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Gemini 2020 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Gemini Horoscope for 2020

Transformation seems to be the major key for Gemini in 2020. What an amazing array of planets lined up in your eighth house of self-understanding, death and rebirth. Don’t be afraid of, these descriptions as they herald the commencement of an exciting new cycle for you not just in the coming 12 months, but well into the future. This is the beginning of a new you!

GEMINI-2020-HOROSCOPE-1024x550Both Saturn and Jupiter, the two heavyweight planets of the Zodiac and your past karma point, the South node, activate this important part of your horoscope during this cycle. Yes, you’ve been challenged to look at the darker side of your personality. This could cause some fear and struggle as shown by Saturn doing its usual thing. Jupiter is expansive and with its contact of the South node, stimulates a great deal of spiritual insight. You’ll be looking at the causes of your psychological make up, addictions and life challenges, especially in relationships.

Jupiter, as your ruling planet of love, marriage and long term committed relationships, is at the heart of these changes. You want to understand your place in your relationship and breaking through the self-limiting concepts. These are stem from your childhood and are some of the areas that play out as these transits unfold. Apart from the most obvious aspect of intimacy and sexual activity, your eighth house has a lot to say about your shared resources, money and how you will move forward with on this front. More on that later in the love and romance segment.

With Saturn is transiting your eighth house this slow-moving planet has been slowly chipping away at your ego. It influences your professional activities from this position. You may not have been fulfilled in your role professionally for some time.

You must understand that whatever has been obstructing you is, in its own way, fine-tuning you for bigger and better things.

You’ve had to relearn many of the things you thought you knew. This is because those who are working with you, have their own personal agendas and you’ve had to adjust yourself to their dictates. That’s very frustrating but understandably so.

Saturn also influences your second house of income during the greater part of 2020. Your future karma North node transit along with this influence challenges you to reconsider your value system. Money is not the problem even if you think that earning more of it is going to put you in a better situation. The fact of the matter is that even those who win the lottery can’t deal with the enhanced financial state they find themselves in. Believe it or not, many of them end up in the same position they were in previous to their winnings or possibly even in debt.


On a financial note, you have to direct your desires into the appropriate channels. This is all about finding your passion. Desire without any sort of noble intention leaves you feeling empty even if you happen to earn a lot of money in the process. Therefore, as mentioned above, the challenges and restrictions you experience are no different.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You are being tested to take a new perspective on things. Realign yourself with what life has ordained is a better path for you. Don’t be afraid of change because this is a year when you can expect lots of it.

By not resisting those who wield the power, you learn humility. You’re learning this in your one-on-one relationships as well. It seems that this karmic chapter of your life is opening you up to your limitations and what it is you need to do to break free of them. This has everything to do with the science of human possibilities and what you are capable of.


 When you are made aware of your limitations, you identify the problem and are in a better position to solve that problem. That then gives you the chance to become the best version of yourself.

Pluto, the natural ruler of transformation is also stirring things up. It’s an extremely slow and sometimes ruthless process. It transits this same eighth house of personal transformation . It prompts you to deal with issues that you’d rather not confront. It’s better to get these murky issues out of the way as soon as possible. You don’t want them to accumulate over time. Therapy or counselling to help you work through these deeper subconscious layers of your personality is a good idea.

Neptune, the idealistic planet receives the immediate aspect of the brightening Moon as the new year commences. This shows just how high you are hoping to aim in the coming year or two. You must keep your vision balanced with the reality of your circumstances. Mars passes into your marital and partnership sector in January. You may be obstructed by the very people you would like to think are your rock-solid support. Your vision may not be in keeping with theirs so this has to be straightened out early in the year.

Uranus continues to shake things up. Its transit in your 12th house shows just how careful you have to be in sharing your financial, emotional and spiritual resources with others.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t be too quick off the mark in giving away your hard-earned information to others who don’t respect you. You may believe you are doing someone a good turn only to find out later, unexpectedly so, that they’ve been playing you. Don’t be afraid to scrutinize others and to test their integrity. This will save you a lot of heartache down the track.

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Love and Romance for Gemini in 2020


What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

On January 5 Venus makes an important trine to the Sun. You feel popular and ready to energise your relationships in ways that you may not have attempted before. Your popularity will cause you to stand out in any social setting. Singles born under the sign of the twins should expect to shine amongst their social counterparts. You can make new acquaintances, friends and even lovers.

