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Virgo 2019 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2019 hold in store for Virgo

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General overview

Welcome to 2019 Virgo!

Although 2019 may turn out to be a much more serious year than previous ones, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be happy and fulfilled. This is the case as Saturn and Pluto continue to make their testy transits through your 5th house of creativity and psychological health.

Greater responsibilities may force you to view the world in a very different light.

You’ve been feeling as if there’s an important transition taking place throughout this period of your life.

Saturn receives a favourable influence from Neptune as the year commences and this means your goals in life have also taken on a different colour. You’re starting to crystallise your vision of what your life means to you and much of this hinges on the way you handle your relationships. Neptune is transiting your key relationship sector, the 7th house of your horoscope, will and therefore you are raising the bar as far as what you expect from those most significant other people in your life.

As your standards may now be reaching new heights, you must be prepared for some disappointments because not everyone can live up to these exacting expectations of yours. This is the case at the best of times, you being the critical Virgo that you are, tunes in to the most minute details. With Saturn casting its sextile aspect on Neptune in your 7th house, you are not in the mood for frivolous behaviour when it comes to romantic relationships. You expect a better calibre of person in your life and if you’re already involved in a relationship of a long-term nature, you’ll be demanding their behaviour is beyond reproach.

Notwithstanding the above new attitude you bring to your relationships and people generally, Jupiter and Mercury transit your 4th house as 2019 begins. This is a very fortifying combination and indicates a great deal of happiness on the home front. It could be that these new standards are sending out a very clear signal that you expect to be treated much better and of course, this brings out the best in others. Communication should also be back on track with Mercury receiving an exciting trine aspect from Uranus. This means you can attempt new means of interacting with those you love with a positive outcome.

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Jupiter hits an intense transit when after April 11, it moves into its retrograde motion. Jupiter is the ruler of your spouse or long-term partner and this empowers the planet and the people it rules. As long as you have your self-esteem well intact, any improvement in your partner status – emotionally, professionally or financially, this will have little or no impact upon you other than to give you a sense of shared joy. If you haven’t yet attained this self-certitude, you may feel unhinged as you see your partner rising to the height of their profession or social sphere. This will mean that more work is necessary on yourself.

The Moon and Venus sweeten your communications overall by occupying the 3rd house of your horoscope at the commencement of the year. They also receive beneficial aspects from Neptune and Mars which allows you to connect on a spiritual level with others. You have a need to socialise and share your experiences with others this year.

Your style of speaking may also change with forceful Mars giving a lift to this 3rd house. If you’re ordinarily a little more shy or self-conscious in coming forward, 2019 may see this change completely. You want to be noticed and feel as if your contributions haven’t been taken seriously enough. You are sending out a very different signal this year, however, that is set to change.

This new attitudes not only help you as far as your social or domestic relationships are concerned. This will have a marked and positive influence on the way you are received in your professional circles as well. Mercury rules your professional sphere and with the previously mentioned positive aspect to Uranus, you are ready to try new things even if they are completely at odds with what you feel you are best suited to. In other words, you aren’t afraid to experiment and explore new avenues to fulfil your career destiny.

Work may also be done at home as Mercury transits the 4th house with its move to your 5th house in the latter part of January ensuring positive financial remuneration. Your creative and ingenious mentality will find new ways to earn money or at least to hatch a plan for the future that you can steadily and confidently work towards.

Those you work with may require help this year. Part of the additional responsibility you are confronted with is that extra work may be placed on your shoulders. You must make sure that this is not an extension of co-workers’ laziness but rather, a genuine need on the part of others to share the load.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t be a sucker for people who want to use you.

It’s important to research your work while Uranus, your workplace planet, transits your deep and meaningful 8th house. You want to get to the truth, to understand more clearly your role within the group and to present yourself in a fresh, new and self-empowered way with the correct facts. This is going to be tricky because you need to break free of some of your past fears. Out of habit people expect you to act and react the way you have forever. When this starts to change this new dynamic will make others feel insecure or less empowered.

Be careful you ease your way into this new you!

If you can use the powerfully transformative influences Saturn and Pluto in your 5th house this year you may be able to push yourself into new vistas of creative exploration. Planets in the 5th house also have influence over your 9th house of travels-both mental and physical exploration. This is an adventurous position. It may even take you on long journeys, wished for experiences and possibly even new forms of study. Venus rules your 9th house which is a spiritual, legal and philosophically orientated zone.

Venus makes its way through your 3rd house in the early part of the year and this too is considered a travel zone astrologically. There’s no doubt you’ll want to make your way to some exotic locations in the coming months. You are feeling as if you deserve a break. It provides you with the opportunity to take in a whole range of new and progressive experiences which Uranus generates. These transits also bring you into contact with fascinating people who are resonating with exactly how you feel right now.

Change is underway!

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Romance-and-friendship-2018Virgo, you want responsible craziness this 2019!

