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Cancer 2021 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Cancer Horoscope for 2021

This year is a particularly interesting one especially if you’re looking to break free of your past patterns and behaviour. As the year starts, Saturn is in the challenging square aspect to Uranus. The tension associated with this transit will be noticeable even as the year commences.

CANCERSaturn is structure whereas Uranus breaks down those structures and is a particularly revolutionary planet. Because of that, you may be finding it difficult to balance the tried and tested with more forward-thinking ideas.

The difficult aspect of Saturn to Uranus builds, leading up to February 18. You may be looking at ways to explore greater success and to do things on your terms. Unfortunately, you may be your own worst enemy. You’ll feel as if your wings have been clipped. Your confidence isn’t what it should be.

This is a period of personal adjustment, especially with the way you think. You may also need to look at your lifestyle habits and readjust those as well. Diet particularly may be part of the underlying problem which is abstracting your success.

The solar eclipse of June 10 occurs in your 12th house. This means the middle of the year is punctuated by a deeper spiritual sense. The 12th house has to do with meditation, solitude and retreat. It may be a time when you choose to connect with your higher self.

Your emotions may also be your worst enemy at this time. You’ll be seeking some sort of backdoor escape. You might be feeling suppressed, limited and hampered in everything that you try to do.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2021Until 2023, Saturn will be transiting your 8th house. This is the house of erotic and sensual energies. Your passions may need to be more structured at this time. You’re also seeking greater insight into what your partner’s needs are. Are they meeting yours? Somewhere along the line, you are going to have to work through the psychological barriers to being more intimate and to fulfilling you and your partner.

Often the way we perceive each other is not all the way our partners perceive themselves. Pleasing and may simply mean stepping out of your shoes for a while and becoming more compassionate. The 8th house is also related to life and death issues. It’s the house of self-transformation. The mysteries of life will intrigue you at this time and this cycle is about rebuilding your sense of self.

This 8th house also has a lot to do with your shared resources. Borrowings and loans are also governed by this transit. Could it be that you need to change the way you are dealing with finances and planning for your future security?

You will need to become more disciplined with the way you deal with money generally. This has to do with your future security and how you been managing your finances generally. Over and above this, the use or abuse of power may become an issue this year.

Up until May 14, Jupiter transits your 8th house. This accentuates what has been detailed above but also speaks of a more expansive approach to your finances and the finances of your partners. Jupiter is a lucky planet and therefore under this transit, up until this time, you may even be the recipient of some gift, inheritance or legacy. Winning money is also on the cards.

Jupiter transits Pisces which is your 9th house on May 14 and you start to gain a much broader perspective of life generally. Your 9th house relates to your higher mind, educational pursuits and long-distance journeys. Interest in different cultures may also take hold of you.

There are wonderful opportunities to expand your mental horizons. If you are in the second half of your life, you will start to feel greater wisdom emerging from within yourself. This transit will be interrupted by the retrograde movement of Jupiter.

On June 21, Jupiter goes stationary and then retrograde is back into the 8th house of Aquarius on July 28. This is a revamp of 2020. Any of the 8th house lessons that you haven’t learned will come to the fore now. The 8th house is also a psychological house and deals with such things as deeper childhood scars, relationship issues and intimacy factors.

Once again, sexual matters will need to be dealt with, if they haven’t already been. As such, any relationship problems you’ve been encountering throughout the year or for that matter, in 2020, will need to be addressed now. As well as sexual and intimacy questions, your 8th house relates to shared resources, banking and other financial matters. This could get tricky especially when sex and money are intertwined somehow.

At the very tail end of the year, Jupiter once again moves forward, on October 18. It then makes its way back to your 9th house with the promise of resolving some of the above issues. On December 29, it finally moves into your spiritual sector again. With a clear mind and heart, you will hopefully be able to move in your life direction without all of that emotional baggage and clutter.

In 2021, you could feel restless seeking some sort of adventure or challenge in life. In any case, this period will definitely make you feel as if you should spread your wings and fly. Jupiter isn’t the only planet that goes retrograde and forward throughout the coming 12 months.

Saturn also does so on May 23 and then forward on October 11. Uranus goes retrograde on January 14 and then direct on August 20. Neptune and Pluto also do the same thing: June 26 retrograde, December 1 direct and April 28 and October 7 respectively.

As you can see, big revisions are likely if you are to achieve the satisfaction you are looking for. The retrograde and direct movements of planets correlate to those aspects of your life which need to be carefully reassessed, digested and fully understood.

