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Pisces 2020 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Pisces Horoscope for 2020

You’re confident you will achieve so much in 2020! A huge caravan of planets occupies your 11th house as the year kicks off. This part of your horoscope is exceptionally lucky. It brings you in touch with those who can make things happen. It gives you a love of community and association with those who interested in what you have to offer. There’s a communal spirit and a sense of connectedness to your fellow man and woman.

This 11th house is also a very social part of your horoscope. It gives you a desire to expand your circle of friends. You want to be with people of like mind. In some ways you may feel a little bored and unstimulated by those you’ve traditionally spent time with. The coming 12 months could see a very different situation arise. You will be prepared to step out of your usual arena to meet people and explore new mental horizons for the first time.


As the waxing Moon makes contact with your principal ruling planet Neptune, you feel a great deal of idealism arising within you. You must meet your own needs. Your vision of life and the dreams you’ve held dearly need to be realised this year. That being said, you must also be practical about what is possible given the constraints of your situation. You have strong responsibilities that must be met as shown by the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn. Some of these responsibilities may indeed be to those very friends you wish to be with.

There is past Karma tied in with these new acquaintances. The South Node, relates to your baggage of past karma. This is also intricately linked to your friendships, elder siblings and also the profitability of your professional activities. The 11th house relates directly to income from any business you independently operate as well. With your past karma colouring your experiences this year, there may be some settling of debts and old scores.

Astrologer’s Note

Resolution is an important keyword with the South node transiting your zone of friendships. In this context, let bygones be bygones.

There are several lunar eclipses taking place in 2020. The first on January 11 influences your fifth house. This is the most creative aspect of your horoscope and relates to personal expression. This releases tremendous energy bringing you back in touch with your core competencies. Discovering who you are and realigning your identity with what you enjoy doing is an important feature of this eclipse.

You have a strong sense of self throughout January, February and March. And this powerful energy of self-development continues well into the middle of the year. On January 14 Venus transits your Sun sign with Mercury following soon after on February 3 with the Sun thereafter on February 19. You are able of communicating much of your newly developing self through the action of Mercury. It transits your Sun sign on March 16.


The second eclipse of June 6 stimulates your professional activities.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be careful not to allow your emotions to interfere with pragmatic decisions. The Moon is favourable for you but its eclipse creates emotional turbulences, possibly even disputes with those with whom you work.

This relates particularly to employers, especially females. Mars adds zest, power and at times irritability to the mix through its transit in your Sun sign on May 13.

You will be highly motivated when on June 28 when Mars then enters your zone of finance and income. It’s interesting to note that Mars will remain here in this finance sector of your horoscope until the end of the year. This is a testimony to the incredible energy you are going to invest in making money and will do it with great passion.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be careful this passion doesn’t run roughshod over those you love most. Balance your desire for money with personal time out as well.

The significant planetary phenomenon takes place on September 13. Your secondary ruler Jupiter moves into a stationary direct motion. Some of the personal affairs may appear to be sliding sideways if not going backwards. You are asked to be patient as you recalibrate yourself in your most important relationships. This retrograde and stationary direct motion of Jupiter takes place in your 11th house of social activities. This will, therefore, relate primarily to friendships in your life. Big adjustments must be made at this time.

The initial forecast for your friendships and social networks growing is enhanced by the July 5 lunar eclipse in your zone of friendships. This will quicken the elimination and attraction of old and new acquaintances respectively. You’ll be seeking alignment with those who are now at your stage of development. This may also extend to family life. This is due to the November 30 lunar eclipse in your fourth house of domestic affairs.

On December 19, Jupiter moves to your 12th house. For many born under the sign of Pisces, it signifies an important turning point in life. Some may wish to relocate and start life anew. In this sense, 2020 will be a very important preparatory stage for making permanent changes down the track. There’s a strong focus on foreign affairs and unique cultures.

The 12th house also relates to your spiritual aspirations. You’ll be seeking deeper meaning within yourself and therefore, this is the commencement of an important twelve year cycle which can elevate your spiritual and psychological state.

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Love and Romance for Pisces in 2020

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

The Moon’s eclipse on Jan 11 is particularly important and relates to your self-development. You become more self-conscious in the ensuing period. This has a direct impact on your most significant relationships. You will feel a shift in this area.

On January 14 with the transit of Venus into your Sun sign, you will feel particularly attractive and attracted to others. You will set the trend through a different look, a hairstyle or some fashion statement that may be out of character for you. In any case, you want to start this year by looking your best in making a impressing others with your individuality.

