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Virgo 2020 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Virgo Horoscope for 2020

It’s time to take the pressure off Virgo. For too long, you’ve been hard on yourself. This has to do with Pluto continuing its slow and unrelenting transformative process in your sixth house. Your work practices, your health, relationships with co-workers and employees are all under the magnifying glass and continue to be so during the coming few years. 2020 will be a defining year in which you start to shift some of that energy back to the creative aspect of your life.

Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun, Saturn and your past karmic point, the South node, are transiting your fifth house of creative self-expression. You can’t help but feel this powerful surge of energy from within you. It’s drawing you to things that provide you a sense of well-being. You feel as if you are realigning yourself for the first time in a long time.

VIRGO-2020-HOROSCOPE-1024x550As Mercury makes contact with Jupiter in the very first part of the year, you experience a powerful urge to communicate your ideas and to associate with people who have cutting-edge perspectives on life and work. You start resolving your past in this period as well. Authority figures who’ve held you down or who made you feel as if you’re not up to the task won’t have the same influence over you in 2020.

The Sun and Saturn occupy your fifth house. This means your mind has felt rather heavy and perhaps in some instances unable to rouse the motivation you need to take those next creative steps. That’s absolutely essential now. If you approach these responsibilities with that same level of childlike enthusiasm, you will magically transform these seeming obstacles into incredible creative opportunities.

Young people will be drawn to you and in some ways, you will act as a mentor. There are strong leadership components in your horoscope with such a stacked fifth house. Mars is also moving towards the lower end of your horoscope and make its presence felt in your domestic sphere between January 3 and February 16. You must be on guard against allowing your enthusiasm to become an autocratic demand on family members and friends.

Astrologer’s Advice:

By pushing others even if you feel it’s in their best interest, you will only push them further away from yourself. Try to be more conciliatory and listen to what others need rather than what you think they need.

As Mercury combines with Jupiter which is the ruling planet for your career, this combo is excellent for communicating, negotiating and learning. If you’re looking for a better position, you can do so but you make sure your resumes in tiptop condition. It’s a competitive marketplace out there and you need to know that you are better than the next guy or girl. That means sprucing up your CV, learning how to converse more effectively and not being afraid to speak up. Ramp up your skill sets and show what you have to offer. If it’s a new position you’re looking for this is an excellent time to be throwing your hat in the ring.


The Moon’s combination with Neptune in your seventh house of marriage is an interesting transit to commence the year. This is a highly emotional and idealistic pairing. As Neptune is such a slow-moving planet, fast-moving Moon activates all of the spiritual and idealistic tendencies that you have.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You must be careful not to raise the bar too high as you may be overlooking the frailties and progress of being human.

While the Moon and Neptune combination is an excellent one as far as reaching for the stars, it does have a downside. It is nebulous, shadowy and sometimes unclear.

If you aren’t yet in a committed relationship you must be careful of people who would use you, trick or swindle you out of money or even worse, your best emotions. You must be on guard as you may be vulnerable to unscrupulous people in the early part of the year.

Your social life has turbo energy with Rahu, the North karmic node in your 11th house. You have a wonderful opportunity through this transit to meet dynamic and influential people. You may make friends who mix in higher circles and you’ve never been accustomed to. You mustn’t let your shy or unassuming ways undermine opportunities to network yourself into better social and professional circumstances. This is not necessarily using others but spotting opportunities when and if they arise.

Be prepared to acknowledge that you deserve the best. Others recognise that in you, why don’t you?

Furthermore to this above important transit, the lunar eclipse in this same area on Jan 11 sets the trend socially. An eclipse and its powerful forces and can be revealing on many levels. You must remain receptive to what the message of the stars is this year. This eclipse will reveal important things about your friendships. Some of your realisations will be wonderful. On the other hand, there may be some home truths that have escaped your attention and they will come to the surface. Fortunately, you will be able to make better-informed decisions as a result of this. Your intuition will be strong so trust what the still inner voice within yourself saying.

Uranus is just edging its way through your ninth house now. Your ninth house is a lot to do with your belief systems, how you connect yourself to the universe and more importantly, how you expand your mind and feel good about yourself. Uranus receives an excellent trine aspect from Mercury and Jupiter in the fifth house. We spoke about the powerful creative forces emanating from these two planets. That connection with Uranus means you can use your creative energy to deepen your spiritual understanding.

