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Scorpio 2021 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Scorpio Horoscope for 2021

It’s a New Year, Scorpio and with it comes amazing opportunities. At the same time, additional responsibilities, especially of a domestic nature must be expected.

SCORPIOOver the past two and a half years you’ve been somewhat constricted in your local surroundings. This is a result of Saturn transiting your third house. It has only recently just moved to your fourth house.

This has meant you’ve recently had to make adjustments in your lifestyle. This is not only in the way you relate to others, especially your family members but also in terms of the way you relate to yourself. This has been a transitional period and now Saturn is transiting Aquarius along with Jupiter. This means you should be in better shape to take charge and steer your domestic life in the direction you’ve always wanted to.

Remove sluggishness and a lack of enthusiasm from your vocabulary

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2021Last year was a shocker. With the moves of Jupiter and Saturn, a whole new focus takes place. This doesn’t necessarily take the pressure off but with consistency, determination and hard work you can make the next twelve months an important turning point in your life.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must remove sluggishness, lethargy and lack of enthusiasm from your vocabulary. You’ve been tired physically and mentally.

No doubt, the COVID pandemic hasn’t helped. But your challenge now has a great deal to do with how you manage your energies, relationships and interactions with others generally.

As the year commences, the Sun, Mercury and transformative Pluto combine to bring powerful forces to bear upon your third house of communications. Saying that this impacts your life is somewhat a simplistic view of what these planets bring. The third house of your horoscope is ruled by Saturn and has a great deal to do with the way you communicate ideas, think and negotiate. This also relates to money, resources and how you improve these in your life. Resources generally, will be viewed very differently. If in the past you’ve been wasteful, now, you’ll value the time and effort put into making money. You’ll start to see a direct link between these two facets of your life.

What’s also interesting to note is that by June, Mars and Pluto will be in an exact opposition containing all the other planets of the zodiac. It’s going to be hard for you not to feel some sort of pressure, even anger over some situation. Pluto will radically impact contracts and important communications. Negotiating your way out of any financial issue is the only option for you.

Tie up any loose ends and unfinished business at home

On the 21st and 26th of June, Jupiter retrogrades along with Neptune. Jupiter will transit back into your fourth house of family affairs to tie up any loose ends and unfinished business at home. Jupiter will move back out of the fourth house after its station with direct movement on the 18th of October. It doesn’t get back out of your fourth house until after the 29th of December. This means that much of the last part of the year is going to be a reassessment of these important domestic factors. You’re not going to be able to avoid that. On the 19th of November, an additional lunar eclipse takes place and is very important.

It brings the focus back onto your relationships. The Sun and Moon will be opposite each other along the first and seventh house axis. You’ll also note that Mars and Uranus, with Mercury, take part in this eclipse. With many opposing forces. It seems that one of the main lessons this year is to keep your feelings, especially anger, under control.

There is a final Eclipse on December 4 that solar eclipse again transits back into your second house of finance. Along with Mercury there a square aspect occurs that involves Neptune in your fifth house of speculation. Neptune is the planet that creates confusion if you aren’t careful. This aspect also warns that you must not believe everything said to you. Neptune is notorious for deception but by others and by one’s self.

All of these eclipses demand attention to resolve the problems recurring in your life. As shown from these transits, your relationships and finances are very intimately linked. You need to untangle the threads of the misunderstanding if they are there. You must work with Neptune to release yourself from projected ideas and confusing states of mind. On that point, Neptune is one of the primary psychic planets. You must trust your intuition if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with someone. It’s quite likely that intuition will be 100% correct.

Trust your intuition

Mars is transiting your Sun sign in the latter part of the year. It makes an excellent aspect to Neptune. At this time, you can trust your intuition. Your hunches will be correct. It’s through this mechanism that you somehow work your way out of the dilemma of ideals versus practical solutions. Mars indeed offers the resources, skills and the energy to break free of self-limiting concepts and circumstances that have been holding you back for too long. This is where an energetic practical planet works with a spiritual, otherworldly planet. The outcome can be excellent if you blend those forces wisely.

Being frugal with money is only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll start to learn that thriftiness and a minimalist approach to speech, time and love are a key to opening up greater possibilities within yourself. You’ll be making use of your resources more productively and appreciatively. In short, all of these aspects are going to have a telling effect on your overall self-esteem.