The retrogression of Mercury is notorious for misunderstandings and errors of judgement. Mercury rules your seventh house of marriage. Its motion is important in determining important dates when there are developments in your love life. It also signals when you are likely to have mix-ups in communication. On February 17 Mercury moves retrograde in your Sun sign. It continues to do so until March 10. Mercury again moves retrograde on June 18 until July 12 and finally on October 14 until November 4. The influence of Mercury in its reverse motion and its interpretation should be applied to all the above dates.

By May 13 when Mars enters your Sun sign, don’t be surprised to find yourself in a battle of wills. If you’re currently in a relationship egos may clash. Mars makes it difficult for you to see the other person’s point of view. Both parties may be irritable and impatient to get their views across. This is not a great combination for peace. Diplomacy is absolutely essential during this cycle until Mars moves out of your Sun sign on June 28.

The eclipse on July 5 takes place in your zone of marriage. Important matters of fidelity, responsibility and commitment will be thrown up. These may arise from your unconscious self and have great potential to change you and your partner. This may be a particularly emotional time in your relationship and one that requires sensitive handling on both sides of the equation.

Family matters occupy your mind when Venus transits your fourth house on April 4. It doesn’t exit this part of your horoscope until August 8. You can more easily cement your affections and smooth over any difficulties you’ve in your family. You must be careful as a result of the connections between Mercury, Venus and Neptune.

Astrologer’s Advice

During this cycle, your feelings may not be conveyed properly or you may be misunderstood. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself so there is absolute clarity in your communication.

Venus is the planet of love and gives you not only a love of family but a love of your home and the environment you live in. You may wish to beautify your surroundings and “get your hands dirty” by painting, gardening and generally making the place you live in, feel much more homely. You feel connected to nature and can appreciate its beauty.
Venus enters your zone of love affairs on August 8 making this a wonderful period for new friendship and amorous pursuits. This energy remains with you until September 6 when Venus exits into your sixth house of health and well-being.

Astrologer’s Advice

Balance your romantic affairs with good common sense. Sometimes, when you fall head over heels in love with someone, time and diet are the last things on your mind.

The seventh house transit of Venus on October 3 is also one of the better ones with love showering you in all directions. This could be one of the most important transits for making a commitment in love, getting married or at least crossing paths with someone who may, in fact, be your “soul mate”. You may already be with that special person in which case your love for them will deepen and the feeling should be mutual.

The benefits of Venus continue while transiting through your eighth house bringing with it sensual appetites. This occurs on October 28 and until November 21 and it shows that you’re able to intimately bond with the one you love. This will deepen your understanding of each other.

Astrologer’s Note

You will come to discover some secrets about each other. These secrets may not necessarily be bad. They will broaden and deepen your appreciation of each other.

The pursuit of friendship is strong throughout 2020 as indicated in the introduction to your forecast. There are however, a couple of other important transit triggers shown later in the year. They are the simultaneous transit of Mercury and the Sun by into your 11th house on December 21, this promises to give you a really social and fulfilling Christmas this year.

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Career and Finance for Pisces in 2020


As Mars is the primary ruler for your financial activities, studying its motion in 2020 offers you insight into what may be happening monetary wise. There is no doubt a great deal of ambitious drive is behind your action this year. You may have been planning for this year along time. In any case, you can get things done using the action of Mars.

On January 3 Mars moves to the 10th house of your profession but this is in a square aspect to the Sun. This planet is the ruler of authority and employers. That square takes place on January 24 and by January 28 the additional square to Neptune shows you may find yourself in dispute over some confusing issue. It’s best to get all of the facts right before going into battle.

Mars completes its transit of your 10th house of profession and pushes into your 11th house of profits on February 16. It remains there until March 31. During this transit it makes a sudden and positively impactful trine aspect to Uranus.

Astrologer’s Note

You may be surprised to learn of some sudden influx of income. Your networking skills at this time will also be formidable. Don’t be too pushy in your enthusiasm.

The conjunction of Mars to Jupiter on March 20 with the empowering conjunction to Pluto on the 23rd, your vision is possibly a notch too high for you to achieve.

Astrologer’s Advice

Don’t give up on your dreams but be realistic at all costs. You may experience some power plays with co-workers or employees during this cycle.

Between March 31 and May 13, the transit of Mars through your 12th house indicates your overconfidence may create a an unexpected expense scenario. Monitor your expenditure closely at this time. This is likely around April 1 when Mars makes contact with Saturn along with a hard aspect to Uranus on April 8. This surprise may not be welcome financially. As long as you are aware of what you are spending you won’t receive any unexpected bills.

