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Sagittarius 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Sagittarius

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General overview

Welcome to 2019 Sagittarius

It’s a New Year, Sagittarius and with it comes new attitudes toward money.

Financial matters continue to occupy the upper part of your mind. This was the case in 2018 and will continue throughout the coming 12 months. The particularly potent Pluto and Saturn combination which remains in your 2nd house of finance throughout the whole of 2019, isn’t only about money. It’s about attitudes and how your faith manifests your dreams in life.

In your case, Pluto is breaking everything down for you to rebuild it in a much greater way than before. Think carefully about how you’ve approached money, finance, and professional activities. If these haven’t exactly provided you with the satisfaction you longed for, it may be that these transits demand a radical shift in approach. It’s not a good idea using a hammer to screw in a nail. Sometimes the tools used are outdated and renovation becomes the operative keyword. In your case, this is very much so in this coming important year.

Saturn’s hand in this is to delay your aspirations. This planet rules time and it’s only in time that Saturn offers you his financial benefits; provided you’ve been patient, focused and practical in all of your affairs. Capricorn is the dominant theme of your 2nd house being the 2nd sign to Sagittarius. It shows you have the capacity to use money in a way that differentiates your past from your future. The notion of insecurity may in some ways have dominated your past.

The future can be very different. In the past, you surrendered to the cultural notion that you must work for money. Money is what it’s all about right? You educate yourself, work and earn money. In studying the lives of the rich and successful you’ll see that their philosophy is in fact, quite different from the average, struggling soul. Rather than working for money they make their money work for them. They have a different concept of what money is and more importantly what their relationship to it is.

On January 6, the solar solar eclipse activates many of these above elements. Your attention will be focused fairly and squarely on the material side of life. You can’t allow a sense of urgency to create a crosscurrent of what the universe wants for you now. You may have to grin and bear the circumstances you’re in for a little longer. Don’t look at this as a bad thing. It simply gives you the opportunity to understand those things within yourself that are incongruent with the circumstances. Working with, rather than against the prevailing energies, will fast track you to success.

These above statements probably sound dire but the fact is those planetary movements, in conjunction with a wonderful Jupiter, transit through your Sun sign. Throughout the whole of 2019, you have the opportunity to shine by being in your own element. Notwithstanding the above material and financial concerns, this will to a large extent, not impact you that much. With Jupiter’s incredibly optimistic energy radiating from within your Sun sign that will be enough to attract ample opportunities for success. Jupiter’s impact is not only felt in your professional area but has a warm and expansive effect on your marital affairs, and love life generally. 

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As Gemini is a very communicative sign and opposite to your Sun sign of Sagittarius, this could be just what you need to open the door to greater intimacy in the months and years to come. Later in the year, on November 27 another new Moon occurs in your Sun sign. Take this as the other end of the earlier cycle relating to your partner. Both of you will be engaged in improving the quality of your relationship. New business partnerships and a fresh outlook on the world generally could also be seen as part of this lunation.

Mercury has an important role to play in the horoscope of Sagittarius as it dominates the domestic and professional zones of your horoscope. This single planet has jurisdiction over two very large chunks of your life. Generally, the retrograde and forward cycles of Mercury will, therefore, need to be looked at as this will show some important turning points throughout the year.

There are three important stations throughout 2019. The first one on March 28 finds Mercury going retrograde in your Sun sign while at the same time making contact with nebulous Neptune. You may doubt yourself at this time but this is probably more imagination than reality. The combination of these two planets makes you less than rational. You may be under some confusion until its direct movement on March 28.

It again goes retrograde on July 8. In your 9th house, it relates to journeys and educational matters predominantly. But it also has a lot to say about your philosophical beliefs. There may be setbacks in your plans in any of these areas but specifically speaking about your spiritual or religious beliefs, the indicators are that you may be doing some serious soul-searching throughout this retrograde period and asking some very deep questions.

Finally, on November 1, the retrograde movement of Mercury once again causes you to re-evaluate some decision or direction. You must ponder over your plans for a little longer until at least November 21 when it goes direct in motion in your 12th house of spiritual and charitable activities.

This is a time when you feel drawn to a deeper view of life and want to step off the merry-go-round of life to do some soul-searching. Under this period you’ll finally get to travel which may earlier in the year have not been altogether easy. Finally, the mixed signals missed calls and misunderstood statements are resolved and things can move forward generally.

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Romance-and-friendship-2018What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena? 

