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Sagittarius 2007 Yearly Horoscope

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Romance, Social and Domestic

You’re a ball of energy most of the time, but during 2007 your drive will be at an all-time high. This year is exciting, dynamic, and full of interesting and wonderful experiences for you.

It’s the end of a 12-year cycle, and your hard work will now pay off handsomely in many areas. This could include work, family or personal relationships — and, most importantly, self-development.

Everything is changing, because of the slow but marked movement of the outermost planet, Pluto. This is causing important personality changes that will affect every aspect of your life this coming year. You’re reshaping your own persona and the way you want the world to see you.

You’re also demanding more of yourself, and as a result people will be prepared to give you more than they have in the past. So in a strange sort of way this is a lucky period for you: you’re laying down new ground rules for the start of a brand new cycle.

You’re optimistic that in 2007 you can finally relieve yourself of some of the more troublesome issues that have bothered you in the past. In particular, your relationships will get a new lease on life.

Almost mysteriously, even if you don’t work through the problems, they will somehow evaporate. This is probably because you’re trying to see the best in your friends, your partner and yourself, rather than looking for the negatives. This will draw good things to you rather than bad.

If your ordinary day-to-day relationships have been at a standstill, the very invigorating combination of Mars and Jupiter will take them to a whole new level. You’ll be able to inspire your partner and give them renewed energy and enthusiasm. You’ll be working towards common goals and seeking a more adventurous lifestyle together as the planets open up your minds and hearts to the possibilities of your life.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people, even if you are in a permanent relationship. You’re extending and deepening your understanding of others, and you’re ready to develop committed relationships against a background of social variety and friendship

Your partner, who in the past may have baulked at this, is now also willing to give it a try and to share in the full range of your experiences.

In the first part of the year your relationships will be dominated by several financial matters but, this is not likely to stop you getting out there and exercising your wit and charm. This will undoubtedly have a tremendous influence on others.

Venus moves through your domestic zone in February and March. You’ll find your romantic focus waning as you concentrate on family matters. In particular, affairs linked with your mother and other female relatives will stand out. This will bring you closer to those you love on the home front and help you tune in to that special love you feel only for your family.

You’ll want to spend time at home, and to beautify that environment so that others feel comfortable in your company, and you in theirs. This is a chance for you to try your hand at interior decorating — see how it impacts upon your relationships, feelings and intimacy, too.

Strong feelings of love are aroused in you during March. You could meet new people you would like to become friends, and you could deepen your other relationships. Your enthusiasm will definitely make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

This is an exciting time, when your romantic ideals will be in line with what is actually possible. Now that’s unusual, isn’t it? Usually what we dream of remains just that — a dream — but at this time, Sagittarians will feel as though all their Christmases have come at once.

The position of Venus remains strong until the second half of March, when your focus will shift dramatically from all things lovey-dovey to more serious financial and work matters.  



You can feel much better about love again in late April and early May, when Venus enters one of the more important parts of your horoscope. You will be very attractive again, and likely to build partnerships with new people, as well as reinforce current relationships.

During this same period your open-hearted nature could be at odds with what your brain is telling you. This could well be exciting, but it’s also potentially risky — you could impulsively give your heart to someone you don’t really trust.

In your committed relationships you will push extremely hard to get your needs met, but will find your partner unable to meet you halfway. This could cause quite a bit of frustration and will cool your feelings for a little while.

If you can express your feelings carefully, and not let your emotions get the better of you, you should sidestep the aggressive and temperamental outbursts that are likely under these planetary transits. Rather than creating hostility between you and the ones you really love, this is a chance for you to repair those relationships and grow as a person. Your affection and sexual feelings will be strong. You’ll be able to overcome your dissatisfactions, and your lovers and friends will be prepared to overlook your shortcomings.

Another way to redirect your energies is to get cracking on work projects of a domestic nature. If you’re a family person, you could find that your energies are best directed to renovations and creative activities around the home — things you can include your partner in.

You will have some ambitions that can be fulfilled now; these will engage family members who are not usually too involved with you. This will be very satisfying for you.

In the last part of May, you must work through your finances. If you have issues with your spouse or partner, this is the time to put them to bed. You will find that your emotional and financial needs are somehow strongly linked from this period through into June.

You should feel great vitality during June, July and August, and your self-esteem will be really high. You’ll also have a lot of intellectual energy during this period, and will want to combine some charm with some humour in your relationships.

You’ll be interested in bedroom moves you haven’t explored. This is the best time to take a vacation and test out those new lovemaking techniques — they could inspire you and your partner.

August will bring you some pleasant surprises in your relationships. You may be thrown into the company of someone you had only briefly met before, through a set of coincidences. It could be in the context of business or social activities with co-workers that your love life shines during this part of the year.

You’re likely to be somewhat impulsive with this one, as this kind of powerful magnetic attraction is pretty rare. Your primal instincts will take hold of you (much to your pleasure).

You will have to compromise, though, because the person you are attracted to will not meet the criteria that your friends or family have set. This could be troublesome. You may have to read a few people the riot act about who should decide what is best for you.

