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Aquarius 2021 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Aquarius Horoscope for 2021

You are at an important crossroads in your life now Aquarius.

AQUARIUS With the historic conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn taking place at the end of 2020, your life will never be the same. The conjunction took place and continues to affect you because your Sun sign relates to your basic personality and drives in life. The two largest planets of our solar system coming together redefine who you are. This is going to affect you throughout 2021 and even further into the future.

You have gained many insights into yourself and that self-knowledge will continue over the coming 12 months. In particular, Jupiter’s move to your financial sector on May 14 brings your attention to money matters. As Jupiter is expansive it promises to be an important period where you are also redefining the way you earn money and what you want to do with it. Neptune is also having a hand in this as it is also still making a very slow transit of your financial sector.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2021Jupiter will make a retrograde transit on June 21. This means reconsidering many of your plans that relate to your work and the way you’ve been earning money traditionally. You know that something has to change and you’ll be making new choices now that reflect the deep and transformative inner understanding of you again.

Saturn is your co-ruling planet along with Uranus. These two planets show exactly where much of your activity will take place throughout 2021. You’re not that Uranus is still sitting in your fourth house of family affairs in retrograde motion. This area of your life is also under scrutiny. Things have been topsy-turvy for many born under the sign of the water bearer. You may not know exactly what you want to do in your domestic life but you know something has to change in this area, as well.

Greater Responsibilities will be Placed on your Shoulders

Saturn is transiting your Sun sign. It is in the very first couple of degrees of the sign of Aquarius now. This means a new cycle has begun and depended on what date you were born in Aquarius, greater responsibilities will be placed on your shoulders due to the combination of the Sun and Saturn. As you know, the universe never gives you challenges that you can’t handle. At first, you may find them a little overwhelming but you start to get a hang of it and with the beneficial influence of Jupiter, you will be able to come out on top, over time.

A revision of sorts takes place when Jupiter moves into its retrograde motion on June 21. The third house transit relates to your negotiations and sort of contracts that are taking place. Jupiter moved back into the second house of finance where Saturn is going to remain for the next 2 ½ years at least.

Because Uranus is involved in a square aspect with retrograde Jupiter, there’s a direct link between your finances and the domestic circumstances we’re talking about that will take place on January 18. How you manage your finances is depended on what happens on the home front now.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be more careful with savings. Don’t haphazardly spend money on things you don’t necessarily need. Unfortunately, some of the expenses may come from other members of the family.

That may involve greater discipline and discussions to get everyone on the same page.

This right-angle aspect also brings in the energy of Saturn. Saturn and Uranus reveal the tension between conventional and progressive aspects of your life. There may be a push and pull between your desire for commitment and responsibility to your family and lover or spouse and the need for greater freedom and independence.

Family is Going to be All-important Throughout 2021

As you can see, the family is going to be all-important throughout 2021. Finding a solid base not only in the outer world but within your own heart will be one of your key challenges. You mustn’t let your family and their belief systems overshadow your best efforts. It’s important to maintain independence and follow your path. By the same token, you need to be diplomatic and respect other people’s opinions and needs. 

Studying the transits and the retrograde movement of your ruling planet is essential. There are several retrograde and forward movements to this celestial dance. The first one will take place on February 18 and that’s going to take in the right-angle aspect of Uranus. This will accentuate the square of Jupiter to Uranus that takes place at the outset of the year. It will bring into focus the ‘convention versus the progressive’ tug-of-war within you. Saturn moves retrograde on May 23 and it all will move into a square aspect of Uranus again on June 15 and finally on December 24. This covers the whole year. That’s why this theme will be dominant throughout the whole of the coming year.

Be More Self-reliant 

Because Venus transits your 11th house, you may try to rely on friends to support you throughout these challenging planetary aspects. Because of the hard aspect between Venus and the nodes and Neptune, don’t project too much in a social context. Not everyone is going to be there at your beck and call. You must be more self-reliant as these transits mature.

One of the other significant aspects is that of the Sun, Mercury and Pluto. These three planets combine in the early part of the year in your 12th house of spiritual insight. Expending too much energy to achieve a result needs a reappraisal before you exhaust yourself. As these planets combine your 12th house, you will try to overcompensate for a period where you were not able to achieve as much as you had desired. 

During this period, you may be running yourself into the ground only to find yourself incapable of meeting your deadlines and the expectations of everyone. Conservation of energy is necessary at this time. You understand that your power base has been eroded and you want to remedy that during the coming year.