New trend in your most intimate partnerships

Continuing on with the Mercury transits, let’s look at those other important transits which relate to your love life. Mars and Venus need to be looked at as they rule your 5th and 11th houses of love affairs and social activities respectively. As I’ve already outlined, the three periods of the year when Mercury will be going retrograde and direct, you need to go back over the general overview and apply those same transits to the circumstances surrounding your romantic affairs. The influences will be somewhat similar and more importantly, the dates at which the planet goes direct will bring clarity to your mind.

Passionate exchanges take place when Venus moves into a wonderful trine aspect to Mars on January 19. There’s warm and vibrant energy to your exchanges now and this seems to set the trend for the rest of the year. You’re passionate about several areas of your life and this will spill over into your relationships making your partners take note. People will definitely notice upbeat energy surrounding your aura.

Mercury’s transit through your 4th house on February 10 is an excellent omen indicating more positive connections and communication with your family members. It may be coincidental or possibly even planned but you’ll be talking to more of your relatives at this time. As Mercury rules your partner, there will also be greater interaction between them and your family members. A greater bond domestically can generally be fostered.

Mercury squares Jupiter on February 23 and reflects the likelihood that you or someone else may over-embellish a story.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try to keep everything real. Even if you don’t intentionally misrepresent something or yourself it may come across that way. People can easily misinterpret your enthusiasm as an exaggeration.

Try to underplay your achievements as people become sceptical of your intentions and envious of your success. The tall poppy syndrome may be in full swing at this time.

On April 17 you’ll find Mercury transiting your 5th house until May 7. Your mind is speculative and amorous. You want to explore what’s available and exchange ideas with people who aren’t afraid to be a little playful and politically “incorrect”. This also brings out your inner child as Mercury is a youthful planet.

The 5th house relates to your children. Kids may feature strongly now. This makes you and your partner creative and gives you a common meeting ground during this cycle. The conjunction with Uranus on this same date throws affairs of the heart into a tailspin especially given that on May 21 Mercury makes its entry into your marital sector. There will be loads of communication between you and your significant other.

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On June 3, the new Moon in Gemini creates a whole new trend in your most intimate partnerships. If you’re married, a new cycle is commencing for you and your spouse. It’s as if you can recommence your relationship by cleaning the slate and starting over again even if things haven’t been great for some time. There’s a freshness about this Moon and it quickens your intellect. This could be just what you need to open the doors to greater intimacy in the months and years to come.

Mercury’s transit of your 8th house on July 4, is a powerful one infusing you with a desire to discuss matters of intimacy, sexuality, and psychological issues if any need to be resolved. Perhaps it’s no accident that American Independence Day falls on July 4. Could it be that you will find within yourself a sense of freedom? By being able to make that deeper connection with the one you love this transit highlights the underlying bonds in relationships by developing trust and a deeper level.

Unusual people attract you when Venus trines Uranus on February 3. Mark April 21 as a significant entry point of Venus into your 5th house of love affairs as well. Notwithstanding the May 7 square to Saturn which can stop you dead in your tracks, this challenging aspect for love is softened by the latter Venus trine Jupiter aspect on May 10.

One of the best periods of the year is the time leading up to June 9 when Venus enters your 7th house of marital affairs. Love will infuse you and your partner. You will feel a resurgence of positive emotion and vibrant expectation for your lover or spouse. You could be excessive due to the opposition aspect of Venus to Jupiter on June 24. What you must do is curb your desire to be too effusive or to overextend yourself when that isn’t at all necessary.

On the same date, with Venus making a perfect square to Neptune, you could feel as if all certainty is out the window. To complicate matters Venus entering into your mysterious and secretive 8th house requires a deeper, rather than superficial view of your current relationships.

On November 27 another new Moon occurs in your Sun sign so take this to be the other end of the earlier cycle relating to your partner. Both of you will be engaged in improving the quality of your relationship. New business partnerships and a fresh outlook on the world generally could also be seen as part of this lunation.

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work-and-money-forecast-201Learning the difference between working for money and having money work for you

Jupiter generally fortifies your opportunities with the Sun and Mercury being the predominant factors in your profession and success. On January 6 the new Moon / solar eclipse occurs in your zone of finance and income. Eclipses are very powerful celestial events which impact those areas of your life that are going to be meaningful. They demand attention. The fact that this eclipse is in the vicinity of Saturn and Pluto, accentuates the need to investigate all things material at this juncture in time.

These are not only directly related to money per se but to philosophical issues regarding your approach to money and how you earn it. Ultimately, only you can answer these questions. In short, working hard and taking responsibility for what you do is the bedrock of your success in 2019 and beyond.

