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Aquarius 2020 Yearly Horoscope

A General Overview of Aquarius Horoscope for 2020

The Moon’s eclipse on Jan 11 is a formidable start to 2020. In some ways it’s a warning signal as it takes place in your sixth house of health, workplace activities, debts and enemies. One, some or maybe even all of these areas of your life will be triggered by this powerful sol-lunar event. The solar eclipse of June 21 also comes back to exactly the same place. If you decide to make this one of your New Year’s resolutions and you fall off the wagon, the solar eclipse will be resolute itself in reminding you what your priorities should be this year.


It’s important to be aware of what’s going on within your body and your mind as well as around you in the world. By raising your awareness, you short-circuit that problems are likely to occur. This is a result of inattentiveness to diet, lifestyle and other poor professional habits you’ve developed over the years. Under the eclipse you have the chance to remedy that. Rather than worrying about what’s going on, take the initiative and become the master of your destiny.


With six planets transiting your 12th house it’s clear that you have overworked and generously over helped many people over the past months and years. This is a red light as 2020 commences. That red light says you must conserve your energy rather than handing it out indiscriminately. You are tired, exasperated, feeling as if you’ve been walking the treadmill. Here’s your chance to change that and to reclaim your time and energy.

As the karmic node and Jupiter transit this 12th house, you are asked to look back through your past early in the year. Before you run headlong into a whole lot of new projects consider that some of your ideas may not have been thought through carefully enough.

Lesson learned;

go back over past events and learn where you may have gone wrong. Take note of the people you’ve dealt with and if you’ve been undermined by them in any way. There may be no reason to continue a relationship with them.

Astrologer’s Note:

2020 is about managing your time as this is one of the most important commodities at your disposal. Yes, money is important but time is the currency by which you are able to learn that money. It’s also the currency by which you show self-respect to yourself.

Giving yourself time this year is important.

The 12th house has to do with taking time out, leisurely enjoying your own company and meditatively understanding the deeper elements of what life is all about. The first part of the year at least, is about reflectively working through these important philosophical issues. They will underpin many areas of your life in the coming 12 months.

If you have siblings, this 12th house relates to their earning capacity. Your karma may be tied in with either a sibling or friend.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be careful not to indiscriminately accept requests for loans which may put you under the pressure of debt. Right now you need to have more, not less autonomy financially.

Because the North node transits your sixth house, its placement ensures a formidable improvement during this cycle of your life. If you are looking for upgrading in your work and professional activities, tweak your CV.

Astrologer’s Advice

Don’t be afraid to step out and investigate what’s on offer. It may be that you you haven’t been exactly happy with your current status quo.

Astrologer’s Advice

If those in your workplace are trying to provoke you, have no fear, you’ll be the victor.


Mars stimulates your professional activities in the first few days of the year. You hit the ground running as far as work is concerned. This quickly shifts to a more social vibe by February 16. This 12th house transit of Mars prompts you to travel, step out and explore unusual cultures, communities or places of interest. On February 21 when Mars moves into a favourable aspect to Uranus you also feel a greater urge for the odd or novel. You’re the unusual culturally and in terms of the personalities, you associate with.

Saturn’s transit of your second Sun sign is patchy and will influence you for most of the year. This is due to its retrograde motion. I moving backwards and forwards it creates indecision. You must have a well mapped out plan to get on top of your finances and professional doubts.

Saturn influences your career sector in a big way. Its reverse square aspect places more responsibility on your shoulders. When Mars enters your Sun sign on March 31, you experience considerable frustration as Mars and Saturn are diametrically opposed energies. This is akin to having your foot on the brake and the accelerator at the same time.

There could be a dawning of a sudden understanding that money is in fact a clear reflection of your time, energy and love. What you inject into any activity reflects as earnings. This greater respect for finance, material resources and your value system generally, will have a positive ongoing effect on your life.

As August kicks off your mind is intense and focused singularly on a goal. Work will be uppermost in your mind.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be careful not to burn the candle at both ends. You have a great deal of energy physically throughout August. You must direct this into sports, exercise and other activities that will strengthen you rather than diminish your health.

On August 17 both the Sun and Mercury create a lovely trine aspect to Mars. Mars transits your third house and signposts short journeys around this time as well.

Between October 28 November 21 Venus activates your ninth house of journeys and broadening of mental horizons. During this period of the year you want to travel far or at least mentally engaged yourself in interesting topics. The lunar eclipse on November 30 in your fifth house of creativity ensures that the last part of 2020 is exciting mentally and creatively.

