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Scorpio 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Scorpio

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The best things in life aren’t things Scorpio!

Welcome to 2019 Scorpio!

This is a big year loaded with loads of potential success, as long as you continue to keep working on your mind by giving it a positive upturn. This has been a difficult cycle for Scorpio as your transits haven’t made it easy for you to deal with the many challenges that life has thrown at you.

Take for instance the initial solar eclipse of January 6. This is a new Moon occurring in your 3rd house of mind and communications. The ongoing transit of transformative Pluto and conservative, restrictive Saturn in this same area will combine with these lunar and solar energies to activate a radical new approach in your interactions with others.

If you consider the matter of success,

you’ll realise that it rests predominantly on the way you think and use your thought processes to manifest the things in life you desire.

This 3rd house also represents your day-to-day activities to some extent. Along with your 6th house of work routine, this will have a large part to play in how organised you are throughout the coming 12 months.

The erratic influence of Uranus on your 6th house shows that you have to be even more vigilant in the use of your time and resources! This means refining your communication so that you eliminate unnecessary people from your life. The impact of Uranus on your day-to-day scheduling will make it difficult for you to tie people down, get clear directives from employers or even know what it is exactly what you yourself want. It’s all the more reason for you to have a game plan in place. You must arrange that earlier in the year rather than letting your valuable time slip by without concrete results.

Many Scorpios are finding it to reconcile the fact that they haven’t yet turned the corner. This is in spite of the fact that many astrologers keep saying that life should already have started to become a lot better.

But the seeds of greatness are sometimes found in the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in. Necessity is the mother of invention and although Jupiter continues to transit your 2nd house of income and fortune, you must still creatively find ways to circumvent the challenges that will persist for a while longer, for some. This will depend on the exact date you were born in Scorpio and of course other planetary positions including your rising sign.

Throughout the year Jupiter will slowly make its way into a more beneficial aspect to Uranus. Perhaps it’s that these two planets yet haven’t made a close-up contact in their favourable celestial relationship and this hasn’t given you results as you’d hoped for. Patience is necessary! The success alluded to earlier relates to time management and the manifestation of clearly defined ideas. Jupiter’s benign influence gives shape to your ideas, as crazy as they seem.

In the first few days of January, your ruling planet Mars also moves to this 6th house of work practices. You’ll be extremely energized and want to make your mark in this area. You are competitive and will win in any sort of sporting or professional rivalry. As this relates to your work, there are all some friendly or perhaps not so friendly interactions on the work front. The tendency with Mars is to come out with all guns blazing. You need to confront or others head-on but by the same token should be aware that people are sometimes apt to use you.

You must be clever in the way you overcome adversaries this year.

Overwork may be a problem in the first month or so and as Mars makes contact with Uranus in this very same area on February 13, may throw you a curveball. You must have your wits about you and be prepared for unexpected changes in your life.

Mars, as one of the rulers of your Sun sign, also coincidentally rules your health and well-being by ruling your 6th house of Aries. Throughout January and February precautions must be taken not to push yourself too hard. Digestive troubles may arise as a result of not planning your work or life schedule, eating less the nutritious food on the run and generally letting yourself get rundown. 

Astrologer’s Advice:

Take some time to nurture yourself and sleep well as you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be this year.

Relationships play a significant role in your life this year as Venus transits your Sun sign along with the Moon just as 2019 gets underway. You want to develop closer intimacy with those you love and this will happen quite easily as Venus moves to a trine aspect of Mars. This happens on January 19. Don’t allow doubts to interfere with what your deeper self is telling you. This happens as a result of the simultaneous square aspect to Neptune. Fortunately, by the January 22, the conjunction to Jupiter makes you feel more comfortable and open in your relationships. Later we will talk about the key periods in the year when romance is likely to peak.

2019 is about re-establishing your values, especially of a financial nature. The transit of Mercury and Jupiter at the outset of the year strongly hints at the fact that you need to find greater meaning in the way that you work. You also want to ensure that the money you earn is connected to good feelings about that work you happen to be doing.

Maybe money won’t be at the top of your agenda as you start to realise time is your most valuable commodity. It’s likely that many of you will readjust your perspective by giving more time to family, friends and most importantly to those pursuits that make you feel happy and free. As a general rule of thumb, you could easily apply the following saying: 

The best things in life aren’t things!


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Romance-and-friendship-2018Balancing your needs with those of others.

This year you must find a balance between showing how much you need another person and ultimately how self-sufficient you are. If you appear too needy, you’ll reduce your overall value in the eyes of others. This leads to disrespect and also a lack of self-respect. In other words,

this year you must develop the most important relationship in the world: the relationship you have with yourself.