On February 20 the full Moon transits your 10th house of profession. On March 21 the full Moon in Libra takes those successful 10th house energies and converts them into financial opportunities. You may me experience a great deal of emotional connection to your profession and to the social circles and people you associate with.

This is a lucky double transit and reveals something new about your work in terms of feeling what you do. You’ll start to eliminate those things which obstruct your good work ethic. You may even step away from family members or friends once you understand what things in your life have been blocking free flow of energy to achieve your true objectives in life.

The new Moon of May 5 and the succeeding full Moon of May 19 in Scorpio are red flags. They reference your expenses, debts and other outstanding responsibilities. These lunations point to a need to manage your finances in a much more astute manner and it could be that you need the assistance of someone who is professional in this area.

If you recall the difference between working for money and having money work for you, this also relates to inefficiently trying to save money by doing chores that others can do much better for far less cost. Take the example of accounting. Why do that task when in fact, your resources could be better used, resulting in a better return on your investment of time and energy? By hiring an expert, they will ultimately save more money because it will be done professionally. It’s time to consider hiring people to do these tasks for you.

When the Sun transits your 10th house of the profession on August 23, it follows up an excellent series of transits prior – the Sun trine Jupiter on August 7, Sun trine to your Sun sign, and of August 14 the conjunction with Venus, the ruler of your 6th house of workplace activities. All of these astrological aspects point to opportunities to lift yourself up and acquire a really good position at this time.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t be afraid to throw your hat in the ring if you’re after a new position. These are the sorts of transits that make you popular and give you the edge over your competitors.

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It’s always great to see positive planets transiting the 11th house and in your case, Mercury does so on September 14 resulting in extra cash. This is a period of the year when your hard work starts to pay off. You can look forward to extra cash and also find new avenues of income opening up for you through your friends and acquaintances. The 11th house has a strong link between your social circle and professional activities.

Christmas will bring unexpected surprises on the work front with the trine to Uranus. You may be ready to wind down only to find surprising news or opportunities presenting themselves. Around the period of November 23 to the end of the year, the Sun makes its impact felt by transiting your 2nd house of income. This can either be used as a way of consolidating your finances or spending big time. Mercury also echoes the transits of the Sun at this time and enhances your communications, negotiations and contractual commitments.


Use your powers of persuasion to accelerate your spiritual and material growth

The Sun is the most powerful spiritual planet in your horoscope and as well as giving you the power to succeed on your life path, it brings you the fruits of your past karma, both good and bad. Jupiter is the natural ruler of spirituality and expansion of the mind is transiting your Sun sign for the whole of 2019. It casts its influence on your zone of legal matters, education, foreign travel, and the higher mind.

The 5th house regulates your children, speculation, creativity and love affairs. Its direct glance at your 7th house of marriage and business partnerships is a further testimony to all of these above areas in your life is positively influenced.

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What’s fascinating is the fact that Jupiter is your ruling planet and as such points to the fact that you will be the primary source of your good fortune in the coming year. You’re starting to realise that your attitude in dealing with people can either attract or repel the good fortune in your life. It seems as if you’re now ready to step up to the next level and crank up the power of luck and good karma.

One of the significant transits that connect both Jupiter and the Sun takes place in your Sun sign on September 28. Leading up to the days and weeks of this conjunction with the Sun, Jupiter will gradually increase its power of good fortune.  Many good opportunities occur at this time and will give your professional activities a superb boost. Conversely, the transit of the Sun in its favourable influence to Jupiter spotlights a very powerful time of opportunities and good fortune. This happens earlier in the year between the 6th and 14th of April. The Sun makes a beautiful trine aspect to Jupiter. You could be the recipient of gifts, accolades unexpected financial and emotional benefits and generally improving reputation.

Under these vibrations, you become attractive and can use your powers of persuasion to accelerate your spiritual and material growth. There’s no harm in having the best of both worlds if you’re able to balance them. More importantly, you will see that in fact, your day-to-day practical life is the forum in which you can express your spiritual gifts and thereby evolve.

Finally, with Neptune winding its way ever so slowly through your 4th house of inner peace and tranquillity, it’s clear that the basic foundation of success in life must be accompanied by a sense of inner contentment. As Neptune transits this zone of your horoscope you’ll be challenged by the thought that you don’t have enough, there could have been better opportunities elsewhere and so on and so forth.

Astrologer’s Tip:

The secret is to begin practising the art of gratitude and from this everything else flows.


Sagittarius 2019 Lunar Phases

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