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Capricorn 2020 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Capricorn Horoscope for 2020

Your ruling planet, Saturn, is comfortable in its own sign and will continue to remain in Capricorn until December 2020. The association of the Sun and Saturn throughout January brings additional responsibilities that you need to deal with. This could reduce your energy levels. Hopefully, Jupiter’s transit in your Sun sign will offset the quality of this aspect. You’re asked to meet all your obligations head-on at the outset of the year.

When such a large number of planets congregate in one area of the Zodiac, it’s clear that department of life must take precedence over everything else. Your Sun sign relates to your personality and development of character. For this reason, a great deal of energy will be spent on analysing yourself and figuring out ways to become the best version of yourself possible. That may be difficult as so many planets in one area may cause you to be a little too subjective. A congregation of a large number of planets is called a stellium.

CAPRICORN-2020-HOROSCOPE-1024x550Part of that stellium is the sweet conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter. Jupiter rules your 12th house of spiritual and alternative cultural interests. Mercury is all about learning, delving into the intellectual side of things. You will want to explore the hidden side of life and to understand yourself more fully.

The 12th house is the hidden zone of your horoscope. It therefore relates to those things in your life you often don’t want to look at or confront. These are the things in your life that cause you to falter, which obstruct you and lead to losses. It’s also known as the house of secrets and hidden suffering. It relates all of those things in your past that have subtly been undermining your efforts. Understanding the problem is half the solution. By understanding these “fracture lines” in your personality you put yourself ahead of the game by learning how to resolve these ignored issues.

Relationships also play an important role in reshaping your view of life in the coming twelve months. That huge buildup of planets in your Sun sign is directly opposite your marital sector. It stands to reason that your significant relationships will be in the spotlight as well.

Over and above this, the karmic Nodes transit your pivotal marital and significant relationship zone. Huge lessons are being learned in this area of your life.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be prepared to accept that these lessons are not going to always be easy. This creates great desire but also obstruction in achieving the level of communication you’d like.

As early as January 11 your relationship starts to feel the impact of this transit in your marital zone. This will either work for good or bad depending upon your level of awareness. In any case, as the Moon is an emotional planet, it will be prompting you to clarify your feelings.

Astrologer’s Advice

Compassionately try to understand your partner’s perspective on important matters. This could even be a turning point in your relationship.

Uranus is weighing in on this particular issue with its transit in your fifth house of romance, creativity and love affairs. The action of Uranus is one of surprises. This planet makes you excitable and exciting. You may not quite know what the outcome of your relationships is this year. Uranus continues to influence you for some years to come.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for unexpected and dramatic events in your most significant relationships.

Further to its effect on your relationships, the fifth house has to do with your creativity and children. That is, if you happen to be a parent. Primarily however, self-expression and creativity go hand in glove with the powerful celestial traffic jam in your Sun sign. The power of Uranus is in its ability to give you an innovative edge over your competitors. And speaking of competitors, your fifth house has a lot to do with competitiveness. You see that it’s important to lift your ball game to unprecedented levels. Uranus makes you electric, so people will take notice of what you have to produce this year.


Communication requires much greater attention to detail while Neptune is transiting your third house. As the New Year commences, the all-important lunar transit is right next to Neptune. This indicates your idealism is high and so too is your predisposition misunderstanding. You may even be innocently misrepresenting facts in your discussions. Think carefully before you speak as this may have long-term ramifications especially in areas that relate to contracts and agreements.

With Mars kicking the year off in your 11th house of social activities, friends will become an important focus, at least in the first week of the year. Mars isn’t particularly friendly and therefore this indicates some upsets.

Astrologer’s Advice

Don’t allow differences of opinion to damage otherwise long-standing and positive relationships.

Mars immediately moves to your 12th house of seclusion on January 3. After a hectic couple of days into the New Year, you find yourself exhausted and in need of rest. It’s not a bad idea to recharge your batteries, build up your energy reserves and resistance. Later, tackle those same problems head on, only much more refreshed.

Jupiter transits out of your Sun sign in the last month of the year. Jupiter will make its way into your second house of finance, income and material values. Jupiter expands that area of your life which it touches. Its transit in each area lasts approximately one year. The second house is considered an exceptionally good place for Jupiter.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be careful because twelfth house of expense foretells of spending your earnings as quickly as you earn them. Pay close attention to your money and get solid advice if you aren’t clear on how to set up budgetary schedule. Most astrologers wouldn’t suggest that because you are a Capricorn and not likely to have that sort of problem.