Venus transits your 10th house on January 14 indicating a tie-in with your social activities and professional life. You will find yourself better equipped to network with others. This will be accentuated when Venus transits your 11th house on February 8. A lot of these aspects are primarily social. You can however, use these contacts to further your professional and material objectives as long as you don’t tread on other people’s toes in the process. Of course, that will come back to bite you on the proverbial backside.

Dealing with troublesome issues of lovers or friends occurs when Venus transits your 12th house. You find yourself reaching deep into your pockets to fork out money for someone upon whom hard times have fallen.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Be measured in your response and don’t throw money at a problem that may be better solved through psychological help.

When Venus transits your Sun sign between April 4 and August 8, you will be primarily focused on how you are making an impact on others and the world around you in general. Venus moves into retrograde motion on May 13. You’ll be thinking long and hard about how to exude the best possible energy to people in your relationships.

The retrograde Venus movement makes it difficult for you to achieve the results you want in your work affairs. Rest assured that after June 25 when Venus goes direct, you will have learned many lessons. You will be in a better position to make the sort of impact you’re looking for.

On April 5, June 30 and again on December 13 Jupiter makes contact with Pluto. This creates power plays in your most intimate relationships. You need to take a few deep breaths before engaging yourself in head-on confrontations. That will simply burn up a lot of energy and won’t produce the results that you want. Jupiter also goes stationary retrograde on May 15. This accentuates the power of your relationships. You need a review of your love life at this time. As you can see, a lot is happening in your relationships during the middle part of the year.

In August, the challenges continue as Venus opposes Jupiter on August 26, Pluto August 30 and Saturn on September 2. There is also a challenging square aspect to Mars on September 4. You will be going through a roller coaster ride of emotions at this time. On the one hand, you feel effusive about showing your love to those you care for. That intensity is shown by Pluto. The opposition to Saturn however, causes you to pull back. The square to Mars indicates passive aggression either on your part or the part of the person you are involved with.

Family affairs are uppermost in your mind when Venus transits your fourth house on October 3. There may be some unexpected family events as shown by the trine to Uranus on October 11.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t allow confusion to create obstructions in your family.

This is reflected in the October 19 opposition from Venus to Neptune. Better times occur between October 19 and 25 with the trine to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. There will be a stabilising effect on your home affairs and relationships.

Expect a much more romantic cycle as Venus transits your fifth house of love affairs on October 28. You feel amorous and intent on taking your romantic and sensual appetites to a new level. You’re extremely passionate and this intensifies up to November 10 with the powerful opposition to Mars. Between the 16th and 19th hard aspects again to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn repeat some of the earlier issues that reared their heads in August and September. Hopefully, you are in a better position and less reactive to resolve these problems once and for all.

Out of these highs and lows, the transit of Venus through your sixth house after November 21 is promising. It might just bring with it some deeper understanding of the nature of service, and selfless service at that. The sixth house has to do with how we unconditionally serve and love our fellow people. This sets you up for a beautiful transit on December 16. Venus enters your seventh house of marriage and long term committed relationships. This follows hotly on the heels of the December 6 Venus trine Neptune aspect, which is one of the most idealistic. This further punctuates the concept of unconditional love.

On December 19, Jupiter finally exits your complicated eighth house and transits to the more comfortable ninth house of good luck and spiritual expansion.

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Career and Finance for Gemini in 2020

work-and-money-forecast-2019The lunar eclipse of January 11 kicks the year off with an excellent dose of energy for your finances and potential earning power. On February 19 the Sun enters the most significant area of your horoscope, the 10th house of profession. This is usually one of the best times of the year to look forward to promotions, greater self-esteem, honour and success. If you want to throw your hat in the ring, for a better position, you couldn’t find a better time to do so.

The 11th house transit of the Sun on March 20, is an excellent omen for increased income, profitability in business and better all-round networking which brings the right people into your vicinity. New business alliances can be formed as a result of the introductions that are made under these transits.

