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Pisces 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Pisces

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General overview 

Jupiter’s once in 12-year return brings expansion to your professional activities.

The New Moon in your 11th house of Capricorn takes place on January 6. It highlights the importance of friendships, networking and connections with elder siblings. You’re focused on reviving your heartfelt associations and this is also a period where you’ll reappraise the validity of those friendships. If for some reason you’ve felt shortchanged in your social life, you’ll make important changes and won’t be afraid to extend your social circle.

This is particularly important because you’ve had an ongoing transit of Pluto and Saturn within this very same area. This may have shaken up your relationships to their very foundations. In some cases, the experiences haven’t been too pleasant. You’ve had to let go of some of the people in your life who haven’t been reciprocating friendship in the way you believe friends should.

Saturn and Pluto often create forced change. In some instances, long-term friends may have been taken away from you. There may have moved away or unfortunately, some could have passed on. You must see this as all part of your growth process. Regard this as ultimately being for your own good.

With Jupiter transiting your 10th house of profession Mercury also spending the first few days of the year in the same position, your work will be very important. As Jupiter is one of your ruling planets, it shows exactly where you’ll be focusing most of your attention and love. This placement of Jupiter occurs only once every 12 years and offers an expansion of your professional objectives. Not only that, you’ll feel great about what you’re doing. As a result, the beneficial aspect on your 2nd house of finances, your 4th house of family and domestic affairs as well as your 6th house of health, and relations with co-workers, all receive a positive uptick from the jovial planet.

On March 7th, the New Moon transit occurs in your Sun sign. As it transits your ruling planet Neptune simultaneously, this should be regarded as a noteworthy highlight of the year, as early as it is. This stirs your emotions and the highest idealism within yourself. You must be careful not to let your imagination run away with you as Neptune sometimes cause confusion, false hopes and even illusions. There may be some deceptive elements associated with this transit, which means you must be careful of those you associate with under these rays.

Instability in your financial arena is forecast by the transit of disruptive Uranus in your 2nd house of income and monetary values. On January 7, it moves into its direct motion and this should be a welcome move forward if you’ve been in the midst of fiscal madness for some time. The relieving news is that it leaves this area on March 6, thereby entering your 3rd house of communications, your thinking mind and any negotiations you may be working through.

With Uranus making its presence felt in the mental arena of your horoscope, your creativity will be triggered in a big way. You’ll have flashes of brilliance and will want to share your ideas with others. As the 3rd house relates to shorter, local journeys, you’ll be on the go for much of the year. It’s important to plan your activities however, as this planet can drain you mentally and place unnecessary strain on your nervous system.

The 3rd house also relates to your siblings. Whereas the 11th house reflects elder born siblings, the 3rd house has a great deal to say about your younger co-borns. The unsettling effect of this planet is that it may cause them to do irrational things. You may be drawn into the fray by trying to make things better for them. Don’t get sucked into a whirlpool where your resources, time and more importantly, money, must be forked out to save them from some misfortune of their own doing.

The new Moon of June 3 spotlights your family life. This occurs in your 4th house and gives you a new perspective on what it means to be part of a family. There can be exciting new connections made between yourself and those you thought you knew for your whole life. This cycle reveals new things from your past, your history and genetic background.

You will start to feel more drawn to understanding your cultural roots particularly if your family has its roots in exotic world locations. History and its impact on your family will come to the fore. Moreover, as the Moon rules your mother and the maternal lineage of your family, there will be a renewed love and feeling of warmth and appreciation for her. Relationships within your family circle will become more solidified generally.

As Mars is located in your Sun sign when the year starts, it shows that you have a lot more drive and energy than you usually do. You are excited about what the coming year will bring, however, your enthusiasm may turn to impatience, making you impetuous. You must channel this enthusiasm into the right areas of your life. There could be problems in your relationships if the one you love most is dragging their feet and you feel as if you’re the one always taking the initiative.

This is about involving your partner in what you do rather than doing it alone. There’s a strong sense of independence and maybe even willfulness. The evidence for this is the conjunction of Mars with erratic Uranus in the days leading up to February 13. You may be so committed to proving how independent you are that you’ll burn your relationships in the process.

Think things through more carefully before deciding to charge like a bull at a gate. If you’re hasty in your decisions you may realise later that a great deal of good work has been undone. Take a deep breath; think cautiously about what it is you want, but as importantly, what the ramifications are for everyone around you. By using these energies intelligently, you’ll make great strides in every department of your life in 2019.