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Love and Romance for Capricorn in 2020

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

The Moon’s eclipse on January 11 is one of four that take place in 2020. The first is significant as it lands, smack, bang in your zone of relationships. This is the seventh house of your horoscope. This means this eclipse is going to point the direction for the coming year.

The Moon will work on your emotions. It brings up all of those elements in your relationships that need working on. The effects of the eclipses don’t always take place immediately. They are sure to have an impact on every level of your partnerships as the year progresses. They are important turning points in your personal relationships. I will make reference to some of the other eclipses in the other segments.

There’s something fated about your relationships this year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The North node or future karma pointer indicates a culmination of understanding in your marital or significant partnerships. This seventh house of your horoscope where the North node currently transits, speaks volumes of the type of relationships you’re likely to have.

If you’re in a relationship you’re at the tipping point of a series of circumstances that have built up over the past year or so. There may be aspects of your partner’s personality or daily living habits that seem glaringly at variance with your own. Earlier you may have been able to endure all these differences but now something has to give.

When Mars enters your Sun sign on February 16 expect whatever has been suppressed to come to the surface. You won’t be sweeping anything under the rug now. Mars makes you forceful in expressing any discontent you experience. The danger is in losing your cool and kicking diplomacy to the curb. You must contain yourself. Luckily Saturn is there to help rein in those combated energies of the red planet.

Mars has the tendency to aggravate. When it hits the fourth house of your family affairs in the square to your marital sector, expect fiction to arise in your household. Around this time Mars also makes a square aspect to the Sun. Make sure that you are able to find a way to divert your intense energy. You’re likely to take it out on your friends.

On June 30 Jupiter moves into conjunction with Pluto. There may be power plays going on. Avoid mind games at all costs. You don’t want your relationship to deteriorate into a battle of wills. Fortunately the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in your seventh house ensures greater communication. That may not work out exactly as you plan. From May 11 until September 29 Saturn makes its retrograde movement. A soul revision is underway and will have a direct impact on your love life.

Venus, the planet of love and a friend of your Sun sign is well poised between August 18 and September 6. It brings a measure of sensuality and intimacy back into your relationship. It’s presence in your marital zone will be most welcome. It may take you a little time to warm up after a possible emotional dry spell.

Intimacy is likely to intensify up until October 3 while Venus transits your eighth house of deeper sexual issues and personal insights. You and your partner may opt to travel. That will helps bring you back the last to your relationship. You can look forward to greater resonance greater after August 23 when the Sun transits your ninth house of travels.

A robust social life is likely in the coming 12 months, particularly in the latter part of the year. Mercury, the Sun and Venus make their way through your 11th house of sociability and networking. Expect fulfilment of some life desires. These transits usually indicate great contacts, renewal of existing friendships and the making of new acquaintances.

Your relationships and friendships are likely to be rather edgy in the latter part of the year. On October 8 Mercury moves into an opposition to Uranus which is transiting your fifth house of love affairs. On the ninth, Mars squares Pluto and this is more than just a little intense. On October 11 the trine from Venus to Uranus makes for interesting contacts and quirky outings with unusual people. You want to be with a different crowd at this time.

This social energy continues when the Sun enters your 11th house on October 23. It remains there up until November 22. There is a stabilising influence with the trine to Saturn. Those friendships which may have diverged over the past few months or even years are renewed now. Communication lines are open particularly when Mercury enters this space on November 11.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must keep your relationships practical this year. Your idealism will be high especially around December 6 when Venus makes a trine to Neptune. You are likely to idealise love. Don’t fall into the trap of being in love with love rather than the person. Scrutinise everyone you meet and don’t take things at face value.

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Career and Finance for Capricorn in 2020


You may be using work and money as a means of emotionally disconnecting. You must reassess the way you’ve been working and living. If this has had an adverse effect on your personal life begin to change that. This is due to the combined energies of the Sun and Moon in your Sun sign at the time of the lunar eclipse. Your personality will feel as if it’s undergoing major renovation. That’s an exceptionally good thing.

In the early part of the year your ruling planet Saturn will do some interesting maneuvers celestially. It moves to your second house of finance and March 22 but does an about-face on May 11 when it moves into its retrograde motion. It continues this dance, moving back into your Sun sign on September 29. Finally it moves back out into your finance sector on December 17. Around this time Jupiter enters your moneymaking zone as well.