At the time Mars makes its way into your second house on June 28 you’ll be stepping up your desire for financial independence. By the same token, the abrasive square to Jupiter and Pluto between August 1 to 13 causes problems for you in your business partnerships and other financial associations. You may have disputes and will feel great frustration when Mars makes a square to Pluto and Saturn on August 13 and 25th respectively.

The July 21 eclipse in your fifth house of creativity is a key to solving any financial problems. You’ve experienced some challenges to date and you don’t want that to continue in the months that follow. Because this eclipse takes place in your fifth house of creative self-expression, the way forward is not to burden yourself with debt. Finding creative ways to up the ante on your income is superior. Trade your way out of debt rather than borrowing seems to be the message of this eclipse.

During this period Mars also moves retrograde on September 10. Just when you thought some of your financial difficulties had been overcome, you need to go back over old ground and make amends for some oversight. You also need to reengage people you don’t necessarily want to communicate with. Unfortunately, your responsibilities demand that you resolve everything and tie up any and all the loose ends.

Between October 28 and November 21, Venus transits your eighth house of shared resources. You will be successful in improving your relationship with bank managers and others who manage your finances. There will be communication regarding taxes, annuities, superannuation or 401(k) and inheritances or money owed to you for some reason or other. Mostly, however, this relates to an understanding of your shared responsibility financially. This might relate to your business partners or marital partners alike.

One of the best periods professionally is the transit of the Sun through the 10th house of your horoscope. This occurs between November 22 and December 21. If you’ve had your eye on some attractive position within the company you are currently working for, now is the time to pounce.

You’ll be recognised for your skills, leadership and all-round ability. If only temporarily, you might assume a managerial position which will give the opportunity to learn a great deal and add another impressive achievement to your CV. The final transit of the Sun to your 11th house of profitability, in the last month of the year should land be additional cash and new business associates as well.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Pisces in 2020

Jupiter’s transit to your 12th house on December 19 quickly trails Saturn moving to this same sector on December 17. This dual transit is an important one and signals a shift into a new understanding of what it is to “give”. The 12th house is a house of attrition. It shows how and with whom you give time, money and vital resources to.

The 12th house also indicates where you are likely to lose will or be deceived. As you know, your Sun sign of Pisces is about self-sacrifice, saving others from problems, reaching out and assisting those less fortunate than yourself. But, this 12th house also shows how the saviour easily becomes the victim when discrimination underscores relationships. For this reason, your choice of friends and partners is extremely important in 2020. You don’t want to be taken advantage of.

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The eclipse on June 6 activates this 12th house. For some born under Pisces, you may be blinded by the experience of love only to find that you become the victim. It’s obvious that someone is trying to take advantage of you. As Neptune, your principal ruler, governs spirituality as well, the aspects to it throughout 2020 need to be looked at.

The beneficial conjunction of Mars and Neptune on June 14 is a powerful awakening. It gives you a sense of urgency to achieve spiritual and compassionate objectives. It’s also a double-edged sword. This powerful connection between Mars, the ruler of your ninth house of spirituality and Neptune, the natural spiritual planet, means that you may have your head in the clouds.

Astrologer’s Note

Finding a balance between your spiritual aspirations and practical responsibilities may be difficult. You could find yourself in a nebulous haze trying to connect the dots.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus create exceptional aspects to Neptune in November 10, 24 and December 6 respectively. These excellent aspects amalgamate your practical and emotional/spiritual life. You’re able to create a bridge through creative action. This will connect your transcendental aspirations with the day-to-day demands of practical life.

The eclipse of November 30 in your fourth house stimulates your sense of morality and a deep desire for peace of mind. This sees you embarking on new spiritual pursuits which may mean leaving aside some of your friends and even relatives. You have a different vision of life for yourself during these new cycles. Not everyone is going to understand you perfectly. Even if you try to explain how you feel, it may only make it more difficult for them to grasp your motivation spiritually.

On December 15 the solar eclipse which occurs in your 10th house of karma and professional accomplishment gives you a tremendous breakthrough in this area of your life. As the Sun rules your sixth house of service, it shows that your good luck and positive karma is strong now. It comes through doing your best to serve others through your profession and other activities. This requires you put aside thoughts of gain and self-aggrandizement. A truly selfless and compassionate attitude, when blended with your practical skills, is a surefire recipe for success not only in 2020 but in the years to come.


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