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Romance-and-friendship-2018Past karmic relationships return

Venus has a great deal of influence over your relationships as it is the planet naturally ruling love. Between February 4 and March 1, Venus makes its mark on your social life. You can fall in love during this time or meet someone who strongly meets the criteria of what you consider an acceptable partner in life. If you’re currently involved in a relationship this cycle solidifies your current partnership and gives you even greater feelings of love and admiration for each other.

A Full Moon in Virgo takes place on February 20 and highlights the loving nature of your relationships. If you’re married or happily committed in a relationship there will be an abundance of feelings, sentimentality and nostalgic memories thrown up by this lunar energy. You may find that your partner is a lot more loving and demonstrative. There can be mutual caring and affection as this important celestial event bathes your zone of relationships in its cooling lunar rays.

You start to feel much more attractive under the auspicious influence of Venus and its transit of your Sun sign between March 27 and April 21. You want to be noticed and will take every precaution to look and feel your best. You may need a makeover at this time, if only to say to yourself “I deserve to pamper myself and give myself a lovely gift!” No doubt, others will notice you because you’ll exude magnetic energy, one that is hard for people to resist.

There will be some compulsive tendencies when Venus moves into an extremely challenging aspect to Pluto on May 10. At the same time and fortunately so, there’s a simultaneous trine aspect to Jupiter softening the influence. You must however, be careful not to allow negative emotions of jealousy, possessiveness and compulsiveness to sully an otherwise great relationship.  If you demand too much of others it will have the exact opposite effect and will ultimately push them away.

Mercury is your principal marital and love planet. On June 5 Mercury’s transit of your 5th house activates your amorous inclinations. You want to connect with new lovers and partners in an intelligent way as Mercury is the planet of communication. This also brings you in contact with younger people as Mercury is considered a youthful planet in the astrological scheme of interpretation. There will be lots of fun times during this transit with entertainment, music and other cultural or creative activities connecting you with people of similar interests.

A significant solar eclipse, which happens to be a new Moon, transits your 5th house of love affairs on July 3. The impact of this eclipse will not only be felt on your most intimate relationships but brings to the surface desires that have been unfulfilled and the need to explore other avenues of relationship. As Uranus is also casting its influence on your 5th house, there may be quirky energy to this cycle which brings unusual people within your orb. 

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try to discern the deeper value of people you meet throughout this period.

Shortly after July 17, another full Moon occurs in your 11th house of friendships. This is the time when you feel the same mutual respect and admiration for your existing friends. It may be that you also come in touch with new people who automatically warm to you and vice versa. You’ll make new acquaintances who become friends for years. It may even be that on first meeting them there’s a sense that you’ve been with them in some previous life. This is your karmic memory coming into play. There may be unfinished business with these individuals.

One of the most important transits is of Venus to your 7th house of marital affairs. This takes place on August 21 and is preceded by another wonderful trine aspect to Jupiter on August 9 signalling a time when singles wish to be married and finally tie the knot. On August 25 the conjunction of Venus with Mars is a passionate combination arousing your deepest feelings of love, warmth and sexuality. You should avail yourself of these energies, especially if you’re trying to get closer to the one you love. These sexual energies continue to get even stronger between September 14 and October 9 when Venus transits your 8th house.

The earlier new Moon ripens into its fullness when it returns back to your Sun sign on September 14. When, in January, you start to the hatch new resolutions, along with a brand-new self-image, you may not realise that it would take some time for this to blossom into a new version of yourself. Let’s call it Pisces version 2.0. 2019 will be a year of reinventing yourself, “interior” design and making over your personality. This will be in keeping with what it is you have as the highest ideal for yourself. Bear in mind that others in your life won’t take too easily to the new changes they see in you. You must ease them into this new version of yourself.

On December 11 Venus makes contact with Saturn which may quell your passions for a little while. Don’t take this to be a permanent state of affairs because you will experience that either you or your partner needs some space to re-evaluate feelings. This is not a bad time to do so even though Christmas is around the corner. Resolve any differences prior to the festive season winding up. Your feelings may indeed cool off but your love will still be deeply intact.

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Creating Impossible Standards and Goals Set You Up For a Fall

Your ideals will be challenged on January 14 and the days leading up to its square of Neptune. As both of these planets rule and sub-rule Pisces, it could be that in this first period of the year, you are your own worst enemy. It’s important to create a game plan that allows you to take control of the circumstances you are in. You feel as if you are some sort of small, helpless pawn in a larger game. You could feel that those you work with have been manipulating you in ways that don’t feel comfortable. You should say something now or forever hold your peace. Step out of the victim game and take control of your life again.

From February 19 when the Sun transits your own Sun sign, you’ll experience a huge upswing in physical as well as magnetic energy. You will make an impact on others simply by your presence. Your health and vitality should be on the up. If you’ve not been well, you will regain your optimum well-being and return to your top form. Others will be looking to you for leadership as you have the ability to show them the way forward.