Much of this is going to hinge on how you handle your family life. If you’ve not been happy in your personal life, this will undermine your efforts professionally and socially. The North Node starts the year transiting the eighth house of self-transformation. This is a full influence on the fourth house in those family matters we are talking about. It shows you’re willing to open yourself up to new forms of learning, to developing your skill sets and generally broadening your understanding of interpersonal relationships. This is going to be key in the next 12 months.

Love and Romance for Scorpio in 2021


What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Mercury is the planet responsible for your friendships and social connections with Venus ruling your seventh house of marital and long-term relationships. Jupiter and Neptune are the principal governors of your romance and love affairs, ruling your fifth house these houses are important. And when these planets in particular, which rule these houses influence them, your friendships, love affairs and marital affairs also come to the fore. Venus and Mercury make transits to the seventh house on the April 15 and 19 respectively.

Place more importance on communication and working through your differences

You place more importance on communication and working through your differences. At this time, it’s fortunate that Venus kicks in and stimulates your romance. Your seventh house is one of an earthy and practical nature. It is Taurus. You are looking to build secure relationships during this period. You want your vision of the future to converge with that of your partner. To date, there may have been differences in your goals. During this period, you will be looking at working together as a team so that your efforts are consolidated.

These two planets follow up with a more intimate tone in May when they transit your eighth house on the 4th and 9th of May respectively. Conversations focus on love, intimacy and sexuality. It’s time to deepen your love affair through mutual pleasure and deeper understanding.

Venus and Mercury trek through the 11th house of your horoscope on the 22nd of July and 12th of August. This period is excellent for stimulating new friends and social activities. In the first and second weeks of July, you must be careful not to allow the square aspect of Mercury and Neptune to confuse issues.

Astrologer’s Note

Communications may slide sideways and listen more carefully. Do not assume you understand what the other person is saying. Superficially all may seem okay but it’s not a bad idea to ask for clarification.

Listen carefully to what your partner is saying

The Lunar Eclipse on November 19 was briefly touched on in the introduction to your 2021 reading. Any sort of Eclipse is particularly powerful but because this one takes place in your seventh house of marriage. It will be very telling about your relationships. Listen carefully to what your partner is saying. In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, you may find yourself distracted and unavailable.

This takes place on the 19th of November. Two days later, Mercury makes a square aspect to Jupiter. Love, friendship and long term committed relationships may be at a crossroads. Some of the responsibilities you have in this area may collide. Clearly defining what friendship and romance is might be part of your challenge at this time.

On either side of the cusp of Taurus, Mars and Uranus also hover as 2021 starts. Taurus relates to your marriage and significant partnerships. This is a destabilizing influence. Unexpected events take place in your relationships this year. Some of those events may be good, some not so good. It all depends on the attitude you take and how you perceive things.

The square aspect of Saturn to Uranus shows where the problem may lie at its root. Saturn is, after all, a conservative and traditional style planet. Whereas Uranus is progressive, freedom-loving and independent. These two aspects of life may be at odds as far as your intimate relationships are concerned.

Jupiter is also making its bid for freedom

The full impact of this aspect doesn’t manifest until the 18th of February. But before that, around January 18, Jupiter is also making its bid for freedom. Both of these planets tenant your fourth house which relates to your domestic and living circumstances. You will be at odds with your partner over the house you live in the locality, the style and other aspects of your family ideals. This needs to be worked on early in the year. There’s no point letting this fester. As the Mars and Uranus component can cause things to become explosive later on.

By May, Uranus makes a trine aspect to the mid part of Scorpio. This shows that as the year progresses, you feel a little more confident in directing your freedom-loving urges into acceptable channels. Communication should start to improve by the 14th of May when Jupiter transits the sign of Pisces, albeit briefly, the aspect on your sun sign is notable and the positive one Jupiter’s influence is usually considered Benayoun and uplifting you’re going to need some good fortune from this planet. Before the 23rd of May when Saturn goes retrograde, and then the lunar eclipse of 26th of May takes place.

Figure out your financial direction in life

At this time a cluster of planets in your eighth house of shared resources precariously balances the Moon in your second house of income. This is the time when you need to put your head together with your loved ones and figure out your financial direction in life. There may be some pressure on you as Mercury, Venus, North node and The Sun crowd your eighth house. Please note that the eighth house also has to do with marriage, intimacy and sexuality.

Mercury and Venus are exceptionally good planets when it comes to communicating your feelings. That’s all-important at this time. The other major celestial event is the transit of the sun on the 10th of June. This is a solar eclipse following closely on the heels of that lunar eclipse just mentioned it again takes place in your eighth house. So, you can see the mid part of the year is strongly focused on money, finance, and any other resources that are shared.