Leading up to January 14 Jupiter squares Neptune with an additional square to the Sun for accentuating the challenges you may be feeling in your relationships at this time. The Jupiter-Neptune contact is all about ideals and because these two planets are in powerful angles of your horoscope, one relating to your domestic affairs and the other to your marital life itself. 

Your expectations need to be tempered with the reality of the situation you are in.

In some cases, this difficult planetary relationship relates to philosophical or lifestyle differences that require some creative thinking to realign you. An extreme example could be: a committed reborn again Christian falling in love with an Isis warlord. The love may be there but you’d have to agree, that the hurdles in this relationship would be humongous. Your situation may not be quite so unresolvable, however, you do need to speak about what your goals and objectives are along with your partner.

Astrologer’s Advice:

If you meet new people it’s essential to cut to the chase and understand clearly whether or not you’re on the same page in terms of your life expectations.

On March 7, the New Moon in your marital sector is a strong transit showing just how serious you are about improving your love life and the way in which you connect with your partner or lover. For those of, you who have reached the end of the line in some relationship, this could be a time when you part ways and/or commence a new love affair. This is further enhanced by the September 14 Full Moon occurring in exactly the same position. Emotions will be strong during these lunations.

The April 11 retrogression of Jupiter intensifies your relationships and brings back the hard aspect of Jupiter to Neptune and the Sun, repeating the earlier January experiences around June 17 to the 29th. If you haven’t yet quite learned the lesson of what it means to reconcile your life’s vision with your partner’s, then this is the time that it is vital you do it.

You have a second crack at it.

Would you believe that Jupiter will again, for the third time on August 11 to September 22, go through a “Groundhog Day” scenario repeating these above aspects yet again? No doubt you will learn the lesson this time around. Fortunately, Jupiter moves to your favourable 5th house on December 3 with an exceptional trine aspect to Uranus on December 16.

Although you may have to endure some challenges in your relationships for most of the year, it should be heartening to know that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel and all your sincere efforts will pay off in the end. This indicates some radical changes in the attitude of your spouse or partner as well. This is due to the influence of Uranus.

Venus is the planet of love so we must necessarily look at her transits to see how she impact upon your life and your social and most intimate relationships. As mentioned in the opening forecast, the transit of Venus in your 3rd house opens you up to a better form of communication with everyone and in particular your romantic partner. Her transit to the 4th house on January 7 opens the way for mutual and peaceful negotiations on the home front.

Passions are strong but under some measure of control when Venus trines Mars on January 19. The trine to Uranus on February 3 excites you and brings unusual if not zany characters into your life. They will stimulate you mentally and possibly even sexually. There could, however, be a dampening of your affections when Venus transits Saturn on February 18 and again throughout the period of March 2 to March 27. This is also a cycle when Venus transits your 6th house after being challenged by Uranus. There may be some health issues associated with the one you love or perhaps your own well-being isn’t in the best of shape. You may suffer from some physical reaction to an overemotional episode.

Astrologer’s Tip:

Keep a lid on it and don’t overreact to the statements of others.

Your more amorous and sexual nature is likely to come to the fore after April 10 with the conjunction of Venus to Neptune and then it’s transit after April 21 to the 8th house of sexual and intimate matters. This again is quickly followed by a cooling off period when, on May 7, Venus moves to the challenging right angle of Saturn.

Astrologer’s Note:

You may need to back off and regroup your energies before making any further commitments to those you love or think you love.

The period leading up to July 28 is an exceptional time for socialising and meeting new friends. This occurs when Venus transits your 11th house of social interactions. Your idealism is again high after July 19 with Venus in trine to Neptune. You may meet many new people at this time but you must be careful not to become too obsessed as the opposition of Venus to Pluto indicates this may be the case between July 15 and 21.

For those of you looking for love, the trine aspect from Venus to Jupiter on August 9 and later, its transit to your Sun sign on August 21, heralds a new and significant cycle in your love life. There are several other positive aspects indicating this and they are Venus in trine to Uranus on August 27 and the trine to Saturn on September 2.

Reach out to others as you are likely to find a nice balance between that crazy exciting person you want to meet and someone who has their feet on the ground.

You want responsible craziness! That is an essential need of the Virgo personality being an earth sign.

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Is it going to be a successful year for you Virgo?

Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury share the power in ruling your career and finances throughout life. Judging their positions and aspects throughout 2019 gives you an idea of exactly what’s happening in terms of your professional direction. The Sun is the natural ruler of your work and weighs in on these matters as well.

From February 5 the New Moon in your 6th house of workplace activities and daily routine. It’s not a bad idea in the early part of the year to make sure that your systems and procedures, methodologies and appointment routines keep up with what’s going to happen throughout 2019. You don’t want to be left behind by being inefficient as this will not only cost you money but can impact upon your professionalism how you perform will reflect back to your co-workers and employer.

This is an opportunity for you to calibrate these systems and make sure that they serve you as best as they can.