The solar eclipse of June 21 is a powerful and pivotal moment financially in 2020. This activates energy associated with money, income and those other things in life that you value. As mentioned in the opening introduction, the important karmic North node is transiting this same area where the eclipse will take place here. Tremendous energy is released under these eclipses so expect important developments in your work and financial sphere after this important celestial event.

Remember how the Sun had transited the 10th house of your horoscope in February? If you weren’t unable to capitalise fully on the opportunities that were presented, the transit of Mars to your 10th house on May 13 gives you another shot at that much-coveted job. You are competitive and driven to achieve your objectives in the period between May 13 and the end of the year. This will be important in terms of directing your drive into activities that yield excellent results.

Mars remains in your 11th house of profitable gains between June 28 and the rest of the year. It moves into its direct motion on November 20. You feel that some of your efforts have been in vain before this but that’s not the case. It’s like sowing the seeds which while under the surface of the earth are quietly growing out of sight. Later, magically, they spring to life above the soil. Your efforts during this period will be much like that.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t lose heart if you don’t get the immediate results you are looking for.

Contracts and negotiations take place during the Sun’s transit of your third house on July 22. This is also a time when you can ratify any agreement not to your liking. Often people agree to terms and conditions of employment. Later, on further scrutinising the documents, they realise they have been shortchanged. For some of you this could be a period when you have an opportunity to change those clauses or some of the finer print of contracts in your favour.

If real estate and property investments are of interest to you, the August 23 transit of the Sun into your fourth house will bring these matters and sharp focus. With the Sun trine to Uranus and Jupiter between September 3 on September 10, expect unusual, unexpected, yet lucky opportunities to emerge.

If you have a speculative bent of mind, take advantage of the solar transit in your fifth house. Leading up to this, September 15 and September 18 trines to Pluto and Saturn respectively make you focused and practical. You’re in the mode of gaining the right sort of information to make a well-informed decision. On October 11 however, the square of the Sun to Jupiter may indicate waste and overconfidence in your abilities. Keep things down-to-earth.

Your work and health become a focal point as the Sun transits your sixth house on October 23. You may be overthinking your problems and this is impacting your nervous system. That is also even more highly accentuated when the Sun makes an opposition aspect to Uranus on November 1. The November 22 transit of the Sun into your seventh house is an ideal time to set up a new business partnership.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Do be careful with the square aspect of Neptune on December 10 when you may be seeing the world through rose coloured glasses. You could even be openly deceived.

The year finishes on a high note with the Sun trine Mars aspect on December 11. You have abundant energy, confidence and the ability to complete your tasks at the closing period of the year.


You must keep your aggression intact and under control, however, as you may be impatient and others could be dragging their feet.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Gemini in 2020

The 9th and 12th houses of your horoscope are predominantly spiritual houses. With Uranus, the ruler of your ninth house transiting the 12th you will feel an upswing in deeper spiritual energies throughout 2020. There may be an electric sort of energy surging within you. It gives rise to unexpected intuitive insights. Trust this energy especially around January 11 and August 16 during its stationary and retrograde movements. The energy of this planet is highly accentuated at this time.

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Saturn is also the co-ruling planet of your ninth house. As alluded to earlier in the reading, it continues to transit your eighth house throughout most of the year. On March 22, Saturn briefly exits into your ninth house and this brings a sense that you are indeed making headway on your spiritual path. On the 11th it will go retrograde which indicates a need to review some of the insights that have been at the fore of your life over the past couple of years. As Saturn re-enters your eighth house of deeper psychological influences, you need to do further work on releasing these emotions once and for all.

As Saturn also rules your ninth house of good fortune, its connection to Venus is important. Venus rules your past karma. On March 9, April 5, October 11, October 25 and also generally after October 28, these periods afford you an uplift in good fortune. Expect gifts, financial rewards, lottery wins and other excellent opportunities for personal and professional advancement. This is all a result of your past good deeds coming back in the form of good karma.

Jupiter’s entry into your ninth house on December 19 is an excellent completion to 2020. Although Jupiter doesn’t rule your spiritual or karma houses, it is still the natural significator of spirituality, mental expansion and good luck. You could say that this transit is a culmination of all your efforts combined with a return of some of the good karma which is well deserved. At least in the closing weeks of the year, you start to feel as if you’ve done a good job. You also see a positive spike in your self-esteem. You feel as if you deserve the good that will be achieved this year.


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