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Capricorn 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Capricorn

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General overview   

Welcome to 2019 Capricorn – Its all about Drawing Lines in The Sand

2019 kicks off with a New Moon in your Sun sign on January 6. This coincides with a solar eclipse and forecasts the strength and depth of your resolutions in the coming year. On December 26 an additional solar eclipse also accentuates just how important this year is going to be in terms of re-evaluating yourself as a person and what sort of important developments you wish to instigate this year.

From start to finish 2019 is going to be primarily about self-renovation.

Changing what needs to be changed will be the key thread of your life this year.

As Saturn, your ruling planet and Pluto continue to impact your Sun sign, this eclipse will simply emphasize the already important work you’ve been doing on yourself in the past few years. This also has intense ramifications for your relationships as it fully opposes your partnerships house. Pluto has spent some years now reshaping you and your view of the world in your life. There is no doubt that this has had a marked impact on the way you interact with the people you love most. This is a work in progress and you must remain open to its sometimes overwhelming and emotional effects.

Saturn makes you serious as it transits your Sun sign and depending on the date in Capricorn you are born you will may start to feel as if some of your responsibilities are not necessarily fair. This is simply a matter of getting back to tracing your current circumstances and to why you’re exactly where you are. You’ll realise that a series of choices have been made and these were yours. As soon as you acknowledge this, stop resisting the results of those decisions, judging yourself and others, you’ll realise that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. It’s all going to plan. Look deeper and you will see this.

Mercury and Jupiter energise the year with their base position in your 12th house in January. A great deal of focus and spiritual analysis may be on your past. Fortunately, these two planets are benign in influence and usually bring a positive spin to those areas even – ones that may be spotlighted for the time being. You can find it easier to solve your problems by tracing back your actions to a previous time in resolving even the most unpleasant experiences within yourself. You don’t necessarily have to make resolutions on behalf of any other person.

Sometimes people aren’t prepared to resolve and bury the hatchet. If you’re making your internal resolution dependent upon someone else’s apology or reconciliation, you may be waiting a long time. Resolution is primarily about releasing yourself from the past and moving on. It’s in your own best interests to settle things and forgiveness is much the same.

Charitable acts are also a large part of your life is the 12th house where Jupiter and Mercury commence the year, indicates selfless work and a desire to help others less fortunate than yourselves. You must be more careful that this doesn’t become an open-ended deal for everyone except you. There must be checks and balances on your most valuable resource of time, as you could find it eroding very quickly. You may already be branded as the helper, to whom those in need come whenever they deem it necessary.

2019 is about drawing lines in the sand.

You must be clearer in your communication this year. Like Pluto, Neptune is a particularly slow-moving planet. It’s cycle, takes a long while to embed itself in your consciousness. There may be frustration with the earlier transit of Mars moving over Neptune. This is occurring in your 3rd house of communication, mental activity and day to day activity. Its placement in your 3rd house can muddy the waters of discrimination. You may think you are making a great decision only to realise later that “what-was-I-thinking” moment?! 

Practical reasoning becomes clouded under these transits but your mental acuity returns as Mars leaves your third house, taking along with it, much of the angst you’ve been experiencing. By February you should start to feel less edgy about things.

Speaking of edginess, there may be unexpected events taking place in your home life. That’s also been an ongoing issue. You may be feeling unsettled. With Uranus doing a backward and forward retrograde-direct dance over the last months of 2018, you feel as if it’s becoming more difficult to put your roots down. The great news is that on March 6, Uranus moves out of this domestic area of your life bringing with it a much more tranquil period on the home front.

Astrologer’s Advice:

You’re also likely to feel more content so that may be wise not to jump into any major decisions about relocating until mid-year.

Your ruling planet must also be looked at to see some of the significant changes that may take place. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and makes several important transits including its retrograde stationary phase of April 30. It remains in its apparent reverse motion until September 18. If you hang your hat on some outcome around the middle of the year you may have to wait a little longer while your ruler retraces its steps. This means you’ll be in a period of reflection and reconsideration. The Sun in combination with Saturn means that you’re taking yourself a little too seriously this year.

Within this period, issues relating to communication will be affected by Mercury as it also goes through a similar retrograde and forward motion. It happens around July up until August 1 and this is the period that will intensify the above reappraisal. As Mercury will be transiting your 8th house of shared financial resources and intimate communications, this has all the hallmarks of financial and emotional elements tied in with each other, and possibly messily so. Once again, the prevailing keyword throughout this whole period is clarity.

