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Cancer 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Cancer

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General overview

Welcome to 2019 Cancer!

Relationships are set for a fresh makeover with the new Moon solar eclipse on January 6 occurring in your zone of love, marriage and relationships. If things haven’t been all too rosy in this department of your life.

Expect affairs of the heart to take a turn for the better now.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You will also notice that your significant other has changed somewhat but you mustn’t be too harsh on them.

With the Sun and Saturn in close conjunction in this same area, responsibilities weigh heavily on your loved ones during this cycle. To make matters more intense, Pluto continues to transit this part of your horoscope indicating major transformations both for your partner and your relationships in general. Furthermore, don’t underestimate the significance of working through your relationships karmically. This is the case due to an additional solar eclipse taking place at the very end of the year, on December 26 to be exact. This is again in your marital sector. It appears that whatever life challenges you are confronted may not be fully resolved in the coming 12 months. This is also shown by the continuing transit of Saturn in this area. Many lessons will be learned now. 

Because Venus is transiting your fifth house of creativity throughout the early part of the year, you’re able to dig deep into your creative arsenal to make the most of relationships and new found love affairs.

Astrologer’s  Note:

You must be patient and loving if you want to enhance your love life this year.

With Venus on your side, this is quite likely as She makes a powerful trine aspect to Mars on January 19. This makes you impulsive but at the same time, new relationships will be deeply satisfying socially and sexually.

Saturn makes difficult aspects to the Sun in 2019. Its opposition to your natal solar position takes place on February 28, July 3 and again on November 28. ( The strength of these Saturn aspects is determined more precisely by the exact date of birth.) This indicates that greater and greater responsibilities will be thrown your way. This is going to happen predominantly in the realm of not only emotional relationships but generally with the world at large. You may grow weary of the typical expectations that people have of you. As the Sun signifies authority, you’ll find yourself entangled in ego clashes with people who are trying to assert themselves or dominate you. This will play out in your professional arena as well.

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The abrupt and progressive Uranus transit has continued to wobble in and out of your career and social zones throughout 2018 and commences its transit through your professional area early in 2019. This will result in some uncertainty as to how you will handle your career life this year. New innovations are likely to take place in your work arena. You’ll have a natural inclination to understand technology from the perspective of how it can help you streamline work and life generally. You become more decisive on January 7 as it moves into direct motion educates way towards your social zone on March 6.  It’s at this time that incredible and quirky acquaintances are to be made. By the same token, your existing relationships will be subject to some erratic changes. Don’t be surprised to find your friends acting a little weird and changing their minds at the last minute.

Astrologer’s Tip:

You need to clarify and qualify their words much more clearly. This is a time where greater discernment is required of you.

But just when you thought you were clear of any sort of people in this area of your life, Uranus once again goes retrograde on August 12, perhaps pulling you back from these rather unusual social elements.

With Jupiter transiting your sixth house, this is a year in which are cautioned not to overexert yourself at work. Even if you’re trying to make headway or to impress those you work with and for remember: your health is priceless and you mustn’t make compromises for the sake of a dollar. This planet also indicates your enemies may well try to take advantage of any lapse in your attention to detail.

It’s important to negotiate your deals in an airtight matter so that you don’t leave anything to chance.

Mercury’s presence in this same area of workplace activity shows how keen you are to implement new systems which effectively structure your work practices. This, in turn, will optimise the time you spend doing repetitive chores. You are clever and able to devise new systems and will easily communicate fresh new ideas to those around you so that the group gets the benefit of your insights.

Your philosophical views are challenged in 2019. This may have as much to do with your work ethic as it does with any religious or spiritual component of your life. The square aspect of Jupiter to Neptune is the indicator of this and this hard relationship of planets occurs on January 14, June 17 and finally again on September 22. You mustn’t enforce your belief systems on others. By the same token, if those you work with are trying to indoctrinate you into their system or way of thought, you may run into a brick wall trying to adjust yourself to their demands.

You may simply have to agree to disagree.

Your family life is ruled by Venus. The fiery yet creative influence from Mars shows you’re able to put aside more time to effectively share your feelings and personal schedule with them to a greater extent. Memorable moments will be peppered with passionate and exciting activities which engage everyone and draw you closer together. The health of family members should be watched throughout the earlier part of the year and also around the middle of June when Venus transits the sixth and 12th house respectively. A settling period will occur with its transit through your fourth house from September 14.

