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Libra 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Libra

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General overview

Welcome to 2019 Libra!  Getting family foundations right!

Three solar eclipses take place throughout 2019 and these are in significant areas of your horoscope. The first one on January 6 is a New Moon in your zone of family affairs and domestic happenings. With Pluto, and Saturn continuing their slow and steady work in this area of your life, this eclipse signals important developments which carve a new path for you domestically.

It’s quite likely that change has been long overdue but now you’re turning over a new leaf and implementing the changes you’ve desired for so long.

The second eclipse takes place in the exact opposite side of the zodiac and this relates to your professional activities. More importantly, points to your achievements and life objectives. Anything you do that can build your self-esteem will be spotlighted under this eclipse. In terms of your destiny, the events that happen after this indicate a marked impact on your future life generally.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Pay careful attention to the lessons life is giving you at this time. It’s quite likely you’ll experience triggers or people who act as catalysts for the change that you wish to make with reference to your career.

The third solar eclipse makes a return to the position of the first eclipse thereby driving the point home at the very end of the year on December 26. This will have long-term ramifications, but as the Moon and the 4th house both rule your mother, there’s every likelihood that your maternal relationship will be a focus now, your history together and any challenges that you are experiencing now, will need to be addressed.

The eclipses always take place on what is known as the nodal axis which represents your past and future karma. How you deal with your maternal and family relationships generally throughout the coming year will play an important role in the way many other facets of your life play out as well. The fourth house is the emotional foundation of your life so you can’t underestimate its power and importance.

The tone is set by the Sun and Saturn conjunction in this very same area as the year starts. You can expect your fair share of responsibilities at home. Getting your family affairs back on track may not be an easy task but it does show the effort is well worth it with the Sun ruling your life’s desire. It seems as if you are expressing one of the universal law which is to accept your responsibilities graciously with an understanding that whatever happens is a result of those difficulties. This can only be for your ultimate good.

As your career life is ruled by the Moon, the lunations, that is, the significant phases like the New and Full Moon, in particular, have a direct correlation to the ups and downs of your profession. You can apply the above dates to your working life as these lunar cycles in 2019 have a marked influence on work, your employer and those you work with. The eclipse of July 3 is particularly notable and could show the start of a new chapter professionally.

After the New Moon of August 1 in Leo, expect new sources of income to pepper your professional experience. These may be opportunities and if you’re bold enough to take what’s on offer, cash in hand. Be mindful, however, that Uranus continues to impact your 8th and 2nd houses of shared and self-earned money so there may be an element of risk attached to what you do. Your finances generally may not be easy to grasp or there may be factors continually changing that make it hard for you to depend on a stable income.

Better planning will obviously be necessary for the coming 12 months.

You have leadership abilities and that has come about through your ability to nourish the projects you have embarked on and also genuinely care for those in your group. As a result of your service orientated attitude, the good karma from your work is now coming back in full measure. If you are that way inclined, the healing, hospitality and food professions may offer you some avenues of good growth.

The presence of Mars in your 6th house of workplace activities and co-workers is short lived and thankfully so. With it having transited the position of Neptune late in 2018, you may still be reeling from some unpleasant experiences or serious disappointments in the performance or behaviour of those you work with or who work for you.

Astrologer’s Advice

You must be careful to check the credentials of anyone you employ, either at your place of work or within your home.

You are trying to aspire to a higher level of service and generally better standards of work. That becomes difficult when you’re dealing with the politics of the institution you’re involved with. Some of your dreams may have been shattered as you realise there are times where you just can’t buck the system. In this case, you have to be even cleverer as to how you use what you have to achieve what you ultimately desire.

Astrologer’s Advice:

If you’ve been frustrated in your work why not simply regard this as a steppingstone.

Release your frustration knowing all the while that what you’re doing has in its own value; if only to help you get to where you want to be.

Jupiter is generally regarded as the fortunate planet of the zodiac and as it transits your 3rd house of communications and mentality, it’s precisely in this area that you can improve your life overall. Pay attention to how you communicate ideas in 2019. Even if you think what you’re saying makes sense, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and listen specifically to what is being said. You’ll come to realise that others are misinterpreting what may come from the best of intentions.

Clarify what you have to say and don’t be afraid to express your intention for saying what you do. Words have great power for you in this coming part of your life so use them wisely.

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Romance-and-friendship-2018An undercurrent of passion throughout 2019

Mars is the dominant planetary player in your horoscope when looking for issues related to marriage and long-term commitment. The transits of Mars define the happenings in your love life throughout 2019. Let’s take a look at what’s likely to occur.

