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Sagittarius 2020 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Sagittarius Horoscope for 2020

Welcome to 2020 Sagittarius!

You have a huge year ahead of you but luckily, plenty of energy to back it up. This is shown by the entry of Mars into your Sun sign on Jan 3. This increases your strength, willpower and decision-making process. It also gives you a huge amount of physical prowess. You need some sort of outlet to deal with this as it comes with a lot of impatience as well.


Relationships are activated by this Mars’ placement but so too is your impatience. This makes you short-tempered and provocative. As a result, your relationships up until February 16 may undergo some rethinking. The onus is on you to try to keep things on an even keel.

Be more affable when dealing with problems even if you don’t particularly want to.

Jupiter and Saturn transit your second house and continue in this zone throughout much of the year. Mercury, the Sun, the South node and Pluto are also tenanting this financial area of your horoscope. This has major repercussions on your income and financial circumstances. It has an even greater bearing on your values generally. It may well be that some of the things you’ve cherished for a long time aren’t as enticing. You could start to see the hollowness of some of your desires. Your material acquisitions may not hold as much interest as they used to.

Saturn’s transit creates obstacles at work. You find that your workflow and income are challenged and possibly even delayed. Those responsible for paying you might hinder you in some way. Once again, patience is necessary to get through some of these trying periods.

Saturn is obstructive at this time. You’re ruler, Jupiter, however, affords you greater opportunity to make an effort. Do what you believe is the best to earn money this year. Mercury’s presence next to Jupiter means you start the year with great ideas. You should push through notwithstanding these above-mentioned impediments. You’re able to communicate new ideas. This will help you do exactly that as shown by the supporting energy of Mars.

Uranus tenants your sixth house. It receives the beneficial aspects of Mercury and Jupiter at the outset of 2020. It will still direct its disruptive energy on this area of your life. And what does that mean? Your sixth house has to do with health, the way in which you work, the location of your work and most importantly the people you work with.


The action of Uranus is sudden, unexpected and often fraught with stress. It destabilises situations. This can be brought upon you by people who are unreliable and incapable of sticking to the schedule you have in mind. You must assert greater planning and scheduling. Of course, consultation with others to sidestep these problems is also a necessity.

Don’t overlook your health this year. With the added energy of Mars, although one of your best planets, you are still prone to injury, accidents and over straining yourself both physically and mentally. As the year commences, the added power of Uranus is shown by its retrograde movement. On Jan 11 it goes direct then decides to do an about-face on August 16 when yet again, it goes retrograde. These are key points in the year when things may become unsettled for you in these areas of your life.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Have your usual checkups to keep on top of all this. Listen to your body signals as well. Your intuition is the greatest pointer. When Venus transits your sixth house between March 5 and April 4, you may find that your health requires more attention. Venus regulates health and disease and makes its presence felt at this time. You will also find yourself in a little hot water with co-workers.

Keep a cool mind.

Your sixth house also covers enemies and those people who don’t exactly have your best interests at heart. You need to play a low key role at this time. Listen more than you talk to establish what exactly you can do to improve the situation and come out a winner. You’ll be challenged by competitive rivals. This is the time of the year when the tall poppy syndrome could afflict you. In some ways, it’s better to say less about your achievements and not waive a red flag to the bull.

Neptune, the planet of ideals transits your fourth house of family, mother, inner integrity and peace of mind. The proximity of the Moon shows just how far-reaching your idealism can be this year. You must, under all circumstances, keep your feet firmly on the ground. By all means, foster your vision but not at the expense of practicality. Sometimes ideals become fuzzy around the edges. When push comes to shove, you realise that you haven’t quite got all the practical affairs in place.

Think deeply and plan everything thoroughly. Neptune is in a great aspect with your North node and this relates to your future karma. Working with others especially if money is involved, should be positive for you. You are in step with different cultural and societal trends and that also works in your favour.

Other key transits worth mentioning include the important movements of your ruling planet, Jupiter. Although it spends the vast majority of the year in your second house of finance, on December 19, just before Christmas, it makes an important shift to your third house of communications, contracts and short journeys.