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Romance-and-friendship-2018Saturn’s transit shows how deeply committed you are to having a responsible and mutual relationship.

The Moon and Venus occupy your fifth house of love affairs just as the year starts off. Your sensitivity and creativity in love are clearly demonstrated by this initial transit. As mentioned in the introduction, your Venus-Mars connection excites and gives you the passion that may have been lacking for some time.

You need to effectively channel this either into a relationship or a creative activity which reflects the idealism you currently have in abundance.

You will also be keen to extend your social circle as Venus is an additional influence on your Sun sign from this position. Furthermore, Venus and the Sun make you popular throughout 2019.

For marital issues, we look at the prevailing trend of Saturn to understand clearly how your most intimate and important relationships pan out throughout the coming 12 months. On February 28 Saturn makes it difficult opposition aspect to your natal Sun sign.

Astrologer’s Note:

This will challenge you as you may feel as if your partner is trying to dominate you or hold you accountable for things that you feel you’ve been more than reasonable about.

But isn’t it the case that the way we see things as often very different from the way others see them?

Astrologer’s Advise:  In this case, it’s best not to challenge your partner but rather try to step into their shoes for a while and see exactly how they experience the same circumstance. It will be an eye-opener. These challenging aspects actually work to improve your relationship but only if both of you are prepared to put aside your ego for the good of the relationship itself.

Saturn’s rulership of your marital sector shows just how deeply committed you are to having a responsible and mutual relationship. On April 30 the above predictions intensify as Saturn moves into its retrograde motion. This indicates that once again on July 3 the opposition to the Sun provides you with a second dose of re-evaluation regarding just how suitable you and your partner function as a couple. Once Saturn goes forward on September 18 it will get again create the same aspect on November 28 indicating that the lessons you are learning in your relationships will prevail throughout pretty much the whole of 2019.

The movement of Mars in specific areas of your horoscope also determines the peaks and troughs of your love life in the coming year. Mars is one of the more favourable planets for you and attains great power on New Year’s Day when it moves into your 10th house which is Aries, one of the signs of Mars. This fully impacts upon your personal attitudes as it influences your Sun sign with a challenging aspect.


You may get angry, feel impatient with the pace at which things are moving and will, therefore, bring pressure to bear on those you love the most.

Things will improve when Mars makes its trine aspect to Jupiter on January 26.

Friendships will be pleasurable for you when Mars moves into your 11th house on February 14 but you may lose some initiative and energy around the 31st as it glides through your 12th house of Gemini. Leading up to June 15 and even further along to around June 20, get ready for a very challenging aspect of Mars to Saturn and then again Pluto. These aspects will cause you to feel as if your love life and general affairs are completely out of your hands. You could even start to ask yourself the serious philosophical question “Do I really have any free will?”

The phases of the Moon have their own story to tell with the new Moons of January 6, April 5 and May 5 significantly impacting upon your romance, emotions and personal relationships generally. The new Moon of January 6 is particularly important being part of the solar eclipse. All sorts of incredible, perhaps even overwhelming emotional information may need to be processed under these transits. At least, look forward to some new developments in your love life around these celestial events as a new Moon also reflects a new chapter beginning in those areas that the new Moon touches.

Although your family doesn’t usually include romantic elements of love, you must take note of extract of the transit of Mars through your fourth house between October 4 and November 19. The dates of October 28, 31 and November 5 are particularly challenging and may again bring changes that are unforeseen and completely out of your control. If they are out of your control they may not necessarily be completely unforeseen. Remember, the quickest way to bring closeness and attachment with family members is to bond with them through creative and sporting activities.

Friendships may be tinged with romantic love this year especially when Venus moves into your seventh house of marriage on February 4 and again on the 29th when it forms an exciting and very unusual trine aspect to progressive Uranus. Further Venus-Uranus aspects occur on March 1, May 19, August 2, August 27, October 13 and finally on December 22. All of these dates in the days leading up to them offer you something fresh and out of the ordinary in your love life.

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Discovering The Importance Of Doing Work That Resonates With Who You Are.

Your principal career planet is Mars and dominates your professional zodiac sector along with the fifth sector which is your creativity. Being born under Cancer you have a natural inclination to want to do great things in your work and have an impact on others by nurturing them in the process.

You won’t be wasting any time getting down to business in 2019 as Mars immediately moves into your profession sector on January 1. By the 21st you’ll be hit with some frustrating opposition in what you want to do but your efforts will pay off handsomely by February 14 when it moves into your 11th house of financial gains. These may be short-lived, however, as Mars moves into your 12th house on March 31 indicating excessive expenditure that you may willfully incur.