The Full Moon on August 15 in this same area will bring these matters into focus again.

The Full Moon in Libra on March 21 is a great omen for an upswing in your salary, bonuses or other income. As the Moon rules your 11th house of profitability this is particularly satisfying for independent operators. If you’re planning or conducting a new business, this cycle is also an excellent one for you. Expect some additional gifts around this time as well.

On June 3 the New Moon transits your 10th house and strongly highlights your need to change things and to find a new direction in your work.

Are you fulfilled in your work? That’s the question.

The Moon is the fulfiller of your desires and indicates improved income, better networking opportunities and overall upliftment in your professional status. A Full Moon occurs in this same upper part of your horoscope on December 12 and consolidates all of the hard work you’ve done earlier in the year. You can also receive accolades from women who will be great allies this year.

The Sun transits your 7th house on February 19 and makes you more aligned with the general public, partnerships and those you wish to do business with on a one-on-one basis.


On March 7 when it comes into contact with Neptune, be careful of deceiving others, albeit inadvertently, or being deceived by those you are transacting with.

This may come to a head between March 21 and April 20 when the Sun transits your 8th house of shared resources. It makes difficult contacts to Saturn and Pluto on April 10 and 13 respectively.

There may be power struggles and unfortunately, if you’re not careful this could also predict monetary losses.

The Sun’s transit of your 10th house on May 21st with the simultaneous conjunction to Mercury in this most powerful area of the horoscope forecasts some excellent professional achievements, promotions and increased earnings especially when the Sun transits your 11th house of profitability after June 22. You will be idealistic during this cycle as there’s a wonderful trine aspect to Neptune on July 11. Once again on August 7, a trine aspect to Jupiter heralds some fabulous opportunities that you should seriously consider for your professional success.

There’s another Full Moon on June 17 which occurs in your zone of real estate and property. This has a great deal of income generating potential and all sorts of real estate transactions are beneficial to you. The 5th house New and Full Moons in Capricorn are speculative, productive of great ideas and also windfalls through gambling, lotteries and other competitive activities involving money. The New Moon in this area occurs on November 27.

When Mercury goes retrograde, stationary and also direct in its celestial motion it’s critical in your case to study when these events take place as it will impact your professional life in a very strong way. Take for example the retrogression of Mercury on March 6 up until March 28 when it moves forward.

Astrologer’s Note:

At this time what you expect as far as your work is concerned may be very different to what ends up happening.

This again occurs on July 8 and August 1 with Mercury’s retrograde and stationary positions on those dates respectively. Finally again on November 1, Mercury again goes retrograde up until November 21. As this series of retrograde and forward motion takes place in your 3rd house of contracts it will be particularly notable and you should pay close attention to the people you are dealing with and the content of any can contract you are negotiating. Generally, you can apply this principle to all of the above dates to rearrange your timetable if you are scheduling important meetings.

With Jupiter transiting your 4th house for most of the year, it’s a radiant and positive influence on the opposite house, your career sector. Your professional achievements are vouchsafed. For the most part, your career should do well in 2019 as long as you are working in the arena that gives you fulfilment and creative freedom.


Intuitive and Philosophical Inclinations Receive a Boost

The Sun, Venus and Jupiter have a powerful influence over your spiritual and karmic activities. Venus, in particular, will indicate where your past karma offers you positive or conversely, negative results. Generally as is the case with you in 2019, the movement of Jupiter in your 4th house ensures an overall satisfaction which is imperative if you’re looking to gain spiritual and karmic good fortune.

You feel as if you may be more content to live a simple life rather than actively seeking things that may be impossible to attain, at least for now.

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On May 5 a New Moon in your 9th house of spiritual matters gives your intuitive and philosophical inclinations receive a boost. You will actively seek people who can help you unravel the mystery of life on your path. You may actively seek educational institutions that can also enhance your wisdom in these matters or people who can act as mentors in guiding you along your spiritual path. The New Moon also indicates the likelihood of shifting your belief systems in favour of something that sits much better with you.

You are able to step away from the consensus of family, friends, cultural and religious traditions to understand the truth from within yourself.

There are several important connections between Venus and Jupiter that we must look out for as this will also indicate huge leaps in your spiritual evolution. On January 22, Venus makes a conjunction with Jupiter. Again on May 10, it makes a trine aspect to Jupiter.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Spend time and meditation to gain the wisdom you are seeking.

Another significant transit on July 28 finds it transiting your 12th house of spiritual emancipation, seclusion and self-inquiry and this continues until August 21.

Astrologer’s Tip:

Avail yourself of the pure vibrations which allow you to make contact with your deeper Self resulting in greater awareness and presence in everything you do.

The transit of Venus to your 5th house of November 26 also makes you more aware of the benefits of meditation and psychological insight into your personality and relationships.


All of these point to a release of negative tension, belief systems and ideas which ultimately result in not only greater peace of mind and better relationships but material success as well.


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