You may meet new teachers on your path during this karmic phase of your life. There will be unusual characters who will not use typical means of teaching. They will be cutting-edge. They will challenge your long-cherished beliefs and ideas. At first, you will find it difficult to take on board what is being said but in time, you will realise that a radical new understanding is emerging and this is going to transform your life over the next seven years.

Love and Romance for Virgo in 2020

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

You have incredibly strong feelings this year. As mentioned at the outset of your reading, the powerful and impressionable Moon / Neptune combination causes you to idealise love.  Keep your feet on the ground even if you have had your head in the clouds. Extraordinary visions of where you want to be in your relationships are part of this transit.

Venus, the natural planet of love is a welcome guest during its transit of your seventh house of marriage and intimate relationships on January 14. It makes an excellent aspect to Neptune on January 28, with Mars and Mercury also conjoining Neptune on March 8 and April 4 respectively. That tendency towards idealism is accentuated during these transits. It stays in your seventh house until February 8 making a quick transition and lifting your sensual and social appetites.

With the transit of Mercury into your seventh house on February 3 expect a much greater communication with your partner. You can speak clearly and concisely on matters of necessity.

Astrologer’s Note:

Matters of intimacy also become spotlighted as Venus transits your eighth house of sexuality and deeper psychological understanding. Don’t allow money issues to blemish the love you feel for the one you care for.

This may continue up until April 28 as Mercury will also be transiting this sensitive area of your horoscope. You want to research and to share your ideas about how to deepen your intimate connection with your lover. This will deepen the bonds of love and strengthen your relationship immensely.

On February 16, Mars moves into your fifth house and brings more primal energy to your instinctive desires. You are highly motivated for love and lust. You meet equally energetic people. Your connections may be based purely on primal instincts and impulse. Be careful you don’t do anything you’ll regret later. Around this time, the Sun also enters the seventh house and empowers your intimate relationships.

On May 4, May 21 and July 28 and then again on December 30, the hard square aspect of Venus to Neptune that you aren’t looking at your relationships in the proper light. You’re allowing your emotions to intrude on your better judgement.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You may find yourself in love with the idea of love more than you are with the person you think you love. Don’t be drawn into nebulous webs of intrigue. Step back and use a little bit of rational thought in making your romantic decisions this year.

On July 13 and then again on November 10, the powerful and lucky trine aspect of the Sun to Neptune ensures good health for your partner and yourself as well as a coming together of ideas and belief systems. You must be on the same page especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time with the one you love. The Sun is a spiritual planet for you and ensures a meeting of the minds and hearts under these auspicious transits.

You meet new people and make extraordinary friends after Mercury transits into your 11th house of social connections. This transit lasts until August 5. You will be learning a great deal about human nature under these transits and with the Sun entering the same zone on June 21, an important new relationship commence made at this time. These connections become stronger up until September 6 while Venus transits through this fulfilling area of your horoscope. If you’re single, it’s even likely that a friendship becomes more serious.

Saturn’s transit your fifth house on July 2 may be a more sobering influence on your love life. This makes you more serious about love. Whereas the previous transit of Mars was about impulse, Saturn’s transit is about control, conservatism and traditional values. You may be torn between these two extremes in your love life under two very different transits happening in a reasonably close time-frame.

On August 20 and 23, Mercury and Saturn powerfully activate your Sun sign. You exude an intense and powerful leadership aura that people will find hard not to notice. In your social circle or even on the home front, you will be looked up to and people will seek your advice as you come across authoritatively simply by relating your own experiences transparently and honestly.

Between October 3 and October 28, you’ll be feeling absolutely gorgeous. You can sense that you’re looks and style have a marked influence on others. You can influence the people you meet, even casually just by being who you are. You may even surprise yourself as you act like a magnet drawing people to you almost magically.

On December 21 both Mercury and the Sun move to your fifth house, once again activating those strong creative and romantic energies that kicked off the year. You will want to end the year with some fun, entertainment. You may decide to begin a new course of creative activity such as dancing, music, art or visual and other cultural pathways.

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Career and Finance for Virgo in 2020


As Venus is your planet of income and Mercury your planet of career, it’s important to look at the aspects that are forming around these planets during 2020. This will give you an idea of when that upliftment in finance and professional elevation is likely. The Moon is also a planet ruling business profits.

