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Taurus 2021 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Taurus Horoscope for 2021

In 2021 Pluto continues transiting your 9th house of education, higher learning and spirituality.

TAURUSThis indicates immense changes taking place with your beliefs generally. This has been going on for some time. It intensifies especially after April 28 when that planet moves into its retrograde motion. A transformation is likely to take place throughout the year. This will lead you to take radical steps professionally.  The Sun and Mercury join Pluto on 5th and 15th of January respectively. This indicates you are intensely focused on educational or legal matters.

Astrologer’s Note

New financial opportunities open up for you based upon your knowledge base. Some of these changes may be profound. They are also unanticipated due to the effect of Uranus in your Sun sign.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2021For many, these changes come on the heels of generational and cultural/social changes that have been happening throughout the past year or so. As an example, the economic downturn due to COVID was something that wasn’t in the control of the average person.

More changes like this can be expected globally. It’s imperative for you to have a buffer to handle the ups and downs of life. Some of these events are not within your ability to change.

Notwithstanding the above, you are lucky this year. This is because of the transit of Jupiter in your 10th house of career and professional esteem. With this planet in a square aspect to Uranus, unexpected changes in your fortunes should be planned for. They are not necessarily bad.

Astrologer’s Note

New directions in your career direction and also sudden moves by employers or business associates will astound you.

This also has consequences for your finances as Jupiter aspects your 2nd house. This has to do with the efforts you make in your work and how well you are remunerated for that.

There are a couple of important lunar eclipses this year. One on May 26 and the other on November 19. They take place in Sagittarius and Taurus.

Astrologer’s Note

The first eclipse is associated with your 8th house of shared resources, personal intimacy and deeper psychological issues. You’ll be working at clearing up many of these areas in your life throughout 2021.

The 2nd eclipse takes place in your Sun sign. This is particularly important because this relates to your identity and how you present yourself to the world.

You will want to make an impression this year. You may not muster up the courage to make those important ‘image changes’ until the latter part of 2021.

Speaking of eclipses, the solar eclipse on June 10 occurs in the Zodiac sign of Gemini. This eclipse points to financial matters. As mentioned above, the aspect of Jupiter coupled with this eclipse has connections with your 4th house, ruled by the Sun. This has to do with property matters, straightening up your domestic relationships and finding more peace within yourself.

Some of the big transits for 2021 involve the movement of Jupiter. On July 28, it moves to your career sector after going retrograde on June 21. You have been unfinished business associated with professional activities. You have an opportunity in the middle part of the year to set that right.

On the very last couple of days of the year, Jupiter moves back into your 11th house of financial profits. It seems you’ll be spending much of 2021 ironing out some of the loose ends from the previous year, professionally speaking.

Saturn Moves to Aquarius

Saturn is your best planet next to your Sun sign ruler, Venus. Saturn is comfortable as it moves through its own sign of Aquarius. It does, however, make some difficult aspects on February 18, June 15 and December 24. All three of these aspects relate to Uranus. You’re torn between traditional roles and more progressive attitudes. You want to make a break with your past but these aspects are indeed very challenging.

Astrologer’s Advice;

Don’t be discouraged by brief disruptions occur. You could feel frustrated having to go over old work and revise things. This is all for the best because some of those old outdated methods will only serve to undermine your efforts moving forward.

Uranus is about breaking free of constraints. This planet powerfully influences your relationships by its opposite aspect. Therefore, you’ll be looking at ways to overcome a growing disinterest or some sort of instability in any relationship that seems to have gone past its use-by date.

The North node or Rahu as it’s called, has recently transited into your 2nd house of finance. This planet creates immense desire. You must be careful that those desires are within your reach. If you are aspiring to something which is unattainable, this can be the source of great frustration.

Generally, it can give some great success and material benefit. The downside is that this planet is often known to take back what it is given.

Astrologer’s Advice

Don’t waste what you earn, put aside a little for a rainy day and don’t expect everything to remain the same.

Neptune’s connection to the North node transit from your 11th house of social activities is also a challenge. You may be dreaming of how you want your relationships with friends to be. The reality will be far different from what is actually happening. You must also take care that you don’t put friends and new acquaintances on any sort of pedestal. People are people.

Don’t overlook others’ weaknesses. That will only expose your own weakness. That’s when you can be severely disappointed. Scrutinise friends and in particular, new people you meet throughout the coming year. Neptune is a spiritual planet and shows that you’re looking to connect with spiritually like-minded people. You’re looking for honesty, integrity and friends who can connect with you at the heart level.

Love and Romance for Taurus in 2021

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

There is an element of rebelliousness in your nature this year. This is due to the transit of Neptune in your 11th house. It’s likely you will want to break free of your usual circle of friends in 2021.

