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Scorpio 2020 Yearly Horoscope

What will 2020 hold in store for Scorpio

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A General Overview of Scorpio Horoscope for 2020

Power, determination and the ability to achieve great things seem to be some of the key phrases for your 2020 forecast Scorpio. As Mars transits your Sun sign it endows you with indomitable energy and self-confidence. It’s this staying power that is going to help you achieve so much in the coming 12 months.

As the year kicks off, your career planet, the Sun, transits your third house with Mercury, Jupiter, the descending node, Saturn and Pluto. This endows you with the courage to trail blaze. You want to try new things and “boldly go where no man has gone before”. You are tired of the beaten track and will do anything to offer you variety in your search for all-round success.

Mercury and Jupiter set the precedent for incredibly good communications. People will stand up and take notice of what you have to say this year. If you’ve been lacking in confidence because you don’t feel as if what you are contributing both at home or work have been appreciated, this is about to change. You are more authoritative in the way you come across. This is a combination of both the dual pairing of Mercury and Jupiter and the strong placement of one of your ruling planets, Mars in your Sun sign.

Relationships are under a haze due to the erratic behaviour of Uranus in your marital sector. There will be times this year when you are not quite sure whether you are coming and going in your love life. This is the case even if you are married and in a long-term relationship. Uranus is considered a disruptor and progressively pushes things forward even if you’re not ready. On one level you want such dramatic change that the moment the universe brings that you are going to feel as if you are on shaky ground. Fortunately, you have the excellent communicative energies in your third house to help you work through this.

On January 11 the lunar eclipse impact your ninth house of spiritual values and belief systems. You’ll be forced in spite of yourself, to re-evaluate how your belief systems have been working for you. For some, a complete change of religion or perspective will take place. Often the power of one’s past is what holds a person back from making changes. However, environmental factors and a fear that change may disrupt the status quo need to be dealt with. Once the fear factor is overcome, you will side a deep breath of relief for doing what you know you should have done for a long time. It what you believe isn’t working for you practically it’s time for a big change.

Saturn has an impact on your life by testing you. There are key periods throughout the year when it will make some big changes. Moving into your fourth house of family and domestic circumstances on March 22, this is the commencement of a new 2 ½ year cycle that may radically affect your life. If you’ve done the proper work on yourself, you will be able to consolidate your understanding of self and how that works with the people you live with. This has considerable ramifications for your relationship with your mother as this fourth house of your horoscope is primarily concerned with that.

The other issue is your peace of mind. Saturn causes you to think about what it is that is obstructing you. Even with success, many people failed to experience peace of mind. This inner contentment may become a focus of your attention during this period of Saturn’s transit into the fourth house. Saturn will also move retrograde on May 11 and continues till September 29 causing you to review your communication style and in particular the way you interact with those nearest and dearest to you. For some of you, this may precipitate a change in residence or at least a very strong consideration of making a change.

The June 6 lunar eclipse in your finance sector releases a great deal of energy. It has an impact on your finances for the long-term. The way you earn your money and the way you deal with your value system on the material level will be spotlighted. The Moon is a changeable planet and therefore the eclipse may affect the stability of your finances, at least for the time being. Hopefully, you have a good financial strategy in place. If not, this may be the time when you need to think carefully about how to secure your financial future.

With Capricorn being activated by a lunar eclipse on July 5, your communications and negotiations are set for some important developments. The strength of your third house was shown by the number of planets occupying this area of your horoscope is 2020 commenced. This lunar eclipse will bring your communicative energies to the fore. You’ll be tested as to how well you can negotiate and convince others of your position.

On August 16 when Uranus goes retrograde, you might have thought that your relationships and any problems that you have encountered had been put to bed. You may be surprised when things do a complete about-face. You need to keep calm and work through these issues with the power of your communication, one of your strengths in 2020. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. You have to work with your partner to keep things on an even keel otherwise, abrupt and unexpected twists and turns could damage your relationship.

A lunar eclipse in Gemini takes place on November 30, just before the end of the year. This takes place in the transformative eighth house of your horoscope. By the end of the year, you may start to find that your identity is shifting. You realise that time all those one’s opinions and perspective on life. The eighth house digs down deep into the subconscious areas of your nature and personality. It demands a big shift and an honest look at yourself and those psychological complexes that are holding you back. If you’re able to face this part of yourself honestly, your inner growth will be exponential.