Love and Romance for Aquarius in 2021


What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Mercury, your planet of romance quickly transits your Sun sign on January 8. This is a time for creativity and self-expression as well as entertainment and romance. But it’s as much a time of discovering your strengths and gaining valuable insights into your deepest self and how you can best communicate that.

Let go of the Rigid Structures, Fears and Boundaries

Be a good life sculptor and let go of the rigid structures, fears and boundaries that you no longer feel in control. This is a year where you can carve out the life you want for yourself. At this time as well, Mercury makes contact with the Sun, ruler of your long-term relationships. That takes place on January 22. This sets the trend for the rest of the year. It indicates your need to underpin pretty much everything you do with a good solid foundation of love and friendship.

Family affairs are strongly focused in April especially around the 19th and 20th and attract your attention during this cycle. You’ll be dealing with domestic issues of an emotional nature. Rather than being rational and to the point, try to speak from the heart so that you can gain the emotional support of the ones you love. If you’re out of sync with your partner their dissatisfaction is a key pointer to where you can improve things. Ground your life ideals, in reality, to ensure you don’t get ahead of yourself.

Four significant eclipses take place throughout the year. Two of those take place in your 11th house of social activities and friendships. On May 26 lunar eclipse will highlight your need for close associations. This first eclipse means you are able to resurrect old or even existing friendships even if they seem lukewarm. This process requires courage on your part.

A Whole new Social Makeover

A whole new social makeover means revealing a few truths to those you love even if it possibly means hurt feelings as part of the process. If they’re genuine friends, they’ll appreciate your honesty over what you feel needs to be changed if you are going to go the distance as friends. The second eclipse, a solar one, takes place at the tail end of the year on December 4 in precisely the same place. You may begin the process of weeding out fake friends but may find this takes a little longer than you expected. At least you’ll be getting rid of the deadwood.

The solar eclipse on June 10 is a little more personal as it takes place in your zone of love affairs and romance. This midway point in the year powerfully punctuates your love affairs. If you’re married, may have an adverse influence on your day-to-day relationship.

Eclipses cut off the light of the luminaries. As the Sun rules your seventh house of marriage, this could be a turning point for many of you in your most significant relationship. The trine aspect from Mercury to the Sun on June 11 helps smooth over any difficulties. As usual, communication is the secret to working through any of those long-standing problems.

July and August are pivotal months for your relationships. The Sun transits this area on July 23. This revitalises your relationships. Any negative emotions like selfishness, jealousy and emotional game-playing must be removed to improve the situation. If your marital or romantic relationships have been unsettled, you can communicate your way through to a better understanding. That will be more pronounced with the entry of Mercury into your seventh house on July 28.

Making Heavy Value Judgements

You need to be succinct in what you say. Although communication is useful, the opposition aspect to Jupiter on August 11 may create its own set of problems. You may be demanding solutions when your partner is not ready, willing or able. You’ll be pushing your partner to the limits.

Astrologer’s Advice

Be careful of making heavy value judgements as well. Try to relax during this period. Any of the good work you’ve done maybe undone if you become too arrogant or opinionated.

Be inclusive in your vision now if you want to experience a greater level of intimacy with your spouse or lover. They can take place during the transits of planets in your eighth house. In particular, your love planets of Mercury and the Sun do just that on August 12 and 23. You can speak about and share things that matter to each other. It’s an opportunity to draw closer and to cement the bonds of love. Focus on those things which you both have in common rather than any differences.

Social Confidence is at a Peak during November

Your social confidence is at a peak during November when two important transits take place in your eleventh house. Both the Sun and Mercury transit this key area of your horoscope November 22 and 25 respectively. Your focus will be primarily directed to social activities, taking the lead and inspiring people to bigger and better things. Some of your friends and family will also notice distinct changes in the way you hold yourself. In other words, your self-esteem is in a good place at this time.

The signs of the year in your twelfth house. This shows a need for seclusion with your partner if you are to connect on a deeper soul level. That means making the extra effort to listen and intuitively feel what your lover needs. It could be easy to drift off into your own little head space or corner where you don’t need to be bothered by anyone or anything. It would be a mistake. Reach out and extend your compassion and empathy to those closest to you towards the end of the year particularly.

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Career and Finance for Aquarius in 2021


You might have thought that there was no hope for you to improve your finances and professional situation given what’s happened in the last 12 months. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The great news is that Jupiter will be making its transit of your second house of finance this year. This is always a great omen indicating an improvement in your income and monetary affairs generally.