Astrologer’s Note

The year is punctuated by two important transits of Neptune. They are the stationary and direct motion of this planet. That takes place on June 26 when Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces.

That retrograde motion means you will be completely re-evaluating your existing impasse friendships. You may not completely finish your ’audit’ until it goes direct on December 1 that gives you ample time to consider and reconsider who are friends and who are not. Who are the honest people in your tribe and who the ones simply using you?


Neptune is associated with self-sacrifice, saving others, running to their rescue. The flip side is that it often means you end up the sacrificial victim.

The principal planet of marriage and romance for you is Mars. It starts the year off in your 12th house, a rather low key area. It quickly moves to your Sun sign on January 7 but by January 13, makes it difficult right angle aspect to Saturn.

Astrologer’s Note

Your frustrations will be notable at this time. There’s no point pushing harder to achieve your romantic goals. Your efforts will only meet resistance. You will have to find a different way to bring your spouse or partner around.

You will find yourself exhibiting a lot of self-control but by January 21, the conjunction of Mars to Uranus could be explosive. If you’ve been bottling up your feelings, you won’t be holding back any more. This is a critical time when you may say or do things that you will regret later.

The additional square of Jupiter on the 23rd, very close to the date of the square to Uranus, adds fuel to the fire. It makes you excessive in every single way. You want to expand, grow and express your love. That may not all be how your partner wants things to move, at least not as quickly as you. You’re going to have to slow your pace, adjust to the needs of others and here’s the kicker, compromise.

Friendships hit the top of your agenda

Friendships hit the top of your agenda after February 18 when the Sun and Venus, on the 25th and the 11th house. You’ll be busily engaged in making contact with your existing group of friends. There are opportunities to expand your circle of influence and network into new and unusual areas. That’s also got to do with the transit of Uranus in your Sun sign. Anything new and quirky will appeal to you now.

The 5th house of your horoscope is primarily concerned with creativity and love. Venus enters this area of your horoscope on July 22. Mars is not far off its heels on July 30. This is the hot, passionate combo that really stimulates love emotionally and physically. You need to express yourself sensually. You’ll find your partner just as hot and sexy.

While Venus is transiting your 5th house, you must be careful not to be overly excessive. You could overvalue friendships and this may embarrass you. You might be so excited, sharing your newfound love only to find that it’s short-lived. Be careful not to jump the gun. It’s likely you’ll be burning the candle at both ends while Venus makes an opposition aspect to Jupiter. This takes place leading up to July 22.

In the latter part of July and August, you may need to temporarily take your mind of social activities and refocus attention on work. The transit of Mercury to Mars around August 19 cautions you against saying too much.

Astrologer’s Advice;

Silence is golden. Nothing you say will appease your partner.

Arguments are likely around this time of the year. By August 23, there will be a more peaceful atmosphere as far as your romantic life is concerned. That may be a rather cool emotional peace, unfortunately. You may just have to stay out of each other’s way for a while. Doing your own thing gives you an opportunity to collect your energies again.

The opposition of Venus to Neptune is also a concern around August 10. This is an extension of the Venus-Jupiter opposition. Leading up to August 10, you will be extremely impressionable.

Astrologer’s Advice;

Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Looks can be very deceiving.

In August, Mercury and the Sun also make their way through your 5th house as well. This is a wonderful period of the year to continue along those creative lines with your lover. Set aside time to enjoy some hobby or activity together. Get out and play sports and enjoy some friendly competitive recreation.

Astrologer’s Advice

It’s a perfect time to put work on concepts you’ve had on the backburner. Devote some loving time to the one you consider your soulmate. For those who are single, this is an excellent omen. Forging new relationships. Soulmates are likely to come out of the woodwork.

On September 11, Venus moves the 7th house and this brings in a beautiful calm and loving energy to your relationships. This is also a creative period when you and your partner can enjoy your beauty and intimate moments together. This is a harmonious period and one in which you should consolidate and build upon your relationship.

With the Sun transiting your 7th house on October 23 and Mars on October 31, expect fire and brimstone to be part of your relationship interactions. Fortunately, for the entry of Mercury on November 6, you’ll be able to communicate your way to some sort of truce.

Astrologer’s Note

Keeping your emotions under control is going to be a challenge for you throughout this period of the year.

Mercury’s aspect to Jupiter around November 1 is a perfect transit to foster better communication. Don’t be too intense however as the square aspect on the 2nd to Pluto could irritate others. Your passion is not everyone else’s passion.

