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Libra 2020 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Libra Horoscope for 2020

What an amazing year this is going to be for those born under the sign of the scales, Libra. With no less than six planets transiting the lower portion of your horoscope in the fourth house, much of your attention will be on family and home this year.

Mercury, Jupiter, the South Node, the Sun, Pluto and Saturn all occupy this important angular position of your horoscope. Greater responsibilities will be placed on your shoulders. There is no doubt you are up to the task of meeting those obligations head on and using them to propel yourself to the next stage of your life.

Saturn still has some time remaining in this area and can make things seem sluggish, obstructed and frustrating.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You need to exercise patience.  Try to be grateful for the small things that you have.

LIBRA-2020-HOROSCOPE-2-1024x550Fortunately, Mercury and Jupiter give you a more optimistic outlook and, even if things have been somewhat bleak, you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Uranus transits your eighth house and as the year commences is in retrograde motion. This highlights its importance in your life and touches such areas as finance, banking, but essentially this is related to your partnerships. Uranus is unexpected in its action and therefore you need to be on your toes. Events may spiral out of control if you take your eye off the road. Try to be more aware of what your partners are doing, and don’t overextend yourself. This would distract you and make you less able to manage the problems when and if they arise.

Your career will be important this year because the North node or future karma point is transiting the most significant part of your horoscope – the 10th house of profession and self-esteem. Great desires are usually associated with this transit and Western astrologers attribute great success and satisfaction to its transit in this area. But with its opposition from those planets in your fourth house, in the domestic affairs of your life, this is certainly going to be a delicate balancing act.

Neptune, the slower, elusive planet of the Zodiac transits your sixth house. Its movement is slow but sometimes also nebulous. The sixth house relates to your working life and the environment in which you execute your tasks and the people you work with. You therefore need clarity.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You mustn’t guess your way through your working life this year. To be certain, you should have your key goals as well as your core competencies allocated.

If you know exactly what it is you want, what your strengths and weaknesses are, you would be in a far better position to improve yourself. When your confidence is at its peak, you are better able to deal with co-workers and especially those who are against you.

The Moon is associated with Neptune in this position as the year kicks off. You may be overly emotional and this is not the best way to start 2020.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try to remove your emotions from the equation. You have to remain unbiased to get to the root of any problem.

Neptune’s transit in this area also cast a shadow on your health and well-being. You may be imagining all sorts of problems and illnesses. As there is a trine aspect from the North node in the professional sector of your horoscope, it’s likely some of the hours you are keeping is the problem. The work you are doing is not aligned to the core competencies alluded to above. Are you doing what you love? Is your work giving you the satisfaction that you dreamt it would? If the answer is no, this is a year when you will have to make some important radical changes.


The planet of transformation is Pluto. Its association with Saturn in your fourth house indicates circumstances arise which are out of your control. Providence often has other ideas for us. You need to make some drastic change in your domestic life, with your historic family or perhaps even in your living circumstances. Under these transits, sometimes moving to a completely new location is in order. As the fourth house also rules your mother and historic family, relationship issues surrounding the matriarch of the family will be under the microscope.

Mars is the planet of action and transits your second house of finance in the first few days of January 2020.  You have a lot of drive but perhaps can be a little too aggressive in your desire to earn money and become materially independent. This may also precipitate disputes with those you love the most.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You mustn’t assume that because people are asking questions they are somehow accusing you of anything. Try to be more diplomatic and look to the motivation behind others’ words and actions.

The position of Mars also sets the tone for a greater ability to convey your ideas this year. Teaching and sharing your story with the world can be a great way to attract interest in you and the products and services you offer. Your speech will have an impact on others but you must be careful not to get too caught up in your own hype. Enthusiasm can easily turn into obsession and fanaticism. That’s where people draw the line. Rather than attracting them to you, you push them away.

Love and Romance for Libra in 2020


What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Saturn, Uranus and Mars rule love and marriage for Libra. Let’s take a look at the transits of these planets throughout 2020. The Sun also has to do with friendship so your solar transits are also of great importance in determining how friendship and social activities will fare in the coming 12 months.