You’ll be thinking long and hard about your financial stability and the future. Saturn’s influence makes you even more conservative. Jupiter is expansive in its power. It’s an extraordinarily good counterbalance to what is sometimes a mistrust which seems to be ingrained into the personality of Saturn. Jupiter gives you the confidence to move forward. You believe that you are capable of influencing events for improvement financial betterment. It’s a time of planning and also knowing exactly what it is you want to do.

On May 29 Mercury enters your seventh house of partnerships. The Sun and Venus also do the same on June 21 and August 8. This is exceptionally fruitful for your, existing and new ones. The presence of Venus is always lucky. The added benefit is that until December, you can utilise the potent energies of Jupiter which are fully streaming in to this area of partnerships. You may be nervous about taking big steps. You should have confidence in yourself and faith in the outcome.

The July 5 eclipse is also significant and offers you the keys to greater self-understanding. This eclipse takes place in your Sun sign of Capricorn. It may be that some element of your practical life that has gotten in the way of your personal affairs.

Give more time to yourself and the ones you love.

It’s all systems go when the Sun traverses your 10th house of profession and personal achievement. Your self-worth will be bolstered when this occurs on September 22. Mercury’s retrograde movement is also hovering around this part of the Zodiac. It is strongly influencing your decisions at this time. This occurs between September 6 and 27. You will strike a great deal through your power of persuasion.

All good things come to those that wait. This may have to be the case for you in 2020. Jupiter doesn’t touch your income and finance sector till it exits your Sun sign on December 19. This doesn’t mean the rest of the year isn’t going to be fulfilling or profitable. The point is, you may not see the full benefit of your efforts until much later in the year.

There’s an old dictum that says when both Jupiter and Saturn jointly influence a sector of your horoscope that area is likely to thrive. Jupiter and Saturn indeed connect three days before Christmas on December 22. This is a time when your big plans and the vision you have for your future will start to be realised. This is supported by the excellent transit of Venus your 11th house of dreams and life goals. Venus is your best planet next to Saturn. It promises to bring you the good karma you’ve been waiting for financially and professionally.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Capricorn in 2020

Venus relates to your past karma and is important at this time. It is especially so while it is gaining directional strength. This happens from February 8 until March 4. Spending time in your domestic sphere and trying to remain at peace will be one of the most powerful tools. Carry this forward even if you become extremely busy later. Remaining centred amid stress and the hustle and bustle day-to-day life is in itself a great spiritual achievement. This will bring good fortune in other forms.

The power to create has a spiritual and karmic component to it as well. Venus moves to the important fifth house of creativity on March 5. Venus is also the planet of love so you experience luck in your relationships and your creative pursuits. You will find yourself in the company of someone who shares the same interests. This can draw you closer together. This could well be a cycle for meeting your soulmate.

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The eclipse on June 6 activates your 12th house of spirituality. This has already been discussed above. Suffice to say that an additional blast of eclipse energy opens the doors to the higher dimensions of your being. Your meditative practices around the middle of the year will yield exceptionally good results.

Your ninth house relates to spiritual wisdom, luck and karma. Mercury gives you a greater curiosity about these matters when it enters this part of your horoscope on August 20. One of your greatest assets, or so it should be, is gaining more wisdom along the way. Some of the studies which interest you have a hidden spiritual component attached to them. How you study can be one of the keys to greater spiritual awareness.

Being focused, concentrated on any activity is in itself a form of meditation.

The eclipse of November 30 in your sixth house of Gemini is very telling. This has a bearing on your health especially into 2021 beyond. Look carefully at the intimate link between your physical well-being and internal mental/emotional state. There is no denying that your body is indeed a mirror of all that’s going on within you.

Use the insights you gain from bouts of poor health to analyse why this may be happening. Any sort of pain is a signal that something has to change. If you’re on the path to some sort of spiritual goal,


that finding emotional satisfaction and mental balance is the key. Don’t make the mistake of locking yourself away and unplugging from day-to-day life and relationships. It’s in these areas of your life that you experience your biggest growth.

Key dates which may trigger a deeper spiritual sense and even a need to withdraw from the world include January 3 with the transit of Mars to your 12th house. November 22 the Sun makes its presence felt in this area. Pilgrimages, journeys or bouts of seclusion in remote or uninhabited areas act as a catalyst for deeper insight into your spiritual nature. Charitable acts will also be on your agenda. You feel as if helping others gives you a sense of purpose.


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