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Taurus 2020 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Taurus Horoscope for 2020

You have good reason to feel confident moving into 2020. Your ruling planet Venus occupies the uppermost part of your horoscope and is closely associated with intense, transformative Pluto. In the past you may have resisted the changes that this powerful planet brings. Now, you’re starting to realise and fully understand the upside.

Astrologer’s Note:

The association of these two planets is important, especially with respect to your career. It means you are able to utilise subtle magnetic and spiritual forces to achieve your goals. This may or may not be a conscious choice but still underpins many of your experiences at this time.  Interestingly, it’s going to be the likely reason for your good luck over the coming 12 months.

TAURUS-2020-HOROSCOPE-1024x550Neptune, the planet of ideals, receives a lunar connection at the outset of the year. This highlights your strong drive to be surrounded by true friends who are sympathetic to your needs and aspirations. It’s likely you’ll make extra efforts to meet people who are able to support you in your life now. You’ve spent a lot of time helping others at your own expense and that will continue. These friends may have karmic connections with you from previous lives. In any case, the people you meet now will have a lasting impact on your life and will be part of the process of transformation that Pluto is initiating.

This surge in independence is a wonderful thing but romantic partners may start to feel threatened by your newfound self-confidence. As Mars transits your 7th house of marital affairs, there’s a real danger that arguments might punctuate the start of the year.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You must be extra careful to clarify exactly where you stand on a variety of matters. You may waste a lot of valuable time making up for the lost time otherwise. Communicate your feelings in a way that’s sensitive to your partner’s needs.

The really big astrological news recently has been the forward and retrograde movement of Uranus in your Sun sign over the past several months. This is also an important planetary player at present. It is acting as a catalyst for radical changes happening in the lives of most people born under the sign of the Bull. The disruptive influence of Uranus reflects an inner discontent with the current status quo. This has probably been brewing a long time and has only recently erupted. You are experiencing newfound freedom but like an exploding volcano rocks and lava splatter in every direction. This transit lasts around seven years so you must to take control ASAP. For it to have a positive impact on your life you must be disciplined. Direct these energies in exactly the way you choose. This is something no one else can do for you.


This erratic influence of Uranus will also be felt in your personal relationships. The reason for this is that Uranus casts its eye on your 7th house of marriage. It’s natural for people to change when their partners change. That becomes the appropriate response to adjust to those variations over time. Fortunately, your ruling planet, Venus, has passed the tight square of Uranus late in 2019. You should, therefore, be feeling a general easing up of any super emotional or confrontational situations. You and your lover are changing in very noticeable ways. Adaptability seems to be one of your keywords in the coming twelve months.

It’s impossible to change if your beliefs aren’t also changing at the same time. That part of your life is seen by the karmic transits of Saturn, the South Node and Jupiter in your 9th house. Mercury is also in this area of your horoscope in the first month of 2020. You’ll be doing a lot of deep thinking regarding your belief systems. You will be reviewing how well your life philosophy is stacking up. You realise that some of your attitudes to life and relationships have had exactly the opposite of what you desire. That can’t possibly be working for you.

The transit of the South Node in your 9th house of spirituality allows you to draw upon some of your past psychic insights, dreams and intuitions to come to a point of self-understanding. You will break ties with the past and with those institutions no longer serving your spiritual needs. Mercury and Jupiter making their way through this sector and relate to your educational aspirations. You want to learn and this year you’ll certainly be doing a lot of that even if it’s not through any type of institutionalised program. You have your eyes wide open at this stage and will be educating yourself from every detail of your own personal experience.

Those of you embarking on traditional educational programs will be reinvigorated to learn, read and discuss all sorts of new topics of interest. For those of you doing so, you’ll be fortunate enough to gain good grades. You will enjoy learning a variety of things. You will connect with intellectuals or foreigners as part of this learning curve. 2020 will continue to fuel your curiosity in all sorts of new subjects. You see this as an exciting period of intense learning and mental expansion.

Long journeys are often connected with Jupiter’s transit in this area. Many people travel when Jupiter triggers their itchy feet. The 9th house is one such area which sees an broadening of horizons and a desire to connect with foreigners. You may want to learn new languages and visit loads of places on your life bucket list.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You must plan carefully as Jupiter is often also overoptimistic. Because Jupiter is transiting the sign of Capricorn, an earth sign, it struggles with the practicalities during this cycle. You must take time to organise your finances if you want to make your dreams a reality.

Jupiter’s lucky presence in your 9th house influences your health and creativity in a very positive manner this year. Positive actions, thoughts and intentions that were generated by you in the past are now starting to materialise. These are the gifts of your karma. You should look forward to better opportunities, new and exciting people in your life with a greater sense of purpose, generally speaking.