With Uranus transiting your eighth house there may be erratic periods in your relationship. This may deal directly with material matters such as investments and money that you and your partner share. It may also have to do with issues of intimacy. There may be moments where you feel very close to the one you love and yet, at other times, may feel completely aloof and disconnected. Finding some measure of consistency will be part of the challenge of Uranus transiting this sensitive area of your horoscope. It is primarily related to love and closeness.

Throughout January Venus transits your fifth house. You feel more alive and connected to others than you usually do under this transit. If you’re single, this is a period when you reach out and set the wheels of love in motion. You’ll be taking greater note of your impact on others and improving your look, your style and your general social skills.

This fifth house transit of Venus is also exceedingly important from a creative angle. Although this doesn’t seem like it’s connected to your romance, the creativity and the ease at which you allow yourself to spontaneously express yourself, is essential for connecting intimately with others.

Astrologer’s Note:

The more you can immerse yourself in a spontaneous creative state of mind, the more you’ll be comfortable in being vulnerable as your real self. That’s essential if you are going to meet someone who accepts you for who you are. That acceptance is going to mirror your self-acceptance.

On January 17, a more fun-loving is likely when Mercury transits your fifth house. You may meet or choose to spend more time in entertainment venues, creative enterprises and communicating your needs to the one you love. If you are not yet in a relationship, you might want to reach out via the Internet and get your profile looking spick-and-span. While sunshine is you should make hay. The Sun makes its entrance to your fifth house of love affairs on February 19 amplifying the above effects of Mercury.

On February 8 Venus makes it important transit in your marital sector, the seventh house of your horoscope. This period marks an important phase in your relationships where you feel closer to the one you love and may even start making plans for a more rock-solid and stable future with that person. On March 16 Mercury again after its retrograde motion makes contact with your fifth house bringing you back into a more communicative phase in your love life.

The Sun is a powerful influence on your marital affairs as it moves into your seventh house on March 20. Mercury adds weight to this power when on April 11 it also makes its presence and intellectual rapport very strongly felt. You will need someone with whom you can exchange ideas. You might feel frustrated and if this is a long-term partner you may even start to doubt the longevity of the relationship.

On March 31, Mars transits your fifth house bringing with it an immense amount of passion. Can you cope with it? You will feel the physical impact of love but must also be careful not to overindulge yourself. The March 28 Venus trine Jupiter aspect demonstrates you will be popular and can have anyone you want. You may also be the recipient of some gift during this fortuitous cycle.

Some difficult aspects between the planets occur on June 3 and June 7 respectively. Venus in Sun square Mars. You may be overly confident in yourself at this time and may not listen to the reasonable suggestions of friends. Impulse will rule the day and yes, you are likely to meet someone new if that’s what you’re looking for, but you may realise later that this was not exactly based on good taste. You may also find yourself in combat mode as the Sun and Mars do battle.

It’s not a matter of being right all the time. You may need to humble yourself and even if you don’t necessarily agree with the other person.

Your social activity increases dramatically after August 5. Up until August 23, you can expect this to be a very busy period. New friendships will be made especially when Mercury enters your 11th house of friends after August 5. Along with the Sun which transits this same area from July 22 until August 23 you’ll be interested in meeting new people and those who are sympathetic with your way of thinking.

On September 29 Venus makes a perfect trine to Mars. You’re passionate and able to engage with your lover in a way that fortifies your relationship and gives you confidence that you can take it to new heights. Just before this, on September 24 however, the hard aspect of Mercury to Mars points to the fact that your communication may be out of step with each other. Fortunately, the latter aspect smooths over your differences.

Excellent aspects form on December 11 and December 15 respectively when the Sun and Mercury make positive trine aspects to Mars, your marital planet. You need to talk about what you want to do in the coming year. Planning effectively together will be important. You may also choose to take up some interest together in which you can spend more time. This is a perfect finish to the year and ensures a greater sense of mutual love and friendship with your significant other.

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Career and Finance for Libra in 2020


Mars transits your second house on throughout January bringing with it dynamic energy and can-do attitude. You will be focused on money but may find yourself spending more than you earn during this transit which lasts up until February 16. It’s also important to recognise that the transit of Mars through this area of your horoscope is notorious for creating disputes and even all-out war over cash.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You must find some way of pacifying your partner if they are not happy with the way you are handling or approaching the issue of finance.

