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Gemini 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Gemini

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General overview

Welcome to 2019 Gemini!

For those of you born under the sign of the twins, 2019 is a significantly important year for personal transformation, relationships and finance. With a strong conjunction of no less than four planets in your eighth house of shared resources, intimacy and personal insight, handling these planetary energies ensures that you come out the other end with a great deal of wisdom, relationship understanding and ultimately personal satisfaction.

Greater responsibility must be shouldered while Saturn is moving through your eighth house and this has reference to the karma in your relationships.

You must be more accountable for the way you use or even supply resources to your partners this year. 

Astrologer’s Advice:

You must be more accountable for the way you use or even supply resources to your partners this year.

The great thing is that Jupiter transits your seventh house of marriage and partnership for most of the year and with communicative Mercury also present in this area during the first few days of the New Year, you’re more than likely going to have equitable discussions and these set the trend for the rest of 2019.

That this is a transformative year is also shown by the slow and assiduous Pluto also transiting this very same area. With the conjunction of Saturn, this can refer to events, circumstances or for that matter, emotions that you don’t seem to have a great deal of control over.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Because of this, you must learn the art of resilience. There will be moments where you’ll be challenged to roll with the punches.

For some time now you’ve been dreaming about what it is you want to do in your professional life. Have you figured that out yet because Neptune’s transit in the upper part of your horoscope is also a slow-moving influence that can take years to shape your ideas? This is a double-edged sword because while it can give you the most incredible visionary insights into your career, it may leave you somewhat helpless in making those dreams a reality.

Astrologer’s Tip:

Being practical in 2019 is, therefore, very much a key factor in your success.

Finance and money are particularly highlighted with so many planets in the eighth house. More importantly, the karmic nodes are transiting your second and eighth house and this has a lot to say about the way you value money. The North Node, in particular, transiting through your zone of personal income and material values will shake things up. You may be required to rethink your financial strategies and to gain a greater insight into the true nature of success. At the end of the day, you may come to understand that simply having more money is not the key to greater happiness.

If you’ve been working in a dead-end job some of these influences give you the extraordinary courage to finally start walking the path you believe you should. This will be based upon wholly different criteria altogether. That criteria are: what is it that makes you truly happy? What activity or work really resonates with your heart and gives you the opportunity to create your best work? That must be balanced against your need or desire for greater and greater income.

Friendships have undergone some important if not radical changes in the last few years as well. This is due to the erratic influence of Uranus in your 11th house of friendships, social activities and lifelong aspirations. This may have brought you into a new circle of friends and you will continue to explore these aspects of your life at least for the first few months of the year.

Earlier, in 2017, Uranus made a stunning entrance into Taurus, your 12th house of karma and past life activities. It will again transit back into this position and begins the year in retrograde motion. As a result, you need to firmly understand the nature of your relationships with friends. There may be several old scores to settle. Make absolutely certain that the peer group you are now choosing to explore your social needs with lives up to the standards you expect.

There can be incredible insights into your own past experiences as the 12th house relates to many things which are hidden. The more you sweep these emotional past issues under the rug, the greater the tension. You are therefore prompted to accept your past and look at things in an honest light. It is only through an attitude of straightforward acceptance that you’ll be able to resolve anything that’s been swirling around in your unconscious mind for too long.

This 12th house transit of Uranus is also important in that it triggers your interest in foreign affairs, unusual cultures and will prod you to make several journeys in the coming years. As mentioned earlier, this has important karmic implications. There may be some desire to return to an old place in your life where you have many fond memories. Some of you will venture to travel to a distant place for the purpose of re-establishing yourself and creating a new life altogether.

Excellent partnerships are shown by the transit of Jupiter in your seventh house. With this influence, you are able to improve your relations with the general public, business partners and most importantly, your chosen spouse or lover. For those of you who are single, this ensures that the people you connect with are indeed of good calibre, with a generous disposition and spiritual ideals that match your idea of a perfect soulmate. One thing that should be noted, however, is that you mustn’t overestimate things, particularly in the first stage of any new relationship.

Speaking of relationships, as the year commences, the transit of Venus in your sixth house shows that you will be interested in developing a more unconditional approach to love. The sixth house is strongly connected with the role of service, helping others out and at least for some period, putting your own needs to the side to give someone else a lift. This may also relate to working with your partner and the capacity of serving them in some areas that they may not have the skills that you possess.

Astrologer’s Tip:

Approaching this with an open heart can be a great way to draw you nearer to each other and in turn, help you both focus on common goals.