These lifestyle dilemmas continue throughout September and October as Venus moves through a retrogression period. This means that what you felt was a hard and fast rule will now cause you some doubt. Your feelings, your own ideas about what life and love are all about, will undergo some dramatic changes in the last part of 2007. Fortunately, Venus enters a remarkable phase during November and December. Throughout this time you’ll feel very confident that your decisions and your judgment of other people is leading you towards what your heart truly desires. You’ll meet a whole new bunch of people you feel comfortable with, and who share your interests.

This is a very social time of the year, and you’ll have tons of opportunities to get out and about and enjoy cultural activities, theatrical or artistic functions and events. You could even be confident enough to take a stab at some kind of creative expression yourself.

All in all, your romantic prospects look good in 2007; the late part of the year will giving you insights into how you can make your relationships even more fulfilling in 2008.

Profession and Finances

The presence of Venus in your finance zone at the start of 2007 is a great boost for you. It means that you’ll feel confident about your financial and professional opportunities throughout the coming year.

The new Moon on the 19th of January is additional excellent news for money matters. There’s a feeling that you won’t have to try too hard to earn money this year. But you mustn’t let complacency get in the way of hard work. Even if you do come across cash through some stroke of luck, keeping it could be a problem when Venus is involved. During February you will have a strong urge to spend your money on short journeys, books and other small things. These will not at first seem like big expenses, but they could add up and start to spiral out of control by March.

You’ll need to exercise some self-control around this time if you want to stay in a good financial position. If you’re self-employed, this is also a time when fresh new ideas will get you really excited — you may have an opportunity to expand your horizons and make more money.

Throughout 2007, Saturn will get you rethinking many of your work objectives, whether you’re self-employed or working for someone else. Your life values could in fact change dramatically, and this will have considerable impact on the way you work and how you interact with others.

Your aim, of course, will be to make more money and gain additional power, and you can do that with the correct adjustments.

You will be tested at this time, and when the Sun enters your zone of work, your challenges and responsibilities will become much greater. You will find that hard work is not enough — what you’ve committed yourself to is harder than you’d first expected.  



This is where you’ll need some staying power, so health and vitality are going to be increasingly critical to your success. In addition, sticking to your plan and diarising your every move will be important parts of successfully getting through this tough period. The secret here is to organise yourself and put a more rigid routine in place.

Unfortunately, being a Sagittarian, you love independence and an open lifestyle which lets you set the boundaries of how and when you do your work. There are limits to how much freedom you’ll have under this cycle, particularly during May.

But you’ll grin and bear it, and by June, new developments in your business associations and work will pay off. As the old saying goes, ‘No pain, no gain’.

Some additional unforeseen responsibilities throughout August will deflate your positive attitude and high expectations, but this should only last for a while, particularly around the 17th to the 20th. Keep a smile on your face, even if it things aren’t looking too positive.

September is an excellent month for you, and you can expect your efforts to be crowned with success. You’ll be recognised for your steady work and what you’ve accomplished over the previous months. This is a time when there will be more possibilities of moving to a better position.

If a pay rise isn’t enough, a change of job could be in order. Either way, you can have the pick of the crop throughout the last three or four months of the year. Your personality will be an inviting bonus for those who are looking for someone new to employ.

Power struggles around the end of September and into October will require quick thinking on your part. Money will be at the heart of this, especially in your personal relationships. If you work in partnership in a business, you’ll need to sort out disagreements over how money is used quickly and decisively.

November is a month when you’ll need to do a careful review of your banking and debt situation. Renewing certain contacts or accounts with your bank manager, accountant or legal advisers is a good idea.

Look at the bigger picture in the last month or two of 2007. Good profits in October shouldn’t be wasted in November — you’re likely to have a false sense of how profitable your ventures are or how much cash you actually have available.

Run this by your partners, plan carefully, and then by all means spend, especially if you feel it’s going to offer you some sort of financial return down the track.

December 2007 is lucky for you. Your confidence means you’re likely to win accolades at work, and you’re also likely to do well in some speculative venture or win some sort of game of chance.

With power and money come responsibility, though. Balance and careful planning are going to be keywords as you try to build on the successes you achieve in 2007. The best of luck to you!

Karma and Luck

Your karmic luck is tied in with your ability to explore new opportunities that come your way throughout 2007. The fact that you have great reserves of optimism is certainly going to be a plus. If challenges knock on your door, you can draw on these supplies of energy to deal with them.

You’ll be prepared to step outside your normal circle of influence and move into areas that could initially make you feel a little uncomfortable. Trust your positive attitude to win over the hearts and minds of others.

Your charm and grace will bring you luck in your personal relationships and with associations that will affect your career life from here on.

Your financial luck is strong in January and April, and incredibly high-powered in September and October.  



Throughout June there will be meetings with people who will offer you unique opportunities; you could overlook them if your attention to detail is not working at full power. Try not to let these chances pass you by — you might regret it later.

In March, sudden and unexpected luck will bless you with a new home or a new car — either of these will let you express a little of who you are and how successful you’re feeling at this stage of your life. Status symbols will be quite important to you at the moment, as a way of reflecting your good luck.

Karma is based on the principle that what you give, good or bad, comes back to you in greater measure. You’ll become more conscious of this principle this year, and will also feel that your past good deeds are returning to make life more comfortable for you.

In this 12-year cycle, 2007 is one of your luckiest years, so try not to waste a moment of it. Get cracking and use that luck to your own and your loved ones’ best advantage.