Travel is on the Cards

Venus moves to the 9th house on November 5 while Mercury transits your 7th house of love at the same time. Travel is on the cards and this is an excellent time to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine life. Share that with the one you love, explore the world and enrich yourselves as a couple. For those of you single, this could be a time when you meet someone while you are in transit.

You are likely to be impulsive around November 18 when Mars opposes Uranus and Mercury, the Sun. Mars also opposes the Sun on November 28 even though Venus trines the Sun on the 29th. These are high-powered aspects which require some sort of physical outlet. You need to sweat, drive yourself and redirect your anxious into useful activities. This is all about better self-management.

The cherry on top of the cake called 2021 is Jupiter’s transit again into your 11th house on December 29. On the same day, Mercury makes conjunction with Neptune. These are all auspicious aspects indicating a beautiful ending romantically for the year.

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Career and Finance for Taurus in 2021


There’s something fated about your finances and business this year. The North node or karmic point is now making its way through your earnings sector. This is significant in that it only happens once every 18 years. You may have felt similar things happening many years back which are now coming full circle.

The opposing point, the South Node is in the area of shared resources. It’s interesting to note that Venus, your ruling planet is in close proximity to this South node. The transits take place in the 8th house which has to do with the money you share with others, the power you gain from how you pool your resources.

There may be some big lessons to be learned in the area of money. More importantly, this has to do with your value system and what it is you actually do for money. Are you doing what you love? This is an important question/theme that’s often repeated when people are looking for meaning in their lives.

With the square aspect of Neptune to these nodes, at the outset of 2021, you may be either too idealistic about what’s possible financially or completely and utterly confused. This year is about sifting through and eliminating those things that are holding you back. You want financial security but as mentioned at the outset of the reading, you may be fearful of breaking ties with the past.

Bad habits that obstruct your financial independence must be eliminated. This is one of the big challenges for you in the coming 12 months. An example of a bad habit is continually purchasing cheap goods. Initially, you feel that you are saving money. It’s only when the item breaks down or has to be replaced or serviced over and over again that you realise just how expensive those goods are. The concept of economising, or rather, not economising, may be part of your lesson during this cycle.

Mars makes its way into your financial sector on March 4. You are driven to earn money that may have some personal deadlines that you have created. Don’t kill yourself in the process. On May 4 Mercury, the mercantile planet, gives quick profits and turnover transiting through your 2nd house. Just a little after, on May 9, Venus, your ruler pushes you to earn more as it also makes its way into this sector.


Whatever you earn should be carefully managed

Don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket when the Sun follows suit on May 21. Whatever you earn should be carefully managed. Put aside a percentage of what you earn every week that you can build up your bank balance. New contracts are likely to come your way after April 23 when Mars transits your 3rd house. It’s an opportunity to improve your position at work or any business partnership.

Real estate and property become a focus on June 11, June 27 and again on July 28 when Mars, Venus and Mercury transit your 4th house of assets. Speculation is likely to take place when Mars transits your 5th house on July 30. You’re prone to be risky and need to seek advice before spending good money after bad.

Manager debts better in August. You have a chance to get your accounts back into the black. Venus transits your 6th house on August 16 and Mercury on August 30. There could be disputes with co-workers or over finances when Mars enters the 6th house on September 15.

Banking, finance and insurance matters take priority in the last part of the year. Mars enters your 8th house on December 13 shortly after Mercury on November 25. Talk to your bank manager about a better deal and work on saving more for that rainy day. You should be on top of your finances as the year comes to a close.



Karma, luck and spiritual insights for Taurus in 2021

As mentioned in your finance reading, income and material values are an important lesson for you throughout 2021. That is also augmented by the transit of Jupiter in your 10th and 11th houses throughout the coming 12 months. Jupiter is the spiritual planet and shows where you can expand but at the same time find some spiritual value in what you do.

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Spiritualising your work simply means paying more attention and enjoying what you do. It’s important to transition out of work that makes you feel like you are some sort of prisoner. These constraints are also shown by the transit of Saturn which continues in your 10th house of professional activities. You may feel as if someone in a position of authority has clipped your wings. You’re able to fly, to express yourself creatively in the job that you may have been doing for years.

You can make some headway in your self-development and spiritual discipline when Venus, your ruler, moves through the 9th house. That happens on January 9 and again on November 5. These are times where you will feel lifted up in your search for deeper meaning in your life.

Finding deeper meaning might mean stepping out of your normal routine

The 12th house is also a key spiritual house. Finding deeper meaning might mean stepping out of your normal routine. Find some sanctuary or going on a spiritual retreat is a good idea. March 20 with the Sun enters the 12th house, May 22 when Venus does the same and then on April 4 with Mercury joining the other duo. In other words, you can see an uplift in your spiritual activities particularly in the 2nd and last quarters of 2021.


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