In other words, although things on these above dates appear to move sideways, even backwards, they are perfect opportunities for you to get on top of those issues which are actually holding you back. In this way, you can expect the following 12 months to be a spurt of spiritual growth.

Love and Romance for Cancer in 2021

Romance-and-friendship-2019What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Mars is your principal planet of romantic affairs with Venus ruling friendships and Saturn ruling your committed long-term relationships. Saturn is already been dealt with in the introduction but to see how your overall romance operates in 2021. Let’s take a look at the transits of Mars and also the Sun and Venus, which also relate strongly to affairs of the heart.

On January 7 when Mars transits your 11th house, both friendship and material benefits come your way. You feel sociable and extroverted. You’ll seek friendship, especially with people who really know how to have a good time. Greater connections with unusual friends are shown by Mars making a conjunction with Uranus in 11th house on January 23.

These impulses should be checked, especially between January 23 when Mars square is Jupiter on February 25 with Mars making a trine of Pluto and then moving to your 12th house of secret activities on March 4.

As Venus transits the 7th house of your horoscope on January 9 you feel a resurgence of love for your partner and closest friends. The influence of Mars in the trine from Venus on January 10 makes you passionate. A creative spurt is likely during this period and your self-expression is peppered with brilliant insights and of course lovemaking. Use your creativity to improve your romantic life as well.

The hard aspect of Venus and Mars on February 20 shows that you are likely to be passionate about the wrong things. The conjunction of Venus and Neptune on March 14 also shows your extreme idealism. This goes for people as well as activities. Pick your mark well before embarking on any sort of romantic ‘adventure‘. As you can see, the first couple of months of the year are intense emotionally, socially and sexually.

Venus and friendships

Venus transits your 11th house of social activities and networking on April 15 making powerful conjunction to the disruptor, Uranus. Looking for unusual people will stimulate your mind and emotions. You might not have ventured out of your very tight circle of information or mental interests. Now, you have a chance to break free of those limitations.

There’s also a struggle between responsibilities to family and your social ambitions. Personal affairs and professional goals see more divergent. On the one hand, you’re inspired by your dreams. Remain aware of the practical demands of your day-to-day life.

On August 16 when Venus transits your 4th house, you realise that you can’t keep postponing what needs to be done at home. Those domestic chores will never get done otherwise. It’s probably a good idea to allocate a large slab of time to get this out of the road.

Remove clutter to improve emotional circumstances

Hoarding, increased clutter and emotionally holding on to things, is subtly obstructing your emotional success. Minimalism seems to be your keyword during this cycle. It’s all about taking the initiative, that first step. Once you do this, you’ll realise that the task isn’t quite as humongous as you first thought. Getting the clutter out of the way creates space for love.

Venus makes a square to Pluto on September 6 but also makes a favourable aspect to Jupiter on the same date. On the 11th it moves to the romantic 5th house of your horoscope. The intensity of these aspects may be dampened by the hard aspect of Saturn on September 17. Romance is better than usual. You have the charisma to attract a potentially fun partner.

Choices may be available and this will be hard especially if two or even three offers are simultaneously on the table. A shift away from routine to a greater focus on your love life is likely. Get any tedious work out of the way first so you can fully enjoy your relationships. The aspect of Saturn may cause you to cool off and rethink some relationships.

Mars makes you more aggressive after September 15 with its transit in your 4th house. You have good reason to step up your demands on family members as shown by the trine to Saturn, square to Sun, trine to Jupiter and square to Pluto. All of these aspects take place between September 15 and October 22.

These above transits set the tone for an October 31 transit of Mars in your 5th house. With the square aspect of Saturn on November 11, you may be struggling to break free of some frustrating circumstance surrounding your love life. You are frustrated with someone and maybe bursting at the seams because of it. In response to this frustration, you could say and do things that you’ll regret.

Realise that even a kick up the pants isn’t going to get them moving in the direction you like, nor as fast as you’d prefer. You must understand that a leopard rarely changes its spots. Today, it may be a case of doing the job yourself if you need to get it done. The moral of the story is to not expect too much from unreliable people.

During November, love is in the air

Fortunately for the transit of Venus through your 7th house on November 5, much of the tension you feel can be offset by this wonderful soothing transit. The 7th house and the aspects of Venus to Uranus on the 19th indicate an innovative approach to solving your problems. At least, the last part of the year should yield some better results romantically.

The retrograde movement of Venus on December 19 and its conjunction with Pluto on the 25th warns that you should not be too obsessive or demanding of those you love. That may only serve to push them further away.