Contracts are alive and well throughout August but especially leading up to the 18th as Mars transits your third house of communication and binding documents. You may be somewhat aggressive in trying to get your end of the deal met. This is exactly what you need to do so that others don’t stomp all over you in the process.

On October 4 when Mars moves to your fourth house of property and family, you enter into constructive or decorative processes around the home. Purchasing furniture, antiques and other investment items that are a part of your home life will add value to your home and also tweak your interest in new ways of making money.

A New Moon takes place on August 1 in your zone of finance and income. You have a new vision of what you want to do financially and will devise new methods for bringing in more cash. This opportunity may be preceded by a buildup of intense focus on your work starting around May 14 and the Sun makes a notable trine aspect to Pluto.

You are able to uncover deeper patterns in your work, client or consumer behaviour and human psychology which are useful in extending your reach into the market generally.

Throughout this period you’ll also experience some powerful transformations in yourself. This may have to do with the type of people you come in contact with through your work especially around July 15, September 14 and again on October 14. It may also simply have to do with the way in which you are working and connecting with what you do. Your state of mind will shift dramatically and open you up to the importance of doing work that resonates with who you are as a person.

To find out about your workplace activities, Jupiter has much to say about the manner in which you work in your day-to-day routine. There may be some confusion as the year starts because on January 14 Jupiter makes a square aspect to Neptune. This is again recurring on June 17 and finally on September 22. These doubts or confusions evaporate rather quickly when on December 3 Jupiter enters your seventh house of business partnerships. On the 16th the trine aspect to Jupiter further solidifies your luck and brings unexpected and perhaps overwhelming opportunities.

The moral of the story with this Jupiter-Neptune contact is that..

You should be prepared to be flexible in terms of adjusting your day-to-day work schedule.

Doing this shows that you can optimise the return on your investment of intellectual, creative energy and as importantly, time. Looking at the way you use your diary will be an eye-opener as well. If you carefully look at the manner in which you structure appointments, work that is done at home, research etc you’ll see that there are ways to block off slabs of time so that you’re far more efficient. The confusion shown by these transits also relates to a simple matter of getting a more effective diary and schedule in place.

Promotions are likely when the Sun hits your 10th house up with its radiant solar energy. This takes place between March 21 and April 20. The fruits of your labour will be harvested during the transit of the Sun in the 11th house and that takes place between April 20 and May 21. Popularity with the public is also likely when the Sun transits your seventh house just before Christmas on December 22 and as well, in its contact with Venus on August 14.


Jupiter is doubly lucky for you as it is naturally the planet of good fortune but coincidentally rules your ninth house of karmic blessings. Throughout 2019 it spends most of the year in the slow acting sixth house. 

Astrologer’s Advice:

It is in its own sign so allow things to move at their own pace. Don’t try to push your luck as this will only serve to slow things down.

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As Neptune is transiting your ninth house of spirituality and good fortune, the ongoing hard aspect of Jupiter will give you an insight into the planetary cause of your confusion or doubt spiritually this year. If you’re relying on traditional dogmas and textbooks, scriptures and other products of institutionalised churches you’re going to become stuck.

It’s imperative for you to wade through and pass over man-made texts to gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual essence. These techniques give you access to your own direct perception. The easiest way to do this is to become skilful in the art of meditation and self-awareness.

The New Moon on March 7 takes place very near transiting Neptune and gives you the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. You finally start to make heads or tails of your spiritual direction at this time. There’s no doubt that there are karmic implications as your ninth house is a throwback to where you were in your previous life. Maybe you are trying to shake off the last vestiges of those belief systems that now no longer serve you.

On a more worldly level, anticipate some really great new friendships. They connect you to the higher realms after May 5. This is when the new Moon takes place in your 11th house of personal and social fulfilment. As the Moon carries the energy of the fifth house at the outset of the year to this 11th place in May, there’s an intimate link between your creative spiritual self and the friendships you create at this time.

The Sun trines Uranus on August 30 with Uranus having a great say over your psychological and inner transformation. This could also be an amazing period in which new revelations about your roots, family history and emotionally important relationships come to the fore. These insights will bring you to a point of self-actualisation. This will lead to greater harmony, especially if you apply your newly found inner wisdom to those most important relationships in your life.

Cancer 2019 Lunar Phases

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