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Aquarius 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Aquarius

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General overview   

Packaging and delivering your best self is necessary this year

On February 5 the New Moon in Aquarius activates all of your natural Aquarian traits. There’s a heightened self-awareness with this transit of the Moon albeit waning. As the Moon rules your 6th zone of the health and well-being, you must be careful to balance your life in every area throughout 2019Your career may be part of the problem as the environment and people you work with come under closer scrutiny.

You are starting to connect the dots and see how overwork, sloppy or uncomfortable working environments along with incompatible co-workers contribute to stress. This, in turn, no doubt undermines your well-being. Pay attention to this single issue in the coming months and you’ll find yourself a much more productive and happy person.

As your co-ruling planet, Saturn has also been transiting this hidden zone of your horoscope, it also testifies to the fact that you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and not taking into account your most valuable resources, which are time and health. Once you’ve spent your time you can’t get it back so putting in place mechanisms which give you the opportunity to regain time for your own personal interests and family will be a great investment for your future.

Jupiter transits your 11th house during this part of your life and with Mercury’s presence also felt there is the year starts is a very lucky omen indeed. You can rely on friends, siblings and possibly even newly found acquaintances who warm to your honesty and integrity and are prepared to make themselves available if you need them.

The 11th house Jupiter is also a once in 12-year opportunity. Capitalise on your talents, earn more money from your work and finally make some of your dreams come true. Jupiter influences your communication, children, creativity, business and personal relationships. Wow! It seems as if Jupiter is going to touch pretty much every area of your life. And it will do it in a way that uplifts and expands.

As your 3rd house of communications receives the benign glance of Jupiter, your communications do very well. Any contractual negotiations you enter into should work out favourably for you. You are very effective in the way you communicate your ideas now and have some ingenious plans as shown by your ruling planet Uranus spending a little time in this 3rd house earlier in the year.

On a financial note, Neptune still clouds monetary issues by virtue of it being in your 2nd house of income. There’s no point having loads of good luck if you aren’t practical with your cash. This is an important transit because of its lengthy stay in each zodiac sign. Having an approaching square aspect from Jupiter in the first couple of weeks of the year is a strong warning against wasteful expenditure, unrealistic expectations and also possible deception from friends or those you do business with. Keep your eye on the detail.

Uranus hovers at the lower part of your horoscope and does a backwards and forwards motion dance from your 3rd to your 4th house early in the year. It moves into its direct motion on January 7 and by March 6 moves out of your communications area into your zone of family, domestic happenings and real estate. Expect circumstances to change, and without notice at that. The people you normally rely upon may not be as reliable as you’d expect. You could be hanging in limbo as a result of decisions you’re made waiting on.

The action of Uranus is sudden, abruptly disconcerting and often confusing. It can create a mess if you haven’t got some sort of system in place. This can also unsettle your inner contentment. It’s important to take stock of what means the most to you at this time. You may want to try something outlandish and completely out of the ordinary.

You could find it hard getting yourself in gear, particularly after April 30 when one of your ruling planets, Saturn, decides to go retrograde. This simply indicates your need to go back over old ground and ensure that the decisions you are going to make for your future are based upon sound judgement. You may feel frustrated at this time as you realise some of the work or previous decisions you have made require fine tuning now. In some cases, you may even need to discard everything you’ve done and start again from scratch. It’s not a great idea to make long-term life-shattering decisions under the cycles of retrograde planets. Your ruling planet is no exception. You’ll find Saturn is moving into its direct motion only after September 18.

The Sun makes some important transits as well, particularly later in the year with its move to your 9th house of long journeys. Travel could be on the cards and this influence dominates your life up until October 24.

When the Sun transits your 10th house it gives a dynamic lift to your professional activities. This is the most powerful zone of your horoscope indicating rank and status. You meet with important people, dignitaries or even government officials. At the very least, employers will take note of the work you are doing and there could, in fact, be a chance for you to take on a more responsible position. This is probably the case because leading up to this transit there is a challenging square aspect from the Sun to Saturn indicating greater responsibilities to take care of.

You are driven to earn money this year as shown by Mars spending just a little time at the outset of the year in your 2nd house of finance. You realise that unless your negotiation skills are up to par, you will be shortchanging yourself when it comes to sitting down and contractualising what you feel you are worth. Just because you have some skills with loads of experience doesn’t mean you can sell that to someone who wants to employ you. The greater part of success is your packaging and delivery. Work on that in the coming months for maximum impact on others.