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Love and Romance for Aquarius in 2020



What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Mars transits your Sun sign on March 31 and remains there until May 13. This is energising for you but also and makes you somewhat irascible and impatient. You are likely to enter into arguments at this time.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be careful to read your partner’s body language before letting loose. You could also be rather passionate this time so making love rather than war is the better option.

The eclipse on June 6 activates your 11th house and once again reminds you of the importance of how you should best direct your energies. As your 11th house relates to friendships and some of your more important life objectives, you need to re-evaluate these things.

Astrologer’s Note

This could be a period of downtime. You need to become reacquainted with yourself. You may have lost touch with those things in life that make you happy, not just wealthy.

During the transit of Mars in your third house more open communication is likely to take place with your friends and colleagues. You have a great deal of enthusiasm and idealism. This peaks around June 14 when Mars makes a conjunction with Neptune. On June 28, much of your attention shifts to your communication style. Finding better ways to convey your feelings and ideas helps foster the love you have for your family and friends. Mars can be disruptive but doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Be careful that you don’t overdo things particularly leading up to August 4 when Mars squares Jupiter. On August 13 it also squares Pluto. With friends and family members there may be power plays or an undercurrent of feelings that aren’t being articulated.

Astrologer’s Advice

Try not to let your ego get in the way of maintaining peace on all fronts.

With the entry of Venus into your seventh house of marriage on September 6, your love affairs and relationships take a turn for the better. As the planet of love makes its way through here up until September 6 make time available for the one you love. With the busy helter-skelter of life it’s likely both of you have forgotten to provide each other sufficient time to nurture the love you have.

You find yourself feeling closer and more attractive to the one you love. Between September 6 and October 3, your romance could blossom once again. Singles should expect matrimonial offers or at least a cementing a friendship that provides more confidence in the future of a possible relationship. Venus transits your eighth house of sexuality and deeper intimacy during this cycle.

Saturn makes its impact felt on your Sun from the outset of the year on March 21 and again on December 17. This is due to its retrograde motion. While transiting this area backwards and forwards, it makes you overly serious. You could be missing the joy and beauty that’s all around you.

Astrologer’s Advice

Try to focus on those things which make you happy rather than the problems. If some issue is out of your control there is no point worrying yourself sick over it.

Venus, the planet of love enters your fifth house of romance on April 4. This is one of the better periods of the year for romancing and socialising. Some people, if they are single, fall truly and madly in love under this single transit.

On April 20 and 28 respectively, the Sun and Mercury enter your zone of family and domestic affairs. This period of the year will be laden with plenty of opportunities to make up for lost time with your family. This is especially so if you’ve been too busy to give them the energy that you know they deserve. You’ll be sharing a lot of mutual feelings with them during this cycle.

With Mercury influencing your Sun sign by opposition aspect between August 5 and August 20, you feel a lot more light-hearted. Mercury is a humorous planet and gives you the gift of the gab. As far as your relationships are concerned, you can reconnect, have fun and share ideas that are mutually elevating. This supports you if you need a more conciliatory approach in your romantic affairs.

On October 11 Venus makes a quirky trine aspect to Uranus. On the 19th and 22nd as well as the 25th, it continues to shine its beneficial aspects on Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This is against the background of an erratic but interesting social connection of Venus and Uranus. The Saturn and Jupiter connections stabilise your romance as well. This acts as a way of stimulating some interesting activities with the one you love. If you’re single, you may find yourself in the company of rather unusual people to say the least.

You could be obsessive about love when Venus makes a square to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn between November 16 and 19.

Astrologer’s Advice

You protect your fears and insecurities on your loved one by imagining the worst. Try to bring those unsavoury feelings of jealousy and spite under control as they undermine relationships.

On November 21 up until December 16 the loving energies of Venus are overlaid on your professional activities. This indicates a chance for romance in your work sphere.

Try not to mix business with pleasure.

After December 16, Venus gives ample opportunity to find new friends and possibly even love through some mutual connections.

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Career and Finance for Aquarius in 2020


On March 16 Mercury transits your second house. This is on the heels of the Sun on February 19. You have some brilliant insights into your earning capacity and want to communicate this to others. Sending off your resume and connecting with the right sort of people in your industry is well advised at this time.