The third house has to do with your mental state. This part of your life will be triggered in a much greater way for the first time in 12 years. The strength of your ruler is greatly increased when it goes retrograde on May 15. You will make greater efforts to achieve your goals. This continues up until September 13 when it goes direct in motion. There may be some revision to be gone through. This will have more to do with your style rather than any documentation or contractual issues. Your action will have an impact on those areas but is related more specifically to your interaction with others.

Saturn has a part to play as one of the slower moving planets of the Zodiac. It makes a big statement two days before your ruler moving into the third house as well. You will see how your communications and contractual arrangements are going to come under major scrutiny. That will happen in the very last month of 2020. This is will set the trend for a whole new cycle in 2021.

How you handle yourself in 2020 will either make or break those opportunities to come.

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Love and Romance for Sagittarius in 2020



What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Your primary marital planet is Mercury. Its transits are important for determining your long-term stability and relationships. Mars, however, dominates the celestial landscape in terms of your love affairs generally.

As mentioned above, Mars makes a powerful transit to your Sun sign on Jan 3. This is don’t have a direct impact on your marital sector is your Sun sign is directly opposite. You can’t expect your spouse or partner to keep up with the huge surplus of energy you have.

You are likely to be impatient if people aren’t as quick as you. You will be more dogmatic in terms of your ideas. That may be more the case after February 16 when Mars transits your second house. Unknown to many, even astrologers, the second house has to do with speech. You will need to be more softly spoken in presenting your case. You don’t want to run the risk of alienating the very people you love.

Singles will be pleased to note that when Venus enters the fifth house of amorous love pursuits around February 8. This is the perfect cycle for attracting potential soulmates. On March 20 the Sun enters the same position. Venus exits on March 5. This points to greater opportunities for socialising and mixing with people of like mind. Your creativity is at a peak during this important transit.

Mercury, your marital planet also lifts your love prospects with its entry into your fifth house on April 11. This is a really entertaining transit especially with its trine aspect to the Sun. The square aspect to Pluto on April 25 in square to Jupiter on April 26 throws a spanner in the works. You have to be careful not to alienate others by being too intense, grandiose or dogmatic about your beliefs. For some Sagittarians, this can occasionally happen unconsciously. Your over-enthusiasm could be misconstrued as fanaticism.

Venus continues to lift your love prospects in the early part of the year when, after April 4, it transits your seventh house. It’s followed nicely by Mercury on May 12 and the Sun on May 20. Venus remains in this area until August 8. Even then, it transits to your sensual and intimate eighth house indicating a more intense phase of loving interactions.

The eighth house much to do with delving deeply into the meaning of love and intimacy. You want a greater understanding of your relationship. If your partner isn’t amenable to this, there may be some big changes afoot in your love life.

Sexuality is an important element of this. While all of these transits are recurring, Mars remains in your fifth house of love affairs throughout the remainder of 2020. This is very telling. Against the backdrop of the seventh and eighth house transits it’s important to note some significant Mars influences in the second half of the year.

    • On July 13 Mars makes a trine to the Sun endowing you with immense energy. You need a partner who can reciprocate your physical needs. On August for an August 13 and 25, Mars makes exceedingly challenging aspects to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn respectively before making a retrograde about-face on September 10. It will repeat these obstructive aspects on October 9, 19 November 14 and finally again on December 24.
  • These last four or five months of the year are going to require your best self to negotiate and tactfully navigate your way through relationships. Mars and Pluto can be ruthlessly dominating. Either you or your partner may be overly demanding.

Earlier, I mentioned you must be realistic about your ideals. Could it be that what you’re expecting from your partner may not be possible? You need to take a serious and objective view of yourself. What you are demanding of the ones you love? This also relates to other members of your family, not only your spouse or partner.

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Career and Finance for Sagittarius in 2020


Keyword for 2020 is “focus

Work is quite likely the most focused thing for Sagittarius in 2020. This is because of the large congregation of planets in your second house of finance in the early part of the year. The danger with so many planets is that you split your attention and spread yourself too thinly across too many areas. For this reason, your keyword for 2020 is “focus”. Focus on one thing predominantly to get the most out of it. if your attention is dispersed, you are hardly going to make an impact anywhere. Yes, you feel as if you can tackle two or three projects at a time. At the end of the day, you’ll realise that you can’t sustain that level of energy for too long.