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What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

Venus Jupiter and Mars rule your romance, marriage and friendships respectively.  Studying the transit of these planets..

throughout 2019 gives you an idea of those important times which punctuate your year romantically.

A great start to the year is forecast when Venus transits your seventh house of marriage. This transit lasts approximately one month and basically gives you the green light in love. If you’re married this is an excellent period to cement the bonds of love and better still if you are single, an opportunity to get closer to your lover. It’s time to discuss your long-term plans together. It’s also a time when friends or other family members become engaged or get married. You can expect celebrations in the early part of the year.

Leading up to February 18 the conjunction of Venus and Saturn slams the brakes on love. You will be feeling distant emotionally or there may even be some physical separation from your spouse or partner during this cycle. It’s also an indicator of some instability as a result of excessive demands being placed on you or vice versa. February 23 when Venus makes a conjunction with Pluto in your eighth house of shared resources, you mustn’t let money matters or material desires interfere with matters of the heart.

Greater instability is forecast when Venus makes a square aspect to Uranus on March 1. This unsteadiness of heart has something to do with your desire to explore different avenues, meet new people and to try something out of the ordinary. There’s no problem with this as long as you’re not otherwise committed in a relationship as this may undermine your partnership and breed mistrust. These unstable aspects intensify up until March 21 when Venus squares Mars. The results of this are an intense passion but possibly impulses that may be regretted later. Tread carefully.

As Venus makes contact with Neptune on April 10 your idealism becomes much stronger. You must be careful not to look at prospective partners or emotional affairs through rose coloured glasses. You could be missing some pertinent facts about the personality traits of others.

Friendships become stronger with new meetings taking place when Venus enters your 11th house of social activities. Your networking influences are strong, along with your magnetic powers. There’s no doubt you will attract new friends during this cycle.

Your ruling planet Mercury makes excellent contact with marital planet Jupiter in the few days leading up to May 3. The trine aspect is an excellent one and usually affords you wonderful communications, understanding and deeper connections intellectually and emotionally.

Astrologer’s Note:

This is a perfect time to share your feelings with others and if there have been any misunderstandings previously, now is the time to patch things up.

Around July 18 Venus makes an impressive trine aspect to Neptune however the opposition to Pluto on July 21 challenges you. You may get caught out if you are expecting too much in love. As Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movie proclaimed: “A man’s got to know his limitations”. You must apply this principle in all of your relationships in 2019 and understand that not everyone you meet, as attractive as they appear initially, is the magic person to fulfil all of your needs.

Venus makes contact with Mars on August 24 and this affects your domestic relationships as it occurs in your fourth house of family and home. This is a time when you can reconnect with those you love on the home front. If you’ve been too busy, working hard and spending time away from your loved ones, it’s time to get back into the swing of things domestically.

On September 29 a New Moon in Libra indicates a fresh cycle of love and romance especially by virtue of it being in your fifth house of love affairs and creativity. Your creative juices are flowing and you want to share this with someone that you genuinely love. If you are single, this is one of the better times of the year where you may expect things to turn around. The new Moon is always indicative of a new chapter starting in the area it happens to be transiting. The fifth house also has to do with children so if you’re married and have been thinking of taking that next step, this could be the commencement of a cycle in which you will do so.

After the new Moon of October 14 in Aries, there is a wonderful new phase commencing socially. You may be tired of those worn out friends who offer you nothing of value to speak. You are now outgrowing them and especially with Uranus staring things up in this area earlier in the year, no doubt you’ll be setting your sights much higher and on bigger and better things.

November’s new Moon in Sagittarius on the 27th is an excellent omen indicating new horizons romantically. In your marriage or current relationship, you may come to some agreement with the one you love about where to take your relationship in future. You want to collaborate together, combine your mental and emotional energies and do something worthwhile. This doesn’t only relate your social affairs but perhaps even business matters. In any case, you can really make some inroads together and this draws you closer and closer together.

Towards the end of the year Jupiter makes some significant aspects especially on December 2nd when it moves into your all-important zone of intimacy. On the 15th it makes an exciting trine aspect to Uranus from the same position. As mentioned earlier, there will be periods in 2019 where you are keenly interested in breaking new ground, deepening your intimacy and affection with someone who will reciprocate. This is a perfect transit for that sort of breakthrough and an excellent one to complete the year.

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Is it going to be a successful year for you Aries?

The solar eclipse of January 6 is a new Moon in Capricorn. This really sets the trend 2019 financially speaking. Capricorn is your eighth house and indicates shared resources, banking, taxes and other important financial matters. Saturn and Pluto remain in this area throughout the whole of the year with the Sun making its usual transit here in January.