Keeping love and amorous pursuits on a level of good taste is a very important requirement this year especially when Venus makes a square aspect to Uranus on  March 1. You may not be thinking clearly and won’t see that people are something other than what they appear to be. You could be blinded to the truth of others’ real personalities. This will be a continuing pattern starting around January 20 when Venus also squares idealistic Neptune.

Some of the more excellent aspects promising fulfilment in love occur when Venus makes a conjunction to Jupiter on January 22, enters your 4th house of domestic happiness on March 2, and later the amorous zone of your horoscope, the 5th house, where Neptune is also transiting now. That occurs on April 10.  Throughout this whole period, you will be dreaming your life away.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and understand that although true love is possible at first sight, more often than not it takes time to understand how you truly feel about someone.

Nevertheless, with Venus transiting this sensitive part of your horoscope you are most likely to experience new acquaintances or people who excite you romantically.

The square aspect of Venus to Saturn sometimes stops relationships dead in their tracks. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll separate or divorce but it can in many cases point to that. Generally, this is a challenging cycle and requires a reappraisal of whether or not both of you are on the same page and aiming for the same things in life. Feelings may cool off very dramatically. If this is a case of being with someone you’ve recently met, it may be that you just aren’t meant for each other. This may not be the soulmate you’ve been desperately looking for.

With the transit of Venus into your 7th house on May 15 and the conjunction to Uranus, the craziest things can happen in your love life. Those people who seemed so reliable in the past become completely unpredictable. This also rubs off on you making you somewhat unstable and confused about what you actually want. There’s a steadying effect on your feelings with Venus coming to the trine of Saturn on June 1.

Jupiter and Neptune rule your zone of love affairs and so looking at these transits will also be helpful in understanding your love cycle. You secretly wish for something other than what you have. This is shown by the continuing square of Jupiter to Neptune. There may be nothing superficially wrong with your partner or your spouse but rather a nebulous feeling deep within. This will lead to questions of whether or not you: could have, should have, would have done better elsewhere. This is the classic case of the grass is greener on the other side scenario. The three important dates when these challenging aspects mature are January 14, June 17, and finally on September 22.

Mercury, the planet ruling your friendships and social life moves into superior positions on May 7 to the 7th house, it’s an excellent social placement of the 11th house of August 29 and back into your Sun sign on October 3.  There are opportunities to make new friends, deepen current relationships and actively seek people in your network that have mutual interests that benefit you.

Neptune makes retrograde steps on June 22 and finally goes forward on November 27. This period of your life is quite revisionary and requires a lot of deep thinking to establish whether or not you’re on the path you actually want to be romantically.

You have to make some big decisions once you understand what it is you truly desire.

The New Moon of May 5 commences a new cycle in your marital affairs. If you commit yourself to someone this may be the time when marriage plans take precedence in your life. If this doesn’t relate to your own marriage you may find yourself in the midst of celebrations with friends or relatives who may finally decide to tie the knot. You’ll generally feel good in most of your relationships during this lunar cycle.

The full Moon on September 14 in your zone of love affairs brings a great deal of emotion and sentimental attachment to relationships. This is also a period when issues of motherhood, family and children float to the top of your priority list. If you’re a parent you’ll want to dedicate more time to and with creative involvement with your children.

On December 12, the final full Moon of 2019 takes zone of sexual affairs, intimacy and psychological health. You want to spend considerable time around the Christmas period contemplating the deeper ramifications of love and the people you are karmically tied to.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Take some extra time to seriously appraise these deeper questions. The answers will provide you with a more satisfactory life generally.


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work-and-money-forecast-201Hard decisions yield exceptional results

The Full Moon of January 21 takes place in your 10th house of profession early in the year. This follows the solar eclipse of January 6 in your 3rd house of contracts and negotiations.  It will build the business as the year kicks off!

You won’t be wasting any time and are full of ideas for what you wish to do to improve your career circumstances in the coming 12 months.

The New Moon on May 5 shows a strong desire to refine your working environment, get your skills in tiptop shape and to align yourself with people who know precisely how to get the job done. You’ll be irritated with ditherers. Your workplace is subject to unexpected twists and turns as a result of the transit of Uranus in its forward and retrograde motion. You must reappraise the way you’re using technology, social media and the internet. Your communications with others will also be predominantly skewed to a more efficient way of dealing with them via modern information technologies. This is shown by the excellent transit of Mercury in trine to Uranus in the first 5 days of the year.