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Love and Romance for Scorpio in 2020

What’s happening in your love life, marriage and social arena?

You have to find ways to stabilise your relationships in 2020. This has been briefly addressed in the opening overview concerning Uranus. There may be many unexpected events or even changes in your partner’s personality that will most certainly keep you on your toes this year. You want to be a step ahead of these changes so that it doesn’t disrupt your emotional stability.

On January 14 Venus transits your fifth house of love affairs. This is one of the better periods of the year for entertaining romance and actively putting yourself out there. Spruce up your online CV and bio. Get out there and differentiate yourself from others on different social platforms. If you want to be noticed, you have to be different.

With Mercury entering your fifth house of romantic experiences, the period from February 3 to March 16 should be lively, entertaining and filled with interesting communication. There is a real potential with by Venus and Mercury in this area that you will meet and attract someone of like mind.

During this period you must be a little careful of what you say. Mercury is retrograde between February 17 and March 10. Carefully weigh up your words before making any commitment. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions because it’s quite likely you may be overlooking some of the intent behind what is being said. Under the retrograde planets, there are often misunderstandings, a lack of facts and miscommunications. That be impulsive and listen a little more carefully than you speak. That will help you sidestep any problems.

Venus moves to your seventh house on March 5 and this is also a prime cycle for love and commitment for bigger and better things in your search for true happiness. Some people choose to make a long-term commitment to the person they have been with. This is usually one of those times. The Sun and Mercury also enter into this marital sphere on April 20 and 28 respectively. This adds even greater power to the presence of Venus in this area.

On May 13 Mars enters your fifth house and energises things to the max. You are passionate, bold and impulsive. With all this energy tenanting your romance sector, you will have to set some limits for yourself. You may want to push yourself and others to the limit. You may overreact to meeting new people, believing that they are the one for you when in fact it’s your primal urges speaking. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you regret your actions afterwards. Thoroughly scrutinise everyone you meet during this cycle.

On May 12 and May 20, Mercury and the Sun both transit into your eighth house of deeper psychological, sexual and emotional energy. You want to get closer to your partner but this may also be a vulnerable time where you need to reveal things about yourself that make you feel uncomfortable. Becoming intimate means letting your guard down and hopefully the other person reciprocating so that the relationship and bring you much closer together.

On August 20 Mercury moves to your 11th house with the Sun in hot pursuit around August 23. On October 3 Venus makes its presence felt in this area as well. As the 11th house has everything to do with your social life, these two or three months are going to be a very important cycle for your networking and social alliances. You will be reaching out to others, as they will be to you to foster greater understanding and opportunities both socially and professionally.

The 11th house also brings with it some fulfilment of desire. This is the zone of your horoscope that tells us about your dreams and when the planet activate this part of your life, it’s quite likely something you’ve had your heart set on for a long time may come to pass.

Mars moves into its retrograde motion on September 10. This is a powerful ramification for the way that you are playing out your dreams in life. It’s at this time of the year you may run into a snag in your confidence may be undermined. You have to think more carefully about what you are doing and how that is impacting on the people around you. On September 30 there is a hard square aspect to Saturn on October 9 are a similar hard square aspect to Pluto and yet again October 19 the same hard aspect to Jupiter.

Before Mars goes back into its normal motion on November 14, you may have some big challenges to deal with on the home front with family members with some major event, most likely out of your control, disrupting your domestic happiness. It’s at this point you will realise that your actions have greater repercussions than you had anticipated. On December 24 Mars once again makes that incredibly challenging square aspect to Pluto. You should keep your emotions under control as these transits often bring out anger and possibly even violence.

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Career and Finance for Scorpio in 2020

As the Sun is the principal energy related to your career, its transit throughout the coming 12 months will give you an insight into what is happening in this area of your life. Mars rules your sixth house which is your workplace and work relationships and Jupiter your second house of income. Mercury relates to your profitability from any business venture that you happen to be involved with.

On January 3 Mars moves to your second house showing just how revved up, you are to earn money and to do it at a quick pace. Be careful as the square aspect to Neptune on January 28 means you may be barking up the wrong tree. You may have high expectations and your vision may not be in keeping with the reality of the situation.

On February 16, Mars moves to the favourable third house of your horoscope and this is a time when you can forcibly ensure that contracts swing in your favour. On February 21 when Mars makes an excellent trine aspect to Uranus, you’ll be surprised at a positive turnaround in your financial circumstances. This will be something you least expect.