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Romance-and-friendship-2018Friendships blossom in 2019

The Full Moon on January 21 occurs in your zone of marriage and intimate relationships. This highlights the importance of your most loved partner in 2019. It sets the trend for the rest of the year. This relationship may impact many different areas of your life either positively or negatively. If you are distracted by trying to resolve things in your personal life, it will make it hard for you to keep your mind on other matters. You need to allocate a certain amount of time to solve your problems or this could end up becoming a bottomless pit where your time is forever eroded. Make an agreement with the one you love that you’ll respect each other’s time and personal space.

Looking at the transit of Venus offers you some revealing insights into how relationships are likely to fare in 2019. As Venus transits your 11th house after January 7, friendships will be part and parcel of your life. You’ll place considerable value on people you consider friends. As Jupiter coincidentally receives the energies of Venus, wonderful new alliances will be formed. You’ll be appreciative of the people you have in your life and may well meet someone who could possibly become a romantic and passionate partner.

On May 15 when Venus transits your 4th house you’ll be happy both at home and within yourself. This is a time of nurturing relationships and making sure that you are available for those who need you at the most important times. Your relationships are solidified while Venus moves into its trine phase to Saturn leading up to June 1.

On June 3, a New Moon takes place in your 5th house of love affairs. You’re interested in entertainment, flirting with others and generally returning to a childlike state. Comedy, theatre, dance and other creative social pastimes and endeavours occupy your attention. If you are a parent it’s a perfect time to reconnect with your kids. If you’ve been too busy to spend adequate time with them, you’re finally able to make good on your promises.

Amorous pursuits are indicated after June 9 with the transit of Venus through your 5th house of love affairs. You will get more than you receive as Venus moves to an uncomfortable opposition to Jupiter on June 24. There must be give-and-take in any relationship. On the same day, the square to Neptune shows just how much confusion may be surrounding your relationships. It takes two to tango.

With a new chapter opening up for you, there will be excitement about the creative element in your relationships. You connect your heart and head with the one you love and will do something in unison. Enjoying each other’s company may take place through some hobby or joint activity. In any case, what you choose together will help forge a better bond of intimacy between you. For singles, a new relationship may start after this period.

Your romantic affairs peak when Venus moves to your 7th house between July 28 and August 21. You can actually extend that to the transit of Venus in your 8th house of intimacy all the way up until September 14. Most of your focus will be on your significant other at this time. If you are single, this transit is a wonderful indicator of lasting love. Whether you are in a progressive relationship or prefer a more traditional form of bonding such as marriage, there will on some level be a renewed commitment and you’ll feel great about it. This is a time also of receiving gifts from others and being appreciated.

The 8th position of Venus represents a time of sensual and intimate contact with your lover. You feel comfortable enough to open up to them. Intimacy is about dropping your self-consciousness and feeling free enough to share your deeper secrets with someone else. You’ll find that you both have similar feelings and this will serve to deepen your experience of love. Your partner will feel the same way.

Take note of the new Moon in Leo on August 1. If your relationships have become a little too habitual you can change all that. There’s a new level of enthusiasm being generated between you and the one you love. You see new possibilities. Even if you’ve been in a committed relationship for years, you will choose to renew your vows during this new and uplifting cycle.

Your friendships blossom as shown by the November 27 new Moon in Sagittarius. This again spotlights your 11th house of social interactions. If you have an older sibling, your relationship with that person may start to take a turn for the better especially if there’s been some distance between you either physically or emotionally. This is about taking the first step towards them if there’s been a period where for some other reason you’ve been holding back. It may be that you abruptly ended your friendship under turbulent circumstances. It’s time to build bridges not demolish them.

At the close of the year, your feelings become more intense especially when Venus makes contact with Pluto on December 14. The power, passion and possibly even obsession accompanying this planetary combination needs to be checked as this can be the sort of emotional attitude that trounces an otherwise great relationship. Let go of your grip and keep your jealous and possessive tendencies under control. After December 20 Venus transits your Sun sign resulting in a great deal of attractiveness and self-worth.

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Pulling All the Threads Of Your Finances Together Is an Important Theme This Year

The presence of Venus and the Moon in your 10th house of profession on day one of 2019 is an excellent forecast for your professional success. These two planets soften the energy of what may have been a few difficult months for many Aquarians, especially relating to their working life. It also shows you can once again develop a love for the work you do. This is one of the principal laws of success, loving what you do.

Profits will generally be up when Jupiter is transiting your 11th house especially by virtue of the fact that Mercury, the mercantile planet is also associated in this same area. You are clever in your planning and will spend a lot of time communicating your ideas and business strategies with others. You have the full support of those you work or socialise with. There may be a crossover between what you do professionally and how you can enhance that through your network of people who will connect you with others. While you’re earning a lot of money you should put aside a little for a rainy day. This is one of the peak periods where you will earn well so don’t blow it.