Immediately on January 1 Mars transits your 7th house of marriage. Mars, on the one hand, can ignite your drive to spend more time with the one you love however; its natural inclination is impatience and argumentativeness. You will be tested inasmuch as you know what you want but may meet resistance with your partner. If you go head-to-head this will only deepen the rift between you and cause a great deal of turbulence in your personal life. It’s far better to negotiate your differences over a glass of wine in a comfortable and neutral environment.

On February 14 with the transit of Mars your 8th house your passions are activated but fortunately stabilise between March 14 and March 20 with a trine aspect to Saturn and Pluto. You should enjoy this period as one where you can actively engage in trying to understand the motivation behind you and your partner’s interest in each other. This can be a highly passionate and sexual time as the 8th house brings up those deeper feelings which are often withheld. You are not scared to share how you really feel with others now either.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Be careful not to harp on money matters however.

Financial issues should be kept separate to your feelings.

Travel is on the cards with Mars transiting your 9th house on March 31. You have a strong desire to explore the world and make 2019 an adventurous period. You also want to know that the people you meet, those you want to consider as friends, at least have similar philosophical and political ideals. You will find it difficult accepting that others have a different opinion to you but why should that surprise you? You similarly have a completely different opinion to them.

Live and let live seems to be the axiom by which to get through this period.

The New Moon of April 5 occurs in your marital zone. You may desire a change during this lunar phase but you mustn’t be sidetracked by activities that actually undermine rather than enhance what you’re looking for. If your routine is becoming humdrum you need to take the lead and initiate discussions, activities and plans. This requires an adjustment in your lifestyle and relationship. Naturally, it takes two to Tango so communication about what it is you want is imperative during this time of the year.

Astrologer’s Note:

Unless you talk about issues and what it is you aren’t satisfied with you can never hope to resolve the problem.

Your ideals may be at odds with your partner by April 27 when Mars squares Neptune and this continues up until May 6 with the harsh opposition to Jupiter. This is a continuation of the previous transit previously discussed. If you’ve been able to reconcile with each other this aspect may not be too bad. But the opposition to Jupiter indicates an excessive reaction to something. If you feel you’ve done something wrong by your partner or friend, you could feel justified in overcompensating for it. This will only make you look foolish.

Astrologer’s Advice:

If you’ve transgressed someone, accept you’ve done something wrong, apologise and quickly bury it.

Don’t harp over problems as this will only serve to push the people you love further away.

Social activities take a lift with your 11th house being transited by Mars after July 2. The square aspect to Uranus and trine aspect to Jupiter on July 12 and 25 respectively indicate growth in this area and in particular, the seeking out of people who have very different ideas to you. This may or may not necessarily work, however, the 12th house indicates solitude and the period between August 18 and October 4 your relationships are likely to be kept behind closed doors. You may be a little wary of socialising and want to re-establish that deeper contact with the one you love, your soulmate.

You will be surprised to find just how much enjoyment can be found between you and one other person rather than the maddening crowd.

Fortunate love affairs and friendships are spotlighted during the transit of Venus to Jupiter on November 24 with an unexpected surprise due around November 29 when Venus trines Uranus.

Astrologer’s Note:

You could learn something about someone that shows you a whole new side of their personality. You may or may not like what you discover but at this time there certainly won’t be any dull moments.

When Venus transits your 5th house of love affairs on December 20 you’ll find this a better time to connect romantically with others. For singles, it’s the perfect time to reach out and experience a mutual affair of the heart. One of the final aspects of the year is that of Mars in its trine to Neptune which happens on December 13. This brings the year to a close on a highly idealistic note.

You’re prepared to work hard to experience the love of you feel you deserve.

This precipitates a new cycle in love for you as 2019 ends.

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Prioritise and delegate to come out on top

You’re still undecided about some matters relating to your professional life and this is evidenced by the to-ing and froing of Uranus in its forward and retrograde cycles throughout 2019. You need to regain clarity in the matter of your work and this couldn’t be more important than in the way you schedule appointments, set your tasks and also your objectives throughout the coming 12 months.

Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting anything done. For this reason, prioritising and delegating will be two of your most important keywords.

You want stability this year and this means avoiding those people who are disruptive influences. Divided loyalties remain a problem as you want to befriend those you work with but realise that it isn’t always the best approach to take in matters of work.