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Romance-and-friendship-2018You Are Forced To Look At the Deep Emotional Aspects of Your Relationship

The dominant relationship planets for you are the Moon and Venus. Mars and Pluto rule your social aspects of life. Mars also assumes jurisdiction over your 4th house of domestic relationships. Studying the transits and interactions of these planets and their movement into significant parts of your horoscope has a great deal to tell about the story of your love and romance throughout the coming year.

With the New Moon occurring in your 4th house of family activities on April 5, you are readjusting to the needs of your family and any other domestic issues that have been floating to the top of your agenda. Important developments in your relationships place during and after the solar eclipse of July 3 which occurs in your 7th house of marital relationships. This is a particularly potent connector and forces you to look at the deep emotional aspects of your relationship. The emotionalism of the Moon may get the better of you or your partner at this time so at least one of you needs to remain cool, calm and collected, even if things seem to be sliding off the rails.

Satisfying events domestically, start to occur more predominantly when Venus transits your 4th house of family affairs after April 21. Make the most of this pleasant and very satisfying cycle which continues until May 15. It’s all about spending time with your family and showing gratitude for what you have. If there have been periods in your life where you haven’t had the time to allocate to express how you really feel with them, here’s a great time to do so. Festive activities occur as well, around the 10th when an extremely favourable trine aspect is made to Jupiter.

On May 15, Venus transits your 5th house of amorous love affairs, creativity and speculation. Carrying on from the previous aspect of Venus in your 4th house, the 5th house relating to your children also receives its beneficial rays influencing the relationship you have with your offspring. Younger people also feature strongly in your life throughout this period. It’s as if you want to reactivate the playful part of your nature once again.

This transit is somewhat disturbed by the later conjunction of Uranus on May 19. This makes you erratic and speculative in your relationships. You may be thinking with your heart rather than your head. It also makes a transit your 7th house on July for its rendezvous with a cooling opposition to Saturn. You will start to realise that shooting from the hip is not exactly the best way to solidify your relationships. You need time to consider your own best interests. On or about July 19 when Venus makes a trine aspect to Neptune you start to clearly see what your vision of love is all about.

From July 21, with a powerful opposition to Pluto, Venus moves to your 8th house of sexuality and deeper intimate issues. This takes place between July 28 until August 21. You will break through into new territory emotionally. Although it may be difficult to release your pent-up energy, past hurts and other issues which have been eroding your relationship, things will be resolved. This will clear the air, providing an opportunity to re-establish better feelings between you and others.

Friendships are bound to take pride of place in your life when Venus transits your 11th house of October 9. It seems as if you can’t quite shake the bug of adventure and radical exploration as the hard aspect of Uranus seems to be a recurring theme throughout the year. It occurs again on October 13. The conjunction of Venus to Jupiter on November 24 however, is an excellent omen indicating greater optimism in your friendships and networking that plugs you into the right sort of people thereby fulfilling your objectives.

Friendships are shown by the 11th house in your horoscope and on October 28, you experience new desires associated with your social circle. The usual clique of friends you’ve had for so many years may start to change. You’ll be the instigator of this change and realise that the complexion of your relationships must necessarily change because people change. It could be that you realise you no longer have that same interests with the people you once did.

Often relationships are based on purely coincidental circumstances, for example, young kids starting school precipitate parents becoming involved with each other, out of circumstance. As children grow older those relationships are longer necessary even if for the time being there was some sort of resonance with them. Remember, some relationships simply act as a catalyst for growth and at some point they need to be discard them.

On May 5 and again on November 12, the New Moon and Full Moon respectively, make their impact felt in your zone of romance, love, creativity and children. All of these areas of your life start to come into clear focus. This will take several months for the returning cycle of the New Moon to mature and return to the same position in your horoscope. This makes sense as relationships are a catalyst for learning about yourself and that of course takes time.

The December 26 New Moon makes Christmas a particularly emotional time for you. As indicated in the introduction to your yearly forecast, this lunation occurred at the outset of the year and punctuates 2019 with a full stop exactly where it began.

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Gaining More Money and Better Profits Through Your Business Activities

 The Full Moon of January 21 shows how committed you are to making a financial statement in the coming year. You have a great deal of emotionalism connected to your work in business activities. As this rules your zone of partnerships there’s every possibility you’ll be successful by involving yourself and others who have the same vision as you.

As the New Moon of February 5 activates your financial zone, you have some early opportunities in the year to transform your financial habits and capitalise on your talents. You’ll be looking at new ways to earn money and will be extremely creative along these lines. Uranus spends a little time in the 4th house of your horoscope and this shows unexpected happenings financially. You need discussions with family members, especially your mother or father before jumping to any conclusions.