On January 11 a powerful lunar eclipse in your career sector sets a whole lot of new wheels in motion. Unasked for opportunities present themselves all. You may, however, be dealing with some inner aspects of your personality which hinder you in making a decision as quickly as you would like. You should trust your inner voice and use your intuition will when it comes to making decisions around this time.

 Throughout the first month of the year Venus, your ruling planet, transits your fifth house of speculation. Venus is joined on January 17 by Mercury and by the Sun on January 21. You’re bold and adventurous and may want to earn money by cutting corners.

Remember: There is no harm in speculating but you should be as well-informed as possible before throwing good money after bad.

The upside of this is that Mercury makes you very clever and capable of spotting opportunities. You also come up with new ideas which ensure a quick turnover in profits. This will naturally be of more interest to those working independently and self-employed.

Between Jan 3 and February 16, the powerful presence of Mars in your third house allows you to renegotiate contracts and to communicate your ideas forcefully. People will pay attention to what you have to say but there is also a danger that you may enter into contractual disputes. Make sure you are completely on top of all the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

Partnerships do well when Venus transits your seventh house on February 8. The Sun and Mercury also lend support to your negotiations when, on March 20 and April 11 respectively they prompt you to put your case forward. You should be well received in any business decision made at that time.

Venus allows you to negotiate excellent deals using while all other people’s money being at the centre of those discussions. When it transits your eighth house on March 5 you are likely to be the recipient of some money. That can be by way of business transactions or even a gift or legacy. Money can be received in an unexpected way as Uranus is transiting your eighth house.

The 10th house of your horoscope relates to the achievements you may expect through your work and other professional efforts. On June 21 when the Sun enters your 10th house you have a month to prove yourself. Its transit lasts until July 22. Usually, this signals a great opportunity for personal recognition and even promotion at work.

The year is punctuated very dramatically by the solar eclipse of June 21 in your 10th house of profession. This is the same date that the Sun enters your career sector so it is doubly significant. Earlier we spoke of the lunar eclipse occurring at the beginning of the year. If lessons relating to your profession weren’t necessarily learned earlier, this solar eclipse will bring matters to the fore. It may be related to issues associated with employers.

The placement of Venus in this same area on August 8 relieves you of your intense work schedule. It makes you popular with your employer and people within your industry generally. Now is the time to get your CV in order and distribute it if you are looking for a new position.

You can expect a quick turnover in profits if you’re an independent business operator when Mercury transits your 11th house on August 5. Make sure that you network as effectively as you can when Venus transits the 11th house on September 6.

Be careful of losses which are likely during the retrograde movements of Mercury. That occurs between February 17 and March 10, June 18, July 12 and October 14 to November 4. The period of June 18 to July 12 is very significant because this retrogression of Mercury occurs in your professional sector.

During these intervals, you are not necessarily in possession of all the facts and figures and any impulsive decision may be costly.

Take some time to methodically go over old ground, check your work and correct those errors that are blatantly obvious.

It’s best to wait until after Mercury moves into its forward motion in November.

Better still wait till around the 10th until the coast is clear, so to speak.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Libra in 2020

The lunar eclipse on July 3 occurs in your fourth house of inner peace and personal integrity. This eclipse is important because it points to those areas within you that need a lot of work. Because the fourth house has to do with your early family life, mother and those family connections that shaped who you are, some great understanding can occur if you are receptive to what’s going on within yourself and others.

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The fact that so many planets occupy the fourth house as the year commences is also very telling. You may have too many desires impinging on you. These are like waves in a pond. It’s similar to when you are looking deeply into the water to find that lost golden coin at splashing around creates too many waves. Too many thoughts and peripheral desires, make it difficult to tune into exactly what it is that will make you happy. For this reason, meditation and a quiet space are necessary to find meaning in your life. This year the work you do on your spiritual self will reflect in your profession. The good karma will come back as a result of that.

Remember: The outer world is a perfect reflection of your inner world.

On November 30, the lunar eclipse in your ninth house of spirituality and higher learning is an important transit for your spiritual development. This is one of the more important zones of your horoscope as it relates to the expansion of your mind, karmic fruits of action, learning and journeys. This also has to do with finding the right sort of teacher who can help you achieve the spiritual and psychological goals you have earmarked for yourself.


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