Property matters captivate your attention when on March 31, Mars moves to your fourth house. This is after favourable conjunction to Jupiter and Pluto on the 20th and 23rd. You are industrious and will put forward a lot of energy to improve the value of your home, rebuild or possibly even look further afield to acquiring property as an investment. Mars moving to your fifth house on May 13 may bring these issues into clearer focus.

Partnerships can prosper when the Sun moves into your seventh house on April 20. With the right angle to Saturn you may find yourself shouldered with far more responsibilities but this unfortunately, is the price of success. As the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain”. You must realise that sacrifices necessary for success and that the greater the sacrifice the greater success is likely.

On July 22 the Sun enters your 10th house and by August 18 forms a formidable trine aspect to your ruling planet Mars. On August 23 it moves into your 11th house of profits and fulfilment. These aspects hint strongly at your ability to achieve a better position in your work. You may be offered a new role which can unleash some of the suppressed creativity that you’ve been unable to express. You will achieve a new level of self-esteem as well as self-awareness.

On October 14 an additional retrogression of Mercury cautions you to be careful in all your negotiations. This will be more pronounced while in retrogression, on October 20 Mercury hits the opposition of Uranus, and then moves to the 12th house of loss of October 28. The square of Saturn on November 2 adds weight to the fact that this period may be one in which you are likely to lose money and face. Being forewarned means you could be forearmed. Don’t believe everything you hear and you must be careful to check all your facts and figures before committing to a path of action financially.

On December 2 Mercury moves to your second house of finance but by the 13th will move to the square of Neptune. If you are unclear of what’s on offer don’t be afraid to ask questions. By December 21, the third house transit of Mercury and its excellent trine aspect to Uranus on December 25 ensures an interesting and positive conclusion to the year with some real benefits to be had.


Karma, Luck and Spiritual Insights for Scorpio in 2020

The ascending node or what is called Rahu is transiting one of the karmic houses of your horoscope. The ninth house, wherein Rahu will spend some time, augments your interest in philosophy, study and higher wisdom. Your desire may be met with some obstruction as you may not be clear on what it is exactly you want to improve your life. At least knowing what you don’t want you can eliminate that and be free of those things that have held you back in the past. This is the greatest luck you can hope for.

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The node is also alien or foreign. There may be some benefit to you reaching out to people of different cultures. Anyone that has a different belief to you may be able to help you see your life from a fresh perspective. Unfortunately in life, we are accustomed to fearing those things which we don’t understand or which are radically different to us. This is an opportunity for you to open your heart and embrace differences around you. By doing this you can integrate these new found gems of wisdom into your brand of philosophy.

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion continues in your third house of communication and mental understanding throughout most of 2020. On April 5, it makes contact with transformative Pluto in this very same third house. The discussions you enter will have far-reaching consequences for you. Perhaps initially you won’t be aware of the seeds that have been sown. You’re meeting powerful and persuasive people, and although you will consider what is said, it may not be until after December 19 when Jupiter moves to your fourth house that you realise the invaluable insights you’ve been offered this year.

Your fifth house of creativity is also linked to spiritual development. On February 19, the Sun moves to your fifth house, on March 16 Mercury and on May 13 your ruler Mars. It’s not a well-known fact that the fifth house also has to do with spiritual initiation. It could be that because this relates to your inner child and that spontaneous state of expression and creativity, that spiritual development goes hand in glove with this.

Have you found what makes you happy? What are those activities that you do that help you forget time, help you forget your worries and even to forget yourself? If you’ve found something that you love doing and you’re able to get into the zone, the planets are showing at this time that you should be putting greater effort into this. And speaking of children, what better way to unravel your creative genius that by spending time with children who themselves are innocent. If you are a parent, there may be a hidden secret that your greatest and quickest path to spiritual evolution is to be more childlike.

The 12th house of your horoscope is that zone which relates to spiritual emancipation and self-realisation. After September 22 when the Sun enters this area, you are poised to make some real breakthroughs in self-understanding. The 12th house has to do with secrets, the past and those things that have held you back. Mercury’s entry into this same area on October 28 with Venus at the same time, gives you a chance to intellectually think of how you can improve your spiritual calibre. This may be best done in a spiritual retreat or environment that isn’t a habitual one. All the best for the future Scorpio!.

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