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Career and Finance for Scorpio in 2021


Although the Sun, your career planet, is due for some difficult aspects in the first month or so of the year you can use this to your advantage. This is because it makes contact with the hard taskmaster Saturn, indicating greater responsibilities ahead. This takes place in your fourth house of family and property matters. There may be issues that you need to deal with in this area of your life.

Tackling those greater responsibilities with a more cheerful attitude

Tackling those greater responsibilities with a more cheerful attitude can help you get on top of what initially seems like an insurmountable situation. Because these domestic issues weigh so heavily on your heart, you can’t allow it to impact your work. Because you have a strong drive to achieve new heights in your profession in 2021 you must segregate these two areas of your life.

This year you are driven to achieve an immense amount. This is shown by Mars and its hard aspects in the early part of the year on the 23rd of January, Mars squares Jupiter while transiting your seventh house, which is the house of partnerships, Jupiter is sitting in your fourth house of family and property, there may be a need to review the 80/20 rule. That is where is all your energy going this year? What sort of a return are you getting for the effort you make? If you’re spending inordinate amounts of time trying to achieve something, with little result, you might need to change that equation. Look at getting an 80% return for just 20% input.

With the Sun making conjunction with Jupiter on the 29th of January, some good fortune comes your way notwithstanding the huge efforts you are making. Some say that luck is simply the convergence of inspiration, perspiration, and opportunity. Jump at any opportunity you experience during this transit.

The Sun transits your sixth house on March 26 tasks has to do with your work activities and the people you work with. You will make tremendous efforts throughout March and April. And you can expect some handsome results with Mars training Jupiter on April 17. This may be related to some partnership efforts as the Sun moves into your seventh house during this cycle.

Be careful about where you park your money

With the Sun transiting your eighth house on May 21 it coincides with the right angle to Jupiter in your fifth house of speculation. You must be careful about where you park your money. You might expect to receive copious financial returns only to find that the results are less than favourable. It’s okay to take a gamble occasionally but do so being fully informed about the downside as well.

The Lunar result of the lunar eclipse on May 26 also reveals information regarding your second house of income. The eclipse will cause you to reappraise your finances. The following Eclipse shortly after June 10th. In your eighth house of shared resources is also a key turning point in your financial attitudes. It’s quite likely that whatever you decide upon, will end up working in your favour. That’s because Mars transits your 10th house on June 11.

Just a day after the eclipse on June 23, the Sun once again makes a trine aspect to Jupiter. This indicates a positive turn of luck due to Mars transiting your 10th house. The directional strength of Mars allows you to make an impression on your employers. As your leadership qualities are strong, there are other opportunities for promotion as well. People will be looking to you to set an example.

Success when the Sun transits your 10th House

This is especially so in August when the Sun transits your 10th house. It makes its entrance on July 23. The hard aspects to your Sun and Jupiter indicate tremendous effort which, fortunately, should pay off. Don’t expect this to be an overnight thing. It may take some additional time to make headway.

You must take care, especially towards the middle of September when Mars your ruler transits your 12th house. The Sun also makes its entry into the 12th house on September 23. This could be a low-key period where you need to recover from overexertion that can be in your work, exercise or through being overly emotional in your relationships.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Scorpio in 2021

Because the Moon rules your higher mind and spirituality, the lunar eclipses mentioned above will be significant milestones throughout the year. Those dates are May 26 and November 19. The eclipse on May 26 focuses your attention on material values. It does it in a reverse fashion, however. What this means is that you’re forced the question your motives in work, relationships and general associations with others.

The Happiness and security you are looking for don’t necessarily come from ‘things’

You will come to realise that happiness and security you are looking for don’t necessarily come from ’things’. Rather, the true value is about how you feel about yourself. This may also call into question the line of work you are doing. If what you’ve done is continued along the line of working on something that pays the bills but denies you happiness, that will start to change after this eclipse.

The same can be said for the eclipse takes place on November 19. Being in your zone of marriage and significant partnerships you may start to question the validity of some of the relationships you held as sacrosanct. Often, unconsciously, relationships become a subtle form of emotional if not material barter. ‘I’ll do this if you do that’ is the undercurrent operating in most relationships.

You want a more progressive approach to your relationships

This year will be important in that you want a more progressive approach to your relationships. You can’t escape the fact that Uranus is still transiting this significant angular sector of your horoscope. It will break down the traditional values and cause you to see things from a completely different perspective.

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