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Career and Finance for Cancer in 2021


The Sun and Mars are your principal career and finance planets. Studying their movements give you a good idea of what is likely to happen in your professional life in the coming months.

On or about March 4, you must be careful with your money. Mars transits your 12th house of excessive expenditure. You must contend with how and why you’re spending what you spend. You could feel like mud the morning after if you don’t curb your expenses.

Cutting back expenses is the only way for you to progress. You might need to completely shut out the world during this cycle as you don’t feel comfortable connecting with others. You may simply need to take a break for a while.

Career promotion

Notwithstanding these financial red flags, the transit of the Sun to your 10th house on March 20 is the best zone for your career elevation. Venus also adds its excellent vibrations on March 22 by joining the Sun in the upper part of your horoscope. Countering stress and work conflicts through some social activities will help. This reflects strongly on your chance of promotion or improved income. You could be over-reactive emotionally. You need to get on top of this.

In the eyes of others, you’ll need to prove your capacity in some way, with challenging situations. Allowing others to scrutinize your strengths and weaknesses makes you vulnerable but opens doors. An older man and his problems require some extra time and sacrifice on your part.

The Sun transits your first house on June 21. Professional relationships should run smoothly but also require a little management now. This is also a good time to concentrate on financial affairs or work which involves creative activity. Your energy and drive will be strong. Your health will also support your professional efforts.

Creating a more attractive and appealing work environment will please you now and help increase output. Your personal views mustn’t get mixed up with professional duties. When Mars makes its opposition aspect to Saturn on July 1, you may find yourself at odds with others it may be a difficult time. You may need to hold back from speaking your mind on certain issues, as much as you want to.

The Sun: The power and attraction

When the Sun transits your finance sector on June 23, you’ll start to feel the power of attraction once again. This must be used with as much clever and well-orchestrated business instinct as you can muster. It’s going to give you leverage. You’ll hold a crowd, teach or even mentor others along the lines of your own choosing.

In your professional arena, you could develop a taste for training and mediation. Any activity requiring you to speak or present convincingly should be considered. It’s the start of additional income. All these positive influences on your finances are indicated by the excellent trine aspect of the Sun to Jupiter.

Contracts will take precedence when the Sun transits your 3rd house on August 23. Contracts, common negotiations and other interactions require careful handling. Be careful that others aren’t taking advantage of you. It may be hard to press on but if the difficulty is too great to take a few short breaks to recharge your batteries.

Your popularity is strong as is your public approval and the Sun trine’s Uranus on September 7. You have a few days of powerful energy on which to capitalise. Spruce up your outfit, put on a new hairdo and look your best as unexpected opportunities require you to make a lasting impression on those you meet.

There may be some uncertainty about how you feel about your career when the Sun opposes Neptune on September 14. You need more clarity so it’s the perfect time to sit down and put pen to paper and plan your course of action professionally.

With the Sun transiting your 6th house on November 22 and making productive conjunction with Mercury on November 29 energy, your tasks is a priority. There are pressing deadlines but there needn’t be. The universe could be telling you to slow down and smell a few roses along the way. Avoid getting hot under the collar.

Business partnerships flourish right before Christmas on the 22nd, as the Sun enters your 7th house of business collaboration and partnerships. This follows the Venus and Mercury transits into the same place on November 5 and December 14 respectively. You can successfully combine your business and social activities at this time.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Cancer in 2021

Neptune indicates two very important dates in 2021 when your spiritual evolution may be accelerated. They are June 26 and December 1. Neptune goes retrograde and then directs on these dates. This occurs in your 9th house, one of the most spiritual directions of your horoscope.

At this time, your intuitive powers are turned up so trust your first impressions. Stay away from people and places that could pollute the purity of your ‘auric‘ clarity. If you’re into meditation or spirituality – today’s the day!

Powerful dreams also need to be heeded. Intuition is strong around these times. You must see if there is some way to transpose these insights into your practical, day-to-day life. Learn to distinguish the genuine from the fake.

Jupiter is also a primary spiritual planet and accentuates your spiritual activities and good karma particularly when it enters your 9th house on May 14. This house, along with the 5th house regulates your past karma and deeds. It will determine your net karmic credits and debits.

Powerful positive karma

Powerful positive karma is likely when Mars transits your 5th house on October 31. This follows the transit of the Sun to the 5th house on October 23. The results of your past life and actions earlier in this life start to come to fruition now. You might find yourself the recipient of some good luck was of effortless achievement in love, work and personal development.


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