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Third House

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Environment and Communication (Gemini is the natural ruler)

3rd House of the ZodiacThe third house represents transition, change and adaptation. It is through this house that we are challenged and encouraged to come to terms with our personal experiences and use them to better understand the world at large. Emotions and communication is amplified within the third house, with the idea of community playing an integral role in what the third house represents. “Community” means neighbors, siblings, short journeys, letters, education, dexterity, research and all kinds of communication.

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Planets in the third house influence our nervous energy, rational thought, memory and the way in which we respond to a new environment. The house is associated with brothers and sisters, hand-eye coordination, connecting with others, learning and our greater conscious.


Planets in the Third House


Sun in 3rd House gives a cheerful mind and a lively, investigating spirit inclined to reform society and education and the discovering of new methods by which to reach these aims. The native’s aspiration lies in the direction of pedagogics, he greatly desires to spread knowledge, and to acquaint others with what he himself has lately learned, and to come into contact with noble personalities in order mutually to gain and give spiritual support and power.

A trine aspect indicates a busy correspondence about those subjects with serious friends and relatives who respect his ideas.

An afflicted Sun in 3rd house is a sign of much trouble and misunderstanding in intercourse with relations, colleagues etc.

Moon in 3rd House gives a strong, noble optimism which will prove to be a great support in life and which enables the native to overcome more difficulties than the average man is usually able to do. His innate common sense and sense of responsibility are combined with a certain sense of humor much appreciated by friends and acquaintances. This Moon-position makes him very studious, extremely fit for tuition and indicates a great love for small journeys, for repeated changes in every department of life. The desire for new experiences, new knowledge is very strong. A region which the native has traversed in all directions, people who have been for a long time in his neighborhood, occupations which must be done many times in succession all annoy and weary him.

When afflicted by Mars, Uranus or Neptune, journeys decided upon are sometimes prevented at the last moment, or accidents happen on the way.

Mercury in 3rd House denotes a pleasant-although somewhat superficial-understanding with relatives and acquaintances. In their troubles and difficulties the latter always find a willing ear and good advice. Great popularity both in a personal and in a business sense results in widely-spread connections and very extensive correspondence. The native’s style of writing is characterized by systematic explanation, his description being sometimes apt to wander, but always carefully exact with very suggestive, clear indication of detail. Speeches etc. are put together very easily and well and usually provoke admiration and praise from the auditors. This position of Mercury arouses a great interest in education, private lessons especially prove very attractive in which pupils are encouraged to think for themselves.

He who has Mercury afflicted in 3rd house will do well to learn to concentrate his thoughts and should practice meditation.

Venus in 3rd House. This position of Venus has a very favorable influence mentally; good taste and a sense of proportion are combined with practical insight; beauty of proportion is more valued than works of decorative detail. Further this position has a particularly favorable effect upon the intellect which therefore becomes very refined and greatly appreciates all that embellishes and uplifts social life, music, art, literature etc. A trine with Uranus or Neptune points to original ideas in this direction, successfully applied. Affliction of Saturn in 11th house causes opposition of friends and relations or fear of such opposition, which may be equally bad for the nerves. If the ruler of the 3rd house is favorably posited with regard to Venus, there will be extraordinary ease in talking and writing, which greatly facilitates intercourse with others.

But since, when afflicted, the boundary line between friendship and love in intercourse with the other sex cannot always be easily drawn, it is advisable for the native to exercise self-control in order to prevent unpleasant entanglements.

Mars in 3rd House. A strong sense of independence and some egoism are always prominent. But an idealistic spirit is evident, which sees beauty everywhere in nature and enjoys it to the full. The native has also a great trust in the power of good in the end overcoming evil. In writing letters Mars makes the style bold and firm; the native expresses his opinions with determination and enthusiasm, although not always quite logically.

Mars in 3rd house afflicted indicates continual conflicts between the higher and lower nature. Especially in childhood this gives rise to rash, ill-considered actions of which the native repent later. A sharp way of expressing himself often leads to unpleasant relations with his environment. There is a great danger that energy will be squandered or used for wrong actions. In youth much rebelliousness against authority and generally accepted rules will manifest; when travelling, recklessness may easily cause accidents.

Jupiter in 3rd House enhances the inner vitality and brings the native into contact with favorable, helpful influences. Philosophic and pedagogic subjects are contemplated. New ideas will be much discussed with friends and relations, orally or through correspondence.

When afflicted although some idealism will be evident in all that he utters, the native is unpractical in daily life and only few will share his views from beginning to end.

He likes to travel especially when locomotion is rapid. This is the very reason why care should be taken, for when afflicted – the likelihood that accidents happen is fairly great and his whole life may be ruined in consequences of some careless act.

Saturn in 3rd House brings earnest, deep and pure thoughts, concentration, honesty and justice. The superficial “airy” side of the 3rd house (Gemini house) is restrained by Saturn’s stern sense of duty, whilst his restless uncertainty becomes something more determined. The mind likes to be absorbed in mathematics, mechanics and similar subjects which call for more action and less talk than languages.

Saturn in 3rd house – when afflicted – easily causes frequent unpunctuality. Circumstances however, will indicate the serious necessity of always being in time (Saturn symbolizes Time) and of not postponing what must be done. A person with this Saturn-position is usually the youngest child or the only one, and often does not harmonies with the mother, gives her much disappointment during the first year of life and the whole education. In a few instances we have found that a child with this position was of the opposite sex to that desired before birth.