Because of the retrograde motion of Mercury between February 17 and March 4, it moves back across your Sun sign and make you indecisive about many things, especially business partnerships. You may be quick thinking but won’t have all the facts and figures at your disposal. The turnover in your business may be erratic as well. Your ability to sniff out a deal using your intuitive as well as intellectual abilities will serve you well. You may not be able to act on those impulses immediately.

Saturn, your secondary ruler, makes several powerful celestial statements this year. It will affect you in many ways. There is a shift to a more economical approach to your finances when it moves into your 12th house on July 2. The July 5 lunar eclipse is an important one and adds weight to this particular transit. This could see you adopting a far more frugal approach with your finances.

Astrologer’s Advice

Be careful not to burn yourself out throughout August. The early square from Mars to Jupiter is a tell-tale signal that you may be aiming for the stars but are not disciplined enough in your planning to achieve the outcomes you’ve set for yourself. You need a more careful analysis. Having self-confidence is important but this shouldn’t be blind abandonment of common sense.

There may be a meeting with a financial advisor when Mercury and the Sun enter your eighth house on August 20 and 23 respectively. What you hear may not satisfy you. You could become angry with the changes you need to make in your budgeting. This is shown by the frustrating August 25 square from Mars to Saturn.

Waste and expenditure are likely when Venus opposes Pluto on August 30. There is confusion adding to the problem with the August 31 Mercury opposition Neptune.

Astrologer’s Note

You can’t “guess-timate” your business or financial strategies. You must have clear-cut facts and figures to make the right decisions.

Fortunately you will be much more cool and collected after September 3 when Mercury trines Saturn. You mustn’t allow your social life to get in the road of important disciplinary measures. This is because Venus squares Mars in September 4 with Mercury, planet of intellect. It will move into the changeable sign of Libra in your ninth house on September 6.

Mercury again makes a retrograde motion on October 14. Contracts should be carefully monitored and analysed before any agreement is made. This retrograde action continues up until November 4. You want to hurriedly get things out of the way as shown by the Mercury opposition to Uranus on October 20. You experience a big shift in your professional life when the Sun transits your 10th house on October 23. This could be the reason for wanting to fast track things. The advice on the retrogression of planets is to think twice before leaping.

On December 17 and December 19, Jupiter and Saturn respectively enter your second house of finances. Whatever these two planets combined in any area of the Zodiac, rest assured that something important is going to take place in that specific department of life. As the second house has to do with your finances expect a keen focus on that. You will be preparing for 2021 and have a sense that some big things are going to take place in the ensuing 12 months.



Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Aquarius in 2020

Venus, the planet of your higher spiritual aspirations is transiting your Sun sign as the year starts. It plays an important role in expanding your consciousness so that you are not stuck purely on the material way of life. As you may well know, money and material things don’t necessarily equate with happiness. You only have to take a look at the number of famous, rich and illustrious personalities who end their own lives. If the material success was so great, why did they end it all? These are the questions that you should bring your attention to. Make the most of your spiritual and karmic opportunities in 2020.

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Jupiter is a key planet in your spiritual evolution and while it is transiting your 12th house prompts you to look more deeply into yourself and your true nature. This aspect of human experience is a little difficult to wrap your head around. The 12th house is where a huge congregation of planets is placed this year. It shows the way by pointing out that charitable work and selfless activity is the best and most efficient way to find your true spiritual self.

It’s not a well-known fact that charitable acts and fasting actually bring the malefic influences of planets under control. Not only that, these planets which would otherwise be handing out negative karma, turn around and become benefactors rather than detractors. Because of the large number of planets in your 12th house, charitable work especially in the first couple of months of the year will impact almost every area of your life by raising your luck quotient.

Understanding the obstacles psychologically to your success can help you remove them. Venus transits your eighth house after October 3 and it’s at this time that you take pleasure in gaining a deeper insight into those early family and relationship problems that have held you back in many areas of your life. From August 3, Mercury also has you looking at these deeper psychological and mystical aspects of life and existence by its transit in your eighth house. This eighth house is one of the most mysterious but once connected with, can reveal so much about yourself and the motivation behind why you are entering into the relationships that you do.

The eclipse of November 30 in your fifth house is an excellent end to the year. It triggers your most creative and expressive itself. You will be drawn to some artistic means of improving your luck and spirituality. You may meet someone also who has a similar view on life. They can help accelerate your spiritual growth. You should experience a great deal of joy in your creative pursuits. This will also act as a catalyst to fast track your spiritual development.


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