The lunar eclipse occurs on January 11 and impacts your business profitability and desire for success. As well, a solar eclipse takes place in exactly the same area on June 21 in your zone of profits. This transit points to adopting a completely different perspective in your understanding of work and its true meaning.

If previously you’ve been working simply to earn money this is the time in your life when that changes. You will realise that the passion, love and creative input you inject into the work you’re doing is a greater value than the money you earn. Strangely that understanding will translate into financial rewards. As the old saying goes, to do what you love you must first love what you do.

Three important celestial events take place on March 4, March 22 and March 31. Mercury, Saturn and Mars respectively enter your sixth house of workplace activities. This is a critical turning point in your life and points to a change in the way you do things. The combination of Mars and Saturn can indeed be somewhat frustrating.

Astrologer’s Advice:

There may be obstructions with the people you work with as well as your employers. You must also be careful not to overwork as these planets devitalise you through excessive and undisciplined work practices. Sleep more, eat well and keep a peaceful mind. Don’t enter into debate with those who are trying to obstruct you.

Remember: as Bruce Lee once said, “Be like water”. Water is flexible and nothing, in the end, can overcome it. It assumes the shape of any vessel that fills. You should think like this during these transits.

April is an important transition timeframe for your work as Venus moves into your 10th house of career and remains there until August 8. This empowers you professionally and socially. You’ll be popular in whatever you present to your employers. Your work may be connected to some pleasurable pursuits, socialising and development of your professional circle through pleasant and engaging activities. Your business will also improve considerably as Venus is one of your friendly planets.

On May 20 when the Sun enters your 10th house and remains there till June 21, expect some pleasant surprise. In fact, the trine from Sun to Jupiter on May 18th gives you a hint of some fortunate events that are happening at this time of the year. Ordinarily, the Sun’s presence in your 10th house designates a professional promotion or new opportunity.

The Moon regulates your profitability and income. The eclipse on June 6 in your fourth house is very telling on the connection between money and real estate. During this period, you will be focusing your mind and emotions on the idea of how you can better capitalise on real estate, rentals and generally investment in property. Perhaps Air BnB is the way to go if you don’t necessarily have the capital the launch into big scale property investments.

Mercury is your second house of income on September 6 with the Sun also moving into the same zone on September 22. You have some incredibly great ideas associated with moneymaking. You are creatively original and can convince others.

Mercury moves retrograde on October 14 passing back into your finance zone until November 11. A major rethink over your finances, how you earn your money and what you wish to do professionally will be highlighted throughout this whole period. You’ll be thinking deeply but should also be warned against making hasty decisions as retrograde planets that often create indecision, cloudy circumstances surrounding money and insufficient information to make correct assessments.

The lunar eclipse on November 30 falls smack bang in your 10th house of career. A re-evaluation of what you want in your professional sphere will be necessary at this late stage of 2020. The eclipse also throws up hidden suppressed aspects of your work. You may learn something about your employer, the company you work for or indeed your own self and how your work has been impacting you for good or otherwise.

Astrologer’s Note:

You find that some of your emotional input is cut off from your work. That may actually be a good thing as you learn to be more ruthlessly pragmatic about the decisions you make in your work.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Virgo in 2020

Luck is on your side this year because Jupiter and Mercury are associated with your past karma point, you should reap some surprisingly satisfying rewards. Mostly this will happen through your creative enterprises as mentioned at the outset of your reading.

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Your ruling planet Mercury, enters your fifth house on December 21 remaining there for the remainder of the year. The trend starts a lot earlier when Mars enters this same fifth house on February 16.

Astrologer’s Note:

Throughout the year, you will be working hard to improve your skills in some creative area. Few people realise that tapping into your creative power is the very essence of spiritual fine-tuning and good karma.

Venus brings good karma for you as it enters your ninth house on March 5, the Sun on April 20 and Mercury on April 28. The ninth house of your horoscope indicates the expansion of your mind and tapping into universal energies. This part of your horoscope also has a lot to say about travel, education and spiritual teachers or gurus. You will attend different lectures or seminars that open your mind to the greater possibilities in your life.

On July 22, August 5 and September 6 your 12th house is activated by the Sun, Mercury and Venus respectively. The 12th house also shows that an intuitive and compassionate aspect of your nature is triggered. You will be generous and full offer your assistance to those less privileged than you. You will gain great satisfaction helping others and in turn, this will augment your own good karma for the future.


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