On March 7,look forward to a whole new cycle opening up in your professional life. The New Moon occurs in your 2nd house of income and financial values. This is an important transit signaling an intense focus on the way you earn money. As the Moon is a changeable planet there may be some disruptions in either your earning capacity or the timing of when you are paid. Don’t leave yourself short. Always put aside a little just in case, as is the case at this time, there may be delays in receiving what is due to you.

Curb your tendency to excessive expenditure or speculation between March 31 and May 15. As Mars transits your 5th house of gambling, you may take calculated risks which you’ll regret later. This is refelcted by the square aspect to Neptune on April 27. Beware of scammers, online and off-line, who are only too happy to fleece you of your hard earned cash. On May 6, the opposition to Jupiter is also wasteful with the transit to your 6th house of debts and liabilities on May 16 proving that you may have been indiscreet in your choices. Tightening your belt is a must and setting out a carefully planned budget is also advisable

As Mars is the principal planet of your career along with Pluto, the transits of Mars will especially determine the highs and lows of the year. It may take some time for your efforts to pay off but after July 2 Mars transits your 7th house of partnerships casting a full square aspect on your professional sector. This is after due diligence has been conducted in your workplace and new systems implemented. This happens between May 16 and July 2.

Some of your decisions at this time will not be received well, especially by family members. Perhaps it’s best to keep your choices and decisions close to your chest until you are absolutely 100% certain of the best possible path to take. Mars makes a right angle to Uranus on July 12 and although there may be some hiccups along the way, the trine aspect to Jupiter following, on July 25 brings a stroke of luck to anything you do. You can think big, plan bigger, and act in ways that surprise and astound others. Nothing can stop you.

The new Moon in Virgo on August 30 relates to shared resources, banking and other taxation or superannuation matters. You will most certainly find a renewed interest in pulling all the threads of your finances together and committing to a more secure future for yourself and your family. The 8th house is a hidden house and specifies the unearthing of secrets or information that could have been swept under the table for some time. In any case, it could be that you become Sherlock Holmes, in some way trying to follow the money trail. This is a very useful exercise and ensures better control of your finances in future.

The October 28 New Moon takes place in your professional sector. If you’re feeling unappreciated for the work you do it’s about stepping up and accelerating the pace of learning, task management and achievement. Your heart has to be into what you are doing. This transit shows the likelihood of health issues impacting your performance. There may also be women in your environment who undermine what you do.

A significant transit of your career planet, Mars, enters its own zone of Scorpio a November 19. It remains in this part of your horoscope for the rest of the year but makes some important contacts before exiting. The opposition to Uranus throws a spanner in the works around November 25 but by December 13 some of your dreams will manifest even if around December 20 you’re challenged by an employer or someone who is capable of calling the shots. You must stick to your guns at this late stage of the year as it will set the trend for 2020 and beyond.


Holding on to events, people and feelings from the past are not productive.

The new Moon in Libra on September 29 opens the way for new spiritual experiences. To the extent that you open up to the subtle universal energies, the more luck you can expect to attract into your life. Saturn and Pluto being the principal influences of your spiritual house will continue to teach you some very powerful divine lessons as they transit your 12th house. This is an ongoing transit with Pluto remaining in this area for some time to come. Saturn will also remain here for the year.

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Looking back over your past may be difficult and with the Sun making a close conjunction to Saturn on January 1, you may be dwelling on things you have no control over. One of the first lessons of spirituality is letting go. Holding on for grim death to events, people and feelings from the past is not productive to happiness. It may, in fact, harm you especially if those feelings are very negative in nature.

The way around this is to use the power of Jupiter which will be influencing your 3rd house of thinking. It remains here for most of the year. This gives an upturn to thoughts which can otherwise turn morbid. This will help you avoid negative thinking and dwelling on those things which have held you back. Jupiter also gives you the power of gratitude which is one of the cornerstones of success. Happiness and success are both decisions, not something that just happens to you.

Venus makes an important move to your 9th house of spiritual preceptors, gurus, mentors and higher educators. This is a wonderful period when you feel connected to the spirit within yourself and others. It’s also a materially very lucky placement and occurs between September 14 and October 9. Seminars, educational pursuits and expansion of your higher mind take place under this transit. This will also reappear after November 26 when Venus moves to your 12th house seclusion, meditation and sanctuary.

You have brilliant flashes or insights which are associated with the November 29 trine of Venus to Uranus. The conjunction to Saturn on December 11 makes you a little more monastic which could be a problem leading up to Christmas if you may prefer your own company rather than that of others.

Aquarius 2019 Lunas Phases

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