Mars, is your predominant finance planet, enters your second house of income on February 16 and remains there until March 31. This is probably the most dynamic period of the year when your efforts are at a peak. Disputes arise because you know exactly what you want but might be too inflexible in your approach. Others won’t take too kindly to that. You must learn to be more diplomatic when it comes to working with others. Be straightforward and clarify the terms of any agreement.

Fortunately, on February 21 the trine aspect to Uranus is lucky with unexpected positive influences on your monetary affairs. On March 20 and 23, the conjunction to Jupiter and Pluto respectively is also powerful one. It is conducive to excellent results in terms of money. You will broaden your horizons and find yourself the recipient of extra cash, and increasing your income. You may even receive a gift.

In early April Mars makes contact with Saturn in your third house of contracts. There may be considerable frustration moving forward on some deal or some agreement that you’ve had your heart set upon. During this cycle, the big lesson for you is that you can’t bang heads against Fate. There are some things you simply have to wait for. Getting angry and lashing out of others isn’t going to make things happen any faster.

After August when Mercury and the Sun moved your 10th house of professional prestige, expect some awesome opportunities to arise. Doors will open wide for you. The success will be dependent on your ability to communicate your experience, skills and competitive edge in the marketplace.

On August 23 the Sun makes an impressive entry into your 10th house of career and remains there until September 22. You should take every opportunity you can to take the lead and let everyone know you’re capable enough of shouldering the responsibility of a boss. You’ll make some great inroads into your career during this cycle.

You are more profitable in your business or professional life when Mercury trines Jupiter leading up to August 29. Later expect the entry into your 11th house of business fulfilment. It will be around September 6. Mercury will remain here until September 27. As the old saying goes “make hay while sunshine”.

While Mercury is in this position you’ll likely have some false hopes or feel overly confident about your ability. This is due to the September 17 square aspect to Jupiter, to Pluto on the 21st and Saturn on the 23rd. This follows on from the deceptive August 31 Mercury opposition to Neptune which happens in your fourth house. This relates to real estate, rental and other domestic expenses.

Keep a watchful eye on money and don’t necessarily believe everything you hear. Someone may try to take advantage of you.

With Saturn moving direct on September 29 you start to feel more comfortable about gaining control over your money and finances. Things start to improve greatly up to December 22 when Jupiter makes a decisive conjunction with Saturn in the third house of contracts.

Saturn is particularly comfortable in this third house and gives you the courage to implement ideas and work your plan. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is a particularly important planetary occurrence. Being in your third house designates a big shift in your thinking. This relates especially to the way you view money and your material resources generally.

An exceptional trine aspect between Mercury and Mars on December 15th follows another wonderful celestial combination of the Sun making a trine to Mars on December 11. You will win over people with your story. If you’re in sales or simply trying to sell something of value, you can expect to be successful during this transit.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Sagittarius in 2020

The Sun in your fifth house between March 20 and April 20 signifies an important creative period in your life. Creativity and spirituality are strongly linked. Therefore you’ll be killing two birds with one stone by pursuing anything that gives you the ability to express yourself and to do so in a joyful manner. Pick up those paintbrushes, dust off your camera or pull-out those exotic foods in the kitchen so that you can start to whip up a storm.

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This is an important and creative period. You’re also lucky during this cycle and may choose to take a gamble on some new investment. May even be a way of life. Sometimes the gamble can be discarding what is outdated and of no use anymore.

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and listen to that still small voice within.

Friendships will be important to you and as the Sun and Mercury transit the 11th house of your horoscope throughout September, you may realign yourself with those who are of like mind. You may be lucky in your romantic pursuits when Venus enters this very same area after October 28. Don’t be afraid to try something different, to meet new people and explore the world differently.

Venus continues in this area of your horoscope until November 21. At that time it will enter your 12th house is also one of the most spiritual areas of the horoscope. These friendships may be made on retreats, self-help seminars, ashrams or pilgrimage locations. Travel may also be on the cards at this time to expand your spiritual insights.

On December 11 when the Sun triangulates Mars, two first-rate spiritual/karmic planets make contact. There is an alignment of your energies and many of your spiritual and philosophical ideals will converge at this time. It’s an exceptionally good ending to the year especially given that the December 15 solar eclipse also occurs in your Sun sign of Sagittarius.

Your solar sign relates to your identity and therefore you expect the end of 2020 to signal a very significant transition in your self-awareness and understanding of your place in the universe.


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