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Love and Romance for Taurus in 2020

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Mars dominates the foreground of your horoscope in January while it transits your 7th house. This gives you a greater commitment to relationships. There is also a tendency to oppose and possibly even dominate your partner over trifling matters. The fortunate sextile aspect to Saturn has helped create a more constructive atmosphere. Changes in your relationship can take place. You must, however, back off from nitpicking and finding fault. Rather, look to the similarities between the two of you to improve your rapport.

After January 3 your desire for sexual and emotional intimacy gets stronger. This is a result of your strong ideals. Mars makes its entrance into your eighth house of intimate affairs, shared resources and sexuality. The square to Neptune on January 28 creates idealistic differences between you and the one you love. These issues are resolved at the time Mars transits your 9th house after February 16.

With the right angle of Mars to Uranus on April 8, there could be some quirky twists and turns in your relationships. Your obsessive desire for independence and casual lifestyle comes in conflict with your partner’s idea of a committed relationship. Friendships and all manner of social activities are, however, set to receive a boost. That will happen with the transit of Mars into your 11th house on May 13.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You need to involve your partner if you’re committed to improving things. Cross-pollinate your intimate relationships with social ones to be more inclusive.

Mercury, your planet of love affairs and creativity enters into your communication zone on May 29. It goes into its retrograde motion on June 18. Therefore, communication and any sort of negotiation may not go as expected up until July 12. At that time Mercury moves forward again. Any agreements you are attempting to secure may need to be revisited after its forward motion. That communication is an important component of your relationships this year. It’s also shown by the important solar eclipse taking place on June 21. This occurs in your third house of communications, short journeys and mental patterns.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Make a greater effort to clear up any misunderstandings.

There are conflicting issues between July 31 and August 1 when Mercury opposes Jupiter and Pluto respectively. Sometimes words are more effective than actions. There may be issues of control or power plays going on. Neither you nor your partner should try to dominate the other. Successful relationships function when there’s an equitable arrangement and a mutual sharing of ideas. Most importantly, respect should punctuate all aspects of your relationship.

On August 20, Mercury enters your favourable 5th house of creative affairs. Communicating your feelings to your lover will meet with a better-than-expected response. If you have some new creative venture on your mind, engage your partner. This will help to solidify your relationship.


By taking on a hobby or activity together you strengthen the bonds of love. There may be a friendly competitive spirit between the two of you. This also helps to uplift your relationship to a superior position. The Sun also makes its energy felt in this area of your horoscope between August 23 and September 22. This accentuates a period of intense cooperative and creative activity during this cycle.

Introductions and new romantic opportunities occur suddenly as Mercury enters the trine aspect of Uranus on August 26th, the trine aspect of Jupiter on August 29th and trines your Sun sign throughout. This should be construed as a great cycle where you meet many new people. Some may turn out to be perfect candidates for a love affair, especially if you happen to be single and available.

Mercury’s transit through the 7th house is always welcome. It will transit this area of your horoscope after September 27. You may want to push things through more hastily especially if you’ve been waiting on a decision from your partner. As Mercury opposes Uranus on October 8, and then again moves retrograde, you may not easily achieve your objectives until after Mercury goes direct on November 4. On November 11, once it enters your 7th house again, you must go through some of the same old issues until it wipes away these problems after December 2. At this time it moves into your transformative 8th house.

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Career and Finance for Taurus in 2020


The connection between Taurus and professional activities in 2020 is prominent. With Uranus, the primary ruler of your work entering your Sun sign last year these astrological links become obvious. As mentioned in the introduction to your forecast, plenty of changes are taking place. You must be prepared to either go with the flow or suffer the discomfort of forced change. This is never a good look for Taurus, the fixed earth sign, which needs to accommodate change in a slow and deliberate manner.

The transit of Saturn in and out of your 10th house on March 22 is a particularly significant professional development. Greater responsibility and possibly even a radical change on your professional path may be on the cards. You may not be able to make a firm decision on this until September 29 when Saturn moves to its stationary direction after having been retrograde since May 11.

An intensification of your professional life takes place on January 11. Uranus goes direct. Leading up to this date, there may be uncertainty as well as unexpected schedule changes in your workplace and planning. The retrogression of Uranus on August 16 also throws your professional agenda into a tailspin. You may again have to start reviewing many of your plans.