The Sun, the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter dominate your official activities with Mars and Pluto regulating your income. Mercury has to do with your debts and expenditure. The Sun makes an important transit to your 10th house on June 22. The focus is on work and attaining your professional ambitions. This will make you work hard, thereby creating in you a need to impress those who are able to fast-track your success. Any new work you embark upon will be successful and you’ll gain the favour and support of your superiors to help this process along.

On July the solar eclipse taking place in your professional house and accentuates the already significant nature of this transit. New opportunities open, possibly demanding your sudden attention and decision. By July 23 and the Sun transits your 11th house at which time you may expect some great financial remuneration. This may be brought about initially by a friend as this 11th house also has to do with your social networks and close acquaintances.

Periods of instability and expense follow this positive cycle just predicted. The Sun’s transit through your 12th house on August 23 along with Mercury’s entry into the same place cautions you against unnecessary spending or using money as a means of winning favours. Let your talents speak for themselves rather than feeling any obligation to buy the approval of others.

Hold on to your money for the time being.

Mercury enters your 2nd house of income and this could set you up for disappointment especially if you’ve worked hard believing you were going to be the recipient of additional income, bonuses from overtime etc.

Astrologer’s Note:

Something may change and you should be a step ahead of this by tightening your belt, reducing any overheads unnecessary and most importantly, being patient not to purchase those big-ticket items you want yesterday.

The New Moon of November 27 sets up a new series of opportunities by its placement in your 3rd house of communications and contracts. This may be related to property matters, real estate, rental and housing. It indicates the sale and purchase of land and home and investments. This is also further attested to by the solar eclipse on December 6 which occurs in your 4th house of residential issues. This eclipse occurs on December 27 and indicates that you are ready to make that big jump into a new environment and at the same time pocket some profits. Setting down your roots elsewhere may impact your professional life as well.

Finding success in your working life often depends somewhat on the good luck that you come across. As Jupiter is also transiting your 3rd house for most of the year, your negotiations and contracts of any sort are likely to be satisfactorily concluded. Jupiter also indicates that the benefits of any agreement you enter into this year are more than likely to be in your favour.

Yet again the movement of Jupiter into your 4th house on December 3 further consolidates the above predictions that towards the end of 2019 much of your attention will be on matters of housing and this certainly affects your domestic life but has powerful repercussions on your professional destiny as well.

Again these are all good omens proving the return of good karma to you.


New lessons regarding the laws of karma and the universe

Your greatest fortune lies in the way you communicate your ideas throughout 2019. Jupiter’s transit in your 3rd house means that your words carry weight and language is one of the most pertinent ways of swaying people’s opinions.

Uplifting their first impressions of you and helping you to secure bigger and better things.

Don’t be deterred by the retrograde movement of this planet on April 11 as this simply means a necessary revision of what you’ve received in the way of information, facts and figures. Jupiter is still on your side and is more than likely able to give you what is promised karmically after August 11 when it goes direct. Your good fortune may be subject to unexpected fluctuations but generally is positive as shown by the trine aspect to Uranus on December 16.

Deals may take a little longer but will ultimately work out for you.

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Mercury rules both of your spiritual houses – the 9th and the 12th and when transiting key areas of your horoscope will give strong hints as to how well you can progress spiritually and in terms of luck throughout the coming year. On January 24, Mercury moves to your 5th house and stay there until February 10. On February 19, the conjunction to Neptune highlights your receptive nature and your ability to intuitively tune in to what you need in any area of your life. This is particularly so in spiritual matters. Connect with others spiritually around April 17 when Mercury makes contact in your 7th house which relates to the general public and your life partner.

You can exchange knowledge with anyone and further your spiritual aspirations.

On May 21, Mercury enters your 9th house, the most spiritual house of your horoscope. You’ll be educating yourself and learning new things about karma, the law of the universe and the means to success. Luck really is tied in with spiritual philosophy. Your good fortune is simply an extension of the universal laws of karma. Mercury’s entry into your 11th house on August 12 is a clear omen for great opportunities, success and all-around happiness and this is consolidated by the trine aspect to Jupiter on August 21.

You are lucky financially and this is shown by Venus transiting your 2nd house as the year starts. With changeable Moon in its dark phase making contact with Venus in the first few days of the month, the warning signal here is not taking any good fortune for granted. You are likely to vacillate, spend unwisely and therefore erode the very good luck that the universe is providing you in the next 12 months or so.

Libra 2019 Lunar Phases

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