Finances are greatly improved when on March 21 the Sun enters into your 2nd house of income. Rest assured you will earn more money but that’s not going to come without some additional burden. This is shown by the April 10 square to Saturn and April 13 square to Pluto. The April 14 trine to Jupiter harmonises this celestial pattern with good fortune coming in the way of negotiations and settlement of contracts around April 20 when the Sun enters your 3rd house.

On August 1 the New Moon in Leo in your 6th house of workplace activities, debts, health issues and enemies spotlights these things in your life. It brings many of these issues to the fore. You will want to resolve any outstanding problems with the people you work with. Debts that have been a burden and also health problems that have been slowing you down and hindering you from achieving your goals will be a priority. You will remove anything that has generally stopped you from experiencing a better quality of life.

During this same period, implementing standards and goals that are impossible to attain sets you up for a fall. It’s imperative that you set your goals at a reasonable level and have clearly defined milestones so you can achieve your success, step by step. This will short-circuit any disappointment associated with the feeling that you can’t possibly achieve your ambitions. This will be notable around July 23 when the Sun moves to your 6th house. On July 30 it makes a square to Uranus, thereby throwing your plans into turmoil. Others may not be reliable at this time so it’s important to have a fallback plan as well.

Expect legal matters to grab your attention after October 24 when the Sun transits your 9th house. This also relate to increasing and broadening your knowledge base so that you’re better able to do your work and secure better employment opportunities if that’s what you wish to do. Spend the next couple of months honing your skills and recalibrating your goals and objectives.

You may have to grin and bear much of these challenges and frustrations, however, you can be more certain that after the New Moon of November 27 which takes place in your 10th house of professional success that your hard work will pay off with some stunning opportunity.

Jupiter continues its most amazing transit through the upper part of your horoscope. Notwithstanding the difficulties you encounter with people on the sidelines, your optimism will carries you through. This could, in fact, be one of the reasons you make enemies this year. Remember, miserable people have no other way of making themselves feel better other than trying to make you feel less than what you are. If the daggers are out, and you sense enemies lurking in the shadows, rest assured that you must be doing something right.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t assume you’re the one in the wrong!

Throughout this whole period, Jupiter will be squaring your Sun sign, therefore, it’s clear that you’ll be exerting a lot of personal effort to make an impact in your profession. Generally, Jupiter’s influence is such that it creates an environment of self-development, thereby spiritualising the work that you do. Jupiter is lucky and it means that no matter how many challenges you are confronted with, you’ll make the appropriate effort which will indeed pay off in the end.


Generally, Jupiter’s influence shows where you can expect luck to come from throughout the next 12 months or so. As Jupiter moves through your 10th house of professional activities, this should be a particularly fortunate cycle, accelerating growth in your business and career. Its lucky vibrations escalate in the coming 12 months. Some of those aspects are going to yield exceptionally good results, as seen in your career and finance reading.

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Your karma planets are Mars and Pluto. As Pluto is transiting your 11th house of gains and friendships, much of your transformative work will take place through and with friends. As stated earlier, you need to part ways with those who are no longer serving your needs. You may, in fact, be dragged down by them if you’re looking for a more spiritual path. You want to surround yourself with people of a similar bent of mind. Mars makes a powerful trine aspect to spiritual Neptune on June 14 in your 5th house of creative pursuits. This is an important period and motivates you to understand yourself and to reconnect with your inner child.         

The stationary direct movement of Jupiter on August 11 indicates that whatever setbacks you’ve experienced will start to wind down. You’ll have a repeat of the previous hard aspects to the Sun and Neptune, again on September 22 and October 9 respectively. Don’t worry about this, as it simply means you’ve had to do some revision to get back on track. The payoff although occurring later in the year, however, is vouchsafed after December 3 when Jupiter transits your 11th house of financial gains and fulfilment of life desires. This could happen rather unexpectedly in some cases, as on December 16 Jupiter makes a most favourable trine aspect to Uranus.              

Expand while you can as this seems to be one of the main themes of 2019 for you Pisces. Without a doubt this will bring you the satisfaction you’ve been working so hard for. You mustn’t take your professional benefits and successes for granted though. Keep a level head and don’t exaggerate any success you achieve. Be thankful and appreciate that your life cycles won’t necessarily always be as beneficial. Make sure the intention for why you’re working comes from an honourable space. Share your success with others and you’ll achieve more of the same in the coming months and years.

The New Moon in your 11th house of Capricorn

Pisces 2019 Lunar Phases

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