Rein in Your Financial Excitement

This year the North node, or karmic point, is transiting your fifth house. Your fifth house regulates investments and speculation of all sorts. This is more powerfully triggered when Mars, on March 4, also enters into this area. Unless you’re completely au fait with the stock market and other speculative areas of business, you must rein in your excitement. Because of your extravagances, you might just increase your debt through ill-advised assumptions. You’ll go out of your way to impress others with the influence or wealth you have. Try to live within your means and have a rock-solid plan for your future security.

Jupiter governs your finances as it rules Pisces which is your second house. On May 14, it enters and activates your income making capacity. The eclipse on May 26 can temporarily adversely affect business owners at the eleventh house in which it takes place, regulates your profits. As a countermeasure, Mars makes exceptionally good trine aspects on May 31 to Neptune ensuring that you can ground your financial professional vision in practical terms.

Jupiter is retrograde moment movement may throw a spanner in the works. Make sure you have a backup plan when this happens. You might be merrily moving along thinking everything is hunky-dory only to find that after June 21, things are not at all what they first appeared. There may be confusion regarding your income, payslips or other financial matters. It’s important to keep accurate records so that if this happens, you’ve got all the facts and figures at your fingertips.

Jupiter all retrograde back into your Sun sign on July 28 and remains there until October 18 when it goes back into its usual forward motion. It only gets back into your finance sector after December 29. During this period, you’ll be reviewing your money and finances. After July 30 when Mars enters your eighth house of debts, banking, retirement funds and superannuation will be under the microscope. Under this transit, disputes over money are likely.

Is the money worth arguing about?

Common finances will be a problem, especially if you haven’t detailed the whys and wherefores of any arrangement. Make sure your contracts are ironclad. Your personal views mustn’t get mixed up with professional duties.

Astrologer’s Advice

You need to hold back from speaking your mind on something, as much as you want to. Try to use your abilities to uncover any corruption you discover for victims of abuse generally, but specifically in your workplace.

As Mars spends only a little time in your third house, exiting on January 7, get those tricky agreements and contracts out of the way early. Mars then moves to your fourth house of property matters and on January 23 makes a hard aspect to Jupiter. You must be careful of extravagance during this cycle. The pressure is building, as others could be absent, leaving the burden to fall on your shoulders.

You must capitalize on real estate and other fixed assets during this interval of the year. Take stock of what you possess and what you owe and assess the net balance. You have the chance to beautify your home or possibly move or purchase a new house but don’t go into too much on debt at the moment.

Unexpected Travels

Travelling and business will be intimately linked when Mars transits your ninth house after September 15. This could come about unexpectedly. It will be a pleasant surprise but more so if you’re not working in a field which gives you all that much flexibility to get about.

Astrologer’s Advice

This is also the zone of learning. You may extend yourself and start learning more about the career or professional path you’ve chosen. Don’t be afraid to venture into different areas that can better support your efforts to improve your life generally.

When the Sun transits your 10th house after October 24, it will be time to reconsider how you can improve your resume. Don’t be afraid to show off your skills and tap into your amazing potential. You can have some fun with this as well! You may be thinking a great deal today and of course, planning what’s to come. You can’t save the world in your circumstances and people who have unacceptable agendas may be opposed to some new possibilities you suggest. Let them eat their words when they realise the true meaning of life.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Aquarius in 2021

With the North Node in your fifth house, a karmic and spiritual house, there may be a cloud over your direction in life during these 12 months. You also have Pluto transiting your 12th house of spiritual enlightenment. The 12th house is ‘hidden’ and is therefore not easy to understand. You will need to spend time in seclusion without any distraction to find that spiritual treasure or wisdom hidden within your heart.

You may Have some Incredible Awakening at this Time

The Sun and Mercury accentuate this area of your horoscope at the outset of the year and also make contact with Pluto between the 7th and 14th. You may have some incredible awakening at this time. It sets the trend for the rest of the year. Pluto is particularly notorious for purging oneself of past emotional baggage. The 12th house seems to point to help you address what those hidden aspects of your life are. If you are open to its pointers, you can make great headway in your life, understanding the deeper and truer meaning of your existence.

Your luck is assured when Jupiter transits into your second house of finance as was indicated in your finance overview. Don’t forget, the retrograde planets often undo what you think is in the bag. Before going in spending all your hard-earned cash try to put aside a little for a rainy day. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down. Although you may have the perfect opportunity to earn a lot more money this year, the principal is this:

it’s not what you earn but what you save that is going to determine your net worth.

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