On August 1, a new Moon in the pivotal profession zone of your horoscope signposts new beginnings and opportunities which are presented but may not necessarily be taken. A careful assessment of your current situation and the risks involved in casting aside the tried and tested will definitely be challenging during this phase. On May 19, the Full Moon in your Sun sign gives you the confidence to take the decisions you know you need to, as hard as they are.

In looking at the Sun’s transit over the coming 12 months we can see which periods are punctuated by the best possible opportunity for you to proceed successfully. The Sun rules the sign of Leo which is at the apex of your horoscope and rules your professional life.

On April 20, the conjunction of the Sun to your 7th house means that you can actively engage others to partner up in ventures. This will see your ideas start to take off. These are preliminary connections and discussions but mark an important contractual period when your 3rd house is transited by Mercury. It takes place on January 5, by Jupiter on December 3 and finally the Sun on December 22.

Astrologer’s Note:

There’s no need to rush matters and if a deal is worth securing patience is going to be extra-necessary and will pay off.

As the Sun commences its transit of your 8th house on May 21, you’ll be preoccupied with banking matters and finances associated with partners. Taxes also fall under the jurisdiction of this cycle and therefore anything associated with your business or government bureaucracy should be completely aboveboard, tidied up and put to bed. You don’t want to leave a dirty backyard especially if lapses in your tax returns mean that there are likely to be fines and penalties as a consequence of your oversight or worse still, apathy.

Exceptional results can be expected whenever the Sun transits your 10th house as it does on July 23.

Cast aside all your fears relating to new work.

A promotion in your current employment or a new job is on the cards. This has a strong leadership flavour to it so don’t doubt your ability to take the reins and direct people around you. They’ll be looking to you for leadership.

Expect an improvement in your finances as the Sun transits the 11th house of August 23. Perhaps as was seen in the previous transit of the Sun in your 10th house, promotion or better position in your job results in a pay rise, additional bonuses or some windfall. It may only be small but you might even be lucky enough to win something at an office party raffle!

Connections with foreigners or foreign places are looking likely when, after September 23 the Sun transits your 12th house. This will involve discussions or journeys associated with work and business. This could take you into areas you normally don’t visit. The additional meaning of the Sun here could relate to some health matter. Your 12th house has to do with re-energising yourself and is a zone of sanctuary.

Astrologer’s Advice:

It could be that you need some time out and if you are fortunate enough, a journey overseas may serve two purposes – 1. business and 2. to rejuvenate your spirit at the same time.  


Greater insights and intuition arise

A new Moon on March 7 is powerful in your 5th house of Pisces. You may have strong intuitive impulses at this time and this could set the trend for the rest of the year. Don’t dismiss your inner promptings as these flashes of insight can be transposed on to any area of your life. This includes your business and professional activities. Meeting people for the first time can sometimes be a harrowing ordeal if you can’t quite make heads or tails of who they are in truth

Astrologer’s Advice:

Use your intuitive powers to get the real intent of people you meet.

The 9th house is also a particularly pertinent zone of your horoscope. It rules your higher mind, philosophy and teachers, mentors or gurus. This relates to anyone in fact, who can facilitate or accelerate your spiritual evolution. On July 3 the new Moon takes place in this zone and indeed means that you’re able to associate with different types of people who are interested in your spiritual development.

They will propel you on your path.

The new Moon here also hints at your karma. Saturn and Pluto have cast their influence on this 9th house for some time now and obstruct resolution of problems in several areas of your life. You mustn’t resist this as it will only cause you more pain. Look at what the resistance points to. The new Moon designates new attitudes, a deeper understanding of the spiritual implications of your life and the circumstances you happen to be in, for better or for worse.

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When Venus makes contact with these sensitive parts of your horoscope you will also experience great love and freedom which comes from a deeper insight into your true nature. You’ll start having inklings, if not a revelation into the real purpose for your life. On March 27 its transit your 5th house and activates your meditative and creative self. This builds to a crescendo on April 10 when it makes a conjunction with highly spiritual Neptune

Luck is strongly enhanced by the contact of Venus to Jupiter on August 9 with a favourable trine uplifting your finance sector. On August 25 Venus also makes a conjunction to your ruler, Mars and this takes place in your 11th house of profits.

You may be the recipient of some good news at this time or can connect with friends to enhance your luck by combining your resources.

The benign influence of Jupiter and its transit to your 3rd house late in the year, on December 3, indicates an incredible turnaround for the better. Jupiter casts its graceful rays on your 9th house of luck and past karma at this time thereby setting the stage for bigger and better things in 2020.


Scorpio 2019 Lunar Phases

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