You should take full advantage of the favourable transits occurring, especially with respect to the Sun. On January 21 the entry of the Sun to your 10th house is a powerful omen indicating opportunity, rank and status. This is one of the better times of the year to acquire that coveted job. The positive outcome of this is also shown by the transit of the Sun to your 11th house of business profitability. You earn more money during this period, especially if you happen to be the owner of a business. You’re able to curtail your expenses and see an improvement in your bottom line. Making contacts with an increasing circle of networking opportunities also occurs under this transit.

When Venus transits your 1st house on April 20 you have a more attractive personality. This causes you to influence others easily. Leading up to April 21 however, the square aspect to Saturn shows that you may have to shoulder a few more responsibilities than you are accustomed to. Let this be an opportunity for you to show others how capable you are.

Money burns a hole in your pocket after May 20 when the Sun transits your 2nd house. Although you may be earning a lot more cash at this time, you will also spend more. You may believe that there’s an unending supply of money.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You need to be more frugal and understand that financial planning is essential under these celestial patterns.

On June 21 contracts and negotiations are well favoured with the transit of the Sun in your 3rd house. The eclipse on June 21 punctuates your professional activities and indicates important breakthroughs in the way you conduct yourself at work with others.

Real estate matters often lift in priority as the Sun transits the 4th house. That will occur after July 22 and this brings your attention to domestic affairs. Apart from the emotional responsibilities you have to your family, property, land and rental issues need to be dealt with. This gives a stronger connection with your mother. If there happens to be unfinished business in that area of your life, you’ll find this the perfect time to put things to bed.

You’re more creative and competitive as the Sun enters your 5th house on August 23. The Sun remains here for a month and activates your creative and spontaneous impulses. You want to be seen to be the best at what you do. Your ego may become a little puffed up at this time. As long as you use it in the correct way you will have a distinct advantage. Sports and other outdoor activities are supported by the strong physical energy as empowered by this transit.

The trine aspect of the Sun to Jupiter leading up to September 10 is one of the lucky aspects of the year and should be capitalised on. If opportunities had dried up in the recent past, this may be a time when a punt should be taken. You have to keep your eye on the ball to know exactly when and which are worthy of your attention. You will also be more open to helping others. This, in turn, is returning good karma to you.

Around September 12 you will be confused about your professional objectives. While the Sun transits the opposition to Neptune your vision may not be in keeping with the reality of the situation. Your planning has to be flexible as there may be circumstances that are out of your control. Being more consultative in your planning is also advised. You need to have a clear picture of the many intertwining factors. This affords you more control over where you want to be in future.

Take care of your health after September 22 when the Sun enters your 6th house. You must also be a little more diplomatic with co-workers. Those you know are actively engaged in competing against you for better work positions will demand equal if not more attention from employers. On October 14 the Sun in opposition to Mars could bring with it disputes or even all-out war. These factors may be partly responsible for your health issues.

On October 23 the Sun enters your 7th house of business partnerships and public relations. This is a perfect time of the year to reappraise your business partnerships, ratify agreements and also work on your public relations plan. How do people perceive you? The answer to this is important as perception is everything in business. This could be a period when your branding becomes a more important facet of your commercial life.

Shared resources, banking and other taxation matters need to be dealt with while the Sun transits your 8th house on November 22. Up until Christmas, you’ll be focused on these issues. Working on a more secure financial plan for the future will also be underscored under this transit.

On December 15 the solar eclipse taking place in this same area of your horoscope accentuates these issues. You may discover some new methodology or gain some specific insight into how you can improve your business life or profession generally.




Karma, luck and spiritual insights for Taurus in 2020

For a reasonably long time, your karma and the results of your more recent actions have taken a while to come to fruition. You’ve had to exercise patience waiting for your just desserts. Jupiter struggles a little while transiting through Capricorn. It’s placement in your 9th house of good fortune and karmic well-being is a testimony to a fortunate prediction for 2020. Karma is on your side and you will have enough of a buffer to carry you through the year comfortably.

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Part of your good fortune comes through expanding your intellectual horizons. With so many planets transiting the zone of higher spiritual mind, it’s hard to escape the fact that you are naturally gravitating towards paranormal, psychic and spiritual interests at this stage of your life.

Saturn is the ruler of your 9th house. Naturally, its transit in 2020 will define the more important spiritual components of your experience. On January 13 the conjunction with Pluto indicates a forced change. Even reluctantly, you’ll be forced to look at the facts of your own life, circumstances and relationships in a transparent and honest manner. This gives you the ability to break through to deeper meaning.

Many of your spiritual insights will be carried across into your working life. After March Saturn transits into your career sector. At this time, you will have a clear vision of what you want to do. This is because it will be in keeping with your inner talents which you have been suppressing for a long time.


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