Property and real estate affairs are also on the agenda with your speculative planet Venus entering the 4th house of “bricks and mortar” on April 21. You have some ideas for making money through real estate but the square aspect of Saturn on May 7, with the later square aspect to Pluto on May 10, means that you are obstructed in making these plans a reality, at least for the time being. This requires some patience but in the end, you’ll realise that the delay, whether by procrastination or by external factors, probably spared you some future heartache. You’ll come to realise that you may not have been in a position to execute the plan had in mind.

On April 19 a Full Moon in your professional sector brings some wonderful opportunities on your career path. The Moon rules your partnerships.  If for some reason you’ve been considering combining your skills with someone else to commence an independent business this might be the time to consider doing so. As a point of interest, Venus ruling your professional activities is located on the 11th house of profits as 2019 commences. This is a great premonition of the likelihood of gaining more money and better profits through your business activities.

Venus transits your 6th house on June 9  and your mind will be fairly and squarely on work matters. This also brings you in touch with co-workers who may or may not be compliant with what you wish. Expect opposition to your demands for improved services, communication and systems and procedures. Co-workers will be lazy as you endeavour to improve your working environment. This could be a political period where you need to deal with adversaries or even open enemies.

On July 4, Venus transits your 7th house and opposes Saturn. This period the year will be challenging for you. You will be thwarted in your attempts in any direction you try to move.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Under these circumstances, it’s best not to resist but rather, learn what creative measures you can devise to sidestep any confrontations with others.

As the natural ruler of your profession and enhanced status, the Sun, makes its way through your 8th house on July 23. It brings with it the connotation that political, taxation and other investment aspects of your financial life need to be examined more carefully. On July 28 when Venus transits your 8th house, you have an opportunity to smooth over any differences with business partners, spouses and others who have some say in the way you manage your finances. Banking matters do well as Venus is one of the lucky planets.

Legal matters enter into the picture after August 23 when the Sun transits your 9th house. You notice some fortuitous information coming to light from out of the blue after which time you’re more forceful in your push to resolve disputes. This happens on August 13 when the Sun makes a vexing aspect to Uranus and later on September 2 the conjunction with Mars and finally a conjunction with Mercury on September 4.

When the Sun transits your 10th house on September 23 and quickly makes a right angle to Saturn you will start to feel the pressure building in your professional sphere. You need to deal with employers who may demand more of you than you feel is warranted. There’s a payoff however, as the Sun transits your 11th house of profits on October 24 and later makes a wonderful and idealistic trine to Neptune.

After November 23 there will be some travels associated with your working routine. This heralds a greater interest in foreign affairs, foreign business partners and/or clients and the period where you spend heavily. 

Astrologer’s Advice:

Keep a watchful eye on the way you manage your finances and don’t be afraid to set up a budget. Get the appropriate advice from experts in financial planning.


You’ll Be Doing A Lot Of Soul-Searching

Mercury rules your 9th house of spirituality and Jupiter your 12th house of spiritual seclusion and self-realization. Let’s take a look at a few of the interesting and useful movements of this planet in 2019. The Full Moon in Virgo on February 20 spotlights your spiritual activities throughout the coming year. Virgo is an important zodiac sign in that it rules your 9th house of spiritual activities, mentors, teachers, professors and other people who may be useful in helping you accelerate your spiritual growth. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury.

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When the new Moon occurs in this same area after August 30, you’ll be in a better position to adopt new ideas and philosophies. It’s a great idea not to rush this as you need to thoroughly digest anything offered and sift through with a discerning mind whether or not it’s of any use in your day-to-day life.

A philosophy without any practical value isn’t going to be of much use to you.

Getting back to Mercury, we see its movement through your 5th house between May 7 and May 21 is particularly important for working through to the core of your being. This will be primarily through creative activities. Music, dance and other forms of art open your heart to the possibilities of your own self. While in the 8th house, between June 27 and August 29, you’ll be doing a lot of soul-searching. This area of your horoscope relates to your subconscious desires and unfulfilled dreams. This may be a particularly difficult internal process but you will discover some amazing gems of truth after which you can eliminate whatever is unnecessary in your life.

Higher educational pursuits, a new form of wisdom and amazing communications with others along spiritual lines takes place between August 29 and September 14. The final transit of Mercury through your 12th house transpires between December 9 and December 29. These parts of your horoscope signify the receipt of past karma, charitable works, seclusion, meditation and a deeper understanding and connection to your loved ones and the world around you generally.

Capricorn 2019 Lunar Phases

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