This solar eclipse is potent and points the way to clearing up any anomalies in your financial dealings.

You may need to talk to your bank manager, straighten out your tax, deal with your accountant and generally, speak with those with whom you share your money. In particular, if you are married, you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. Improving the interest rate your paid on savings, looking at better investments for your long-term future and other issues surrounding financial security are indicated by this important celestial development at the outset of 2019.

Clearing your table of debts is shown by the initial transit of the Moon and Venus in your sixth house of financial liabilities.

There’s nothing worse than carrying debt for too long as the interest component ends up doubling your obligation over a long period of time. It’s best to address this early so that you can enjoy peace of mind over the coming 12 months and beyond.

Mars is the planet of profitability for you and makes a really nice transit on New Year’s Day by moving into your 11th house of revenues. It’s obvious you’ve made great efforts in your work in the preceding months and this is likely to pay off throughout the period of January 1 until February 14.

You must take care however, that you don’t blow all of your savings as Mars transits into your 12th house of expenses at this time. You will discover that you’d been somewhat lax in managing your finances and now it’s time for a major overhaul. Hold onto your goods, money and valuables as this 12th house also relates to loss and theft. Check your cash after any transaction. It’s also not a bad idea to verify bank statements and other receipts or invoices to ensure that there are no errors which will ultimately incur more costs.

During the Sun transits your 10th house throughout February and March, you should throw your hat in the ring for a better position. Promotions and increased income are likely, not to mention the greater prestige that comes with assuming a more responsible position, either within your current work or elsewhere.

As the Moon is the ruler of your income, it’s important to look at the lunations which include the new Moon, full Moon and eclipses. On June 17, the full Moon in Sagittarius holds the beginning of an opportunity to clarify your business partnerships and associations. It’s also an excellent period to commence your marketing. It offers greater insight into your customer base if you happen to be working with the public. The Moon is the natural significator of the general populace and therefore is extremely important in any manner of business dealings.

The solar eclipse and new Moon of July 3 is a particularly important development in your working life and the manner in which you earn your livelihood. At this time you’ll be conscientious about planning new pathways in your career and ways of earning money. We also see that on 19 July your ruler, Mercury enters your finance sector. You’ll therefore be industrious and clever in the way you earn greater income at this time.

The Full Moon on October 14 in your 11th house of profitability is one of the better times of the year to look forward to a pay increase or better turnover in your business if you are independently engaged. Commission agents will see increased checks and also a greater rate of turnover in sales.

When Jupiter transits your eighth house there’s every opportunity for unexpected wealth, legacies, gifts and other sorts of inheritances. This is because the eighth house is the house of death. When Jupiter moves into this position on December 2 and begins a one-year transit in this zone.

The powerful trine of Mars to Neptune on 13 December is an indicator of just how high you are prepared to aim in your work and your goals. Leading up to Christmas, the intense and surprising trine of the Sun to Uranus indicates a professional or financial gift that may not have been expected.


Uranus is currently retrograde and back in your 11th house of friendships to complete any unfinished business with friends and siblings. On March 6 when it enters into your 12th house of spirituality, look forward to a whole new phase of life which commences then. This is a significant cycle as it only occurs once every 84 years.

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The position of Uranus in this area of your horoscope opens you up to unseen forces, uncommon dreams, spiritual and intuitive insights that may even become alarming if you’re not sure about what’s going on. It impacts your life, being in this area and intensifies in August when it passages into its retrograde motion. Uranus is the planet of your past karma by virtue of it ruling your ninth house.

The connection here is strong and causes you to travel, absorb foreign ideas and philosophies and to thumb your nose up at the traditional doctrines and religious practices you may have been accustomed to for so long. Just remember, that no matter what path you choose, everything that has been experienced before, has led you to your current position and state of mind.

Astrologer’s Tip:

Try to utilise this knowledge in an intelligent way to further your understanding and spiritual evolution.

Nothing should be discarded and should be seen as part of your life lesson.

On May 5, the New Moon in your 12th house spotlights some important developments in your personal spiritual journey. Jupiter also has its part to play but this year may have more to do with challenges. This is shown by the square to Neptune on January 13, June 16 and again on September 21 when it finishes its business teaching you the lessons of balancing otherworldly spirituality with pragmatic day-to-day life.

The solar eclipse on December 26 in your eighth house of psychological insights is an important completion to your 2019 cycle. You may start to uncover significant blocks to your spiritual and karmic development. Once this is dealt with you’ll start to see your luck quotient improving dramatically.

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