelfth lord in the ninth. This is one of the classical spiritual placements as well due to the combined influence of two spiritual houses in the horoscope. The person is magnanimous and charitable with friend and stranger alike. This is an unfortunate combination however for the father as this indicates losses or even danger, especially during the ruling periods.

There’s an intimate link between hospitals, illness and privation and the sector ruling one’s profession. This therefore means that the individual can work as a nurse or medication practitioner, perhaps even a doctor due to this placement. It’s said that the individual must endure difficulties in the line of work and actually has to exert much more effort than the average person to achieve success. If there are supportive aspects and the placement of the planet is conducive to it, accomplishment and abundance will ultimately be theirs.

Irrespective of how hard the person works, this placement indicates a dwindling of one’s resources on expenditures via friends and family members eg siblings, cousins etc. The person means well but doesn’t have the wherewithal to stem the flow of losses. They are advised to think carefully about embarking upon an independent line of business without adequate professional advice.

This is a thoroughly charitable individual, especially if the spiritual planets are involved in the combination. The individual spends without thought of return and is interested in securing his own spiritual welfare. As the twelfth house indicates pleasures of the bed, the person may be an expert in the art of sex and could have numerous partners throughout life. Study the nature of the planets involved to gauge how they’ll spend their money and whether it will be for charitable or selfish purposes.




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