Uranus in 3rd House. Humanity and social idealism will be prominent both in thought and discussion and quite early a great desire will manifest to make the ideas of community and humanity better known. Very uncommon conceptions are held with regard to faith, morality and education. The native stands aloof from convention and also dislikes etiquette and “ignores Mrs. Grundy”. But a person with this position should consider it his duty to show conventionalists that extraneous laws are here superfluous since control is from within!

Further does this position indicate an extraordinary talent for occult and metaphysical study in which surprising results may be achieved and great intuition and imagination.

When afflicted Uranus denotes here inconstancy and great eccentricity causes sudden alienation from brothers, sisters and neighbors. Very peculiar adventures may be expected when travelling – pretty often accidents also, especially if Uranus is in a mutable sign.

Neptune in 3rd House gives a taste for modern art, especially in the field of literature. The native’s thoughts often wander and as his fancy is very active, he will sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between memory and imagination.

This position gives mediumistic faculties which had better be avoided so far as writing is concerned, since his relations with his family as well as has own health will suffer by them.

This position of Neptune further denotes a special love tor boating and voyages. When afflicted the native should be careful. Then also many conflicts may be expected between the personality and the native’s environment. Attempts at reconciliation with the majority of his relations or usual environment seem to fail quite unaccountably, the most ordinary things and sayings being wrongly interpreted, thus forming an insurmountable obstacle.

Also when the native attempts in some way or other to come into contact with the public, something will always crop up and intercept it, or else at the exact moment he will lack courage to tackle the thing.

Having the planet of courage associated with the first house makes the individual strong willed and sometimes intellectually proud. Their siblings may be strongly connected to them throughout life and many journeys are indicated as well. A well dignified planet heralds strong leanings towards writing and other communication skills. If afflicted, journeys, relationships, siblings and neighbors and communication will be blemished.

This placement is considered covetous as the person may be interested in acquiring the wealth and resources of others. They are not considered legitimate or honorable in their attitude. This can however give income through educational opportunities, music and other creative pursuits. The affliction or poor placement of this planet can cause trouble and disagreements with family members. This may give the loss of a sibling at some stage if both Mars and the third ruler are badly affected.

This placement indicates an individual of great prowess, strength and capacity to go after their dreams in an undaunted way. This gives unite a few siblings, and depending on the strength of Mars will indicate how many survive. Should the rulers of the eighth and twelfth combine in this sector some tragedy may befall brothers or sisters. Generally this is a situation of happiness and success for the individual.

This position connects the mind and home affairs and the person may therefore travel to many diverse areas and reside there from time to time. This also imbues them with high intelligence if well placed as the fourth sector has much to do with educational matters. It is said that the individual attracts mean spirited people as partners and this also includes marital signification. A weak Mars and an afflicted third ruler in the fourth create problems and obstacles in the acquisition of property.

The mind of the person is prone to all sorts of amusements, sports and intellectual enjoyments. This is not however a particularly good placement for the children of the individual as this creates problems in their own life. Depending on the condition of the finance rulers, this house will either bring benefits or losses to the individual which could indeed be speculative in some respects.

The ( sixth, eighth and twelfth houses ) ruler in another dusthana brings benefits through what is known as Vipareet (counteraction of the negative), especially if associated with other rulers of the sixth, eighth or twelfth. This ensures success for the individual, however, the third ruler here results in competitiveness, if not all out opposition with siblings and family members. The character becomes well to do but does not experience happiness on account of his family. This position also points to a military career for one of the brothers or sisters.

The third ruler in the seventh house creates many ups and downs in marriage, romance and where sexual behavior is concerned. This can also indicate the coming together of the individual with their soul mate due to journeys. Vedic scholars also stipulate that if this third ruler is afflicted there can be some problems associated with government authorities and other professional superiors.

The third ruler in the eighth weakens a malefic ruler that benefits the individual. This creates an opportunity for wealth and benefits through the dead. An afflicted third ruler will involve the person in litigation and at times legal matters gets the better of them. This placement is not good for the longevity of younger siblings and being the ruler of life, in the eighth house of death, can also signal danger to the longevity and health of the individual himself.

This placement produces uncertainty in journeys but also gains through philosophy, study and other intellectual pursuits. The ninth house is the sector of the father and guru or spiritual preceptor in Vedic astrology and is not considered a positive omen for the father himself who may be dishonest. If the third ruler is well dignified the sudden and unforeseen changes in one’s life may actually work beneficially for them.

This placement of the third ruler can indicate a powerful rise professionally, wealth and much success for the individual but wedded life and personal relationships may not be as favorable. If Venus and the ruler of the seventh are badly afflicted in the horoscope this is all the more certain. The third ruler governs the activities of one’s mind. Therefore, the person becomes a workaholic and gives undue weight to their working life. Problems in sustaining a high professional status arise if the third ruler is badly afflicted, debilitated or aspected unfavorably by other planets.

The individual puts forward much effort to attain financial ends but struggles, especially if planets like Saturn and Rahu ( North Node ) are in an unfavorable association. The eleventh house is the house of profit so the person works hard with only modest results – way short of what was initially anticipated. The Vedas indicate that health troubles will arise and this is more likely if the Ascendant rulers and rulers of the eighth house are also afflicted.

An individual having the third ruler in the twelfth suffers at the hand of siblings due to his good nature and compassion. As the twelfth house is the house of expenditure, the third ruler indicates that money is spent and debts by these family members are not repaid. There’s however a spiritual leaning as the twelfth house is a moksha sthana (sector of spiritual emancipation). The person is attracted to the idea of seclusion and monastic life later in life.

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